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Nathaniel Barlow and Rachel Kenyon

New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont
From the research of Kim Granholm
i. NATHANIEL1 BARLOW was born Abt. 1800.   He married RACHEL ORNETIA KENYON Abt. 1825, daughter of JAMES KENYON and RACHEL MOREY.
Edson Barlow:  Nathaniel Barlow was born about, say, 1800.   He married Rachel Stott Kinghan (or Kingam, or perhaps Kenion) around, say, 1825. They lived at Bolton, Warren Co New York, and at Ticonderoga, Essex Co New York. They apparently died before 1850. [Rachel may have married second William Banker - if so, she was recorded as born in 1817 in New York in the 1850 census, but this does not seem right]
Federal Census July 29 1850   Ticonderoga, Essex, New York  Enumeration District   page 6   Image #246   Roll:M432_504
*begins at line 4, ends at line 16 in another family*
Wm. Banker, age 52, birthplace unknown, Rachel Barnker, age 33, born in NY, Nathaniel Barlow, age 19, born in NY, Isaac Barlow, age 18, born in NY, Augustas Barlow, age 16, born in NY, Sarah Barlow, age 15, born in NY, Avah Barlow, age 7, born in NY, Ellen Barlow, age 5, born in NY, George Banker, age 3, born in NY, Margarette Banker, age 1, born in NY, Jabez Hammond, age 45, born in NY, Rebecca Hammond, age 29, born in NY, and Jane Barlow, age 13, born in NY
Note: I believe Jane is one of the Barlow children listed above. She was probably a servent for the Jabez family. It is also unknown if George and Margarette Banker are Rachel's children or if she became step-mom to them. I believe they are her children.

2 i. ISAAC KENION2 BARLOW, b. April 15, 1829, Ticonderoga, Essex Co New York; d. 1905.
3 ii. NATHANIEL AMOS BARLOW, b. April 15, 1829, Bolton, Warren Co New York; d. March 09, 1904, Keene, Cheshire Co New Hampshire.
iii. AUGUSTA BARLOW, b. 1834, New York.
iv. JANE BARLOW, b. 1837, Essex Co New York.
v. SARAH BARLOW, b. 1839, New York; d. December 10, 1906, Bolton, Warren Co New York; m. MR. ?WALKER.
vi. ALVA K. BARLOW, b. 1843, New York; d. October 07, 1864.
Alva K. Barlow enlisted on August 20, 1861, at Cornwall, Addison Co Vermont, as a Private in Company B of the 5th Vermont Infantry Regiment, He re-enlisted on December 15, 1863. He was captured while on picket duty and was hung by guerillas on October 07, 1864. [EB]
vii. ELLEN BARLOW, b. 1845, New York.
ISAAC KENION2 BARLOW (NATHANIEL1) was born on April 15, 1829, at Toconderoga, Essex Co New York [IGI], and was a son of Nathaniel and Rachel (Kingan) Barlow.  He was recorded with his brother Nathaniel at Ticonderoga in the 1850 census and he was recorded with his wife Rosetta and his family at Bridport, Addison Co Vermont, in the 1860 census. He was listed as a farmer, carpenter and builder with 40 acres at Shoreham, Vermont, in the 1881-2 Addison Co Vermont, Directory.  He died in 1905 at age 76 in Vermont and was buried on February 22 1905, in the Town Cemetery at Acworth, New Hampshire [GR]

