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William Barlow, Mary Brooks, and

Information compiled by Michelle Pearson with submissions from
The Barlow Reunion 1989 Scrapbook, compiled by Marilyn Eagles and Dorothy Sandgaard
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WILLIAM1 BARLOW was born 1817 in Levels, Yorkshire, England (of Gatewood), and died 23 January 1899 in Sullivan, Madison, New York, burial 17-6 B Oakwood Cemetery, Sullivan, Madison, New York.   [Find-a-Grave.com]

He married 1) MARY BROOKS June 1838 in Hatfield, Yorkshire, England. She was born 1817 in Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England, and died 09 April 1866 in Sullivan, Madison, New York, burial: 17-1 B Oakwood Cemetery, Sullivan, Madison, New York.  [Find-a-Grave.com]

He married 2) CORNELIA Abt. 1875 in New York. She was born 1836 in New York, and died 28 September 1914 in Sullivan, Madison, New York, burial: 17-7 B Oakwood Cemetery, Sullivan, Madison, New York.    [Find-a-Grave.com]
Barlow Reunion of 1989:

Richard, his wife, and his living children came over from England in 1858 on an 'open boat'.   They sailed for 30 days and came to New York where they stayed until George and Richard finished school. Then, they homesteaded in Nebraska.

In an LDS Ancestor Search, is found William and Mary having had Richard, George, and Lucy by that time.

Barlow Reunion 1989 Scrapbook, Peggy wrote:

In 1858 the Barlow family came form England to America in an open boat, being thirty days on the water, and settled in New York. When the sons, George and Richard had finished school, they traveled west, where they found land in Nebraska to claim as homesteads from the government.
1851 District 1C, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England  40 Woodhouse
William Barlow Head 34 Ag Tb York Levels
Mary Barlow Wife 34 Ag Tb Woodhouse
Ann Barlow Daughter 12 Ag Tb Woodhouse
William Barlow Son 10 Ag Tb Woodhouse
George Barlow Son  8 Ag Tb Woodhouse
Mary Ann Barlow Daughter  6 Ag Tb Woodhouse
Harriet Barlow Daughter  2 Ag Tb Woodhouse
Jane Barlow Daughter  6mo Ag Tb Woodhouse
1870 Sullivan, Madison, New York
William Barlow 52 Farmer $2000/1000 England
Lucy Barlow 13 At School   England

Ann: 1851, living with parents
1860 Sullivan, Madison, New York
Ann Barlow 21    
Lucy Barlow 16    

Mary1851, living with parents

Harriett: 1851, living with parents
1860 Sullivan, Madison, New York
James Broadhead 32 Clothes Manufacturer $16000/4000
Mary Broadhead 32    
Joseph Broadhead  8    
Mary Broadhead  2    
George Fielding 24 Spinner  
Harriet Barlow 10    

Jane: 1851, living with parents

Lucy: 1860, living with  sister, Ann
1870, living with father
Children of William and Mary are:
ANN2 BARLOW, born 1839, Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England
2. WILLIAM J. BARLOW, born April 1842, Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England; and died 12 February 1920, Sullivan, Madison, New York
3. GEORGE BARLOW, born February 1843, Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England; and died 15 August 1916, Alma, Harlan, Nebraska
MARY ANN MATE BARLOW, born 1845, Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England.
Christening: 02 March 1845, Hatfield near Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
HARRIET HATTIE BARLOW, born 1849, Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England.
JANE JENNIE BARLOW, born 1851, Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England.
4. RICHARD BROOKS BARLOW, born 09 April 1854, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England (of Gatewood); and died 29 July 1919, Weyburn Hospital, Saskatchewan, Canada.
LUCY BARLOW, born Abt. 1856, Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England.    Christening: 12 November 1856, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England
Added December 2007: Lucy married WILLIAM MYRTLE BARTLETT of Conway Massachusetts.  Their daughter Ethel Bartlett married George Peckham of Rockport, Massachusetts. George and Ethel are my great-grandparents.   Holly Peckham Grant
Generation 2
2. WILLIAM J.2 BARLOW (WILLIAM1) was born April 1842 in Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England, and died 12 February 1920 in Sullivan, Madison, New York, burial:  17-9 B Oakwood Cemetery, Sullivan, Madison, New York  [Find-a-Grave.com] (Naturalization 1863) 

He married MARIA C. BARLOW, MRS? 1868 in New York. She was born April 1841 in Baden, Germany, and died 20 October 1914 in Sullivan, Madison, New York, burial: 17-8 B Oakwood Cemetery, Sullivan, Madison, New York    [Find-a-Grave.com] (Naturalization:  1850)
Lives with parents in 1851
1870 Sullivan, Madison, New York
William Barlow 26 Farm Laborer  
Maria Barlow 23 Keeps House  
1880 Sullivan District 74, Madison, New York  
William J. Barlow Head 39 Farm Laborer
Mariah C. Barlow Wife 32 Keeps House
Baton GER
Baton GER
Baton GER
Freddie J. Barlow Adopted Son  7  

1900 Sullivan District, Madison New York    Married 32 years, no children
William Barlow Head April 1842 58
Mariah U? Barlow Wife April 1841 5?
Donovan William Boarder September 1847 53
Child of William and Maria is:
FREDDIE J.3 BARLOW, adopted child, born 1872, Sullivan, Madison, New York
3. GEORGE2 BARLOW (WILLIAM1) was born February 1843 in Woodhouse, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England, and died 15 August 1916 in Alma, Harlan, Nebraska, burial in Alma Cemetery.  (Harlan Co Cemetery Listings)   Christening: 12 March 1843, Hatfield near Doncaster, Yorkshire, England

