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David Barlow and Sarah Hatch

Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, and Louisiana   
Most of this genealogy is the work of Edson Barlow, orginally published in the November 1994 Barlow of Barlow Newsletter.  I have added information found in census records after 1860, and other items found on this website, as well as the genealogy of the Fletcher Dutton Barlow family.  Susan BARLOW Holmes SBH
DAVID BARLOW1 was born in 1783-4 in Vermont [1850 & 1860 census], probably at Barnard in Windsor County. It is believed that he was a son of Aaron and Priscilla (Andrews) Barlow [see next paragraph] and a fifth generation descendant of George Barlow of Sandwich, Massachusetts (David5, Aaron4, Joseph3, Moses2, George1). He was a farmer and a shoemaker, and he was recorded at Windsor, Windsor County, Vermont, in the 1810 through 1850 censuses. He was recorded with his son Henry at Shrewsbury, Rutland County, Vermont, in the 1860 census. He died on March 31, 1867, at age 84 and was buried in the Old South Cemetery at Windsor. David Barlow gave his birthplace as Vermont in both the 1850 census and the 1860 census. Assuming that this was true, and no suggestion or evidence to the contrary has been found, an analysis of the 1790-1800 census data for Vermont shows that a male of David's age was recorded with Hubbard Barlow of Fairfield, Vermont, and Aaron Barlow of Barnard, Vermont, for both years. Hubbard Barlow has been reported as having only a daughter, so apparently the young man of his household was not a son. Although this circumstantial evidence is weak, it is the only evidence of David's parents that has been found.

David Barlow married first SARAH (SALLY) HATCH on April 27, 1804, at Windsor, Vermont [VV = Vermont vital records card file at Montpelier, Vermont]. She was born on April 19, 1784, at Reading, Vermont, and was a daughter of Nathan and Hannah (Marcy) Hatch. She died on July 10, 1840, at age 56 at Windsor [VV] and was buried there in the Old South Cemetery (her gravestone calls her "Sarah"). David and Sarah Barlow's children were born at Windsor, Vermont
David and Sarah Barlow's children, all born at Windsor, Vermont:
2 i. DAVID HATCH BARLOW2, born on January 31, 1805   [VV]
3 ii.
SARAH JANE BARLOW, born on December 20, 1806 [VV].   She died on December 17, 1883, at age 77 [gravestone] at Sunderland Falls (Procter), Vermont.
4 iii.
HART SMITH BARLOW born on April 5, 1809 [VV], and was named after Deacon Hart Smith of Windsor.
iv. HENRY BARLOW born on September 29, 1811 [VV]. He died on October 12, 1868, at age 57 at Shrewsbury, Vermont [VV], and was buried in the Laurel Glen Cemetery at Cuttingsville, Vermont.
He was a tinsmith.   He was recorded at Chester, Vermont, in the 1850 census and at Shrewsbury in the 1860 census. He did not marry.
5 v. FREDERICK H. BARLOW, was born on June 10, 1820 [VV].
LUCY PARMER BARLOW born on February 24, 1826 [VV].    She died on June 10, 1891, at age 65 at Cavendish, Vermont, and was buried there in the Mt. Union Cemetery. She did not marry.
She was recorded living with her sister Sarah Jane at Cavendish in the 1850 census and with her sister Almira (Myra) at Cavendish (Also in the 1860, 1870, 1880 census with Myra SEH)
6 vii.
ALMIRA PENNIMAN BARLOW born on June 20, 1827 [VV]. She died on May 7, 1899, at Proctor, Vermont.
DAVID HATCH BARLOW2 , (DAVID1) was born on January 31, 1805   [VV]  

He married ALMIRA CORNELIA PENNIMAN on May 11, 1830, at Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts [Brookline vital records].   She was born in 1810 at Brookline [1850 & 1860 censuses]. She was recorded at Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, in the 1850 census. In the 1860 census she was recorded as Catharine Barlow and living with her three sons in a boarding-house in the 18th Ward of New York City.

Apparently David Hatch Barlow abandoned his family around 1842-43.    On March 29, 1843, Almira wrote to her relative E.P. Clark and asked to borrow $100 to establish a livelihood to support herself and her children [letter in the Cincinnati, Ohio, Historical Society collection].    An unsubstantiated story has David Hatch Barlow murdered somewhere in Pennsylvania in 1864.
SBH:  I did not locate him in an 1850 census, but he is in 1860 Burlington Co N.J., David H., age 55, born in Vermont, is a teacher, living in what appears to be a boarding house.   Again, he is not found in 1870.

