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Franklin Pierce Barlow,
Mary Morris, and Emma Wright

Kenneth Brandenburg      July 1999

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Franklin Pierce Barlow was born 16 August 1855 in Kentucky, and died 10 January 1935 in Illinois. burial in Washington Cemetery, Cumberland Co Illinois.

He married 1. Mary Morris -1868-1902- July 24, 1887 in Cumberland Co Illinois

He married 2. Emma Wright about 1910

Franklin's father is thought to be J.F. Barlow, born c1832 in Kentucky
Children of Franklin Barlow and Mary Morris are:
1. Harvey H. Barlow, 1888-1918
2. Alice Bessie Barlow, 1890-1971
3. Bonnie Bertha Barlow, 1893-1976
4. Fanny Barlow, 1895-1896
5. James R. Barlow, 1897-1980
6. Walter Dewey Barlow, 1899-1986
Child of Franklin Pierce and Emma Wright Barlow:
7. Faye Barlow, 1911-1987
Siblings of Franklin Pierce Barlow:

Jane Barlow born about 1861 Kentucky --Link not proven--

Harriet Barlow born about 1867, Indiana --Link not proven--

John Barlow born about 1872, Illinois --Link not proven--

Thomas Barlow born about 1874, Illinois --Link not proven--

Eliza Barlow born about 1877, Illinois --Proven Link--    She married Newt Orndoff

Children of Eliza Barlow and Newt Orndoff are :

1. Anna E. Orndoff born 1899

2. George F. Orndoff born 1904

3. Fern Orndoff born 1906

4. Alice Orndoff born 1910

5. Olin Orndoff born 1912

6. Mildred Orndoff born 1917
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