He married SARAH CORY VIENNA TAFT 26 March 1874 in New York.  The daughter of LORENZO TAFT/ TEFFT and SUSAN WINNE, she was born 30 September 1855 in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, and died 17 January 1937 in Hastings, Adams, Nebraska, burial: Parkview Cemetery, Hastings, Adams, Nebraska
Census records for Sarah:   1860 DeWitt, Onondaga, New York, with parents       1870 Syracuse Wd 8, Onondaga, New York with parents
Obituary Notices for Sarah Barlow

Courtesy of the Hastings Daily Tribune, Tuesday, January 19, 1937:
Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah Vienna Barlow, 81, who died Saturday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alfred Johnson, 910 West Thirteenth, were conducted by the Rev. A.O. Hinson from the Brand Funeral Home this afternoon. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Alfred Johnson of Hastings, Mrs. H.D. Moore of Klamath Falls, Ore., Miss Ada A. Barlow of Hastings; one brother the Rev. G. Winnie Taft of Amber, N.Y., one sister, Mrs. Charles Osgood of Monroe, Mich; three grandchildren, Charles Wesley Moore and Mrs. Roy Warner of Klamath Falls, Ore., and Mrs. Wilson Brownlee of Hastings. Burial was at Parkview cemetery.

Courtesy of the Hastings Daily Tribune, Friday, January 22, 1937
Mrs. Sarah Barlow, 81, who died Saturday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alfred Johnson, 910 West Thirteenth, was buried Tuesday afternoon at Parkview. Dr. A.O. Hinson conducted the funeral at the Brand Funeral Home. Sarah Vienna Taft was born in Syracuse, N.Y., September 30, 1858. She was the eldest daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Lorenzo Taft. Her father was the Methodist minister at Syracuse and she learned her letters sitting on his knee as he studied his Bible. She was converted when she was 15 years old and joined the Methodist Church of which she was always a devout member. All her life she used every opportunity to talk to others about the Christian way of living. She was a woman of sterling character and deep religious convictions. She was married to George Barlow of Syracuse March 26, 1874. In 1878 they came to Nebraska settling first at Bloomington where Mr. Barlow built the first Franklin county courthouse. A little later Mr. Barlow took a homestead five miles southwest of Alma where Mrs. Barlow joined him in 1879. They moved into Alma in 1915 where Mr. Barlow died August 15, 1916. Mrs. Barlow moved from Alma to Hastings in 1920, making her home at the corner of Seventh and Williams. Mrs. Barlow was the mother of five children. Two sons, Henry and Paul preceded her in death. Surviving her are three daughters, Mrs. Alfred Johnson of Hastings, Mrs. Herbert G. Moore of Klamath Falls, Ore. and Miss Ada Barlow of Hastings; and three grandchildren, Charles Wesley Moore of Menominee, Wis., Helen May Warner of Klamath Falls, Ore., and Mrs. Wilson Brownlee of Hastings. Mrs. Barlow was a typical pioneer mother and wife. With her husband she endured the privations of opening up a home in a new country. Only once did she ever return to her girlhood home in New York. When she visited Syracuse in 1905 her father and mother, one sister and most of her girlhood friends were dead. Her new home had become her true home and all connections with the former home were broken.
Living with parents in 1851

1880 Springbrook District 28, Harlan, Nebraska
George Barlow Head 34 Farmer
Sarah Barlow Wife 24 Keeps House
May E. Barlow Daughter  4  
1900 Eldorado District 95, Harlan, Nebraska
Married 26 years, 5 children born, 3 living
George Barlow Head February 1843 57
Cory V. Barlow Wife September 1855 44
May E. Barlow Daughter April 1876 24
Grace M. Barlow Daughter June 1880 19
Ada E. Barlow Daughter September 1882 17

1910 Eldorado Twp District 118, Harlan, Nebraska 
Married 36 years, 3 children born, 3 living
Geo. Barlow Head 68
Sarah V. Barlow Wife 5?
Chas. Houston Hired Servant 34

1920 Alma District 120, Harlan, Nebraska  53 Everett Street
Sarah V. Barlow / widowed Head 65
Ada Barlow Daughter 37

1930 Hastings District 12, Adams, Nebraska 
Sarah B. Barlow / widowed Head 73
Ada Barlow Daughter 48
Children of George and Sarah are:
MAY E.3 BARLOW, born April 1876, New York; died unknown
She married 1) ERNEST F. ANDERSON, 10 April 1901, Harlan Co, Nebraska by Rev. W.W. Bruce.  The son of parents Andrew F. Anderson and Lena Noren, he was born December 1870 in Sweden, and died before 1910   (Naturalization 1880)
She married 2) ALFRED JOHNSON, 03 June 1914, Harlan Co, Nebraska by Rev W.C. Brewer.   The son of John Johnson and M Olson, he was born 1859 in Sweden.
1910 Eldorado Twp District 118, Harlan, Nebraska
May E. Anderson / widowed Head 2?
Ada E. Barlow Sister 27
5. GRACE M. BARLOW, born June 1880, Harlan Co Nebraska; and died unknown.
ADA E. BARLOW, born September 1882, Nebraska; and died unknown.
She apparently did not marry, and lived with her family at least through 1930
HENRY BARLOW, born and died before 1900
PAUL BARLOW, born and died before 1900
Of possible interest:
Republican City, Harlan Co Nebraska History makes reference to a Fred Barlow:
Page 4 " ....Buffalo Bill was buried on top of Look Out Mountain, Golden, Colorado. In 1967 his 121st birthday was celebrated. His grandson, Fred Barlow, of Cody, Wyoming was pictured, wearing his grandfather's jacket, it [now] hangs in a Museum in Nebraska."    Note: This BARLOW was not known to be from Harlan County.