On the 31st of March, 1834, they extended a call to Rev. David Hatch Barlow, who had supplied their desk from the preceding September; and be was installed as pastor, on the 17th of September, 1834. In 1835, the society secured ampler accommodations by purchasing (for $8,000), the Second Presbyterian Church (now known as Gothic Hall), in Adams street; and, during the same year was incorporated as the First Unitarian Church of Brooklyn. In July, 1837, ill health compelled Mr. Barlow to resign his charge.  He was a graduate of Harvard University, and first settled at Lynn, Mass., whence he came to Brooklyn. "He was a preacher and a poet, too, of no ordinary gifts.   Able, cultured and graceful, he won sincere respect from his parishioners for his talents, as also their grateful and affectionate esteem for his devotion to their best interests.

Graduated 1829, Bachelor of Arts, Harvard University, was a student at the Divinity School of the University of Cambridge in 1827.

Abstracted from: The Spirit of Jesus, A Sermon preached at the installation of Rev. D.H. Barlow in Brooklyn New York, September 17, 1834 by W.H. Furness, with the charge, the right hand of fellowship and the address to the people, &c. Brooklyn: A Spooner, Printer, 57, Fulton Street, 1834.
David and Almira Barlow's children were:
i. EDWARD EMERSON BARLOW3, born on August 05, 1831, at Lynn, Massachusetts [Lynn vital records]. He was a clerk. He was recorded unmarried at Concord, Massachusetts, in the 1850 census and at New York, New York, in the 1860 census.    I did not locate him in an 1870 census SEH
7 ii. FRANCIS CHANNING BARLOW, born on October 19, 1834, at Brooklyn, New York.
RICHARD D. BARLOW, born in 1838-9 in Massachusetts [1850 & 1860 censuses], probably at Brookline. He was a merchant.   He was recorded unmarried at Concord, Massachusetts, in the 1850 census and at New York, New York, in the 1860 census.  I did not locate him in an 1870 census SEH
SARAH JANE BARLOW2, born on December 20, 1806 [VV].   She died on December 17, 1883, at age 77 [gravestone] at Sunderland Falls (Procter), Vermont.

She married SALMON FLETCHER DUTTON on April 13, 1831, at Windsor [VV].   He was born on August 12, 1803, at Cavendish, Vermont, and was a son of Salmon and Sarah (Fletcher) Dutton. He died on July 6, 1857, at age 53 years 10 months 24 days.    Both were buried in the Mt. Union Cemetery at Cavendish.   Richard Henry Dutton, Emily Jane Dutton and Salmon Dutton.
Their children were:
The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans     Volume 0IIV   page 422

PROCTOR, REDFIELD, cabinet officer, was born in Proctorsville, Vermont, June 1, 1831; son of Jabez and Betsy 'Parker' Proctor; grandson of Leonard and Mary 'Keep' Proctor, and of Isaac and Bridget 'Fletcher' Parker, and a direct descendant from Robert Proctor, one of four brothers who came from London, England to Salem, Massachusetts in the ship Susan and Ellen in 1635. He was made a freeman at Concord in 1643, and in 1654 settled in Chelmsford, from which town Leonard Procter, who had served as an officer in the Revolutionary War, moved to Vermont in 1788, and was the first permanent settler of Proctorsville. Redfield Procter was graduated from Dartmouth college, A.B., 1851, A.M., 1854, and from the Albany Law School, LLB, 1860.

He was married, May 26, 1858, to Emily J., daughter of Salmon Fletcher and Sarah 'Barlow' Dutton of Cavendish, Vermont.

He practiced law in Boston, Massachusetts, 1860-61, and in 1861 joined the Federal army as quartermaster of the 3rd Vermont regiment; was promoted major of the 5th regiment in September, 1861, and colonel of the 15th regiment of volunteers in 1862. He served as a brigade and division quartermaster on the staff of General William F. Smith, and was mustered out in 1863.

