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Thomas Barlow, Elizabeth Roscoe, and Mary


A compilation of the works of John R. Barlow, Lundie Barlow, Virginia,
Edson Barlow, Clinton D. Barlow, and Susan Barlow Holmes

With more about:  

2. Richard Barlow, Martha Hollingsworth, and Mrs. Frances King

3. James Barlow and Eleanor Ann Jones

3. Cynthia A. Barlow and William A. Elder

3. Laura A. Barlow and Wiley Delansing Daughtry

3. Eldridge Barlow, Amanda R. Cain, and Winnie Ann Williamson

4. Laura M. Elder and Thomas Henry Haley

4. George Barlow Elder and Mary Hortense Whitehead

4. William A. Elder Jr. and Jennie

4. Lucinda Elder, Texas L. Elder and George Percival Cornell, Sr.

3. Mahalia A. Barlow, Samuel Morris, and Samuel Ridgway


2. Daughter Barlow and James Youngblood

2. Elizabeth Barlow and Jacob Smith

2. Olive Barlow and Thomas Warren Hart

2. John Barlow and Jane Anderson

3. Anderson Barlow and Mahala Adams

4. John E. Barlow and Martha  [possible son of Anderson]

4. Gallant Barlow and Sophrinia  [possible son of Anderson]

4. William L. Barlow and Martha C.A.  [possible son of Anderson]

4. Thomas R. Barlow and Elizabeth

5. Oscar Barlow and Annie

5. Mahala E. Barlow and Daniel McLeod

5. Aldora V. 'Dora' Barlow and Lonnie W. Morrow

5. Thomas A. Barlow and Lillie B.

4. Leroy Hannibal Barlow and Russia D.

5. William Cataloe Barlow and Effie Palmer

3.  Thomas J. Barlow and Mary W.

3.  Nancy Barlow and Newman McBain

3. Charlas Barlow and Mary Elizabeth Sherrer

3. Charles Barlow and Mrs. Emeline Mays

3. Rebecca Ann Barlow and John Eli Varnadow

3. Elizabeth Barlow and John Eli Varnadow

3. John Barlow and Elizabeth  --not verified--


2. Thomas Barlow, Jr., Elizabeth Caldwell, and Ann Talafonta King

3. Merrett S. Barlow, Sarah Ann Denson, and Nancy C.

4. Benjamin Beauregard Barlow and Frances Ella Walker

4. Thomas Henry Barlow and Katherine Elizabeth Marr

3. Narcissus P. Barlow and John R.R. Harrison

3. Georgianna Barlow and George Chestnut

3. William W. Barlow and Catherine E. Caldwell

3. James Judson Barlow and Cornelia Virginia Lee

4. Thomas Lee Barlow and Estelle McCracken

4. James Judson Barlow and Elizabeth Copping

3. Richard Wood Barlow, Emma Clar, and Lucy Carter Josey

3. Edward Eugene Barlow and Miranda Evaline English



2. James Barlow, Rebecca Harvin, and Winifred J. Caldwell

3. William Willis Barlow, Amanda Melvina Allen, Elizabeth Gaither

3. Amelia B. Barlow and Alfred J. Lester

3. John Harvin Barlow, Louisiana C. Davis, Louisiana Deats Butler

4. Mary Emma Barlow and Jesse Deane Boring

4. John Davis Barlow and Josephine Erwin Weathers

5. Lundie Weathers Barlow and Emmaline Jernigan Moore

6. Joanne Moss Barlow and Frances Deane Williams, Jr.

3. Janie Lanier Barlow and Benjamin C. Morrison

3. Wade J. Barlow and Jane H. Brown

3. Louisia M. Barlow and Arthur Wellesley Preston

3. James Judson Barlow

3. Mary Jane Barlow and David Hill


I also feel sure that John Barlow of Dallas / Wilcox Co Alabama is a part of this family.

A John Barlow lived in Sumter Co Georgia in 1840 and disappeared before the 1850 census.  I believe him to be the husband of Elizabeth, and father of Edy Barlow Phillips and Wilson Hues Barlow, but am unable to prove that.

Also note that an AVA BARLOW married JOHN WALLACE PITTMAN in Sumter Co Georgia on 20 June 1837 that is likely a member of this family.  This family removed to Arkansas in 1860.

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