He married 1) ROSETTE. She was born Abt. 1832 in Vermont. Burial in Acworth, New Hampshire [GR]
Isaac Kenion Barlow married first Nancy Amelia Hemmett (or Hamet) and second Rose (or Rosetta) Hemmett [HS]. Nancy L. Hemitt was born in either 1830 [GR] or 1846, died on October 5, 1903, and was buried in the Town Cemetery at Acworth, New Hampshire [GR]. It is not known whether Nancy and Rosetta are the same person, or are two different people - possibly sister, but apparently only one wife of Isaac is buried in the Acworth Cemetery
Federal Census July 16, 1860    Bridport, Addison Co Vermont   Enumeration District    page 220    *Dwelling #137, Family #140*
John Ducutte, age 24, born in L. Canada, Nancy M. Ducette, age 19, born in England, and Harriet Graham, age 60, born in NY
*Dwelling #138, Family #141*
Lewis Oucutte, age 40, born in L. Canada, Florence Oucutte, age 30, born in L. Canada, Israel Oucutte, age 14, born in L. Canada, and Lewis Oucutte, age 8?, born in L. Canada
*Dwelling #139, Family #142*
Isaac Barlow, age 28, born in VT, Rosetta Barlow, age 28, born in VT, Frederick Barlow, age 3, born in VT, John Barlow, age 1, born in VT, Joseph Doucette, age 11, born in VT, Benj. Hammit, age 18, born in VT, and Betsey Hammit, age 60, born in VT
Federal Census June 9 1880    Shoreham, Addison Co Vermont    Enumeration District 18    page 23
Isaac Barlow, head, age 48, born in NY, father born in Canada, mother born in NY, Rosette Barlow, wife, age 48, she and both parents born in VT, Isaac Barlow, son, age 14, born in VT, Benjamen Balrow, son, age 12, born in VT, and Nathaniel Barlow, brother, age 50, born in NY, father born in Canada, mother born in NY
(Note:  It is my opinion from these two census years that if Isaac did remarry, it was Rosette's sister, Nancy Hammitt)
Occupation: Bet. 1881 - 1882, Farmer, Carpenter, Builder with 40 acres at Shoreham, VT  [AVD]    Residence: 1850, Ticonderoga, Essex Co New York
Children of ISAAC BARLOW and ROSETTE are:
4 i. FREDERICK JAMES3 BARLOW, b. July 03, 1857, Vermont; d. April 22, 1917, Benson, Rutland, VT.
JOHN BARLOW, b. Bef. July 16, 1859, a son of Isaac Kenion and Nancy Amelia (Hemmett) Barlow and he was recorded at age 1 with Isaac and Rosetta Barlow at Bridport, Vermont, in the 1860 census.   Nothing further is known. [EB]
5 iii. CHARLES ERNEST BARLOW, b. May 22, 1860, Bridport, Addison Co Vermont; d. 1917.
iv. ALVA BARLOW, b. February 26, 1869, Shoreham, Addison Co VT.
6 v. BENJAMIN ALVEY BARLOW, b. February 29, 1868, Bridport, Addison Co Vermont; d. August 10, 1920, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
7 vi. ISAAC JAMES BARLOW, b. September 15, 1866, Shoreham, Addison Co VT.
NATHANIEL AMOS2 BARLOW (NATHANIEL1) was born on October 22 1825, at Bolton, Warren Co New York, and was a son of Nathaniel and Rachel (Kingan) Barlow.  He was recorded at Toconderoga, Essex Co New York, in the 1850 and 1855 censuses. He was a blacksmith and he lived at Sullivan, Cheshire Co New Hampshire, in 1869-70 in the Mason A. Nims house, formerly the Deacon Selim Frostyhouse, at 108. He worked some in the blacksmith shop at Four Corners [HSNH].  He died March 09, 1904, at Keene, Cheshire Co New Hampshire [HSNH]

He married MARY JANE MCSAVENNY July 09, 1854, daughter of ISAAC MCSAVENNY and MARTHA stend NELSON. She was born June 30, 1841 in England.   They were divorced on December 17, 1880, Vermont [VV Middlesex, Vt, Vol. 2, p. 62]
Federal Census June 04, 1900  Acworth, Sullivan, New Hampshire   Enumeration District 242   page 3, *begins at line 32*
Nathaniel and Mary married 45 or 48 years, 9 children born, 6 living    Arthur and wife married 2 years, 2 children born, both living.
Nathan Barlow, head, age 74, born October 1823 in NY, father born in France, mother born in Germany, Mary Barlow, wife, age 64, born January 1836, she and both parents born in Ireland, Arthur Barlow, son, age 26, born February 1874 in NH, _____ Barlow, daughter-in-law, age 18, born January 1882 in NH, father born in NH, mother born in VT, B.S. Barlow, granddaughter, age 1, born ___1899 in NH, and Beatrice S. Barlow, granddaughter, age 1, born ____ 1899 in NH
Nathaniel, Mary and dau-in-law can read, write, and speak English.  Nathaniel owns farm #29 on schedule.  Mary has an Irish citizenship, but has lived in the U.S. all of her life.    Notes: Date of age and year of birth match ..... Twin girls!? I think first twins name is Bonnie   Daughter in-law's name I think is either Winnie, or Minnie.
i. WILLIAM AMOS3 BARLOW, b. January 22, 1857, Bridport, Addison Co Vermont.
ii. MARTHA JANE BARLOW, b. August 03, 1858, Bridport, Addison Co Vermont; d. June 03, 1919, Barre, Vermont
She married ELIHU TURNER.     Residence: Washington, Vermont
iii. MARTIN JAMES BARLOW, b. July 22, 1860, Bridport, Addison Co Vermont.
iv. EDWIN BARLOW, b. December 05, 1861, Ticonderoga, Essex Co New York; d. October 05, 1862, Ticonderoga, Essex Co New York.
v. NATHANIEL BARLOW, b. January 01, 1863, Addison, Shorham Co Vermont; d. Addison, Shorham Co Vermont.
vi. MARY JANE BARLOW, b. November 09, 1864, Bridport, Addison Co Vermont
She married 1) MARK HIER PIPER, March 16, 1879, Middlebury, Vermont
She married 2) GEORGE CHARLES DION, October 28, 1900, Keene, New Hampshire; b. May 19, 1865, Battle Creek, Michigan.
vii. DAUGHTER BARLOW, b. October 1866, Bridport, Addison Co Vermont.
viii. ISAAC M. BARLOW, b. February 09, 1871, Stoddard Twsp, Cheshire Co New Hampshire.
ix. ARTHUR ISAAC BARLOW, b. January 09, 1873, Stoddard Twsp, Cheshire Co New Hampshire.
x. LEROY BARLOW, b. May 31, 1874, Stoddard Twsp, Cheshire Co New Hampshire
He married MYRTLE M. DOW, December 16, 1896, Rockingham, Vermont.  [VV]

