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George W. Barlow and Annie Marks

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Contributed by: Carol Clark
1. GEORGE W. BARLOW was born May 1830 in New York, and died March 25, 1912 in Dodge City, Kansas

He married ANNA /ANNIE MARKS, about 1872, the widow of James Marks.  She was born in May of 1846 in Ireland and died April 02, 1913 in Dodge City Kansas.
Both George and Annie are buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Dodge City, Kansas
George W. Barlow, Sr. served in the Civil War:   73 PA Inf, Sergeant, Co. E
George' father was born Massachusetts and his mother born in New York
George and Annie  were in the Indian Territory (Oklahoma later) before coming to Ft. Dodge/Dodge City, Kansas.
George was  an undertaker for a number of years.
Annie's first husband, James Marks, must have died shortly after the birth of their third child, William (my grandfather), though I have not found a record. According to census records and obituaries, Anna immigrated in about 1863/4.
Both of Annie's parents born in Ireland.   I have not found a maiden name for her.
Children of  Annie & James Marks are:
Emily 'Emma' Marks was born in January 1867 in New York and died, date unknown, probably in Denver, Colorado
She married William 'Willie' M. Riley July 30, 1887 in Dodge City, Ford Co Kansas.  He was born July 01, 1866 in West Virginia and died, date unknown, probably in Denver, Arapahoe Co Colorado
Children: Edith G., Ralph R. (married Mable M. Murray) & Wille W.
ii. James Nathaniel Marks was born c1868 in Wyoming, death date unknown
William Shaw Marks was born January 19, 1871 in Fort Fred Steele, Wyoming, and died May 03 1938 in Winfield, Kansas.
He married Winnie May Connick on May 01, 1900 in Winfield, Kansas.   She was born February 24, 1880 in Edgar Nebraska, and died July 12, 1920 in Winfield Kansas.
Children of Annie & George W. Barlow:
  GEORGE W. BARLOW, JR.. was born c1875 in Indian Territory, death date unknown
  M.B. BARLOW was born c1877, may have died in 1893
  IDA BARLOW was born c1879, and died before 1966, probably in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  She married Charles Ritsch
JOHN JOSEPH BARLOW was born June 19, 1881 in Dodge City, Kansas and died February 11, 1966 in Dodge City Kansas.
He married FLORENCE VAIL on May 20, 1920 in Kansas City Missouri. She was born January 15, 1892 in New York City New York, and died August 13, 1975 in Dodge City Kansas.   Children:  Ida C. and John J. Jr.
  ANNA M. BARLOW was born c1883 and died in 1966 Newton, Kansas She married FRANK J. CORNELSON on October 18, 1903 Dodge City, Kansas. He born c1882.
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