Can anyone verify if this is the same Barlow family living in Harlan Co Nebraska?
4. RICHARD BROOKS2 BARLOW (WILLIAM1) was born 09 April 1854 in Hatfield, Yorkshire, England (of Gatewood), and died 29 July 1919 in Weyburn Hospital, Saskatchewan, Canada, burial: 03 August 1919, Weyburn Cemetery, Saskatchewan, Canada     Christening: 12 November 1854, Hatfield, Yorkshire, England

He married MARY ELIZABETH SANNEMAN 10 September 1884 in Alma, Harlan, Nebraska, daughter of PETER SANNEMAN and RACHEL MRS. She was born 27 August 1863 in Williamsburg, New York (of Brooklyn, New York) or Pennsylvania, and died 28 March 1919 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, burial: 30 March 1919, Weyburn Cemetery, Saskatchewan, Canada
Census for Mary:   1870 Brooklyn Wd 2, Kings, New York, with parents           1880 Brooklyn District 15, Greater NYC, Kings, New York, with parents
Barlow Reunion 1989:

There is a copy of his Homestead Certificate in Alma, Harlan, Nebraska. There is also a copy of a newspaper article about his auction after the sale of his farm there. He and his two sons William and Harry went to Macoun, Saskatchewan, Canada to build a new home. In the scrapbook, it is mentioned that they may have brought orphans with them. Mary Elizabeth went with their youngest to New York until their new home was built (about 2 years) because she was sickly. The scrapbook also has a copy of a letter from Dick to Mary right after the auction.
A letter of Richard's was copied and put in the Barlow Reunion 1989 Scrapbook, it read:
Dear Wife and All,

Just a word to let you know how just how we are getting along. Our Sale is now over and we know just what we have got. I kept 2 cows and a steer to kill and a fine young team.  A great relief. I told the boys if the stock ? for little of nothing they would go. I don't expect to bother any of them. ? was favored with a nice day. We didn't have a big crowd, but they all came after something and everything was sold. I kept Daisy. The sale amounted to $2850? our half cash. Am in Macoun today settling up. Ma, I hope you won't come down with that disease any of you. I know what it would mean with you Ma. Eat a nice big onion every morning and use something to clean the house. I am going to ? you soon. Hoping to see you soon.

I am your loving husband, Dick.
Barlow Reunion 1989, Peggy wrote:

On Wednesday, September 10, 1884, Richard, and Mary Elizabeth Sanneman, of Brooklyn, New York, were married at the Evangelical Parsonage by Rev. Klelzing and Rev. Hadden at Alma, Nebraska. They became parents of three sons, William, Harry and Paul, and two daughters, Matie and Harriet. The family attended the Methodist church and were baptized by Rev. Dodge in Prairie Dog Creek, Woodruff, Kansas. In 1909, the home at Alma, Nebraska was sold. The father and two sons, William and Harry went to Saskatchewan, Canada (the reason believed was to take some orphans from USA to Canada), and bought a section of land near Macoun. The mother and two younger children visited relatives in New York during the winter, until their new home was built in the spring of 1910, when they joined the rest of the family in Saskatchewan Canada. The oldest daughter had married, her home being in Fleming, Colorado.

Richard B. Barlow had four sisters and one brother that I know of: Hattie, Jennie, Mate, Lucy and George. The Sannemans had six children: Mary Elizabeth, Adelia, Ada, Bill, Dave and Paul. Adelia disappeared in white slavery, but I don't know the circumstances.

Mary Elizabeth was born August 27, 1863 at Williamsburg, New York, and Richard was born April 21, 1854 at Gatewood, Yorkshire, England. According to Mary Elizabeth's diary, she was sick lots of the time, which may have been why she moved to Weyburn on Coteau Ave. in 1917. Harriet had a hired girl that came in and stayed to look after Mary Elizabeth while Harriet was working for the dentist, Dr. Clark. One of the girls got the flu, and Mary Elizabeth got it, and with her heart condition that is what she died from. Harriet met the Dr. one day, and he told her that her Dad had been in to see him and that he needed to be hospitalized, and wouldn't go, so she went to see him, to try to get him in the hospital. He died on Harriet's birthday, July 29, 1919.
1870 Sullivan, Madison, New York
Andrew J. Willett ?? Farmer $6000/1050
Hattie E. Willett 32 Keeps House  
Jessie Willett  7    
Frankie Willett  4    
Richard Barlow 15 Farm Laborer  
1880 Prairie Dog District 28, Harlan, Nebraska
Richard B. Barlow Head 24 Blacksmith

Harlan County, Nebraska Farmer's 1890 Gazetteer
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publisher, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by M.
Barlow, R.B., Alma.

