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Ancestors and Descendants of

Robert T. Barlow

Found primarily in Hanover and Caroline Co Virginia, Barren Co Kentucky, and Dallas Co Arkansas

From the research of Phyllis Solter

Also contributing information for these families are:  Kaye Young, Jan Baker, Carolyn Lea Lucas, Jim Barlow, Raymond C. Mays, and Susan BARLOW Holmes

Phyllis Solter, has done much early work on this family, makes note that her grandmother told her that this Barlow family came to America from Devonshire, England, but to date, no proof of that has been found.

Generation 1


The earliest known Barlow in this family is WILLIAM BARLOW, whom we find residing in Caroline Co Virginia in the latter part of the 1700's. He died about 1783.

He married MARY MASON, daughter of John and Crosha Mason of Caroline Co Virginia. She died in 1802.


Notes for William Barlow

William Barlow and Mary Mason first bought property in Caroline Co Virginia from Humphrey Singleton in 1772. The County Clerk recorded the deed Thursday the eighth day of October that year and I've been able to make an approximate identification of the location of this property, near Goose Pond, once the property of *Sina Burruss' brother Jennings.   Jennings’ property was located in St Margarets Parish. The property description says that it was on the Pamunkey River half in King William and half in Caroline County . After his death it was sold to Benjamin Toler who is mentioned in the Caroline County order books as a close neighbor to Mary Barlow.

*Note: Sina Burruss was the first wife of Mary and William's son, Robert T. Barlow

It appears that William died in 1783, his name no longer appears in the property tax records after that year - and a property inventory was filed with the court in 1787.

Caroline County, although a "burned" county, has turned out to be a treasure trove of information. Although the wills and deeds of the colonial period were destroyed, the order books were not. And it's those order books that have given me the names of the rest of William and Mary Barlow's children, although I didn't have much hope for this book when I first looked at the microfilm. Frame after frame showed nothing but torn corners of pages. The page below was the third intact page.

Caroline County Order Book for September 1804, p. 72

Thomas & Robert Barlow - Complt
Ann Barlow, widow of John Barlow, dec'd; James and Tompkins Barlow by Agnes Barlow, their guardian and mother, John P. Barlow, William K. Barlow, Caty Barlow, Robert I. Barlow and Alexander Barlow, by Ann Barlow, their gd'n and mother, and Charles Barlow by Wm. Hendrick his guardian. . . . defts:

The gentlemen commissioners, to whom this cause was referred, this day returned their report which is as follows:


Page 73 of Order Book    The first half of the page gives the property description, then...

....the figure above shows the position of one hundred and eighty four acres of land lying in Caroline county on the Ridge road, belonging to the estate of William Barlow, dec'd. Surveyed the 27 day July 1804 for the purpose of making division among the distributees according to a decree of Caroline court, and on the succeeding day the division was made by directions of the forum of gentlemen named in said decree according to the above plan - for the bound anywhere of the several dividends as well as the quantity in each lot see the plan above.

Nathan'l Mason & Overton Mason  Chairmen   John Fox

Copy of original, and map

  Other possibilities include:

Phyllis research has taken her to a neighboring county, where she found Sycamore Tavern in Hanover Co Virginia, the current home of the Florence Page Memorial Library. The tavern was built about 1732 as a stop along an old stage road, now State Rt. 33, by a builder named William Alexander Barlow, who located it on the 207 acres he was paid for his services in building Taylor's Creek, a nearby estate & the home of the Morris family. Is it possible that he is an ancestor of this William Barlow. The plot thickens in 1837, when William K. Barlow, son of John Barlow; grandson of William and Mary Mason Barlow, purchased the tavern and the surrounding acreage.

There was a warrant for 50 acres issued to William Barlow, a soldier in the 2nd Va Regiment of Regulars under Col. William Byrd in 1758. (French and Indian Wars) The warrant was issued in 1780 in King and Queen County.

There was a William Barlow who was overseer of property of Humphrey Hill in King William County during this time period (he is mentioned in Hill’s will in 1777)

  Notes for Mary Mason:

John Mason, father of Mary, wrote a will which left everything to his wife, Crosha during her lifetime, and at her death the property was to be divided among their children. In August 1783 the clerk who kept the order books was kind enough to note the details of the property division. William and Mary Barlow received a 1/9th share.

I was overjoyed to find the Mason property division, Caroline was one of the "burned" counties of Virginia. With a few exceptions there are no will or deed records left. They were lost to fire during the Civil War. There are some order books available for the Colonial period & with careful reading and luck you can find a lot of information.


