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A little history on the name Barlow and their place or origin in England. The following is copied from the book, Bunches of Barlows, by John Hawkins & Elizabeth H. Michaels, the original was copied from notes by Allan Poe, Caldwell County NC genealogist.

Barlow was originally a place name of Anglo-Saxon derivation, signifying a hill or clearing planted in barley (Anglo-Saxon "Baerlic) There are several villages and manors bearing the name, all in the north of England, (Lancashire, Yorkshire, & Derbyshire). The oldest and by far the most numerous of the Barlow families originated in Lancashire taking their name from a manor in the parish of Whalley, near the modern industrial center of Manchester, and near the point where the three counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cheshire meet. They descend from a 13th century knight, Sir Roger Barlow of Barlow, in the reign of Edward I. The senior male line of the family continued in possession of the manor of Barlow for at least four centuries, Thomas Barlow, being lord of the manor in the reign of Charles II, in 1664.

The medieval coat of arms of the Lancashire Barlows was (in simple terms), a two-headed silver eagle on a black shield, very similar to the arms of the German emperors, still used. I think, as the arms of West Germany. Some of the junior branches of the family produced some individuals of moderate importance--a Bishop of Rochester (1603), an Archbishop of Tuam in the Church of Ireland (1634), who was ancestor of a Lord Mayor of Dublin (1715)

Records of descendants of more modest pretensions include George Barlow, a baker in Manchester in 1583; Henry Barlow of Derbyshire, a student at Oxford in 1584; John Barlow of Cheshire, another Oxford student in 1600; and Sir Alexander Barlow, Knight of Barlow, whose will was probated in 1620, at Chester, (Whalley Parish, in which the manor of Barlow was situated, was in the diocese and archdeaconry of Chester) The Reverend Canon C.W. Bardslay, who was a rector of a city parish in Manchester for 30 years, published his authorative dictionary of English and Welsh surnames in 1896; he remarked in it that the Barlow name in Lancashire "has ramified in an extraordinary manner."

The 1873 Post Office Directory for Lancashire listed 75 Barlow householders in the city of Manchester; other directories of the period listed 15 Barlow householders in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and 33 in the city of London.

Dictionary of English and Welsh Names:

Local "of Barlow" near Manchester, The Lancashire Barlows spring from Barlow Hale and Barlow Moor, near Manchester. The same has ramified in an extra-ordinary manner. Barlow is also a parish in Co Derby, near Chesterfield, and nearly all our Barlows trace back to the neighborhood of Manchester.

The Barlows of Barlow Hale - whence Wm Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln, born about 1550- were seated there so early as 20 Ric II.

The first entry below probably represents Barlow, a chapelry in the Parish of Brayton, west  Rid. Yorks.

1379   Johannes de Barlowe : PI Yorks
1584 Henry Barlow Co Derby Reg Univ. Oxford
1600 John Barlow Co Chester ibod pg 244
1583 George Barlow of Manchester, Baker will of Chester
1594 Ottiwell Barlow of Heuton Norris
1620 Sir Alexander Barlow of Barlow
1656 married John Barlow and Mary Tolley St. Dionis Backchurch

To learn more about the origins of the Barlow name, and the coat of arms, please refer to Edson Barlow's article "Barlow Coat of Arms".

Back issues of the Barlow of Barlow newsletter are available on this website.

In a letter dated February 2008, Edson writes: I'm sure that you are aware of all the Barlow name variations that show up in various database indices, such as census, social security death index, etc., etc.
I routinely look for Barlow, Barlaw, Barlew, Berlow, Barlowe, Burlew, Burlow, Borlow, Barlo and Barlon. It's amazing how the people that have done the indexing will read handwriting or maybe it was how the censustaker thought that he heard the name.
Barlew, Berlow and Burlew are distinctly unique surnames, although I have found Barlows listed as Barlews and I have found Burlews listed as Barlows.
But one name stands out - Barlon. So far as I can determine, there is no such surname. Every instance of the name Barlon that I have found has turned out to be a Barlow. For example, there are 78 Barlons indexed in the 1910 census and they are all Barlows.