FREDERICK JAMES3 BARLOW (ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born on July 3 1857, at Crown Point , Essex Co New York [IGI], and was a son of Isaac Kenion and Nancy Amelia [Hemmett] Barlow. His birth was further recorded on July 09 1857, at Bridport, Vermont and at Shoreham, Vermont, in the birth records of his children at Benson, Vermont [Benson VR]. He was recorded with his parents at Bridport in the 1860 census [Isaac and Rosetta Barlow]. He died on April 22, 1917, at Benson, Rutland Co Vermont (VV), and was buried their in the Fairview Cemetery. [EB]

He married Delia Amanda Coats of Orwell, Addison Co Vermont, on July 19, 1880 at Shoreham [VV], or July 1 1880 [HS]. She was born on May 5, 1860, Benson [VV birth records of their children], died in 1932 at Benson and was buried there in Fairview Cemetery.  [EB]

Federal Census June 27 1900   Benson, Rutland, Vermont    Enumeration District 177    page 2
Married 20 years, 9 children born, 9 living  / rents home  / all but the youngest 3 can read and write
Fred J. Barlow, age 43, born July 1857 in VT, both parents born in NY, Delia A. Barlow, wife, age 40, born May 1860 in VT, both parents born in NY, Harry H. Barlow, son, age 18, born February 1882 in VT, James E. Barlow, son, age 17, born April 1883 in VT, Libbie E. Barlow, daughter, age 15, born August 1884 in VT, Florence A. Barlow, daughter, age 15, born August 1884 in VT
Federal Census June 09, 1880     Addison, Shoreham, Vermont    Enumeration District 18     page 18 *start line number 7, end 17*
Frank Moore, head, age 64, Charlotte Moore, wife, age 57, Leslie Moore, son, age 37, Helen Moore, daughter-in-law, age 36, Frank Moore, grandson, age 18, Clara Moore, granddaughter, age 11, Walter Moore, grandson, age 5, Daniel Ryan, servant, age 24, Delia Coats, servant, age 20, she and both parents born in VT, and Sarah Jones, mother-in-law, age 86
*line number 32-37, same page as above*
Kent Wright, head, age 48, Susan E. Wright, wife, age 48, Mimmie W. Wright, daughter, age 19, Lizzie Wright, daughter, age 17, Matilda Lewis?, servant, age 18, Fred Barlow, age 23, servant, he and both parents born in VT
8 i. CLARENCE ALLEN4 BARLOW, b. April 21, 1894, Benson, Rutland Co VT; d. August 1966.
9 ii. HARRY HERMAN BARLOW, b. February 10, 1882, Shoreham, Addison Co VT; d. 1919.
10 iii. JAMES F . BARLOW, b. April 03, 1883, Shoreham, Addison Co VT
11 iv. ELIZABETH E . BARLOW, b. August 07, 1884, Shoreham, Addison Co VT; d. 1941.
12 v. FLORENCE A. BARLOW, b. January 20, 1886, Benson, Rutland, VT; d. 1956.
13 vi. LULA MAE BARLOW, b. November 1888, Vermont; d. 1963.
14 vii. EDWARD F. BARLOW, b. July 31, 1886, Benson, Rutland, VT.
viii. ORA A. BARLOW, b. May 1897, Vermont
15 ix. NORA L. BARLOW, b. February 1899, Vermont
x. BABY GIRL BARLOW, b. April 30, 1901, Benson, Rutland, VT; d. April 30, 1901, Benson, Rutland, VT.
xi. BABY BOY BARLOW, b. December 31, 1902, Benson, Rutland, VT; d. December 31, 1902, Benson, Rutland, VT.
CHARLES ERNEST3 BARLOW (ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born May 22, 1860 in Bridport, Addison Co Vermont, and died 1917, burial in Town Cemetery, Acworth, New Hampshire.