WILL OF MARY MASON dated 1802:

In the name of God Amen, I, Mary Barlow of the County of Caroline being in Perfect sense and memory, God be praised for it but considering the frailty of this mortal life I make this my last will and testament as followeth:

First I bequeath my soul to God that gave it me, and body to be buried in a christian manner, and all my worldly debts to be justly paid and my worldly estates I leave in form and manner following viz.


I leave unto my two daughters Edith Barlow and Mary Gadbury a negro wench and her increase by the name of Lucreasy, to be equally divided between the two.

Also I leave to Edith Barlow a bay mare and unto Mary Gadbury I leave my saddle and if Edith Barlow should die without an heir the whole to be left to Mary Gadbury.

Also I leave unto Anne Gadbury the daughter of Wm Gadbury and Mary Gadbury his wife, all my household furniture.

And I do appoint John Barlow and Robert Barlow my Executors of this my last will and testament.

Signed with my hand and seal the twenty-fifth of February 1802.

Mary Barlow (by her mark)

Josh Peck    Rhoda Gadbury    Salley Gadbury

At a Court held for Henrico County at the Courthouse on Monday the sixth day of December 1802

This will was proved by the oaths of Joshua Peck and Rhoda Gadbury witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Copy of the original

  Known children of William Barlow and Mary Mason, not necessarily in order of birth:
2. Robert T. Barlow born 20 April 1773, and died May 11, 1841

John Barlow died intestate, 1804

  James Barlow died before 1802

He married Agnes, and had sons, James and Tompkins Barlow, as named in Caroline County order Book for September 1804, p. 72. There is a James Barlow in the New Kent Tax records in 1801. There’s a good chance that this is “our” James

4. Thomas Barlow  
5. Mary Barlow born c 1776 
Edith Barlow dead by November 1802 when she is mentioned as being deceased in a deed of trust drawn up by her brother Thomas.

Generation 2


ROBERT T. BARLOW, son of William Barlow and Mary Mason, was born 20 April 1773, and died May 11, 1841

He married 1. SINA BURRIS on 27 December 1792.  Sina was the daughter of William Burrus and Jemima Chiles and a granddaughter of Sina Jennings and Samuel Burrus. She was born c1755 in Caroline Co Virginia and died in c1804. New documents from Fredericksburg confirm this relationship (see William B. Barlow section for more information)

He married 2. ANN BLUNT on 22 December 1804 ~ Bible Record ~
She was born October 31, 1773 and died either in late 1843 or early 1844.  Robert T Barlow’s estate was hers “for her lifetime” and would not have been sold until after her death. His estate sale was in 1844.



LDS Bible Records microfilm, Kentucky Records, Volume 2   Compiled by Julia Spencer Ardery, printed in Lexington, 1926
Contributed to LDS by Mrs. W.B. Smith, Edmund Rogers Chapter DAR    Glasgow, Barren Co Kentucky

Robert T. Barlow April 20, 1773  William B. Barlow  April 1832
Ann Barlow  - his wife October 31, 1773 Jemima C. Barlow 1805
William Barlow  - his 1rst son February 12, 1794 Robert H. Barlow October 05, 1805
Mary T. Barlow March 27, 1796 Virginia Ann Barlow July 1827
Jemima C. Barlow  May, 1798 Robert T. Barlow May 11, 1841
Lucy F. Barlow January 25, 1800 Barbara L. Webb March 20, 1844
Henry W. Barlow November 07, 1801 Nancy Barlow July 28, 1844
Robert E. Webb January 20, 1838 Richardson Eubank May 13, 1851
Robert H. Barlow November, 1803 May L. Barlow March 15, 1847
John P. Barlow October 05, 1805 Louisa Jones December 07, 1874
Barbara S. Barlow October 09, 1807 Elizabeth F. Barlow  November 11, 1878
Virginia Ann Barlow July, 1809 Lucy F. Eubank  September 25, 18_4
Louise A. Barlow August 01, 1811 Robert E. Webb  December 05, 1893
Elizabeth F. Barlow June 07, 1813 James E. Webb September 27, 1898
Nancy N. Barlow June 09, 1815 MARRIAGES  
James J. Barlow August 1819 Robert T. Barlow / Lena Burress (1) December 27, 1792
Frances J. McHatton  July 15, 1840 Robert T. Barlow / Ann Blunt (2)
December 22, 1804
Joseph H. Barlow May 13, 1825 William B. Barlow / Barbara Lane  September 04, 1817
W. B. Dodd March 17, 1821 Henry W. Barlow / Ann Watts  November 1834
Susan F. Dodd  March 28, 1828 John P. Barlow / Lucinda Craddock  April 23, 1805
James C. Dodd March 08, 1851 Barbara L. Barlow / E.L.Webb July 29, 1830
Ann E. Dodd December 1853 Richardson Eubank / Lucy F. Barlow December 15, 1836
Mary Emily Dodd February 22, 1857 Alexander R.C. Hatton / Mary  Barlow  October 17, 1839
Richardson Eubank May 10, 1791 James J. Barlow / Parmelia A. Hollis  January 25, 1843
John N. Webb September 15, 1872 Louisa Barlow / William Jones
November 1846
    William B. Dodd / Susan F. Eubank October 11, 1849

