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William Barlow and Edith Mathoda of Georgia

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Using the notes and records that I have found for this particular line of Barlow's, I have attempted to create a family tree. Of course, not all of the children for each couple are listed, I will add them as I find them. If anyone knows some of this information to be incorrect, please let me know so that I can correct it, and I would especially love more to add to it.   
A professional genealogist, Clinton D. Barlow has done much work on this family throughout the years, and with the aid of Lonnie Barlow, of this family, he has put together a much larger genealogy with better resource than I have, and plans to write a book on them at sometime in the future, so until then, we will use what I can find and and I am trying to verify as much as possible. Thanks ... Susan BARLOW Holmes
DNA testing has proven that William Barlow and John Barlow of Mississippi are related. Further DNA studies shows that both of these families connect somewhere in the past to the Fairfield Connecticut Barlows, but to date no relationships for either family has been found.   Also proven is that the Isle of Wight Barlows also found in Georgia, has no relation to these.
Doris Jones
Nancy M. Barlow & Abeline Carlton Jones

William Steely Barlow & Margaret 'Bid' Francis

Josephine Francis Barlow & John Franklin Lee
Betty Barlow Mitchell
William Barlow and Lucinda Myrick
Marjorie Bozeman
Elisha T. Barlow & Emily Giddens
Dan Barlow
William Steely Barlow & Margaret 'Bid' Francis
Carl Jowers
Josephine Francis Barlow & John Franklin Lee

William Barlow and Lucinda Myrick
Donna Fowler Winther
Lucinda Barlow & John Franklin 'Bookie' Brantley
Bill / Frankie Tidwell
William Steely Barlow & Margaret 'Bid' Francis
Maggie Barlow
Morgan Tilman Barlow & Emma Francis ______

Dudley Ellis Barlow & Delia DeFore

Nancy Jane Barlow & Joel Levi Ussery

Thomas Watson Barlow & Pearl Teresa McDaniel
Susan BARLOW Holmes
Added a lot of family with census, marriage records, death records, etc.   I have spent 100's of hours.

Joseph Suddeth Barlow & Elizabeth Francis

Edward Barlow & Dorothy Quattlebaum

Abraham B. Barlow & Fannie Giddens
Doris Dixon
Elisha Tilmon Barlow & Emily Giddens

James Wiley Barlow and Ancy Hartley
The researchers not in bold script above, do not have a valid e-mail address listed with me at this time.
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WILLIAM BARLOW1 was born about 1778, probably in Virginia, and died 1816 in Washington Co Georgia (Most genealogies show his death as 1818, but Clinton Barlow has the letters of administration which are dated 1816)  --- possibly a son of James Barlow, Revolutionary soldier from Virginia [FR] ---  (Note from Susan, James Barlow, Revolutionary Soldier, is said to be the son of Henry Barlow and Judith of the Wilkes Co North Carolina, 'Bunches of Barlow's' families.  DNA testing does show a relationship between that family and this one, perhaps this could be that connection.  It is also interesting to see that James and his wife, Lucy Edwards had 5 children, and only 4 were identified....perhaps William is the 5th child)   Tombstone Photo from Find-a-Grave.com that was placed in the Barlow Cemetery of Irwinton, Wilkinson Co Georgia by an anonymous source.