He married EFFIE ESTELLA WILCOX July 22, 1880, daughter of MARA WILCOX and LOUISA BALCOM. She was born March 24, 1861 in Hague, Warren Co New York, and died February 03, 1920, burial in Town Cemetery, Acworth, New Hampshire.
Occupation: Farmer
Residence: Shoeham, Vt; Wallingford, VT; Danby Vt; Sullivan, NH; Keene, NH; Langdon, NH; Alstead, NH; Acworth, NH; North Springfield, VT.
16 i. BURTON KENION4 BARLOW, b. April 18, 1881, Shoreham, Addison Co VT.
ii. ADA MAY BARLOW, b. April 14, 1885, Wallingford, Vermont.    She married HALSEY ERWIN BAKER, July 05, 1903.
iii. EDITH LOUISA BARLOW, b. June 13, 1886, Danby, Vermont.   She married ALMOND DAVIS, January 01, 1906.
iv. MABEL AMELIA BARLOW, b. March 28, 1889, Sullivan, New Hampshire.
v. MAUD EFFIE BARLOW, b. May 24, 1890, Keene, New Hampshire.   She married ELMER DAVIS, October 20, 1908.
vi. ERNEST EARLE BARLOW, b. June 07, 1892, Keene, New Hampshire.
vii. EFFIE LUCY BARLOW, b. July 30, 1895, Keene, New Hampshire.
MERRIT RAWSON BARLOW, b. October 16, 1897, Alstead, New Hampshire; d. October 25, 1897, Alstead, New Hampshire, burial in Town Cemetery, Acworth, New Hampshire
ix. SANFORD BAKER BARLOW, b. October 23, 1898, Langdon, New Hampshire.
x. ROLAND BALCOM BARLOW, b. November 18, 1900, Langdon, New Hampshire.
HAZEL LUELLA BARLOW, b. June 16, 1903, Acworth, New Hampshire; d. March 10, 1904, Acworth, New Hampshire, burial in Town Cemetery, Acworth, New Hampshire
BENJAMIN ALVEY3 BARLOW (ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL) was born February 29, 1868 in Bridport, Addison Co Vermont, and died August 10, 1920 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

He married DELIA CROSSMAN May 13, 1890 in Rutland, Vermont. [VV] She was born in Clarendon, Vermont .
i. FRANK4 R. BARLOW, born 1890, and died c1967-68. (M. Barlow sends information to add this person in March 2014)
ii. CLARENCE BARLOW, b. July 06, 1894, Rutland, Rutland, Vermont .
ISAAC JAMES3 BARLOW (ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born September 15, 1866 in Shoreham, Addison Co VT.

He married NELLIE MABEL DOW December 10, 1890 in Rockingham, Vermont, [VV] daughter of GEORGE OSCAR and EMILY BANKER. She was born July 24, 1869 in Sullivan, New Hampshire.
Children of ISAAC BARLOW and NELLIE DOW are:
i. CORA DELLA4 BARLOW, b. May 08, 1892, Clarendon, Vermont
ii. MILDRED STELLA BARLOW, b. December 07, 1894, Shrewsbury, Vermont
iii. HARRIET MABEL BARLOW, b. August 20, 1896, Rutland, Rutland, Vermont
v. SON BARLOW, b. July 24, 1898, Clarendon, Vermont
vi. HERMAN MELVIN BARLOW, b. February 06, 1901, Wallingford, Vermont
CLARENCE ALLEN4 BARLOW (FREDERICK JAMES3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born April 21, 1894 in Benson, Rutland Co VT., and died August 1966.

He married 1) BEATRICE ANDRUS.
He met 2) IRENE ELLEN PROVIN August 1916, daughter of THOMAS PROVIN and GRACE RANSLOW. She was born November 1900 in Rockingham, Vt, and died August 17, 1932 in Ira, VT
Census: 1920, Benson, Rutland Co VT./pg 1 ed 107
Occupation: December 14, 1945, Logging - Ted Kent/Hydeville, VT   Residence: December 14, 1945, Fair Haven, RFD#2, VT
ii. MARY HELEN BARLOW, b. 1926    She married ALFRED LOCKE
17 vi. VAN MAXWELL5 BARLOW, b. August 04, 1916, Stowe, VT [BC]; d. November 04, 1953, Heath Massachusetts [DC]
HARRY HERMAN4 BARLOW (FREDERICK JAMES3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born February 10, 1882 in Shoreham, Addison Co VT., and died 1919.