He engaged in farming and in the practice of law; was receiver of a marble company, and on its re-organization in 1870 was elected manager, developing the business until it became by far the largest marble-producing company in the world. He was a representative in the state legislature, 1867-68 and 1888; a member and president protemp-ore of the state senate, 1874-76; lieutenant-governor of the state, 1876-78; governor, 1878-80, and a delegate-at-large to the Republican national conventions of 1884, 1888 and 1896, being chairman of the Vermont delegation in 1888 and in 1896. In March, 1889, he was appointed by President Harrison secretary of war in his cabinet, and resigned, November 1, 1891, having been appointed by Governor Page to the U.S. Senate, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of George F. Edmunds. On Oct, 18, 1892, he was elected by the Vermont legislature to fill both the unexpired and the full terms, and in 1898 was re-elected for the term expiring March 3, 1905. He served in the senate as chairman of the committee on agriculture and forestry, and as a member of the committees on fisheries, coast defenses, military affairs, District of Columbia, post offices, the Phillipines, and the select committees on the University of the United States and industrial expositions.

His son, Fletcher Dutton, succeeded him in the presidency of the Vermont Marble company in 1889; was a representative in the State legislature, 1890-91 and in 1900-01, when he was elected speaker of that body, and was a member of the state senate in 1891.   In 1902 Senator Proctor provided for the 2500 employees of the Vermont Marble company a large and beautifully furnished building, known as the Industrial Young Men's Christian association, with all the conveniences of a club house, amusement hall and educational institution, dedicating it to the moral and educational upbuilding of the men employed in the marble works.
HART SMITH BARLOW2 born on April 5, 1809 [VV], and was named after Deacon Hart Smith of Windsor.

He married SOPHIA ALICE PENNIMAN on October 21, 1833, at Brookline, Massachusetts [Brookline vital records]. She was born in 1814 at Brookline and she died on February 15, 1836, at age 21½ at Brookline [Brookline vital records].    He was recorded at New Orleans, Louisiana, in the 1850 census and cannot be found in the 1860 census.
Probable child of Hart and Sophia is:
8 i.
FLETCHER DUTTON BARLOW3, born c1834, and died before 1880.
FREDERICK H. BARLOW2, was born on June 10, 1820 [VV].   Frederick H. Barlow served in the Civil War.    He enlisted on August 22, 1864, at Ludlow, Vermont, and was a Private in Company C (or H) of the 9th Vermont Infantry Regiment which was organized on July 9, 1862, at Brattleboro, Vermont.    He was mustered out on June 13, 1865.

Frederick H. Barlow married EMELINE CLARK on December 02, 1847, at Weathersfield, Vermont [VV].    She was born in 1831 in Vermont [1850 census].
I could not locate them in an 1860 or 1870 census, but then in 1880, I find in Springfield, Windsor Co Vermont, an Emeline C. Barlow, age 56, with son, Robert M., age 29, (a jeweler) and daughter, Ada, age 30. Is this she?   I could not locate a Robert or Ada in the 1870 census.     In 1900, Chicago Co Co Illinois I find a Robert W. Barlow, born March 1850 in VT, age 40, married to Ada.  Checking Ancestry, I find him to be Robert Winthrop Barlow, born March 1850 in born in Cavendish, Windsor Co Vermont, married Ada Safford, of New Hampshire... they had married in NH in 1874.   Is he by any chance the son of Frederick and Emeline
Child of Frederick and Emeline is:
i. IDA BARLOW3, born on July 23, 1848, probably at Cavendish, Vermont.    She died on September 23, 1848, at age 2 months [VV] and was buried in the Mt. Union Cemetery at Cavendish.
ALMIRA PENNIMAN BARLOW2 born on June 20, 1827 [VV]. She died on May 7, 1899, at Proctor, Vermont. She was recorded with the Bedford family in Bourbon County, Kentucky, in the 1850 census and it is believed that she was a teacher there.   She was recorded with her husband at Cavendish in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census.

She married JOHN F. DEANE on November 12, 1851, at Cavendish, Vermont [VV].   He was born on June 29, 1814, at Weathersfield, Vermont [gravestone].    He died on April 20, 1884, at Cavendish [gravestone].    Both were buried in the Mt. Union Cemetery at Cavendish.   
One daughter: Katherine Deane, born c1870 in Cavendish. (1870 and 1880 Cavendish Vermont with her parents, she is a teacher)
i. KATHERINE DEANE3, born c1870 in Cavendish.  She is recorded with her parents in the 1870 and 1880 census' of Cavendish, she is a teacher in 1880.  SBH
FRANCIS CHANNING BARLOW3, was born October 19, 1834, and died January 11, 1896 in New York City, burial in Brookline Massachusetts.

Francis Channing Barlow married first ARABELLA WHARTON GRIFFITH on April 20, 1861.    She died on July 27, 1864, at Washington, D.C., and they had no children.