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Below are listed the families whom we have information about on Barlow genealogy.  Most are not documented, and may be used as clues to finding your own families. Originally it was thought that about 7 major and separate groups of Barlow's existed, but the BARLOW DNA Project, with 39 male Barlow's tested as of Dec 2006, has resulted in 12 separate lines.  However, in two cases, we have found that persons with surnames other than Barlow have had DNA matches to Barlow's and diligent research by those families has shown that at sometime in the past, Barlow children had been adopted by other families and the new name carried forward, and in one known case, the child was born out of wedlock and thus carried his mothers maiden name of Barlow.   Testing has proven that John Barlow of Fairfield Connecticut, George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts, and Edmund Barlow of Malden Massachusetts are related, though the relationships have not been found as yet.  (Results for Edmund of Malden come from Sorenson DNA database) 
Group #1

John Barlow of Fairfield Connecticut

Edmund Barlow of Malden Massachusetts

George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts

The following families have been proven as related by DNA testing:

John Barlow and Lydia Bryant of Mississippi

William Barlow and Edith Mathoda of Georgia

Reverend John of Wilkes Co North Carolina ... aka Bunches of Barlows

George Barlow and Sarah Ubanks of Virginia and Ohio

Thomas Barlow and Elizabeth Nicholas of Illinois and Tennessee

James Barlow of Rosmilan, Ireland

Thomas Barlow and Lucinda Hargis of Orange Co North Carolina

John Barlow, Lancashire England and Warren Co Pennsylvania

Benjamin Barlow of Gallatin Co Illinois

Thomas Barlow of Gallatin Co Illinois  ... brother to Benjamin

George Barlow and Elmire Hartman of Missouri and Louisiana

Barlow-Eckersley of Barlow, Chorlton Cum Hardy, Lancashire, England

Oswald Barlow of Lancashire, England and Utah USA

Joseph Barlow and Sarah Robinson

Lancashire England Barlow Family   (off site link)

Patriarchs of the Dilks/Dilkes Family   (off site link)

Joseph Barlow and Ann Evans of Pennsylvania

William Barlow and Mary Mason of Hanover Co Virginia  (Robert T. Barlow)

Group #2   Germanna Families
        ... originally Parler, Barler, or other variants of the surname

Group #3     Thomas Barlow, Elizabeth Roscoe and Mary Isle of Wight Virginia

Jesse Barlow and Lucy Wills, Isle of Wight Virginia

Alfred Hirton Barlow of North Carolina and Tennessee

Henry Barlow of West Virginia (John Barlow and Martha Waddell)

Jonathan Barlow of Nova Scotia and New York   (perhaps)

Group #4   George Barlow and Mary Lancaster  Smyth Co Virginia

Willis Barlow and Polly Holdsworth   Williamsburg Virginia

Group #5  William Barlow of Robeson Co North Carolina

Branson Barlow of North Carolina and Alabama

Elias Barlow and Jane of Alabama

James B. Barlow and Sarah Biggs of North Carolina and Marshall Co Mississippi

Group #6   W. John Barlow and Elizabeth Patsy Martha Harness

Group #7   John M. Barlow, Ann Eliza Green, Lydia King/Keen, and Minta Ben

Group #8         Joseph Herman Barlow, Kate Monahan, and Flora M.    

Other family lineages from DNA testing are offsite and can be found by using the links in the Barlow DNA Project Webpage

The following families have not been proven by DNA or research to be related to any of the tested families.