He married BESSIE ALLEN June 24, 1902 in Benson, Rutland, Vermont. [VV] She was born 1884 in Whitehall, New York, and died 1922.
Children of HARRY BARLOW and BESSIE ALLEN are:
i. GEORGE W.5 BARLOW, b. April 08, 1903, Benson, Rutland, VT.
ii. LUCY DAVIAS BARLOW, b. July 10, 1905, Rockingham, VT
iii. HAROLD BARLOW, b. March 1907, Bellows Falls, Windham Co, VT
iv. STILLBORN BARLOW, b. 1911.
v. PAUL ELIAS BARLOW, b. 1912.
JAMES F.4 BARLOW (FREDERICK JAMES3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born April 03, 1883 in Shoreham, Addison Co VT.

He married GERTRUDE C. DOTY. She was born 1890, and died 1960.
i. LOREN P.5 BARLOW, b. 1911; d. 1966.
iv. KENNETH H. BARLOW, b. 1913; d. 1983
v. MALCOLM BARLOW, b. 1917
vi. CLYDE DOTY BARLOW, b. 1918; d. 1988
ELIZABETH E.4 BARLOW (FREDERICK JAMES3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born August 07, 1884 in Shoreham, Addison Co VT, and died 1941.

Leona Jensen, daughter of Winona, granddaughter of Elizabeth Barlow:  I have heard that Charles Wood was a dynamite man and traveled with the RR, at least went west. I have no information on him or what happened to him. Some times mother referred to him as of Scotch decent, other times hinted that there might have been some American Indian someplace.
i. LEDA5 STACY married MR. POTTER.
iv. PAULINE WOOD, b. Ticonderoga, Essex Co New York.  She married once it was either annulled or divorce, no children.
FLORENCE A.4 BARLOW (FREDERICK JAMES3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born January 20, 1886 in Benson, Rutland, VT, and died 1956.

She married NORMAN F. ASHE. He was born 1873.
i. NORMAN H.5 ASHE, b. February 01, 1904, Ticonderoga, Essex Co New York; d. November 1984, Glens Falls, New York
ii. ALFRED J. ASHE, b. July 10, 1913; d. January 1981.
iii. MARJORIE F. ASHE, b. 1916; d. 1988.
iv. BERNICE M. ASHE, b. 1919; d. 1994.
v. KENNETH WILLIAM ASHE, b. 1922; d. 1982.
vi. BERNARD EDMUND ASHE, b. November 23, 1923; d. September 08, 1992.
vii. GLADYS L. ASHE, b. December 13, 1905; d. December 1983.
viii. ROBERT C. ASHE, b. October 23, 1910; d. July 1985, Glens Falls, New York.
ix. EMILY ASHE, b. 1909; d. Bef. 1920.
LULA MAE4 BARLOW (FREDERICK JAMES3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born November 1888 in Vermont, and died 1963.

She married 1) WILLIAM E. TROMLEY in Paul Ashe (grandson of Florence Barlow). He was born 1884.
She married 2) WALTER VAY COLTEY October 24, 1906. [AC] He was born October 24, 1885 in Ticonderogoa, Essex Co New York, and died June 03, 1943.
Federal Census April 19, 1910   Orwell, Addison, Vermont   Enumeration District 14   page  *begins on line 70 and ends on line 72*  Walter Coltey was a laborer on a general farm working on own account. Both Lula and Walter were able to read and write. They were renting their home.
Walter Coltey, head, age 24, born in VT, both parents born in NY, Lula Coltey, wife, age 21, she and both parents born in VT, and Isabel M. Coltey, daughter, age 1 year, 9 months, born in VT
Children of LULA BARLOW and WALTER COLTEY are:
i. ISABEL M.5 COLTEY, b. September 1908.
ii. FLOYD EDWARD COLTEY, b. 1910; d. 1968
iii. HAZEL LORETTA COLTEY, b. 1912; d. 1984.
iv. EVERT WALTER COLTEY, b. 1915; d. 1965
v. CAROL MAY COLTEY, b. 1924; d. 1924
vi. PERIN THEODORE COLTEY, b. 1926; d. 1950
EDWARD F.4 BARLOW (FREDERICK JAMES3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born July 31, 1886 in Benson, Rutland, VT.

He married MABEL COFFINGER. She was born Abt. 1894 in New York.
Federal Census January 22, 1920   Greenwich Township, Washington, New York    Enumeration District 219 Thompson Mills Road    page 9b *begins on line 85 and ends on line 88*   Ed and Mabel owned their home with a mortgage. Both could read and write. Ed was a carpenter in a paper mill for wages. Mabel kept house. Grover Coffinger was a farm laborer on a general farm.
Edward Barlow, head, age 33, he and both parents born in VT, Mabel Barlow, wife, age 26, she and both parents born in NY, Helen Barlow, daughter, age 4 months, born in NY, and Grover Coffinger, brother-in-law, age 30?, he and both parents born in NY
i. HELEN5 BARLOW, b. October 1919.
15. NORA L.4 BARLOW (FREDERICK JAMES3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born February 1899 in Vermont.