He married second ELLEN SHAW in 1867.    She was born at West Roxbury, Massachusetts, [c1847] and was a daughter of Francis George Shaw and Sarah Blake. She died January 12, 1936 in Boston, Suffolk Co Massachusetts.  [Obituary]
For more about General Francis Channing Barlow Civil War exploits, and photographs, see:  GENERAL FRANCIS CHANNING BARLOW, BOY GENERAL
I did not locate them in an 1870 census.  In 1880, F.C. Barlow and Ellen, along with their children, lived in Manhattan, New York, New York.  Their neighbor, female, C.R. Lowell is whose family is apparently the namesake for Francis' son, Charles Lowell.   Louisa, age 8 is marked as 'gone to county'.  1900, I did not locate Ellen   1910, Ellen and children live in NY, NY. Four 21 years old girls, listed as Barlow in the index live with them, but they are the servants, and their last names were omitted.    1920, Ellen lives in NY, NY, and has 2 maids in her home.
Copy of Original, contributed by John F. Barlow

New York, Jan. 18. ---- The funeral of General Francis C. Barlow, ex-secretary of state and ex-attorney general of New York, occurred this morning from church of the Incarnation. General Barlow died Saturday at his home on Thirth-ninth (sic) street, in the sixty-second year of his age, from the effects of an attack of the grip, from which he suffered a year ago.

Francis Channing Barlow was born in Brooklyn on Oct. 19, 1834. He was graduated from Harvard in 1855 at the head of his class. He studied law and practised his profession for some time; then he joined the editorial staff of the Tribune. In 1861 he enlisted as a private in the Twelfth regiment, National Guard, and went to the front on the first call for troops. In three months he had become a lieutenant. At the siege of Yorktown he was made a colonel, and after distinguished service at Fair Oaks was made a brigadier-general.

He was elected secretary of state on the republican ticket in 1865, and served until 1868, when he was appointed United States marshal for the southern district of New York. In 1871 he was elected attorney-general of this state and served one term. Since then he has pursued his profession of law. Gen. Barlow first married Miss Arabella Griffith, who did distinguished work in the sanitary commission during the war. She died in 1864 of a fever contracted in the army hopitals. His second wife, who with a daughter survives him, is a daughter of Francis G. Shaw.
Harper's Weekly   August 13, 1864    DEATH OF MRS. GENERAL BARLOW

IN speaking of General BARLOW, whose portrait we published a few weeks since, we said that the men of his division would never forgive his biographer who should omit to record the unwearied service in the hospitals and among the wounded and dying soldier from the beginning of the war to this day, of his faithful and devoted wife, and that for no woman in the land did more earnest prayers ascend from suffering lips and grateful hearts than for Mrs. General BARLOW. Those prayers no longer avail. On the 27th of July Mrs. BARLOW died in Washington of typhus fever contracted in the military hospital. On the same day her brave husband was driving the enemy from their intrenchments, and recapturing some of the guns taken from us last spring. Thus each at the post of duty, the wife dies and the husband makes his life still more illustrious.

Amiable, accomplished, admired, beloved, Mrs. BARLOW from the first has been among the most eminent of the many heroines in this war whose names are not loudly mentioned, but whose memory will be forever fresh in the grateful heart of their friends and country.
New York Times, January 1936                   Copy of Original

BARLOW, ELLEN SHAW, on Jan. 12, at Boston, Mass., widow of Francis Channing Barlow, in the ninety-first years of her age.

Funeral service at the Lindsay Memorial Chapel of Emmanuel Church, Boston, at 11 A.M., Tuesday, Jan. 14.      Burial private.
Children of Francis and Ellen are:
ROBERT SHAW BARLOW4, born on July 04, 1869, at New York, New York [International Genealogy Index], and died September 03, 1943 in Boston, Suffolk Co Massachusetts. [Obituary]
Apparently, he did not marry.    1900, age 30, born July 1869 in NY, a lawyer, he is lives in Boston, Suffolk Co MA, with his partner, Edwin B. Bartlett.   In 1910, he is at home with his mother. 1920 and 1930, he is boarding in someone else home. 
New York Times - September 04, 1943                        Copy of Original    

ROBERT SHAW BARLOW   Boston Lawyer, Harvard Alumnus, Son of Civil War General         Special to THE NEW YORK TIMES BOSTON, Sept. 3 --

Robert Shaw Barlow, Boston lawyer associated with the firm of Hill, Barlow, Goodale and Wiswell, and a son of General Francis Channing Barlow, ranking Harvard graduate of the Civil War, died at his home today at the age of 74.