Adelaide Barlow and Orange Runnel Davis

African American Nativity

Allen Barlow and Ellen Snelling

Alonzo Daniel Barlow, Eliza Ann Ray and Kate Light

Arthur Barlow, Reverend

Arthur Knight Barlow, Winifred Atkinson, and Elvira Pleasants Read

Bartholomew Barlow of Boston Massachusetts

Belle Barlow and Irving T. Bush

Benjamin Franklin Barlow and Martha Elizabeth Walker

Catherine Barlow and Hanibal Young

Charles Barlow and Sarah Mahala Elizabeth Cott/Catt

David Barlow and Sarah Hatch

Druscilla Barlow and Pascal W. Bills

Edward Barlow of New York City

Edward M. Barlow of Iowa and Kansas

Edwin Barlow, Harriet Bacon Matley, and Elizabeth Forgee Way

Eli Barlow and Esther Moore

Elias Barlow and Ann of Alabama 
...thought to be a part of the William Barlow of Robeson Co Family

Elijah Barlow and Nancy

Elizabeth Barlow and Earl Douglas Howard

Elizabeth Barlow and Daniel Kasson

Francis A. Barlow and Eva Featherstone

Franklin Pierce Barlow, Mary Morris, and Emma Wright

George Barlow /Barley and Mary Stilson

George Henry Barlow and Mary Tucker

George W. Barlow and Anna Marks

George Barlow and Cicely

George H. Barlow Sr. and Jr. of New York

George L. Barlow and Samantha Hudson

George Washington Barlow and Lettie Belle Fisher

Harriet Barlow and Joshua Allan Lippincott

Henry Barlow and Harriet Buckley

Henry Barlow of Boston Massachusetts

Jabez Barlow and Mary Edmonds

James F. or B. , Joseph Burleson, and Franklin P. Barlow

James Barlow and Sarah

James Barlow and Nancy King

James Newton Barlow and Maggie Lula Berry

James Smith Barlow I and II

James W. Barlow and Mary Ellen

John Barlow of Dallas and Wilcox Co Alabama
...probable part of the Isle of Wight family

John Barlow of Dane Co Wisconsin

John Barlow and Elizabeth Aspin

John Barlow and Elizabeth of Montgomery Co NY

John Barlow of Issaquah Co Washington

John Barlow and Sarah Ann Rutter of New Jersey

John S. Barlow and Elizabeth Turner

John W. Barlow, Rebecca Young, and Mary Jane Trout

Joseph Barlow and Anice Moore

Joseph Barlow and Anne Higham

Joseph Barlow and Susannah Frog

Joseph Barlow of New York City

Joseph Craig Barlow of Highland Park New Jersey

Joshua Barlow and Julia Mills

Kendell Hunter Barlow and Catherine/Nancy Garner
..probably part of the Alfred Hirton Barlow family

Lennie Barlow and Frank Albion Daniels

Mary Barlow and Samuel Driver

Mills/Miles Barlow and Lotty

Mormon Families

Moses Barlow and Jennie Sullivan

Moses Barlow of Broome Co New York

Myron G. Barlow, Artist

Nathaniel Barlow and Rachel Kenyon

Polina Barlow and W.N. Carter

Rebecca Barlow and John Lloyd

Richard Barlow and Hannah Whitehouse

Richard R. Barlow and Anne Pickup

Richard Barlow of Hartford Connecticut

Samuel Barlow and Ellen Wrigley

Sarah Catherine Barlow and Thomas Francis Flannery

Sarah Barlow and Charles C. Baird

Tate Barlow and Mary V. Neale

Thomas Barlow of Fairfield Connecticut

Thomas Barlow and Catherine Turner

Thomas Barlow, Elizabeth Heap, and Charlotte Taggart

Thomas Barlow and Rebecca Story

William Barlow and Dicey
...thought to be a part of the William Barlow of Robeson Co Family

William Barlow, Mary Brooks, and Cornelia

William Francis Barlow and Nancy Kessee Hicks

William T. Barlow and Susannah Crews

William Barlow and Ann Liverpool England to Richmond Co  NY

Wilson Hues Barlow and Mary Ann Brown

Zachariah Barlow and Margaret Boyer

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