She married ARSEN PAGE.
Letter written to her neice Winona dated February 21, 1981
Dear Winnie
We were glad to here from you your letter of Jan 16. I recieved it and was you found my address. I am always miss laying things and foregetting things. Part of getting old I guess. I had lost strck of my sister Florance the last time I saw her was when my Daughter Loretta was 5 years old and My son was about 6 1/2 I went to see Mother and stopped to see Uncle Marven Coats in FairHaven and Uncle all Coats and then went to Ledas and you Mothers at Lake George and worked in the londery. your sister Leda and I worked for most of the summer. Than Freddie and Paulean were just about Herbert and Loretta age then. I stopped to see Florance on the way. She had 2 sons at home and one girl about 15 or so and a small baby girl that was creeping at the time the one sister Ora took care of for several years till she was about 10 years. Florances husband died when she Loretta was her name was borned. So that was the last time I ever saw Florance or any of her family. One of her sons lives not far from Paul Barlow and Eunice Barlow in who lives in Wisconson. He is my brothers Harry Barlow's son Paul. She is the one who told me of Florances son Alfred Ash had passed away. He was in the Marines in the So. Pesific in World war too. Same time my son Herbert was but thay never ment if thay did thay didint know it. He was 76 when he died. My Herbert served 23 years in the Marines he was Master Sargent recieved several purple hearts. He is a Miletery gard at a Marine college for young merines now at Carlsbad Calif. My Lorette and her husband are in Fla for the winter thay go every winter now for several years. Paul Barlow and his family live at this address. She would like to heare from you thay have alot of rabbits and have a rabbit club. Thay love animals and people and like to keep in contact with the family. they are friendley and kind people. I never knew them till thay came here a few years a go and it seemed I had always known them and ben with them and loved them you would like them if you had ever met them.
The address is
Mr & Mrs Paul Barlow (or Eunice Ayers Barlow, box 237 dable rd. genesee depot, Wis, 53127)
Well its time for the mail man so will close for this time. glad to here from you and hope to meet you once more if possible
love and best wishes
Aunt Nora + Uncle Arsen Page    101 Beacon St    Forestville Conn 06010
Letter dated March 29, 1984
Dear Winona + Charles
So sorry to here of Ledas passing she sent me a card saying she was in the hospital. I didint get a chance to answer it. I always loved Leda. May she sleep in piece god bless her.
Paul and Eunice Barlow sent the Funeral notice from the news paper. We are sorry we couldint go, we have no car now, and we are not able to drive that far. Our old car cant be fixed, so we cant buy a new one and have no one to drive us we have a hard time to get some one to get our grocres and take us pay our bills. Arsen has a nefue here in Bristol but his wife dont want him to come to see him and he has all he can do at home I guess. Thay are well to do. Her folkes have a Big Furniture Store. Which thay are selling out and thay are retireing. I was 85 this Feb 13th and my husband was 81 Jan 23 so we are not young. But we manig to do pretty well. We keepe the house work done between us, But we cant have a garden anymore. and Its hard to get some one to take care of the yard we have 2 big lots with shrubs and big lawns. Well bless you all. Wish I could see you all. do you ever here from Edith or no where she is? She was a beautiful child.
Love from Aunt Nora Uncle Arsen Page
*This was written on the back of the card*
I ran out of writing paper and stamps and did not get a chance to get any one to take us to shop for more.
Hope to here from you soon.
Excuse this card it was all I could find to I dont get out to shopp only once in a while.
Children of NORA BARLOW and ARSEN PAGE are:
BURTON KENION4 BARLOW (CHARLES ERNEST3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born April 18, 1881 in Shoreham, Addison Co VT.

He married 1) CALISTA A. MONROE February 18, 1899. She was born 1882, and died 1904, burial in Town Cemetery, Acworth, New Hampshire
He married 2) JOSEPHINE DECKER Aft. 1904.
i. NATALIE5 BARLOW, b. September 15, 1906, Springfield, Vermont.
VAN MAXWELL5 BARLOW (CLARENCE ALLEN4, FREDERICK JAMES3, ISAAC KENION2, NATHANIEL1) was born August 04, 1916 in Stowe, VT. [BC], and died November 04, 1953 in Heath Massachusetts [DC].

