Charles Barlow and Sarah Mahala Elizabeth Cott

Lincolnshire England, Saline Co Missouri, and Tulare Co California

From the research of Susan BARLOW Holmes         Note:  These are not my family

Charles Barlow was born between March of 1833 in Lincolnshire England and came to the U.S. in his twenty-first year of age, c1854.

In 1860, he was living in Saline Co Missouri, where he married Sarah Mahala Elizabeth Cott/Catt.  In the many records I have found, the most used spelling of the name is Cott, so I believe that is the correct one. They were married on 01 November 1860 by Rufus Bigelow, JP.    Sarah, born June 1841 in Missouri, was the daughter of Solomon Cott and Sarah.

In the 1870 census of Arrow Rock, Saline Co Missouri, Charles is shown to be 38, his wife, Mahaly, is 28.  Children, Joseph, age 8, Sarah, age 7, William, age 5, Lucy, age 4, and Cinderella, age 2.  Mahaly and all children born in Missouri, and Charles in England.  See census image

Note:  The census taker got off a line in his work and had Charles born in Missouri also, and the child of the family above him born in England; obviously wrong.

The 1880 census of Clay Township, Saline Co Missouri has Charles at age 46, M.E., wife, age 40, J.M.D., son, age 19, S.A., daughter, age 17, W.H., son, age 15, L.C., daughter, age 14, Cindarella, age 12, Mary, age 10, J.S., son, age 9, Beng., son, age 6, F.B., son, age 2, and Addie, age 8 months.  Also living in the home is Sarah 'Catt,' age 70, Mahaley's mother.  Charles born in England, Mahaley and all children born in Missouri, and Mrs. Catt in Ohio.   See census image

Mahaley's name is the cause of some confusion, she is Sarah on the marriage record, Mahaley on the 1870 cenus, and M.E. on the 1880 census, then Mahala on the 1900 census.    Going back to 1860, I find her listed as Elizabeth in her parents household.  Thus, my assumption is that her name is Sarah Mahala Elizabeth Cott or some variant of the name.   That record as follows :

Census Images

1860 Saline Co Missouri
1870 Saline Co Missouri
1880 Saline Co Missouri
1900 Tulare Co Calif


Charles Barlow
John S. Barlow
Hersie Helen Barlow

Missouri Index
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Solomon Catt  [note spelling] is in the 1860 Saline Co Missouri census.   His age 60, born in Kentucky, wife, W. Sarah, age 60, born in Virginia, and children: Amos, age 28, born in Indiana, Milton H., age 24, born in Missouri, Elizabeth, age 19, born in Missouri, Joseph, age 15, born in Missouri, Nancy, age 14, born in Missouri, and Margaret, age 12, born in Missouri.  I believe that Elizabeth, is the same as Sarah or Mahala Catt/Cott/Cate.  See census image    [Note that in 1880 Sarahs parents are both born in Ohio on that census, 1900, they are both born in Pennsylvania, and on this record, Kentucky and Virginia]

The Barlow family moved to Tulare Co California, in 1881 according to Charles obituary.  Charles age would have been about 58.  The 1900 census shows:  Charles, age 67, born March 1833 in England, both parents born in England, Mahala, age 58, born June 1841 in Missouri, both parents in Pennsylvania, they had been married 38 years, 13 children born with 12 living.  Children in the home are:  Zayda, age 19, born April 1881 in Missouri, and Maurd, born December 1884 in Missouri.  Either their birthplaces are wrong or Charles obituary is wrong about his time of arrival in California.

Children of Charles Barlow and Sarah Cott are:
[Note:  Most of the dates, full names, and spouse names come from California death records.]


Joseph M.D. Barlow, born c 1852 in Missouri


Sarah A. Barlow, born c 1853 in Missouri


William Harvey Barlow, born March 31, 1864 in Missouri, and died July 22, 1994 in Fresno Co California.