Robert T. Barlow came of age in the household of Mary Barlow, widow of William Barlow, at Goose Pond, Caroline Co Virginia in the year 1792. It appears that William died in 1783 - His name no longer appears in the property tax records after that year - and a property inventory was filed with the court in 1787.

Robert T.'s mother died in Henrico Co Virginia in 1802. Her will mentions her daughters, Edith Barlow and Mary Gadbury (wife of William Gadbury) and appoints John and Robert Barlow as executors.

Robert T. appears in Caroline Co Virginia through 1798 as a taxpayer, Goochland Co Virginia through 1812, same and Hanover Co Virginia through 1818. He held land only in Caroline Co Virginia and he sold that property in 1817 to Samuel Lawrence.

1791 Caroline Co Tax List
1810 Goochland Co Virginia Tax List
1820 Barren Co Kentucky Tax List

In the 1810 census Robert is listed as head of a family in Goochland Co Virginia

2 M    0<10   
1 M   36<45  

Henry W. and John P. Barlow
Robert T. Barlow

2 F    0<10
2 F   10<16
1 F   36<45
Barbara S. and Virginia Ann Barlow
Mary T. and Lucy Fenton Barlow
Ann Blunt Barlow
William is missing in the census, no explanation.

In 1812 Robert T. and his son William are on muster rolls for Trueheart's Division, Hanover Co Virginia. Robert T. served a limited amount of time. March 28-29, 1813, June 28-29 1813 for which he was paid $1.07.   [Edson Barlow's Military Records]


I’ve recently acquired a new set of documents from Fredericksburg Circuit Court which have given me a good deal more information about William B(urrus) Barlow, his relationship to the Burrus family and some addtional details about Robert T. Barlow. The most important of these are a copy of Sina Burrus’ will and property settlement which makes the family relationships clearer, and a number of document dealing with the suit filed by William B. Barlow against his father.

In 1804 Robert T. Barlow had been given charge of a legacy left to son William B. by William’s Great-Grandmother Sina Burrus (against her express instructions in the will which were that Robert T. was not to get his hands on any of her money) and and had signed a bond for it along with his brothers-in-law Benjamin Seay (husband of Wilmoth Burrus) and William Chiles Burrus.The amount was 15 pounds four & nine pence - translated into today’s terms that’s about $1500.

In early spring 1817 Robert T. Barlow and his family left for Kentucky. William B. Barlow stayed behind. He was apprenticed to B. Tate, a tanner in Richmond, (deposition of John Blunt - Fredericksburg loose papers) and probably engaged to Barbara Lane whom he would marry in September of 1817. (Bible record). It would appear that Robert T. failed to pay his son the legacy before he left and promised to do so when he was able.

William waited for his money until 1821 and then filed a suit against the administrator of Sina Burrus’s estate, Charles Burrus, his great uncle. The suit was still pending at the time of his death in 1832.

Copies of Original Documents

Robert T. bought property in Barren Co Kentucky, 1824; records of him beginning 1813: Deed Book J, Pg 382/120 Beaver Creek from Joe Underwood et al
He left records in Barren County as early as 1813 when he helped his sister Mary with a property transaction there:

In the 1820-1840 census, Robert is listed as head of a family in Barren Co Kentucky