He met 1) AUDREY GRAHAM in Vermont.
He met 2) BEVERLY CILLEY February 22, 1948 in Granville, New York. She was born Abt. 1930 in Franklin, New Hampshire.
Shelburne Falls--Cause of death of Van M. Barlow, 37, of Charlemont, killed Wednesday in Heath by a falling limb, was fracture of the skull and accompanying brain damage, according to Dr. John H. Olson, medical examiner.
Dr. Olson's verdict came after yesterday afternoon's autopsy in the Johnson Funeral Home by Dr. Georges Katsias, state pathologist.
Barlow, of Zoar Road, Charlemont, was thought to have died almost instantly when struck by a 20-foot limb on the Philip Bellor property in Route 8A, about 2 1/2 miles from Heath center.
Det. Lt. Timothy A. Murphy and State Trooper Walter Dzenis of the Shelburne Falls barracks investigated.
Dr. Katsias, who came from Boston to perform the autopsy, came to this country from Greece only three months ago. He will remain in Boston two years, attending courses at Harvard Medical School.
HEATH--Van M. Barlow, 37, of Zoar Road, Charlemont, a contract wood chopper, was struck and killed early yesterday afternoon near Ft. Shirley Mountain by a 20-foot limb.
A co-worker, Everest Freyenhagen of Bernardston, discovered the body about 2 p.m., its face imbedded in the earth, on the Philip Bellor property near Route 8A, about 2 1/2 miles from Heath center.
Dr. John Olson of Colrain, medical examiner; Det. Lt. Timothy A. Murphy and State Trooper Walter Dzenis of the Shelburne Falls barracks learned Barlow, Freyenhagen and Kenneth Hale of Bernardston had been working separately in the North Heath Woods.
His fellow workers investigated when they failed to hear Barlow's power saw.
This is the second tragic fatality within five months in the Barlow family. On June 24 a four year old son, Allen, was swept to his death in the Deerfield River, almost within calling distance of his home, while playing with two companions.
Mrs. Barlow, 24, the former Beverly Cilley, is expecting her fifth child.
An autopsy was scheduled at 12:45 p.m. today by a state pathologist at the Johnson Funeral Home in Shelburne Falls. It was thought death was caused by a blow on the head.
Born in Rutlan, Vt., Aug. 4, 1916, the son of Clarence and Irene (Proven) Barlow, he had resided in Aoar for the past three years after moving from Whitingham, Vt. He was a veteran of service in the Pacific with the Navy during World War II.
Besides his widow, he leaves his parents, of Fairhaven, Vt; three children, Laura Jean and twins, Nancy and Susan; two brothers Bernard of Monroe Bridge and Clarence of Charlemont; and three sisters, Mary, Ruthand Shirley, all of Fairhaven.
Services will be Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Johnson Funeral Home with Rev. William H. Wakefield of Charlemont officiating. Burial will be in Leavitt Cemetery, Charlemont.
Military honors will be accorded at the burial by the Charlemont American Legion Post.
According to Aunt Shirley (Barlow) Tromley, Van had a dream the morning of his death that his son Allen came to him and wanted his dad to go with him and play.  Van was not supposed to be working that day because of the weather. He told his brother Bernard that he was just checking out the job
Marriage Notes:  
Cumberland, ss. Clerk's Office, Superior Court
Portland, February 16 1948

I. LINWOOD F. CROCKETT, Clerk of all the Judicial Courts in said County, hereby certify that by the consideration of the Justice of our Superior Court, holden at Portland, aforesaid, on the first Tuesday of December A. D. 1947, to wit, on the sixteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven.

A Divorce from the Bonds of Matrimony was fully decreed between Audrey Barlow of South Portland in the County of Cumberland and State of Maine and Van M. Barlow of Franklin in the County of Merrimack and State of New Hampshire as will more fully appear bye the record of the proceedings as set forth at large in this office; and all persons are required to govern themselves accordingly.

Said divorce having been decreed to the said Audrey Barlow, Libellant for the cause of cruel and abusive treatment. Care and custody of minor children Marcus V., Frank M., Larry A. and Wayne J. Barlow decreed to the Libellant as prayed for.

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the said Superior Court, the day and year first above written.

(signature of Linwood F Crockett)   Clerk of the Superior Court
A Verified Transcript from the Register of Marriages, in the Town of Hampton, County of Washington, State of New York:
Date of Marriage February 22, 1948    
Place of Marriage Granville New York Maiden Name Cilley
Full Name of Husband Van Barlow Full Name of Wife Beverly Barlow
His Residence Poultney, Vermont Her Residence Franklin, New Hampshire
Age 31 Age 18
Race or Color if other that White White Race or Color if other that White White
Occupation Truck Driver- Greenbacker Mill    
His Fathers Name Clarence Barlow Her Fathers Name Allan Cilley
His Mothers Name Irene Provin Her Mothers Name Dorothy Merrill/Morrill
Consent by                                   Relation Consent by                      Relation
Number of Husbands Marriage 2 Number of Wifes Marriage 1
Ira M. Stanton   Name and Official Position of   Person Solemnizing the Marriage Clergyman

When Registered Feb. 22 1948     Register Number No. 1 for 1948
I HEREBY SOLEMNLY ATTEST, that this is a true transcript from the Public Register of Marriages as kept in Town Records fo Hampton
County of Washington and in the State Bureau of  Vital Statistics of New York.

