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Generation 1

James Smith Barlow I

JAMES SMITH BARLOW   Born: 1762/3 England    Died: 1865/6       Father: Not known    Mother: JUNE CAXON        Wife: SARAH SMITH   Married: not known


ELIZABETH BARLOW born April 28, 1824




JAMES SMITH BARLOW II  born January 08, 1833, and died November 19, 1917


EMMA BARLOW born 1835, and died 1901

LOUISE BARLOW born 1848, and died December 13, 1893

He served in the British Navy, where he was wounded in battle and received several medals

James Barlow was employed as a tailor from 1824 until 1857

In 1842 his residence was listed as being on Francis Street

Occupation - Birth certificate, son James - copy on file
Baptism certificate, daughter Elizabeth - copy on file
Residence - Birth certificate of son James Smith II - copy on file
Marriage certificate of son James - copy on file

Generation 2

James Smith Barlow II





Born: Tuesday, January 08, 1833    New Road Street
Pancras Parish, London England

Died: Monday, November 19, 1919
Allens Invalid Home   Milledgeville, Baldwin Co Georgia
Burial: Johnson City, Tennessee

Married: July 27, 1857    Middlesex, England

Born: date unknown    England
Family lived on Stanley Street

Died: July 1872    New York, New York
Burial: Trinity Cemetery   159th Amsterdam    New York, New York

Father: Henry Haskell      Mother: _____ Hodgkinson

Children of James and Susannah are:

SUSAN HECTOR BARLOW born August 17, 1858 in England, and died June 04, 1925

CONSTANCE JANE BARLOW  on May 28, 1860 in England, and died September 13, 1923

OLIVER BARLOW born October 18, 1863 in England

WALTER JAMES BARLOW born August 31, 1865 in England

AGNES BARLOW born September 23, 1866 in England, and died September 3, 1922

ADOLPHUS BARLOW aka FRANK COWAN  born July 07, 1872, and died November 13, 1929

JAMES married 2nd: ADELAIDE MARGARET MORRISON    1850 - 1931    Married: August 20, 1874


ADELAIDE MORRISON BARLOW born August 13, 1876, and died June 26, 1930.  She married C.E. OLIVER

GRACE EMMA BARLOW born August 23, 1877, and died February 21, 1920.  She married SAMUEL ERNEST MILLER

ETHEL MARTHA BARLOW born June 21, 1881.  She married SAM T. MILLIARD

ANNA BARLOW born November 7, 1884.  She married HENRY A. THOMPSON

JAMES STANLEY BARLOW born May 27, 1887, and died November 16, 1924

James Smith Barlow was born Tuesday, January 08, 1833 on New Road St., Pancras Parish, London England.  He was baptized April 03, 1842 in the Parish of St. Pancras, County of Middlesex by D. Hayt.  He resided on Francis Street with his parents at this time

On July 27, 1857, James Smith Barlow II united in marriage with Susannah Jane Haskell in Parish of St. Peter’s Church, Pimlico, County of Middlesex, England.  The wedding was performed by John L. Baker, witnesses: John Hartmann and his sister Margaret Barlow

At the time of this marriage Susannah was a minor    At the time of his marriage, he was a musician and resided at  39 Morton Place, in London.

By this union they had six children:

Susan Hector, Constance Jane, Oliver, Walter James, Agnes and Adolphus...aka Frank Cowan

James Barlow received his education in the Royal Naval College and received a thorough education in the literary branches of military music and harmony. He played the coronet from an early age. He played music but had not expected to follow it as a profession. Endeby, for whom Endeby Land was named, was one of his instructors at the Naval College, and it was Endeby who obtained an appointment for him as secretary to Rajah Brooke in East India, but James Barlow did not take it. Instead he enlisted in the Navy and served in the Mediterranean Sea.

When he returned from several years in the Royal Navy, he joined the Army and was in the "Cold Stream Guards". He was a member of the Cold Streams Guards during the time period of 1858-1860. He attended drill at St. James Palace every morning, and a citizen and musician the rest of the day.

In this same time period, 1858 - 1860, his residence was listed as 39 Moreton Place, Pimlico.  In 1861 his residence was listed as 88 Oakley,  and in 1865 his residence was listed as 75 Cambridge, Pimlico.