1 M   0<10
1 M  10<15
1 M  16<25
1 M  26<44
James J. Barlow
John P. Barlow
Henry W. Barlow
Robert T. Barlow
3 F   0<10
2 F  10<15
2 F  16<25
1 F  45 >
Louisa A., Elizabeth F., and Nancy N. Barlow
Barbara S., Virginia Ann Barlow
Mary T. and Lucy Fenton Barlow
Ann Blunt Barlow
1 M   5<10
1 M  10<15
1 M  20<30
1 M  50<60
Joseph Barlow
James Barlow
probably John P., but may be Henry W. Barlow
Robert T. Barlow
2 F  15<20
4 F  20<30
1 F  50<60
Elizabeth and Nancy Barlow
Mary T., Lucy, Barbara, and Louisa Barlow
Ann Blunt Barlow
1 M  20<30
1 M 60<70
probably James Barlow
Robert T. Barlow
2  F  15<20
1  F  30<40
1  F 60<70
Elizabeth and Louisa Barlow
Mary T. Barlow
Ann Blunt Barlow

Barren Co Kentucky Will Book 3, page 180

WILL OF ROBERT T. BARLOW      20 February 1841 August Term 1841

This was an abstract in a book before I’d seen the original. There is an error

My beloved wife have & enjoy the whole of my estate after the debts are paid for and during her natural life. After the death of my wife, my estate to be equally divided among my children, with the exception of that my Daughter Mary T. Barlow, who is deaf and dumb, shall have twice as much as any one of my other children, and that my son William B. Barlow have twenty dollars less than any one of the others- he having received that much in advance from me.

My daughter, Lucy Eubank - the portion of my estate as above provided, at her death it shall go to her son Henry W. Barlow. (son was actually named Joseph H. Barlow)

Executrix: wife Ann Barlow   Executors: Henry W. Barlow (son) and Edward C. Webb (son-in-law)    Witnesses: Richard Garnett, P.S. Dishman, David C. Smith

Copy of the original


In 1805 Anne Blunt of Hanover County sold her property and disappeared from the public records. The Blunt researchers think she was the widow of Francis Blunt, but there is a record in existence that says Francis' wife's name was Judith. Was Anne a daughter of Francis? Could this be the same Ann Blunt who married Robert T. Barlow in 1805?   In 1823 a John Blunt gave a deposition signed by Francis Blunt JP in Hanover Co, VA stating what he knew about William B.’s legacy and Robert T.’s departure to Kentucky in 1817.   Certainly a relative - a brother perhaps? We may never know.

Robert's wife, Ann paid property taxes in Barren Co Kentucky through 1843. On September 03, 1844 there was an estate sale of R.T. Barlow's property, so she died sometime late in 1843 or early 1844.

  Children of Robert Barlow and Sina Burrus are:
6. William B. Barlow born 12 February 1794, and died April 1832 ~ Bible Record ~
  Mary T. Barlow born 27 March 1796     Mary was a deaf mute, and never married
  Jemima Barlow born May 1798, and died 1805

Lucy Fenton Barlow born 25 January 1800, and died 25 September 1884     She married Richardson Eubank on 15 December 1836 in Barren Co Kentucky

Lucy inherited her father's estate, and in his will, Robert T. Barlow stated that at her death, the estate was to go to her son, Joseph H. Barlow. This would suggest that she had either been married to a Barlow, or that she had a child out of wedlock.
7. Henry W. Barlow born 07 November 1801, and died 1869 in Dallas Co Arkansas
  Children of Robert Barlow and Ann Blunt are:
  John P. Barlow born 05 October 1805.   He married Lucinda Craddock on 23 April 1805
8. Barbara S. Barlow born 09 October 1807, and died 20 March 1844
  Virginia Ann Barlow born July 1809, and died July 1827
  Louisa A. Barlow born 01 August 1811     She married William Jones November 1846

Elizabeth Barlow born 07 June 1813, and died November 1878


Barren Co Kentucky Archives Obituaries  / Glasgow (KY) Weekly Times, 14 November 1878

"MISS ELIZABETH BARLOW died at the residence of Mrs. Freeman, in this place, last Monday evening at five o'clock. She had been afflicted with a lingering illness for sometime."

  Nancy N. Barlow born 09 June 1815, and died 28 July 1844     She married Alexander McHatton on 17 October 1839
9. James J. Barlow born 07 August 1819, and died 16 June 1893

We can confirm a lot of the above information from the court case dealing with the settlement of Robert T. Barlow’s estate - Richardson Eubanks vs Mary T. Barlow - Bill #1372

Jacket - Bill 1372 - Filed Jany 5, 1845

Richardson Eubanks vs

  • 1. Mary T. Barlow  
  • 2. Henry W. Barlow  
  • 3. John P. Barlow  
  • 4. Louisa Barlow (married William Jones in 1846)  
  • 5. Elizabeth Barlow
  • 6. (Children of Nancy Barlow and Alexander McHatton)   Fanny Jane McHatton   Louisa McHatton
  • 7. James J Barlow  
  • 8. (Children of Barbara L. Barlow & E.C. Webb)   Lucy J. Webb   Virginia Webb    Robert B. Webb   Mary T. Webb
  • 9. & the unknown heirs of William B. Barlow

The above is the list of the living heirs of Robert T. Barlow as of the time the suit was filed. Each member of the first generation got a share of $151.28, the children - the second generation - divided their parent’s share equally.