He married EDITH 'EDY' MATILDA MATHODA from North Carolina. [FR,C]   She was born about 1788 possibly in North Carolina [C], and died 1851 in Wilkinson Co Georgia. [FR,C]  Both are buried in an unmarked cemetery near Bartow, Washington Co Georgia. [FR] Some records show their burials in Barlow Cemetery, Irwington, Wilkinson Co Georgia. [FG]   A note that a recently placed headstone for William Barlow was found in cemetery records online.
I assume the name of William comes from the court records of Edith Barlow being the guardian of his children. I do not know how his dates were determined, nor how Edith's maiden name was determined. I did a search for the Mathoda surname in all census indexes, and the only one I found was in the 1920 Washington census. Their firstborn son's middle name being Francis, makes me wonder if perhaps she was a Francis and used her maiden name as his middle name, a common naming practice of those days.
Also, the information that William and Edith are buried in an unmarked grave in Washington Co, has to my knowledge, no documentation.
I would love to hear from reseachers of this family with more documentation. As for James Barlow being the father of William, that information was passed to me from Donna Winther, her source from the following:   Cotton to Kaolin: A History of Washington County, Georgia 1784 - 1989    Contains information on all the children of William & Edith and goes down several generations.   A copy can be found in the Washington Memorial Library's Genealogy Department in Macon, Georgia.   Most of these children settled in Bleckley, Pulaski, & Dodge Counties in Middle Georgia. The information herein is mainly on my line from these books. Many people in these Middle Georgia counties can trace their family lines back to William and Edith. James Barlow is of Irish descendancy based on family knowledge that has been handed down over all the generations. My maternal grandmother has talked of her gr-gr-grandmother, Lucinda 'Lucy' Barlow Brantley, who's grandfather, James, was Irish. Apparently, Lucy had talked often of it to her children and it has been passed on to us over the years. There is no doubt in my mind that this family is of Irish origins, but I have no idea where they came from in Ireland. More research will need to be done in these areas.
Note: If a connection can be made to the Fairfield Barlow's as shown by DNA results, who make claim to having migrated from England, it may be that this family migrated first to Ireland/Scotland prior to coming to America.
Index to Georgia Land Grants 1756-1909      William Barlow ~ Washington Co / bk L-5 pg 687 / 500 acres / 1818 / This may be the William in question
1820 Federal Census WASHINGTON CO GEORGIA     Pg 131    No Township Listed   Edith Barlowe        > 2 m < 10  3 m 10<15  1 m 16<18 / 2 f <10  1 f 26<45            
1825 Georgia Tax Digest                                                       > Edy Barlow paid taxes in Washington and Houston Co Georgia
Washington Co Georgia Court Records, Advertisement dated July 18, 1828: Washington Co Georgia Court Records, Advertisement date January 06, 1829:
Eady Barlow, guardian of William Barlow's orphans, applies for leave to sell 4/8th parts of Lot 55,  5th district of Houston County
Eady Barlow, guardian of orphans of William Barlow (dec'd), advertises for sale at courthouse door in Houston Co, lrst Tuesday in April, 1829 lot of land 55 in 5th district of that county.
1830 Federal Census WILKINSON CO GEORGIA     Pg 341     No Township Listed      Edy Barlow        > 1 m <5       1 m 10<16     1 m 20<30
1 f 5<10      1 f 10<15       1 f 40<50  
1840 Federal Census WILKINSON CO GEORGIA   Pg 287    352nd District                 Eady Barly         > 1 f 15<20     1 f 50<60
In 1850, Edy is living with Henry and Rhoda Barlow, and she died c1851.
Nine children known to be born to William and Edy, each families lineage outlined separately, click on the name you would like to see more about:
HENRY FRANCIS BARLOW2 was born about 1803/04 in Washington Co Georgia [C] and died November 1864 in Georgia. [FR]
WILLIAM BARLOW was born c1805 Washington Co Georgia [C] and died before 1860, probably in Arkansas [C]
ELISHA BARLOW was born c1806 Washington Co Georgia, [C] and died October 1890 in Durango, Falls Co Texas. [FR]
RHODA B. BARLOW was born c1809 Washington Co Georgia. [C]    Nothing further is known of Rhoda at this time.
JAMES WILEY BARLOW was born 18 November 1810 Washington Co Georgia [C,FR] and died 03 March 1914. [FR] The 1900 census shows his birth as November 1813.
LUCINDA BARLOW was born 22 March 1811 in Washington Co Georgia [FR, CR] and died 14 May 1865 Washington Co Georgia, burial in Brantley-Wommack Family Cemetery [CR]
MORGAN TILLMON BARLOW was born c1813 Washington Co Georgia [C]
EDITH BARLOW was born c1815 Washington Co Georgia. [C]    She married JAMES DICK c1845. [FR] Searching Georgia census records for 1850, the only James Dick I find is actually Dicks, and is age 25, married to 'Mary', age 18 in Wilkinson Co.  In 1860, a James Dick in Newton Co is age 71, married to Susan.   By 1870, he is deceased, and Susan, widow, age 72 is still in Newton Co. Are either of these the same as Edith? I do not know where the information that she married James Dick, or of her name at all came from.  I do find a Thomas Dick living a few doors from Edy in the 1840 census.
UNKNOWN SON  [FR, C]     Could the unknown son be George Barlow, only found in the 1830 census, see below:
1830 Wilkinson Co Georgia, 2 doors from Elisha: 1 male 15<20  2 males 20<30   1 female 15<20  1 female 20<30    
I did not find this same George in 1840, I do find a George in Macon Co Georgia.
Note: Doris Dixon shows that the unnamed son is Thomas, and also a daughter named Elizabeth born to William and Edy Barlow - She also shows Morgan Tilmon as John Tilmon
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