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Barlow Name, Year & Place of Origin > Migration Contact Website
Sheffield-Yorkshire ENGLAND>Ontario CANADA Alan Barlow ***
CANADA Barbara Freeman ***
Hamilton/Binbrook Ontario CANADA Jennifer Barlow ***
Annie Jane Barlow, d/o Henry    1867 Montreal CANADA Leslie John Britcher ***
Frederick Stanley Barlow    Lancashire ENGLAND>CANADA-1911 Joe Barlow ***
John James Barlow Jr.   ENGLAND>CANADA>USA Susan Ann Swindelles ***
Alfred James Barlow & Ann Dennis   1836  Sunderland Durham ENG
Samuel James Barlow   1896    London ENGLAND>CANADA 
Robert William John Barlow ***
Frank Barlow, of Frank Barlow and Sons, Plumbing
c1918 Lancashire region > Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
John R. Barlow ***
James and Robert  Barlow   Early 1800    Ontario > USA Pat Campbell ***
George Barlow   1850  > England ? > Canada Sue Ellen Bolt ***
Alfred James Barlow & Sarah Jane Stephens
England, Canada, USA, Australia
Robert Barlow ***
Alfred James Barlow & Sarah Jane Stephens 1835 | Canada Robert Barlow ***

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