He belonged to some of the finest orchestras in London, The Sacred Harmonid, The Philhormonic Covent Garden Opera House and Her Majesty’s Opera House under the Director Mapleson, and the Band of the Imperial Regiment of Guides.  He was the first Coronetist.

James Barlow was made a member of the Royal Society of Musicians.

In 1868 he bought his discharge from the Army and came to the United States, that same year, settling in New York City, with his family and youngest sister Louise. It was here that he joined the staff of the New York Conservatory of Music.

In 1872, his wife Susannah died, while giving birth to their son Adolphus. The attending doctor took the baby to care for. James Barlow moved to Hamburg, Pennsylvania for awhile with his older children. The doctor cared for Adolphus and when Adolphus was about 5 or 6 years of age James Barlow returned to New York for his son. The Cowan family had changed his name to Frank Percival Cowan, and James Barlow felt it better for the child to let him remain in New York as a member of the Cowan family.

His brother-in-law, Issac Posananski had moved to Jacksonville, Illinois and was Director of the Jacksonville Conservatory of Music. He persuaded Professor Barlow to move there and become the Assistant Director.

James married his second wife, Adelaide Margaret Morrison of Jacksonville, Illinois August 20, 1874 in Illinois By this union they had five children:

Adelaide Morrison, Grace Emma, Ethel Martha, Anna Morrison and James Stanley

After a time, Professor Posananski left Jacksonville and Professor Barlow became the director and owner of the conservatory in 1885. President E.F. Bullard of the Jacksonville Female Academy acquired the conservatory to combine with his school.

Professor Barlow then left Jacksonville and moved to Hannibal, Missouri, where he taught music in the conservatory there for some years. In 1888 and 1889, Professor Barlow had a concert company together with two of his daughters, Adelaide and Grace.

He was then called to Athens Tennessee to take charge of the music department of Grant University.  In his later years he lived in Knoxville and Johnson City, Tennessee.

During his life time he composed and published several musical pieces, among them were:

"Let Heaven and Earth Unite"  An anthem he composed in 1872, published by Sep Winner and Son of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Magic Well of St. Keyne"  A ballad composed in 1875, published by S. Brainards and Sons, Cleveland, Ohio

"May Morn"  A march composed in 1898, published by Thomas Goggan and Son, Galveston, Texas

A Collection of Music by J.S. Barlow

Click on thumbnails to enlarge. Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music - 1870-1885. Cover Sheets only available here, the entire sheet music is available by clicking on the link above, to the Rare Books and Special Collections, used with permission.


London residence - copy of childrens birth certificates
Concert Company - copy of program, 1889 season
Marriage - copy of marriage certificate - copy on file
British residence - copy of marriage certificate - copy on file
Daughter Susan - copy of birth certificate and baptism certificate - copy on file
Spouses from JBS biography, Tennessee, The Volunteer State, Volume 4

Generation 3

Agnes Barlow

AGNES BARLOW was born, Sunday, 23 September 1866 in Liverpool, England

In 1868, she came to the United States with her family and settled in New York, New York.

In 1872 her mother died and shortly thereafter the family moved to Hamburg, Pennsylvania. By 1874, the family had moved once again, to Jacksonville, Illinois where her father was assigned as the director of the Conservatory of Music.

The year 1887 found the family living in Hannibal, Missouri. It was in Hannibal Missouri on Thursday, April 30, 1889 that she married WILLIAM HENRY FRISBY BIGGERS in her family’s home.

By this union she had three sons and one daughter:


Her marriage broke up, and she was left to support her three sons, as her daughter had died in 1895.

In April 1918, Agnes was living in Chicago, Illinois at 6609 Wabash Avenue. She was a Sunday School teacher in father Morrison’s Church.  She was employed by Field’s Warehouse where she worked in the shade department.

In July of 1918 she was living at 4028 Arlington Street, 2nd flat.

Agnes Barlow suffered from a malady in her leg. In August 1918 she had an operation on her leg and had to have x-ray treatments.

Agnes Barlow Biggers died Sunday, September 03,1922 of cancer, in Chicago Illinois. She was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lot A, Section 3, Row 1, Grave 36. The cemetery is located at 119th Street & Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Agnes Barlow was four feet, eleven inches tall, weighed 160 lbs., had brown hair and a fair complexion.