1900 Prairie Dog District 95, Harlan, Nebraska
Richard Barlow Head April 1854 46
Mary E. Barlow Wife August 1863 35
Mary E. Barlow Daughter July 1885 14
Willie C. Barlow Son September 1888 11
Harry B. Barlow Son January 1891  9
Paul S. Barlow Son May 1900  0 mo
Children of Richard and Mary are:
6. MARY ELIZABETH 'MATIE'3 BARLOW, born 01 July 1885, Alma, Harlan, Nebraska; and died 14 June 1984, Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado
7. WILLIAM C BARLOW, born 12 September 1888, Alma, Harlan, Nebraska; and died 07 March 1974, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.
8. HARRY BROOKS BARLOW, born 01 January 1891, Alma, Harlan, Nebraska; and died 16 June 1966, Calais, Washington, Maine
9. HARRIET ESTHER BARLOW, born 29 July 1895, Alma, Harlan, Nebraska; and died 21 March 1988, Garland, Dallas, Texas
PAUL STEPHEN BARLOW, born 11 May 1900, Alma, Harlan, Nebraska; and died 24 September 1985, Garland, Dallas, Texas, burial: 25 September 1985, Restland of Dallas Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.   Cause of Death: Medullary Failure, Cardiovascular Collapse, ischemic heart disease, and severe COPD
Death Certificate, contributed by Leona Muckelroy
He married 1) KATHERYN MUELLER, 08 March 1925.  She was born 28 December 1897, St Francis, Kansas; and died unknown.  They were divorced before 1930.
He married 2) IRENE BARLOW, MRS., Abt. 1941
Generation 3
5.  GRACE M.3 BARLOW (GEORGE2, WILLIAM1) was born June 1880 in Harlan Co Nebraska, and died unknown.

She married HERBERT GRANT MOORE, son of HENRY MOORE and ALICE MOORE.    He was born 16 August 1879 in Nebraska.
Children of Grace and Herbert are:
CHARLES WESLEY4 MOORE, born 1902 in Nebraska
HELEN M. MOORE, born 1908 in Nebraska
ESTHER MOORE, born 1910 in Nebraska
6.  MARY ELIZABETH 'MATIE'3 BARLOW (RICHARD BROOKS2, WILLIAM1) was born 01 July 1885 in Alma, Harlan, Nebraska, and died 14 June 1984 in Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado.

She married JOHN 'FRANK' ELLIS, son of MILES ELLIS and ELLEN CLEVELAND. He was born 14 September 1886 in Hastings, Adams, Nebraska, and died 01 April 1968 in Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado
Barlow Reunion 1989

Matie E. Ellis was born to Richard and Mary Elizabeth Barlow on July 1, 1885 on a homestead near Alma, Nebraska. She was the oldest of their five children.

It was not an easy life for any of them. There was little money and lots of work to be done. Water from a well to be carried, gardens to plant, clothes to wash on a wash board, lots of cooking, and bread to be baked. Her mother was not in good health and at an early age she did much to help.

Grandfather saw to it that the children attended schools. She went to a small country school for the first six grades and then to a town school for the next two years. He bought her a bicycle to ride, but it often didn't work and she would often have to push it the five miles home.

As still a young person she worked for neighbor ladies for fifty to seventy-five cents a week.

It was while attending a county fair that she met a young man from a neighboring town who fell in love with her and after a couple or so years won her over to his proposal of marriage. They were married early in February 1906. He was learning the carpentering trade from his father and that was fine with her. She was happy to leave the farm life. This lasted a couple of years when the lure of homesteading caught her young husband's thinking. So in February 1908 they were to leave Nebraska in a covered wagon, a crate of a dozen Rhode Island red hens, and pulling a buggy and a trotting horse headed for northeastern Colorado and one-hundred sixty acres of homestead land. She was not happy with the decision of moving so far away from all that was familiar and settling in a strange place.

The new homestead turned out to be 160 acres and one very small sod house. The closes neighbors were five to seven miles away. This husband was called Frank by his friends and family, but to her he was 'honey.' So Frank was busy with the planting season and she with trying to make the 'soddie' a home.

They made friends of neighbors and as was the custom in those days groups often gathered in the evenings for eating and a square dance. She often told of dancing until dawn, then going home to do a big washing and Frank to the fields.

After a bit more than seven years they had their first child, a daughter born in the 'soddie'…. The new father was quite surprised to discover that human babies didn't have to wait a week or so to have wide-open eyes! A couple of years later came another daughter, and born in a frame part which had been built onto the "soddie."

Then came another move to better land and a new house. This continued to be home for a few years, but another move took us about 100 miles south and a bigger farm and another new house. Even though our father liked farming, we think he also enjoyed building. Mom was always busy with chickens, cows, gardens, canning and cooking for corn-huskers or wheat harvesters and caring for her two girls.

It was during the roaring 20's that Mom wanted a 'mop' bob of her hair. This was very much opposed by Daddy, because he loved to brush her beautiful, long and curly bronzy brown hair, but if that was what she wanted, he wanted her to have it done, and she did. He was proud of his "flapper," as she was then right in style.

In the early 30's our part of eastern Colorado was caught up in the Great Dust Bowl drought and no wheat harvests. Daddy decided to leave it and moved us to western Colorado where he found ten acres and a house on irrigated land. Their 1st daughter was ready to teach school and their 2nd went for nurse training. So Daddy and Mother went to California to earn money to pay for the new location. There was no work to be had in the area at that time. They spent the next couple of years there with Daddy carpentering and Mom doing odd jobs, but left when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. So back to Colorado to where a new army base was being built and he could make enough money to buy materials for another new house.

