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Abel J. Barlow 1840-1939 Civil War Veteran & Newspaper Editor Cannonsville, NY Fairfield
Allen Barlow 1810- ? Entrepreneur Windham,  NY Fairfield
Arthur Bolton Barlow c1846-1879 Doulton Artist Stortford, England
Augustus Barlow 1819-1894 Farmer & Entrepreneur Ontario Co. NY Malden
Augustus Charles Barlow  1825-1884 Civil War Army Surgeon & Kansas Physician Gallia Co. Ohio Fairfield
Billie 'Minnie' Barlow 1862-1937 Entertainer London, England
Bradley Barlow 1814-1889 Entrepreneur & Politician Fairfield, VT Fairfield
Burnita Shelton Matthews 1894-1988 First Woman Fed. Trial Judge  (Selected and Confirmed)  Copiah Co MS John / Lydia
Byron Barlow 1838-1914 Oregon Pioneer, Politician & Entrepreneur PlymouthTwsp, MI Sandwich
Calvin S. Barlow 1856-1920 Politician & Entrepreneur Barlow's Landing, WA Sandwich
Charles Averill Barlow  1858-1927 Californian Politician & Oil Industry Cleveland, Ohio Sandwich
Claude H. Barlow 1876-1969 Research Doctor & Christian Missionary Lyons, MI Malden
Claude W. Barlow 1907-1976 WWII Vet, Professor of Classics & Genealogist West Stafford, CT
Dewitt Dukes Barlow 1880-1945 Engineer & NJ Politician Philadelphia, PA Sandwich
Edmund Brewster Barlow 1886-1976 Pioneer Telecommunication Researcher  Atlas, MI Malden
Edward Ambrose Barlow 1587-1641 Martyred Priest Barlow Hall, Lanc, England Barlow Hall
Edward C. Barlow 1829- ? Civil War Veteran (Captain) & Jeweler Cincinnati, OH Bunches
Edwin C. Barlow 1826-1886 Civil War Vet. (9th  N.Y. Cav.) Washington, CT Fairfield
Elbert  Spicer  Barlow 1878-1948 Construction & Mortgage Brooklyn, NY Plain Rogers
Elmer E. Barlow 1887-1948 Wisconsin  Supreme Court Judge Arcadia, WI
Florence Barlow     ?-? Doulton Artist Stortford, England
Floyd Edward Barlow 1889-1977 Pioneer Aviator & Entrepreneur Monticello, WI Pickup
Francis Barlow 1626-1702 British Artist Lincolnshire, England  
Francis A. "Frank" Barlow 1885-1918 Captain, US Army Pilot WWI (KIA) Ednore,  MI Bunches
Francis Channing Barlow 1834-1896 Civil War General & NY Atty General  Brooklyn, NY Sandwich
Francis G. Barlow 1894-1978 Captain, US Army WWI   
Genevieve  Barlow 1910-1992 Spanish Teacher, Translator & Author Gardena, Ca  Bunches
Gertrude Barlow Meyers 1902- ? Author, Books for Young Adults New York
George Barlow    ? -? Potter & CT. Politician Woolfstanton,  England
George Barlow 1825-1896 NY Farmer Stamford, NY Fairfield
George H. Barlow 1853-1935 Tobacco & Real Estate Davenport, NY  
George H. Barlow, Jr. 1879- ? Real Estate Binghamton, NY  
George Herbert Barlow 1866-1940 NJ Hotel Proprietor Fenton,Eng.
George Herbert Barlow II 1924-1979 World War II Vet & Federal Judge Trenton,  NJ
George Washington Barlow 1848-1930 Civil War Vet. & Plantation owner Rankin Co. MS John / Lydia
Hannah Barlow  1851-1916 Doulton Artist Stortford, Eng.
Harley T. Barlow 1921-1997 WWII Pilot, Meteorologist & Teacher Booneville, AR Hirton
Harold Barlow 1915-1993 Author & Composer Boston, MA
Herbert H. Barlow 1848-1946 Real Estate Belchertown, MA Sandwich
Hildred Barlow Murphy 1891-1974 Artist San Francisco, CA Bunches?