(signed) Eva A. Marey  (official title) Town Clerk   Dated at Hampton the 11 day of Dec 1953*

*This date probably represents that this is a copy Beverly sent for after the death of Van for benifits.
Children of VAN BARLOW and AUDREY GRAHAM are:
Children of VAN BARLOW and BEVERLY CILLEY are:
ALLEN CLARENCE6 BARLOW, b. September 12, 1948, North Adams, Massachucettes; d. 1953, Charlemont, Massachusetts, burial in Levitt Cemetery, beside his father.
CHARLEMONT -- The body of four-year-old Allen Barlow was recovered from the Deerfield River at Hohawk Park this noon, two miles from the Florida Mountain Bridge in Zoar and 1 1/2 hours after the tot fell into the river while playing with friends.  Efforts to revive the boy were futile.
The incident occurred about 10:30 this morning when Allen and playmates were playing by the bridge. The Barlow home is less than a mile away. When the boy fell into the river the youngsters informed Conservation officer Carl D. Nichols of Williamstown who, being not far from the scene, rushed across the river to get is car and then skirted along the road near the river in search of the victim. Unable to locate young Barlow, he returned to obtain help. Mean while, the other youngsters returned home and Mrs. Van Barlow soon became curious because she did not see her son among them.
A call for help was received here, the town fire alarm blew and volunteers responded quickly to help search for the boy. Because it was not known whether he was definitely drowned or had perhaps strayed into the woods, calls were sent for more help.
About 100 persons responded to the plea.
Fire Chief Frank Wells, in bed with pneumonia, immediately went to the scene when informed of the accident. Volunteers hunted along the river-bank and surrounding areas and, about noon, the boy was found near Mohawk Park.
Pulmoters from Charlemont and Shelburne Falls were used in attempts to revive him but the child had been in the water for more than an hour. Being dashed against the rocks in the stream as he was carried down the river made survival almost impossible, it was reported.
The four-year-old boy leaves his parents; a brother, 3, and twin sisters about a year old.
*Playmates were 2 of his half brothers Larry and Wayne Barlow from Van's first marriage to Audrey Graham. the "brother, 3" was actually his sister.
CHARLEMONT -- A wave of water that swept down from Vermont when a dam control gate was opened contributed to the drowning of a local youth yesterday, it was reported today.
Allen Barlow, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Van Barlow of Zoar, drowned in the Deerfield when he slipped while wading and was carried downstream about a mile, according to Carl D. Nichols of Williamstown, supervising conservation officer.
Original reports of the tragedy were varied, said Nichols, because three youngsters who were playing with Allen were hysterical when he discovered them on the river bank. Piecing the story together, officials determined Allen was playing below the Florida Mountain Bridge in their bathing suits when Allen waded into the stream. About that time, 10:30 a.m., the first wave of the released water came. Allen slipped and was carried by the strong current. The advancing water runs about one to two feet above the normal river height on its way from Whitingham, more than 15 miles upstream. The water is reportedly released every day except week-ends by the New England Power Co.
According to residents, children have "standing orders" not to play in the river because of this tide-like onrush of river water.
The boy's body, battered by rocks in the stream bed, was carried about a mile to a cement bridge at Mohawk Park.
Shelburne Falls fireman and Dr. H. Eugene Oxman of that community went to the scene and worked over the body. At 12:53 p.m., Dr. Henry A. Rys of Turners Falls, accociate Eastern District medical examiner, pronounced the boy dead from accidental drowning. Asst. Chief Edward Sauter and Fireman Arthur Kirch brought the resuscitator here.
Fire Chief Frank J. Wells of this town went to the scene, although he fainted when leaving his bed, where he has been confined for treatment of pnuemonia.
Allen Clarence Barlow was born Sept. 12 1948, in North Adams, son of Van and Beverly (Cilley) Barlow. Surviving are his parents; three sisters, Laurie Jean, Nancy and Susan; his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cilley of Franklin, N.H. and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Barlow of Fairhaven VT.
Services will be Thursday at 2 p.m. at Federated Church with Rev. Thomas E. Pardue of Trinity Fellowship, Shelburne Falls, officiating. Burial will be in Leavitte Cemetery. The Johnson Funeral Home of Shelburne Falls made arrangements.

i. YUVAWN6 STAAKE, married 1) MR. GREGORY; married 2) MR. STICKEL.
ii. LEONA K. STAAKE, married MR. JENSEN.
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