For the next twenty years Daddy worked at the building trade and farmed his ten acres. Mom was busy with her chickens, garden and baby sitting. She had quite a trade built up with her egg deliveries each week and enjoyed her visits with her customers. She was a very industrious lady.

Their 2nd daughter married after her nurses' training and she and her husband built a house on a lot Daddy gave them. They blessed with a grandson and a granddaughter.

We hosted a 50th wedding anniversary for them and Daddy said he'd do it all over again. Mom was always his love and he, her man.

At 76 Daddy worked his last year. He was not feeling well and from then on continued on a decline. He passed away in April 1968. Mom was left to sell the home and clear out their accumulation of twenty-five years. We moved to a house in town on her 83rd birthday in 1968.

It was very hard on Mom after 62 years of sharing Daddy's life to be left without her companion. Shortly after our move she was recommended for a baby sitting job which lasted all fall and winter. By being gone form the house all day and being needed by two small children seemed to help her to adjust to her new way of life. I was glad I could share her house with her; we were good pals. Then, too, we were near my sister and her family. Her husband was to good to Mom and always referred to her as mother.

So for the next 16 years life went on. Mom was busy with a garden, canning, shopping and baby sitting. She truly enjoyed the freedom of driving her car while she continued to do through her 95th year.

Then on the morning of May 7, 1982 at the age of 97 everything very suddenly changed. She had a massive stroke which left her hospitalized and semi-comatose. After four months we moved her to my sister’s home and cared for her for two years.

Mom passed away June 14, 1984 just fifteen days short of her 99th birthday. Thus ended a long and eventful life.
Children, all living, names withheld
7. WILLIAM C.3 BARLOW (RICHARD BROOKS2, WILLIAM1) was born 12 September 1888 in Alma, Harlan, Nebraska, and died 07 March 1974 in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.

He married AMANDA HEDIN 18 March 1913 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada.  She was born Abt. 1895, and died 24 April 1964 in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Barlow Reunion 1989:

On September 12, 1888, William C. Barlow was born to Richard B. and Mary Elizabeth Barlow at Alma, Nebraska. In 1906 William (Bill) moved to Canada with his parents and settled in the Midale district.

Bill had two sisters, Matie (Ellis) and Harriet (Kumm), and two brothers, Harry and Paul.

On March 18, 1913, Bill married Amanda Hedin in the Baptist Parsonage in Weyburn, Saskatchewan by the Reverend Telford Toole. Bill and Amanda farmed in the Midale district until 1921, when they moved to the Bryant district. In 1937, they moved to the Mair area where they farmed until 1950 when they moved to Estevan. Here Bill took up the trade of carpentry which he continued to do until he retired in 1970, at the age of eighty two.

Amanda passed away on April 24, 1964 at the age of sixty nine years after fighting a lengthy battle against Parkinson's disease. Bill moved into the Creighton Lodge Senior citizens home in Estevan where he lived until his death on March 7, 1974.

William and Amanda had two sons and three daughters.
Children of William and Amanda are:
TELFORD KENNETH4 BARLOW, born 31 December 1914, Redvers, Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada, and died 16 August 1993
He married MADELIENE ANDRIES, 28 October 1941, Lampman, Saskatchewan, Canada
Barlow Reunion 1989

Telford was born in the Midale district on December 31, 1914. He farmed with his Dad, who besides grain farming, raised and showed pure-bred Ayreshire cattle and raised pure-bred York pigs. When the drought hit the Canadian prairies in the 1930's, Bill shipped his cattle and Telford north to Rose Valley where hay, trees, and half-breeds (women especially) were plentiful.  In 1935, one year later Telford herded the cattle back home.

In 1937, Telford and his parents moved to the Mair district where they bought a 1/4 section of land from the Western Trust Co. for $100.00. As well as farming Bill had a threshing crew and did custom threshing for neighbors. Telford and Graham were part of the crew.

On October 28, 1941, Telford married Madeliene Andries in Lampman, Saskatchewan. They lived in a house made of lumber plastered with mud, adjacent to Bill's. In the summer with heavy rains, the mud plastered wall washed down in big bunches of mud on our sofa, and had to be re-plastered again. In 1945 they bought two and one half miles south east of Bill's, where they built their farmyard with the help of Bill.

Telford suffered a heart attack in 1974, but after a period of recuperation he returned to his first love, farming. He continued even after moving into Redvers in 1979. Now in 1989, he has retired in the winter, but continues to help Ken in the busy seasons.
GRAHAM BARLOW, born 11 October 1924, Bryant, Saskatchewan, Canada.
FRANCES BARLOW, born 03 February 1917, Midale, Saskatchewan, Canada  She married ALFRED OLLENBERGER, 19 December 1934.
MARGARET BARLOW, born 1920   She married CHARLES MIELITZ, 16 June 1942.  He died January 1962.
MARION BARLOW, born 28 June 1923, Bryant, Saskatchewan, Canada  She married AVORY EAGLES, 1941.
8. HARRY BROOKS3 BARLOW (RICHARD BROOKS2, WILLIAM1) was born 01 January 1891 in Alma, Harlan, Nebraska, and died 16 June 1966 in Calais, Washington, Maine,

He married BARBARA ETHEL HOWLAND 09 June 1914 in Midale, Saskatchewan, Canada, Married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Halvor Englund.  The daughter of BENJAMIN HOWLAND and HENRIETTA MITCHELL, she was born 08 July 1892 in Tower Hill, New Brunswick, Canada, and died 14 March 1974 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada.
Barlow Reunion 1989

Harry Brooks Barlow was born on January 1, 1891. In 1909, Harry, his father, and his brother William left Alma Nebraska, and went to Saskatchewan and bought a section of land near Macoun. Harry became interested in wheat farming and after harvest time every fall, he worked for a threshing outfit as a 'separator man'.

