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Irving T. Bush and Belle Barlow

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IRVING T. BUSH was born in Ridgeway, Michigan, July 12, 1869, the son Rufus T. and Sarah M. 'Hall' Bush.  He was educated privately at various schools.

He married 1.) BELLE BARLOW in Ridgeway, Michigan on 02 February 1891
He married 2.) MAUD HOWARD BEARD, the widow of Francis D. Beard, on April 20, 1907
Children of Irving and Belle are:
BEATRICE B. BUSH, born October 10, 1895
ELEANOR T. BUSH, born September 20, 1898
Child of Irving and Maude is:
RUFUS T. BUSH, born April 24, 1908
Irving has traveled around world in his father's yacht, the 'Coronet', 1888 and 1889, and has been many times abroad.
His portfolio includes:   

President of: Bush Terminal Company
Bush Terminal Building Company
Bush Terminal R.R. Company
Member of the advisory board of Title Guarantee and Trust Company
A Congregationalist

Union League, N.Y.
Yacht Hamilton
Downtown Association
Holland Society
Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York
Automobile Club of America
The Economic Club of N.Y.
The Pan-American Society of N.S.
The National Arts Club
28 E. 64th Street
New York City, New York
100 Broad Street
New York City, New York
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