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Ancestors and Descendants of John Barlow
Lancashire England to Fall River Massachusetts

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My mother was Rita Ann Barlow, born 25 August 1919 in Fall River Massachusetts and died 11 February 1994 in Nedham Massachusetts.

She has two siblings, William Marr Barlow, Jr. born 11 April 1925 in Fall River Massachusetts and died 19 April 1962 in Fall River Massachusetts and Mary Louise Barlow, born 18 May 1918 and died 21 May 1918.

She married my father on 19 April 1940 in Fall River, John R. Redfern, born 26 June 1917 in Grafton, Massachusetts and died 24 March 1974 in Boston, Massachusetts.

My grandfather was William Marr Barlow, born in Fall River on 07 April 1894 and died in Fall River on 08 February 1979.  He married Esther Louise Doyle in Fall River Massachusetts on 07 June 1915.  Esther Louise Doyle was also born in Fall River on 28 March 1894 and died in Fall River 31 July 1978.

William Marr Barlow had one sibling, a brother, John Barlow who was born 08 May 1892 and died 14 May 1938 in Fall River.

William and John's father was Edward Barlow, born 04 June 1872 and died 12 January 1904, both in Fall River.

Edward Barlow married Elizabeth A. Marr on 12 June 1891. Elizabeth Marr was also born in New Bedford, Massachusetts on 13 June 1872 and died 11 January 1922.

Edward Barlow was the son of John Barlow, born 22 September 1836 in Staleybridge, Lancashire, England and died in New Bedford, Massachusetts on 27 October 1899.

John Barlow married Elizabeth Aspin on 07 April 1860 in the Baptist Chapel, Ashton- Under-Lyne, Lancashire, England.

Elizabeth was born 23 April 1831 in Ashton-Under-Lyne and died 12 December 1803 in Fall River Massachusetts.

In addition to Edward, John and Elizabeth had two other children:

Elizabeth born 23 March 1861 in Ashton-under-Lyne and died 03 September 1932.  She never married.

Agnes Barlow born 07 September 1864 in Ashton-under-Lyne and died 22 November 1900 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   Agnes married Herbert W. Hirst 28 December 1884 in Fall River, Massachusetts.

John Barlow was born in Stalybridge, Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, England on 22 September 1836. It is unclear as to if his year of birth is 1836. From his death certificate Massachusetts Archives Death Certificate 1899 Vol. 492 Page 276, his birth date was initially determined as being in 1836. His gravestone also indicates his year of birth as 1836. However, on his naturalization papers, he indicates his year of birth as 1834. Records of Christenings at Ashton under Lyne, indicate a John Barlow was christened on October 04, 1836 (Source LDS 538862, Batch 7121010, Sheet 72) and his parents were Edward and Alice.

He immigrated to the United States in June of 1864 arriving at the port of New York from Lancashire, England.  From New York, he came to Fall River, Massachusetts. For several years he worked in the mills.

In the Fall River City Directories, he first appeared in 1873 at 167 Bedford Street with occupation of laborer.

In 1874 he is still listed as a laborer but now lives on Pleasant Street at the corner of Quequechan.

In 1875 he becomes a citizen of the United States - USCC Boston, 89-53 with Charles Hoar and William Sherwood attesting to his good character.

In 1876, his address is 305 Pleasant Street.

We learned from his obituary in the Fall River Daily Evening News that "his business instinct eventually asserted itself and he became a grocer, first as a member of a "dividing" which was a feature of many industrial communities in the 1870's - and afterwards on a larger and more independent scale".

In 1878 he forms John Barlow & Co., a grocery company. He located in the eastern part of the city, the Flint, and prospered.

Quite early in his career as grocer he took into partnership with him, Thomas Hilton, James Swindells and Valentine Lawton under the firm name of John Barlow & Co and their store for years was located at the corner of Quequechan and Pleasant Streets.

In the 1880 Census, we learn that he had two daughters, Agnes, 15 and Elizabeth, 19, both born in England. His address in this census is 33 Quequechan Street.

Branching out, John Barlow became extensively interested in real estate and other enterprises, and became quite prominent in business matters during the later years of his life.

In 1883, John becomes interested in politics and was elected to represent Ward 6 in the Fall River Board of Aldermen. As an Alderman, he was a major influence in the construction of the trunk sewer to the Flint, from the neighborhood of Fourteenth Street, which work involved the most expensive blasting operations ever undertaken by the City of Fall River.

In 1885, he was associated with Seth A. Borden and Alfred Hanson in the coal business, under the firm name of the Barlow Coal Company. The Coal company was located at 26 Eight Rod Way - Plymouth Avenue.

In 1889, his son Edward at 16 or 17, becomes a clerk working at John Barlow Co at 311 Pleasant Street. John is now living at 56 Quequechan Street, as does his son Edward.

In 1888, John was one of the founders and organizers of the Fall River Cooperative Bank.

About 1892, he withdrew from the grocery firm of John Barlow & Co, moved to New Bedford, and he established a similar grocery business in New Bedford. He now lives at 559 Cottage Street in New Bedford.

In 1896, his son-in-law, Herbert W. Hirst, succeeded him in the New Bedford grocery business.

John Barlow's interests then turned towards mills, coal and real estate matters. During the time he resided in New Bedford, he came to Fall River once or twice a week.

In 1894, John opened an Auction House at 22 Bedford Street - probably a Real estate Brokerage house.

In 1897, the coal company continues and is now listed at 130 Plymouth Avenue, which is the new name of Eight Rod Way.

In 1897, the Auction House is located at 29 Bedford Street.

In 1897, John becomes the President of the Fall River Cooperative Bank. Again from his obituary we learn that, "In bank matters he always took a lively interest and was one of its security committee".

He was also interested in mill matters, and was a director to the Hargraves and Parker mills, Fall River, and in the Peabody Mill in Newburyport.

John Barlow died in New Bedford on Friday October 27, 1899 as the result of a stroke of paralysis. His death certificate lists the cause of death as apoplexy followed by mania.

The Fall River City Directory in the 1900 edition makes note of his death on October 27, 1899.

The family burial plot is located in Fall River. He owned the plot with a Richard Rushton. On the gravestone is an emblem - Cross and crown - with the words:

"In Hic Signo Vinces" - "In this sign conquer"

Buried with John is his wife Elizabeth; his son Edward; Edward's wife; Edward's son John; his daughter Agnes and her husband Herbert Hirst; Agnes' son Russell Hirst and his wife Marie; also John and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth A.

There are also two other markers. One is just daughter (maybe Edward's son John's daughter, although John's death certificate indicates that he was single. The other is Elizabeth A. Dugdale who we believe is Elizabeth Aspin's niece or granddaughter, the daughter of Mary Jane Aspin Dugdale.

Again the obituary sums up his life in a very positive fashion:

"Deceased was distinctively a man of the people, always candid, unostentatious and honest. He was trusted implicitly by everyone who ever had any dealings with him. He was a member of several social and fraternal organizations, including Mount Hope Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter, F. and A. M. A widow, two daughters, Elizabeth and Agnes B., and a son, Edward, survive him."

His marriage license to Elizabeth on April 07, 1860 confirms that his father's name was Edward. It also indicates that Edward was deceased.

I am stuck in finding further information about John's father Edward or his mother Alice ___ in that I cannot locate the church he was baptized in.

If you have any ties, please let me know.

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