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Disclaimer information:

Many of the files contained within this website are works of individual  researchers, and are not documented.   These should be used as clues and not as actual fact.   E-mail addresses are provided with most files so that you may contact the submitter for verification of documentation; otherwise, the burden of proof will be on you, the researcher.   Another point I would like to make, is that just because it is written in a book, does not make it necessarily true and factual, as I have found in many cases.

Contact and Submission information:

I am not a professional genealogist, and other than my Mississippi Kinfolks, I have no information for other lines of Barlow families except the information provided in this website, and by other researchers.  If you are new to genealogy research, my recommendation is that you first acquire as many names and locations of your family from living family members, and then begin the long process of searching census records.   It will be well worth it when you locate that past generation!

If you find that your BARLOW family is not included in this website, and you would like to share them, I would be most happy to create a page for your family, or add your family to an existing lineage if that is your desire.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find lots of new family.  Please bookmark Barlow Genealogy, and check back often for new information.   Updates are posted regularly on the

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owned by Jim Barlow.   Information for subscribing is provided by clicking on the link.   Please be aware that the Barlow mailing  list, and Barlow Genealogy are two separate entities,  working together to help bring all our Barlow families together.

I would love to see all of our Barlow families located in one easily accessible area, and my attempt is to make Barlow Genealogy "that area".

If you wish to contact me, for posting of queries in particular area's of this website, or for posting your lineage, photos, and documents, email by clicking:

Susan BARLOW Holmes

For England or other countries, contact  Chris Barlow

While I do not recommend that the information for the living be posted on the internet, some has been posted among these pages, with permission of the families pertained to.  I will post the information at your discretion, and do not take responsibility for how that information might be used

If  you should find any broken links or invalid addresses, please contact me and let me know the URL of the page on which it is found.

Thank you ----  and enjoy your visit.  Remember to bookmark Barlow Genealogy!

©Information herein may be used for personal information, but not published in any format without written permission of all persons involved in this genealogy.