Howard D. Barlow 1892-1972 Syphoney Conductor & Composer Plain City, OH Fairfield
Howard L. Barlow 1890-1938 Captain,, Los Angeles Police Dept. Holyoke, MA  
James Alan Noel Barlow, sir 1881-1961 British Civil Servant London, England
James H. Barlow 1850- ?  Merchant Elmira, NY Eli
James Smith Barlow, II  1833-1919 Music Teacher & Composer London, England
Jane Barlow 1860-1917 Irish Author Clontarf, Ireland
Joel Barlow 1754-1812 Minister, Diplomat & Poet  Redding, CT  Fairfield
John Curry Barlow 1844-1938 NY Merchant Sing Sing,  NY Fairfield
John J. Barlow 1844-1938 Physician North Carolina Hirton
John Lancashire Barlow c1899-1917 WWI, Royal Flying Corp. KIA     [offsite] Wivenhoe Hall,  England
John N. Barlow 1842- ? Merchant, Public Servant & Politician Belmont, Co. OH
John Noble Barlow 1861-1917 Landscape & Seascape Artist Manchester, England
John Whitney Barlow 1838-1914 Brig. Gen. Army Corps of Eng. Wyoming Co. NY  Fairfield
Joseph Barlow Lippincott 1864-1942 Civil Engineer Pennsylvania
Joseph Cantrill Barlow 1836-1920 Civil War Veteran (Capt.) & Merchant Scott Co, KY Bunches
Joseph Barlow 1836-1895 Inventor (Barlow Corn Planter) Genesee Co. NY Sandwich
Joseph Mackey Barlow 1841- ? Civil War Veteran & Farmer/Rancher Montgomery Co. IL
Joseph W. Barlow 1884-1956 Educator (NYU) & Author Walton, NY Jonathan
J. S. Smith Barlow, Sr 1802-1886 Poiltician & Railroad Manager  near Glasgow, KY Chris
Julia Barlow Platt 1857-1935 Scientist & Politician San Francisco, CA Fairfield
Leila Mae Barlow 1891-1982 Teacher & Author Americus, GA  
Leonard Monteagle Barlow 1898-1918 Royal Flying Corps (WWI) London Eng.
Lester Pence Barlow 1886-1967 Inventor & Political Activist Monticello, WI Pickup
Lew Henry Barlow c1869-1964 Cowboy, Rancher, Politician & Artifact Collector Dawson, NE Chris
Lundie Weathers Barlow 1896-1965 WW1 Veteran, Banking & Genealogy Boston, MA IOW
Mansfield Barlow 1805-1862 Minister, Educator &  Just. of  the Peace  prob. Troy, NY Fairfield
Merril Judson Barlow 1842-c1929 Merchant, Cortulla, TX Wilkerson Co  MS Fairfield
Milton Barlow 1818-1891 Inventor Flemingsburg, KY Bunches
Milton G. "Milt" Barlow 1843-1904 Minstrel & Civil War Veteran Lexington, KY Bunches
Milton McClintock Barlow 1937-1999 US Navy Reserve Officer, Lawyer, Banker & Philanthropist Minneapolis, MN
Myron Barlow  1873-1937 Artist Ionia, MI
Nathan Barlow, Sr. 1785- 1854 Merchant & Micigan Politician Vermont
Nathan Barlow, Jr. 1818-1899 Entrepreneur & Micigan Politician Canandaigua, NY Malden
Nora Darwin Barlow 1885-1989 Genetics,  & Writer Cambridge, England
Perry Barlow 1892-1977 Magazine Cartoonist McKinney, TX John / Lydia
Peter Barlow 1776-1862 Mathematician & Inventor Norwich, Eng
Peter Townsend Barlow 1857-1921 Police Magistrate New York City, NY Malden
Pierre Barlow Cornwall 1821-1904 California Politician, & Entrepreneur Delaware Co. NY Fairfield
Ralph Emerson Barlow 1922-1995 WWII Vet (Capt.), Teacher & Genealogist Blessing, TX John / Lydia
Reginald Barlow 1866-1943 War Vetern, Stage & Film Actor Boston MA Bunches
Richard Barlow 1846- ? Potter & Hotel Proprietor Eutoria, England
Robert Barlow, Sir 1757-1843 Admiral, British Navy London, England
