John B. Driver, farmer, and clerk of the probate court, Osceola. 

The public services of Mr. Driver, since 1872, have been characterized by a noticeable devotion to the welfare of this county, and his ability and fidelity in all positions of public trust have made a lasting impression upon the sphere of public duty. 

For many years his name has been closely connected with the history of Mississippi County, not only officially but as an honored and esteemed citizen. 

Mr. Driver was born in Americas, Georgia, in the year 1846, and is the eldest in a family of eight children born to Samuel and Mary Ann "Barlow" Driver, both natives of Georgia. 

The father followed farming and carpentering until 1853, when he emigrated to Independence  County, Arkansas, and bought a quarter section of land, where he made his home and many improvements.  Not being satisfied, he sold out in 1857, and moved to Jackson Co, here he bought land, and there resided until his death, in 1862.  The mother is still living, and makes her home at Sikeston, Missouri.

John B. Driver learned the rudiments of farm life in his adopted State, and his scholastic advantages were enjoyed in the State of Arkansas.

In 1870 he wedded Miss Margaret A. Bowen, a daughter of Captain Charles Bowen and two years  later he bought a farm of 160 acres, three miles west of  Osceola.   There was a slight clearing on  the place at that time, and this he greatly increased.  Since that time he has been buying land in all  parts of the county.   In 1887 he bought the place on which he now resides, a tract of 140 acres, all under cultivation and fenced, and one mile below town.  He is the owner of 2,500 acres all together, with about 430 under cultivation.

In 1872 he was elected sheriff of the county, and such was his popularity that he was re-elected three successive terms, serving in all six years.   In 1880 he was elected State senator from his district, and served in this capacity one term of four years. In 1888 he was elected circuit and county court clerk, which position he still holds, to the satisfaction of his constituents and the public in general. 

Being a self-made man it may safely be recorded that Mr. Driver owes his success and advancement to his own energy and exertion.   His extensive farming gives employment to sixteen families, all of  whom he furnishes with provisions, etc.  The cultivation of his large plantation of 400 acres results in prosperity and plenty to all around him, & gives employment to many people.

To the union of Mr. and Mrs. Driver have been born eight children, all of whom are living; they form ample evidences of the sanitary condition of this section. Their names are Charles S., Willie J., Maggie E., Sue M., John B., Jr., James Garland, Grover Cleveland and Frances F.

Mr. Driver is a Royal Arch Mason, a member of Osceola Chapter No. 57, and for a number of years was H.P. of the Chapter. He is also a member of Hugh DePayens Commandery, K.T. at Little Rock, Arkansas.

Mississippi County, ARKANSAS
Bibliography:  Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Eastern Arkansas
Chicago: Goodspeed Publishers, 1890    page 490

Name: Mary Ann BARLOW
Sex: F
Birth: ABT. 1824 in Americus, Ga

Marriage 1 Samuel DRIVER b: 1810 in Georgia


1. John B. DRIVER b: 1846 in Americus, Ga
2. Elizabeth DRIVER b: 1847 in Americus, Ga
3. Isaac DRIVER b: 1850 in Georgia
4. William M. DRIVER b: 1852 in Georgia
5. Samuel A. DRIVER b: FEB 1854 in Arkansas
6. Robert F. DRIVER b: 1861 in Georgia

Name: Samuel DRIVER
Sex: M
Birth: 1810 in Georgia
Death: 1862 in Jackson Co, Arkansas

Note: Samuel Driver was a farmer and carpenter until 1853, when he moved to Independence County, Arkansas, where he bought a quarter section of land, where he made his home; however, not quite satisfied , in 1857 he sold out and moved to Jackson County Arkansas, where he resided until his death. He and mary had eight children. She was living in Sikeston , Missouri, prior to her death.

1850 Census for Sumter County, Ga
Goodspeed's History of Misissippi County, Arkansas
Mrs. Edward Cooper Driver of Osceola, Arkansas
Lucille M. Driver

Father: Leonard DRIVER b: 1765 in North Carolina
Mother: MARTHA b: 1762 in Georgia

Can anyone identify Mary Ann Barlow's family. I know we had Isle of Wight Barlow's in Americas Georgia

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