Marriage - Marriage certificate
Burial - "Their Final Resting Place" by Barlow Biggers



Grace Emma Barlow

Contributed by Susan Barlow Holmes

Tennessee the Volunteer State    1769—1923

On the 18th of October, 1898, occurred the marriage of Mr. SAMUEL ERNEST MILLER to Miss GRACE E. BARLOW, a daughter of James S. and Adelaide 'Morrison' Barlow.

To Mr. and Mrs. Miller four children were born:


Mrs. Miller's death occurred on the 21st of February, 1920, after but four days illness with pneumonia.

James Stanley Barlow

Contributed by Susan Barlow Holmes

Tennessee The Volunteer State 1769—1923, Vol 4

Since 1909 JAMES STANLEY BARLOW has practiced law in Johnson City and he occupies an enviable position among the leading attorneys of the county and state. He was born in Hannibal, Missouri, on the 27th of May, 1887, a son of James Smith and Adelaide 'Morrison' Barlow, the former a native of England and the latter of Kentucky. James Smith Barlow came to America in the year 1868. He was a musician of ability and for a number of years before coming to this country, he was first cornetist in the Queen's Bodyguard Band, or the Coldstream Guards.

After locating in New York, he was first cornetist with Gilmore's Band for some time. Later he removed to Jacksonville, Illinois where he lived for a while and then located in Hannibal, Missouri.

About 1892 he came to Tennessee and settled in Knoxville, where he remained one year, at the termination of which time he went to Athens as director of music in the University of Chattanooga.

In 1900 he came to Johnson City and made his home here until his demise on the 10th of November 1917, at the age of eighty-five years. Mrs. Barlow survives him and is still living in this city. To their union five children were born: Adelaide, who is the wife of C.E. Oliver of Houston, Texas, Grace, who was the wife of S.E. Miller, prominent attorney of Johnson City. Her demise occurred in February, 1919, Ethel, who is the wife of Sam T. Milliard, formerly of Johnson City but now living in Bristo, l Anna, the wife of Henry A. Thompson of Raleigh, North Carolina, James Stanley, whose name introduces this review. In the acquirement of his preliminary education James Stanley Barlow attended the public schools of Knoxville, Athens and Johnson City.

At an early age he learned telegraphy and he attended a telegraph school at Valparaiso, Indiana. Subsequently he worked as a telegraph operator and depot agent for three and one-half years, being in the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Norfolk & Western Railroad and the Southern Railroad. He was with the latter road one year, being stationed at Cleveland, Tennessee, and he was then transferred to Atlanta. He was likewise in the general offices of the Western Union for a time. In 1906 he determined to take up the study of law and entered the law office of Judge S.J. Kirkpatrick, now deceased. There he received good fundamental training. Subsequently he enrolled in the legal department of the University of Chattanooga, graduating at the head of his class, and the L.L.B. degree was conferred upon him by that institution in 1909. He was admitted to the bar on the 3rd of July, that year, and immediately located in Johnson City, where he has continued to practice. For a few years he was a partner of S.E. Miller but is now practicing independently.


On the 28th of November, 1916, Mr. Barlow was married to Miss EMILY TAYLOR MILLER, a daughter of Dr. W. J. and Sanna 'Taylor' Miller. Mrs. Miller is a sister of Robert Taylor, former governor of Tennessee and of A.A. Taylor, the present governor. Both Dr. and Mrs. Miller are natives of this state. The Doctor is practicing in Johnson City. He is president of the state board and one of the foremost members of the medical profession in the county and state. To the union of Mr. and Mrs. Barlow four children have been born: SANNA, whose birth occurred on the 10th of October, 1917, EMILY R., born on the 10th of January, 1918, GRACE, whose birth occurred on the 9th of August, 1920, and who died on the 19th of September 1921, JEAN, born on the 8th of July, 1922.

Politically Mr. Barlow strictly adheres to the principles of the republican party. For five years he was county attorney of Washington County and he was private secretary to Sam R. Sells his first term in congress. He is now referee in bankruptcy of the northeastern division of the eastern district of Tennessee. He has been active in the latter capacity since the 1st of January, 1917. He is a member of the standing committee on admission to the bar in the Federal court for the northeastern division of the eastern district of Tennessee.