Robert Shaw Barlow 1869-1943 Boston Lawyer Staten Island, NY Sandwich
Robert W. Barlow 1939-1989 Musician Rochester, NY Malden
Samuel Bancroft Barlow c1798-1876 Medical Doctor Granville, MA Malden
Samuel Kimbrough Barlow 1795-1867 Oregon  Pioneer & Entrepreneur Nicholas Co. KY Bunches
Samuel L. M. Barlow 1826-1889 Lawyer & Entrepreneur Granville, MA Malden
Samuel L. M. Barlow II 1892-1992 Composer, Writer & Political Activist New York City, NY Malden
Samuel P. Barlow 1847-1937 Farmer & Magistrate Orange Co. NC Hargis 
Shauck E. Barlow 1861-1944 Pres., Huber Manufacturing Co. Ganges, Ohio Fairfield
Stephen Barlow 1779-1845 PA.  Lawyer, Congressman & Judge Redding, CT Fairfield
Stephen Conlee Barlow 1842-c1921 Civil War Vet & Merchant Shelby Co. IN Chris
Stephen Steele Barlow 1818-1900 Wisc. Atty. General & Legislator Ballston, NY Fairfield
Thomas J. Barlow c1839-1918 Texas Teacher North Carolina Hargis 
Thomas Barlow 1607-1691 Archdeacon of Oxford & Bish. of Lincoln Westmoreland England
Thomas Barlow  1807- ? NY Judge & Legislator  Duanesburgh, NY
Thomas Barlow, Sir 1845-1945 British Physician, discovered "Barlow's Disease" Edgeworthstown England
Thomas B. Barlow 1896-1983 WWI Vet,  Pro Basketball, & Pub. Servant Trenton, NJ
Thomas Barlow Walker 1840-1928 Entrepreneur, Art Collector & Philanthropist Xenia, OH Sandwich
Thomas H. Barlow 1789-1865 Inventor Nicholas Co. KY Bunches
Thomas Oldham Barlow 1824-1889 English Engraver Oldham, England
Trevanion Barlow Dallas 1843-1902 Civil War Vet & Cotton Manufacturing Washington, D.C
Violet Muir Barlow  1901- ? Actress and Comedienne New York City, NY Bunches
Walter Jarvis Barlow 1868-1937 Doctor & Entrepreneur Sing Sing, NY Fairfield
Wayne Brewster Barlow 1912-1995 Music Teacher & Composer  Elyria, OH Malden
William Barlow  ?   -1625 English Cleric and Inventor Pembrokeshire, UK
William Barlow 1850-1926 Farmer, Baptist Preacher & Politician Montgomerey Co. GA
William Cataloe Barlow 1888-1918 WWI, KIA near Ypres, Belgium Pike Co. AL IOW
William E. Barlow  1866-1945 NY Merchant Ossining, NY Fairfield
William Harrison Barlow 1834-1913 NY Dairy Farmer Stamford, NY Fairfield
William Henry Barlow 1812-1902 Civil Engineer London, England
William Rudesind Barlow  1585 -1656 Catholic Priest Barlow Hall, Lanc, England Barlow Hall
Willis Sowell Barlow 1828-1883 Farmer and Carpenter North Carolina Hirton
Wyatt Barlow c1742-1827 Rev. War Veteran (Ship's Capt.) Rochester, MA? Sandwich?


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Barlow Hall Sir Alexander Barlow of Barlow Hall IOW Barlow of Isle of Wight, Virginia
Bunches 'BUNCHES of BARLOWS' Wilkes Co NC  Lydia John & Lydia Barlow, Perry Co Mississippi
Chris Christopher Barlow of Virginia & Kentucky  Malden Edmund Barlow of  Malden Massachusetts 
Eli Eli A. Barlow & Esther Moore  Pickup Richard Barlow & Ann Pickup of Monticello, Wi.
Fairfield John Barlow of Fairfield, Ct. Plain Rogers Jonathan Barlow & Plain Rogers, Delaware Co. NY
Hargis  Thomas Barlow & Lucretia Hargis Sandwich George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts
Hirton  Alfred Hirton Barlow
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