He married Matilda / Jill Hall on April 22, 1896 in Tulare Co California.  Bk F Pg 588
She was born July 1870 in California.
They had at least 2 children, Margaret O Barlow, born March 27, 1897, and died July 18, 1969 in Fresno Co California.  She married Mr. Ratliff - and Winifred Alma Barlow, born September 03, 1898 in California and died July 15, 1941 in Alameda Co California.  She married Mr. Burns


Lucy 'Lou' Catherine Barlow, born October 19, 1865 in Slater, Saline Co Missouri, and died December 13, 1959 in Tulare Co California, burial in Exeter Cemetery, Tulare Co California   
Obit:  Dec 14 and 16, 1959 PER  Dec 15, a959  TAR

She married Mr. Awbrey, and had at least 2 children:  Edward Barlow Awbrey, born April 24, 1899 and died December 27, 1987 in Tulare Co California, burial in Exeter Cemetery, Tulare Co California Obit:  December 28 and 29, 1987 PER    Edwards wife, Marie, born May 05, 1898, and died May 13, 1985, burial in Exeter Cemetery, Exeter, Tulare Co California.  Charles Arlo Awbrey, born November 14, 1909 and died October 22, 1986 in Tulare Co California.  Obit:  October 23, 1986 PER



Cinderella Barlow, born July 19, 1868 in Missouri, and died December 13, 1961 in Tulare Co California. 

She married Harry Jerome Raisch on August 16, 1855 in Tulare Co California.  Bk D Pg 30
He was born February 07, 1861 in Kentucky, and died May 24, 1949 in Tulare Co California.



Mary Barlow, born July 05, 1870 in Missouri, and died June 24, 1955 in Los Angeles Co California. 

She married Mr. Boyd


John Solomon Barlow, born June 10, 1872 in Saline Co Missouri, and died April 03, 1938 in Porterville, Tulare Co California.  see obituary

He married Hersie Helen , probably Sims.  She was born c1875 in Kansas, and died February 20, 1936 in Tulare Co California.  Both are buried in Vandalia Cemetery in Porterville, Tulare Co California.  I don't think any children were born to this marriage, at least neither listed children as surviving them in their obituaries.  See obituary.


Benjamen Frederick Barlow, born October 15, 1877 in Missouri, and died April 07, 1947 in Tulare Co California, burial in Smith Mountain Cemetery, near Dinuba, Tulare Co California


Fred Barlow, born c1878 in Missouri
I would question that Fred was a child of Charles and Mahala, except that both he and Benjamin are listed in the 1880 census.



Addie May Barlow, born September 17, 1879 in Missouri, and died May 07, 1954 in Tulare Co Calfornia.

She married 1rst to Albert S. Balaam, on December 30, 1897 in Tulare Co Calfornia.  Bk G Pg 201
She married 2nd to Mr. Phillips.  
She had at least one child, Orland Clayton Balaam, born October 02, 1898 in California, and died September 17, 1988 in Tulare Co California.


Zayda Carthy Barlow, born April 12, 1881 in Missouri or California, and died May 23, 1980 in Tulare Co California, burial in Exeter Cemetery, Tulare Co California.  Obit:  May 27, 1980 PER   May 24, 1980 VTD

She married James C. Abwrey.   He was born March 12, 1882 in St. Charles Missouri, and died November 21, 1968 in Tulare Co California, burial in Exeter Cemetery, Tulare Co California.
[Note that her sister, Lucy, also married an Awbrey]



Maud Lillian Barlow, born December 17, 1884 in Missouri or California, and died December 21, 1958 in Tulare Co California. 

She married Frank Edwin Rice on October 27, 1903 in Tulare Co Calfornia.  Bk J Pg 33
They had at least one child:  Frank Edwin Rice, born September 04, 1909 and died December 26, 1958 in Tulare Co California. 

Apparently one child died at birth or at a very young age.

I noticed that in most of the death records, the childrens mothers surname was Cott, a few though had Catt. 

Other names you might want to check as being related to this family are Eaton and Fearn.  I find those listed in the California death index as persons with mothers surnamed Barlow, deaths in Tulare Co California.

You can find this family in miscellaneous records of California also

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