Fraternally Mr. Barlow is identified with the Masons, the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, the Modern Woodmen of America and is an active contributor to the Kiwanis Club. Socially he is connected with the Johnson City Country Club. The religious faith of the Barlow family is that of the Methodist Episcopal church, of which Mr. Barlow is a steward.

During the World war he gave generously of his time and means in the furtherance of the government's interests and was active in the promotion of all drives and other worthy causes.

At least one more child born after this writing, JAMES STANLEY BARLOW, JR

Reference:  Biogrpahy of Sanna Morrison Barlow, no reference given.

Generation 4

Sanna Morrison Barlow

Contributed by John F. Barlow

SANNA MORRISON BARLOW's father was Judge J. Stanley Barlow; her mother Emily Miller Barlow, has been a teacher of Johnson City (Tenn.) Bible classes for many years. Miss Barlow's summers during her childhood were spent at what is known as Ben Lippen Conference. She testifies to the inestimable influence of the late Dr. Robert McQuilkin. While studying for her Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Education at Columbia Bible College, she met Joy Ridderhof who was visiting the school. Miss Ridderhof's unique call to make Spanish records for Latin American villages made a deep impression on Sanna Barlow. 

To prepare her Bible teaching work in the public schools, Miss Barlow earned her bachelor's degree in Education at Eastern Tennessee State College. After her application to the Southern Presbyterian Board for appointment to China was refused for health reasons, she became increasingly aware of a call to minister to unreached tribes. A meeting with Joy Ridderhof at Ben Lippen resulted in her joining the Gospel Recordings staff in 1948.

She received her apprenticeship in field recording during a trip with Miss Ridderhof among the Northwest Indian tribes in 1949. While Joy RIdderhof and Ann Sherwood were in the Philippines, Sanna Barlow was doing field recording in the States. Upon their return, Miss Barlow began the account of "the chain miracle that was their year in the Phillipines."

Sanna Morrison Barlow's brother is the scholar James Stanley Barlow Jr., she married author ANTHONY ROSSI  in 1957.

Books by Sanna Barlow Rossi

Mountains Singing, Moody, 1952     Light Is Sown, Moody, 1956     Arrows of His Bow, Moody, 1960

A Man's Hand, Gospel Recordings, 1965     God's City in the Jungle, Tyndale, 1975

Knoxville News Sentinel, April 19, 2007              Contributed by Tina Lephew Cooke

ROSSI, SANNA MORRISON BARLOW - of Bradenton, Florida, died April 16, 2007. Mrs. Rossi and her husband founded the Bradenton Missionary Village and Bible Alliance. She has supported local charities and served on various boards, taught Church School and given talks, especially about missions. Before her marriage she was a school teacher in Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina for ten years and later a missionary for ten years. She is the author of a number of books. Some, like'' Mountain Singing'', tell about translating the Bible in various languages and dialects. Some are devotional books and poetry, like ''Portraits From The Beginnings'', a creative retelling of heroic stories from the Old Testament. Only a month ago she published a little book illustrated with her own paintings: ''Fresh Springs''. She is the author of a biography of her husband, Anthony T. Rossi, who died in 1993, longtime Bradenton business leader and founder of Tropicana Products. She holds degrees from Columbia International University and East Tennessee State University.

The oldest of five children, she was born October 10th 1917 in Johnson City, Tennessee. She is survived by: her brother, J. Stanley Barlow and his wife, Nell Still of Leonia, NJ and Bradenton; nieces, Patricia Parks Hughes, Arizona, Gay Parks Rainville, Pennsylvania, Susan Barlow DuBois, Arizona, Ann Barlow Pointer, Tampa and nephews, John Stanley Parks, Alabama, James S. Barlow, District of Columbia and David Matthew Barlow, Massachusetts.

Visitation will be held Friday, April 20, 6:00-8:00pm at Griffith-Cline Funeral Home, 720 Manatee Avenue West. A funeral service will be held Saturday, April 21, at 2:00pm at Calvary Baptist Church, 3006 9th Avenue West in Bradenton. Private burial will be at Manasota Memorial Park. There will also be a memorial service held Thursday, May 10 at 11:00am at Bradenton Missionary Village. The family suggests that in lieu of flowers memorial gifts go to your favorite charity.

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