Harry married Barbara Ethel Howland on June 9, 1914 at Macoun, Saskatchewan.  They had six children: (named below)

On March 22, 1925 (Gladys' 10th birthday), Harry had a sale at Macoun and the family went east by train to Mayfield. They stayed at Ethel's brothers, a big milk farm, until they found a house near school, Harry farmed the first summer here and then in 1925 and 1926, during the harvest season, he returned to Sask. In July 1927, he opened a barber shop in St. Stephen, having completed the necessary course at Moler Barber college, Halifax N.S.

On June 9, 1941 the family moved to Calais, Maine, living in Portland from 1942 to 1946. On July 20, 1949 he started a barber shop in the home at 1 Winter St., where he spent much time working in his garden and enjoying all the beauty of nature everywhere.

Harry passed away June 16, 1966, and Ethel passed away on March 14, 1974.  They are both buried in the St Stephen Rural Cemetery, St Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada
At 16 yrs old, Harry went to the hospital in Omaha, Nebraska for an appendectomy.
He went to barber school in Nova Scotia.
Barbara graduated from Fredericton NB Normal School in 1911 and became an English teacher.
Children of Harry and Barbara are:
GLADYS MARIE4 BARLOW, b. 22 March 1915, Macoun, Saskatchewan, Canada; and died 15 January 2005, Charlotte County Hospital, St Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada
She married WAYNE CHARTERS, 06 October 1938, St Stephen  He was born unknown; and died August 1997.
The Telegraph Journal, 17 January 2005

CHARTERS, GLADYS MARIE at the Charlotte County Hospital, St. Stephen, NB. January 15, 2005.

We celebrate the home going of Gladys Marie (Barlow) Charters to join with her husband Wayne. Gladys was born in Saskatchewan on March 22, 1915 and moved to St. Stephen as a young girl with her parents and siblings. She was a mom to six children, grandmother to 14 grandchildren and great grandmother to three great grandchildren.

Survived by son Donald (Linda) of St. Stephen, their children Jonathan and his daughter Marissa in St. Stephen, and Victoria Taylor (Ron) their children Gabriel and Olivia in Toronto. Daughter Karen Fougere (Joe) their daughters Joelle and Jennifer of Edmonton. Daughter Annabelle of Ottawa her daughters Jessica Hough in Montreal and Malissa Hough of Ottawa. Daughter Cheryl Hoyt of Rothesay her children Christopher of Halifax, Matthew of Marystown, Nfld. and Sarah of Victoria, BC. Son Brian (Carol) of Timmins their daughters Lydia Dickenson (Gavin) of Townsville,! Australia, Naomi, Ester and Hannah of Timmins. Son Gregory (Lois) of St. Stephen, son Jade of CFB Shearwater, NS. Gladys has one sister Irene Sprague of Bangor Me. On brother Evans Barlow of Yuma, AZ. Several nieces and nephews across the U.S. Gladys is predeceased by three brothers George, Clayton and Hazen.

After a career with Canadian Armed Forces Wayne and Gladys returned to live in St. Stephen. Gladys became an active member of the Union Street Atlantic Baptist Church, volunteering with CNIB, Thelma Kilpatrick School and Hospice. She had a passion for flowers and shared the bounty of her garden with people of the community with whom she visited. After the death of her husband, she sold their home on Porter Street and resided at Lonicera Hall in St. Stephen. She will be sadly missed by her family and friends.

Funeral Service will be held Monday January 17, 2005 at 11 AM from the Union Street Atlantic Baptist Church St. Stephen, NB with Rev. Dr. Garth Williams officiating. Interment in the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery, St. Stephen, NB.  The S.O. Mehan and Son Funeral Home Ltd. 23 Main Street, St. Stephen, NB in care of arrangements. In lieu of flowers, memorials to the donors choice would be appreciated by the family.
According to wife Gladys, Wayne "At the first of the World War II, he enlisted, training in Quebec, Camp Borden, Brockville, and Vernon, B.C. and went overseas as Lieutenant.  After the war, he joined the permanent force and retired twenty eight years later, rank of Major."
GEORGE HARRY CLAIR BARLOW, born 29 January 1918, Macoun, Saskatchewan, Canada; and died 25 June 2002, Williston, Levy, Florida (death residence)
He married 1) HELEN CHRISTIE, 05 April 1939, Somerville, Massachusetts.  The daughter of Dimitri Christie and Dimitrulu Dhoske, she born 22 April 1922, Natick, Middlesex, Massachusetts; and died 01 February 2003 in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida.  They were divorced in 1942.
He married 2) VIRGINIA BRADLEY, 06 October 1942, Dunnellon, Florida, she was born unknown, and died August 1998.
George' military service: 21 March 1942, Army     Occupation: Hairdresser
IRENE ELIZABETH BARLOW, born 12 November 1920, Chipman Memorial Hospital, St Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada
She married LAWRENCE MANFORD SPRAGUE, 07 June 1941.  He was born 11 April 1920, Woodland, Washington, Maine; and died 19 September 1987, Woodland, Washington, Maine (death residence), burial in St. Stephens Rural Cemetery, New Brunswick Canada.
RICHARD CLAYTON BARLOW, born 10 December 1921, Macoun, Saskatchewan, Canada; and died 02 November 1967, Denver, Arapahoe Colorado, burial in Fort Logan's National Cemetery, Section P Site 1727, Denver, Arapahoe Colorado. [Find-a-Grave.com]
He married UILA MAY BLANKENSHIP, 27 September 1942, St Francis, Cheyenne, Kansas.  (Marriage Certificate) She was born 07 June 1921, Liberal, Seward, Kansas; and died 18 November 1985, Denver, Arapahoe Colorado, burial in Fort Logan's National Cemetery, Denver, Arapahoe Colorado. [Find-a-Grave.com]
In 1930, Uila, aged 8 years old, was living in the home with her parents in District 16, Pueblo City, Pueblo Colorado, where they lived at 1104 E. 12th St.
An unknown newspaper source (probably Denver Post) read:


R. Clayton Barlow, 45, died on Thursday, November 2nd at his residence here following a short illness. He was born at [Macoun, Saskatchewan, Canada], December 10, 1921, the son of Harry and Ethel (Howland) Barlow. He graduated from St. Stephen High School in 1939. He was a member of Holly Hill Baptist Church in Denver and had served in the U.S. Air Force.

He is survived by his mother of Calais; his wife, Uila (Blankenship) Barlow of Denver; 2 sons, Larry and Steven at home; three daughters, Mrs. Sandra Hazy [Grady-McDonald] & Mrs. Connie Armstrong, both of Denver and Mrs. Alice Wagner of Fort Wayne, Ind. Three brothers, George of Dunnellon, Fla., Hazen of Rumford and Evans of Portland; two sisters, Mrs. Gladys Charters of Fredericton, N.B., and Mrs. Irene Sprague of Woodland. Four grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

A military funeral was held on Monday at 10:30 a.m. with services in the chapel of Fairmount Funeral Home and burial at Fort Logan.

Services for Uila May Barlow of Sheridan were Thursday at Olinger Mortuary. Interment was in Fort Logan National Cemetery. Mrs. Barlow, 64, died Monday at home.

She was born June 7, 1921, in Liberal, Kan., and was reared and educated in Colorado. On Sept. 27, 1942, she was married to Richard C. Barlow. He died in 1967.

Mrs. Barlow was a meat wrapper for Safeway Stores for 25 years. She was a member of the Safeway Employees Association and Denver Area Meat Cutters. She is survived by three daughters, Sandra [Hazy] Grady [McDonald], Westminster, Alice Wagner, Indiana, and Connie Armstrong, Aurora; two sons, Larry, Aurora, and Steven, Englewood; two sisters, Clarice Nix, Pueblo, and Clara Rengstorf, Utah; and 15 grandchildren. Contributions may be made to AMC Cancer Research, 1600 Pierce St., Lakewood 80214.

Another unknown newspaper source read:

UILA MAY BARLOW: Services for Uila May Barlow of Sheridan were Nov. 21 in Olinger Mortuary, Englewood. Burial was in Fort Logan. Mrs. Barlow died Nov. 18, 1985, at her home. She was 64. She was born June 7, 1921, in Liberal, Kan., and moved to Colorado as a child. She attended schools in Pueblo. She married Richard C. Barlow on Sep. 27, 1942. He did in 1967. Mrs. Barlow worked as a meat wrapper for Safeway Stores. She retired after 25 years with the grocery chain. She was a member of the Safeway Employees Association and the Denver Area Meat Cutters. Surviving are three daughters, Sandra Grady of Westminster, Alice Wagner of Indiana and Connie Armstrong of Aurora; two sons, Larry Barlow of Aurora and Steven Barlow of Englewood; two sisters Clarice Nix of Pueblo and Clara Rengstorf of Utah; and 15 grandchildren. Contributions may be made to AMC Cancer Research, 1600 Pierce St., Lakewood 80214.

Cause of death: Ovarian Cancer
U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946
Name: Richard C Barlow    Birth Year: 1921   Race: White, citizen
Nativity State or Country: British North America / Canada / Labrador / Newfoundland
State: Maine   County or City: Washington   Enlistment Date: 31 Dec 1941
Enlistment State: Maine   Enlistment City: Portland
Branch: Air Corps  Branch Code: Air Corps  Grade: Private   Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Army of the United States - includes the following: Voluntary enlistments effective December 8, 1941 and thereafter; One year enlistments of National Guardsman whose State enlistment expires while in the Federal Service; Officers appointed in the Army of _______
Source: Civil Life   Education: 4 years of high school
Marital Status: Single, without dependents   Height: 71   Weight: 140
Barlow Reunion 1989:

Richard Clayton Barlow was born at 9:00 a.m. December 10, 1921 at his parent's residence in Macoun, Saskatchewan, Canada.

He was raised and attended school in St. Stephens, New Brunswick, Canada. Richard graduated from St. Stephens High School in a class of 47 in 1939. He went to work at a rubber factory in Watertown, Massachusetts. When war broke out on December 7, 1941, Richard felt compelled to serve his country and entered the army/air force on December 31, 1941 as a private. He was in the service three years and rose to the rank of S/Sgt. While in the service, he was transferred to Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado where he was trained in artillery. During this time, Richard met and fell in love with Uila May Blankenship. They were married on September 27, 1942 in St. Francis, Kansas and had a short honeymoon on Peaks Island, Maine.