Born in Staten Island, N.Y., he was educated at Cutler's School in New York and in 1891 was graduated from Harvard, where he later received A.M. and L.L.B. degrees. He was a member of the Somerset Club of Boston.

He leaves a sister, Mrs. Pierre Jay of New York, and a brother, Charles Lowell Barlow of Boston.
New York Times     September 05-06, 1943    BARLOW                 Copy of Original

In Boston, Mass., Sept. 3, Robert Shaw Barlow, son of the late Francis Channing and Ellen Shaw Barlow, brother of Charles Lowell Barlow and Mrs. Pierre Jay.

Funeral Services at the Lindsay Memorial Chapel, Emmanuel Church, Newbury St., Boston, Mass., on Tuesday, September 7, at 3 P.M. It is earnestly requested that no flowers be sent.
CHARLES LOWELL BARLOW, born October 10, 1871, at New York, New York [International Genealogy Index].  A lawyer, he is with his mother in 1910, and lives alone in 1920, also a lawyer.   I did  not locate him in 1930.     He died April 26, 1965 in New York, New York.  [Obituary] Apparently he did not marry.
Charles Lowell Barlow
Charles Lowell Barlow
New York Times   April 28, 1965

CHARLES LOWELL BARLOW, in his 94th year, at Bostn, Mass, April 26, after a long illness, son of the late Francis Channing Barlow and Ellen Shaw Barlow, brother of Louisa Barlow Jay, and the late Robert Shaw Barlow, uncle of Ellen Jay Garrison, Nancy J. Harvey, Frances Jay, and Luiza Jay Fox.

Services private.

New York Times, May 04, 05, 1965

Obituary copied from April 28th, except added:

Memorial service at St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston at 2:30 P.M., May 7. Please do not send flowers.
iii. LOUISA SHAW BARLOW, born on July 27, 1873, at Lenox, Berkshire County, Massachusetts [Lenox vital records].
She married PIERRE JAY on November 23, 1897.     He was born on May 4, 1870 in Connecticut, and was a son of Peter Augustus and Julia (Post) Jay.
FLETCHER DUTTON BARLOW3, probable son of HART SMITH BARLOW and SOPHIA PENNIMAN, was born c1834, and died before 1880.

He married ADELINE T. PENN on 25 May 1855 in St Tammany Parish Louisiana.  The daughter of Abraham Ephraim Penn and Angeline Hosmer, she was born 23 December 1836, and died 23 December 1927, burial in Amity City Cemetery, Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana.
Edson Barlow writes:  I'm pretty sure that Fletcher was a son of Hart Smith Barlow and Sophia Penniman, but I haven't found the proof yet. But the circumstantial evidence is strong. Hart Smith Barlow, David Hatch Barlow and Sarah Jane Barlow were children of David and Sarah (Hatch) Barlow. Sarah Jane married Salmon Fletcher Dutton. David Hatch Barlow married Almira Penniman and they had Francis Channing Barlow. So that would make Francis and Fletcher cousins.    Hart Smith Barlow and Sophia Penniman were married on 21 October 1933 in Brookline, Norfork Co Massachusetts.  Sophia died February 15, 1836, at age 21½ at Brookline [Brookline vital records].   Hart was found in New Orleans Louisiana in 1850, and was not located afterwards. 
1850, Brookline, Norfolk Co Massachusetts:  Fletcher D. Barlow, age 16, born in Massachusetts, a student, lives in the home of Elisha T. Penneman.
1860, Covington, Caddo Parish Louisiana:  F.D. Barlow, 25, Adeline, 24, Roger, 4, Harris, 2, Harriet, 19, and Julius, 1, all born in Louisiana.  (FD was born in Massachusetts)   Is Harriet his sister?
1870, Covington, St Tammy Parish Louisiana:  F.D. Barlow, 35, born in Massachusetts, Adeline, 33, Roger P., 14, Horace H., 11, Louis A., 3, and F.D., 2, all born in Louisiana.
1880, Greensburgh, St Helena Parish Louisiana: A. Barlow, 42, R.P., 24, Lewis 13, Robert, 10, A. Grim, 30, servant, all born in Louisiana
I was unable to locate Adeline in a 1900 census
In 1910, Adeline, at age 73, was living in the home of her son, Roger.
1920, Ward #3 Tangipahoa Parish Lousiana: Adeline Barlow, age 83, and Louis, age 52, both born in Louisiana
F.D. Barlow   Also Borne on Rolls as BARLOW, FLETCHER D. .....  Private 2nd Lieutenant Co K 7th Louisiana Infantry En February 22nd, 1862, Ponchatoula, Louisiana Roll for January and February, 1863 "Absent - Wounded at Sharpsburg, Sept 17th, 1862 - Now in Hospital" Roll for March and April, 1863 "Present" Elected 2nd Leiutenant Jr. April —, 1863" Rolls from May, 1863 to August, 1863 "Present." Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War Captured Rappahannock Sta., Virginia, November 7th, 1863 Sent to Washington, November 11th, 1863 Forwarded to Johnson's Island, Ohio, November 14th, 1863 Released on Oath of Allegiance to U.S. June 2nd, 1865 Resident of Covington, Louisiana Age 30 Complexion, Dark. Hair, Brown. Eyes, Grey. Height, 5 ft. 6 in. Born Massachusetts Occupation, Office Holder Age when Enlisted, 26 Married

