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Bartholomew Barlow of Massachusetts

     From the research of Edson Barlow

First Generation


Bartholomew Barlow came to Boston, Massachusetts, around 1630, probably from England although his birthdate and birthplace are not known. He was a cooper and he is first on record when he signed an inventory on September 26, 1648. On October 18, 1648, he and the other coopers of Boston were granted permission to meet together for the purpose of forming a cooper's guild. He bought land at Boston in January 1653 but it is believed that he had owned land for sometime before that.

In November 1655 he signed George Stevens' will. [5]

Bartholomew Barlow died on September 26, 1657, at Boston. [6] His will gave his estate to his son Thomas and there was no mention of a wife or other children. The inventory of his estate, taken on October 12, 1657, included a house, shops and wharf, cooper's tools, household goods and personal property, all totaling some œ310.

Bartholomew Barlow's only known child was:

2 i.

Thomas Barlow was born around 1630 probably at Boston



Second Generation



Thomas Barlow was born before 1634, probably around 1630, and probably at Boston, Massachusetts.
He died at Boston on October 23, 1661 [6]

Thomas Barlow married Elizabeth ---- around 1656. Her surname is not known for certain, but her children called Joseph Royall "uncle", so she was possibly his sister or sister-in-law.

Thomas and Elizabeth Barlow had two children:

Elizabeth Barlow was born on November 13, 1657, at Boston [6], and was baptized on May 08, 1659, at Scituate, Massachusetts [7]. She died on April 17, 1660, at Boston [6]

Sarah Barlow was born on July 18, 1659, at Boston [6], and she died in April 1678.   She did not marry.

After Thomas Barlow's death, Elizabeth married John Coombs (or Combes), a cooper, on February 24, 1661/2, at Boston. [8]
He died in May 1668 and she married third John Warren around 1669 at Boston. She died in January 1671/2 at Boston.

o = no children    ? = descendants are suspected but are not yet known

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 generation

    Bartholomew Barlow, ex001 ( -1657)

    Thomas Barlow, ex003 ( -1661)

    m. Elizabeth Royall, ex004 ( -1672)

    Elizabeth Barlow, ex008 (1657-1660)

    Sarah Barlow, ex009 (1659-1678)