While stationed at Lowry Air Force Base, their first child was born on August 7, 1943. After completing classes at Lowry, he was transferred to Yale University in Connecticut as either a student or instructor (unknown). It was in Connecticut where he developed high blood pressure and was given a medical discharge from the services on June 3, 1944.

Richard and family then moved to Waltham, Massachusetts where he opened and operated a donut and breakfast shop. This business did not last too long and Richard and family moved to Burns, Colorado where he managed a cattle ranch for one season. Then the Barlow family moved to South Sherman Street in Denver, Colorado where their second child was born on October 15, 1945.

On June 9, 1947, Richard bought a house with one acre of land on South Monaco Parkway. The family raised chickens and had a cow. Richard was employed with the U.S. Postal Service from 1946 through 1950. On December 27, 1947, they had their third child. Also during this time, Richard and Uila were interested in country western music. They became a singing duo called "Tex and May" and sang on the morning program at radio station at KFKA in Greeley, Colorado from 1945 through 1948. They also wrote and recorded songs.

On May 3, 1949 their first boy was born. After working for the postal service, Richard became a cook at a restaurant and took classes on T.V. repair with the dream of opening his own shop. On December 18, 1953, Richard and Uila had their fifth and last child. Finally in 1962, Richard opened his own T.V. repair shop which was operated out of the home on South Monaco until his sudden death on November 2, 1967.

Richard enjoyed gardening, writing and singing songs, fishing and hunting. As a hobby, Richard did auto repair. Richard loved to spend his free time reading and dreaming of the old west.
WILLIAM HAZEN BARLOW, born 06 June 1923, Macoun, Saskatchewan, Canada; and died 28 April 2003, Stephens Memorial Hospital, Norway, Oxford, Maine.
He married HAZEL MAXINE LOPER, 02 January 1945, Magnolia, Columbia Arkansas.  The daughter of Charles Madison and May Bell Lowe Loper, she was born 10 January 1924, El Dorado, Calhoun Arkansas; and died 09 April 2003, Stephens Memorial Hospital, Norway, Oxford, Maine.
Rumford Falls Times, Wednesday, May 07, 2003

William H. Barlow, 79, formally of Rumford Center, a resident of Market Square Health Carte, died on April 28, 2003 at the Stephens Memorial Hospital.

Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, the son of Harry and Barbara E. Barlow, he was educated in schools in Calais, and Pelletier Cosmetology in Lewiston.

He married H. Maxine Loper on January 2, 1945. Maxine passed away on April 9, 2003. They met while he was in the Air Force. He had a beauty shop in Wilton and moved to Rumford in 1947 to work in the Oxford Paper Mill.

Both he and his wife loved to travel and spent most years after retirement wintering in Dunnellon, FL. He enjoyed reading, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling and listening to Norm and Betty DeCoteau at the area nursing homes. He belonged to the Rumford American Legion.

Survivors include a brother, Evans Barlow and his wife, Alice of Portland; two sisters, Gladys Charters of St. Stephen, NB and Irene Sprague of Bangor; a son, Gerald Wayne Barlow and his wife, Jacqueline of Manchester, NH; two daughters, Barbara Ann Canwell and her husband, Leonard of Oxford, and Cynthia Barlow of Auburn; six grandchildren; five great grandchildren; nieces and nephews.  He was predeceased by a son, Thomas William Barlow; and two brothers, Clayton and George Barlow.
Rumford Falls Times, Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Hazel Maxine Barlow, 79, formerly of Rumford Center, a resident of Norway Rehabilitation and Living Center for several years died on April 9, 2003 at Stephens Memorial Hospital.

She was born in El Dorado, Arkansas on January 10, 1924, the daughter of Charles Madison and May Bell Lowe Loper. She was educated in schools in Arkansas and Louisiana.

She married William Hazen Barlow on January 2, 1945 and had been a homemaker all of her life. She enjoyed crossword puzzles, reading and long walks.

She is survived by her husband of South Paris; two daughters, Barbara Ann Canwell and her husband, Leonard of Oxford, and Cynthia Marie Barlow of Auburn; a son, Gerald Wayne Barlow and his wife, Jacqueline of Manchester, NH; six grandchildren, five great grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by a son, Thomas William Barlow.
HOWARD EVANS BARLOW, in Mayfield, New Brunswick, Canada.   He married ALICE OLIVIA CARTER in Sedgwick, Maine.
9. HARRIET ESTHER3 BARLOW (RICHARD BROOKS2, WILLIAM1) was born 29 July 1895 in Alma, Harlan, Nebraska, and died 21 March 1988 in Garland, Dallas, Texas, burial in Fort Logan National Cemetery, Section S, 557, Denver, Arapahoe Colorado. [Find-a-Grave.com]

She married ARTHUR A. KUMM 21 April 1924 in Methodist Church Parsonage in Burlington, Colorado. He was born 15 September 1886 in Minnesota, and died 04 July 1971 in Denver, Arapahoe Colorado, a WWI veteran, burial in Fort Logan National Cemetery, Section S, 557, Denver, Arapahoe Colorado. [Find-a-Grave.com]
Niece Gladys said, "I remember my aunt Harriet when she came to visit, brushing her long red hair, and putting the 'combings' in a hair 'receiver'.
Gladys started a collection and had ones made of china, glass, ivory, metal celluloid, silver and pottery."
One child, name omitted for privacy
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