Adeline T. Penn Barlow, of Tangipohoa Parish Louisiana, widow of Fletcher Dutton Barlow, applied for a Confederate Pension  State: LA Branch: INFANTRY Unit: 7TH REGIMENT Company: CO. K
Children of Fletcher and Adeline are:
ROGER PENN BARLOW4, born 27 April 1856 in St Tammany Parish Louisiana, and died 08 September 1927 in Amite, Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana, burial in Amite City Cemetery, Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana.
He married MARY CORRINE MCMICHAEL on 05 June 1884 in St Helena Parish Louisiana. (LA marriage records)  The daughter of John H. McMichael and Mary Elizabeth Bankston, she was born 09 August 1861 in Louisiana, and died 1941. (Ancestry)
One child:  GEORGE PENN BARLOW, SR., adopted son, born 21 October 1897 in Louisiana, and died August 1986 in Amite, Tangipaho Parish Louisiana (SSDI)
1900, Ward #3 Tangipahoa Parish Lousiana:  Married 16 years, no children, Roger Barlow, 44, born April 1856, Corine, wife, 38, October 1861, Lewis, brother, 33, March 1867, Indian Vena, servant, 21, born 1879, and George Vena, age 4, child of servant, born 1896, all born in Louisiana.
1910, Ward #3, Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana: Married 26 years, Rodger P. Barlow, age 51, Corrine, wife, age 47, Adelkine T., mother, age 73, Louis, brother, age 43, and George, adopted son, age 13, all born in Louisiana
1920, Ward #3, Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana: Roger P. Barlow, age 63, Mary C., age 55, George, foster child, age 22, all born in Louisiana
1930, Ward #3, Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana: Mary Barlow, age 67, Ella Strickland, sister, age 69, and George Barlow, adopted son, age 33, all born in Louisiana
I have recently had contact with Nathan Barlow, who is the grandson of George Barlow, adopted son of Roger and Corrine.  George was the son of Indian Vena who was shown in the 1900 census as their servant, and her 4 year old son, George was there also.  From what I understand, George father was also an Indian from an Oklahoma Reservation.   Nathan believes the his last name was Cresamay. He was told by family that George mother and father went back to the reservation with Roger Barlow, but there was an outbreak of malaria, so George was returned to the Barlow home.  Over the years, his birth mother visited him and eventually tried to take him back, but Roger and Corrine refused to let him go.  Eventually the decision to stay or leave was George', and he chose to stay with the Barlow family... And so, it appears to me that George may be full-blood Indian.  However, if anyone from this particular line of Barlow's were to DNA testing, they would not be a match for the Barlow surname, but it might be interesting to find out what surnames to match. 

George Penn Barlow, Sr. married a Josephine ______, and they had children:  Corrine Barlow, George Penn Barlow Jr., Roger Penn Barlow, William Penn Barlow, and Josephine Barlow.  William is the father of Nathan.   If you would like to make contact with NATHAN, click on his name for his e-mail address.
ii. HARRIS H. / HARRIS BARLOW, born c1858 in St Tammany Parish Louisiana
iii. JULIUS BARLOW, born c1859 in St Tammany Parish Louisiana, and probably died before 1870
LOUIS A. BARLOW, born 21 March 1867 in St Tammany Parish Louisiana, and died 05 July 1939 in Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana, burial in Amite Cemetery, Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana.
He probably did not marry.
v. FLETCHER DUTTON BARLOW, born c1868 in St Tammany Parish Louisiana, probably died before 1880
vi. ROBERT BARLOW, born c1870, probably in St Tammany Parish Louisiana.