Henry Barlow, my direct ancestor, signed a receipt for his portion in Tuscumbia, Alabama where he was living at the time.

James J. is profiled elsewhere on this site as are William B. Barlow and his children

A brief mention of the rest of the family members - Mary T. died between 1850 & 1860. I don’t find her in the census records in 1860. John P. Moved first to Hart County, Kentucky and then to Illinois. He had several sons. I’ve not tracked the family past 1880. The Webb family continued to live in Barren County, KY. I’ve looked at census records through 1880 and someday will search further. I think theirs is the family that got the missing bible. Louisa I’ve not tracked further. Elizabeth died, a spinster, in Barren Co Kentucky. Alexander McHatton was in Hart Co Kentucky in 1850. I’ve not tracked him further although I know he does have living descendants from whom I have heard. Lucy Fenton Barlow, wife of Richardson Eubanks who filed suit to settle the estate died at the home of her nephew Robert Webb in 1885.



Evidence suggest that John married 1. Unknown DAUGHTER of Charles MASON. [miscellaneous wills of Virginia, Barlow Genealogy]

He married 2. ANN, maiden name unknown.  He died intestate, 1804.



Sycamore Tavern in Hanover Co Virginia is the current home of the Florence Page Memorial Library. The tavern was built about 1732 as a stop along an old stage road, now State Rt. 33, by a builder named William Alexander Barlow, who located it on the 207 acres he was paid for his services in building Taylor's Creek, a nearby estate & the home of the Morris family. Is William Alexander an ancestor of this family? Read further and see what you think....

On December 05, 1796, JOHN BARLOW of the County of Caroline and ANN BARLOW, his wife sold a piece of property in Henrico County to Joseph Duval. -- Henrico County, Deed Book 5, p. 120 --

Sometime in 1797 John bought 431 acres in Hanover County from Edward Garland. This new property was on the banks of the Paumunkey River at the mouth of the South Anna River just north of present day Ashland on the map. It was in the northwest corner of St. Paul's Parish. --Hanover property tax records--

See: Map of Barlow land holdings in Hanover Co Virginia

John died intestate sometime in 1804. The property is listed as "John Barlow's estate" from that point on in the tax records. In 1813 the county decided to add property descriptions to the tax records. In addition to the information that the property was on the banks of the Paumunkey River the description told the names of the holders of land adjoining the Barlow property - John Butler, Thomas Lumpkin and John Christian.

In 1816 the county decided to transfer 61 acres "in fee" to John's widow Ann Barlow. In 1826 an additional distribution was made - 55 additional acres to Ann and 62 1/2 acres to William K. Barlow. I think we can presume William to be John Barlow's son. William also purchased 125 acres from Thomas Lumpkin.

In 1834 Sarah Ann Christian was awarded 62 1/2 acres.

In 1836 Alexander Barlow was awarded 165 acres and Martha and Edward Christian were awarded 54 acres. The neighbors in this time period were John Christian and Thomas Butler.

The following year (1837) William K. sold his property to Jesse Bumpass.

Guess what property William bought to replace it? Sycamore Tavern - plus the surrounding 248 acres. Did he buy it because it was once his family's property? Or did he buy it to please his wife Lucy? Lucy Pleasants had a sister who married a Higgason - the Higgasons at one time owned Sycamore Tavern. He might have bought it because of that connection.

William died in 1844. We have his will because it was filed in Chancery Court. (The Chancery Court files were sent to Richmond during the Civil War and placed in one of the few warehouses that did not burn.) William had no children and left his entire estate to his wife Lucy.

In 1849 Lucy married Silas Shelburne, a well known minister and circuit rider, and the Sycamore Tavern property passed into Silas' control. It appears that at this point the Barlow family contested the will. I have not had the opportunity to see the full Chancery Court file, but I know that the Sycamore Tavern property was awarded to William K.'s brother, Alexander Barlow, and Alexander's nieces and nephew Sarah Christian, Edward Christian and Martha Vermilra (children of his sister Catherine). The Barlow's sold the property back to Silas Shelburne in 1859 and a replacement deed was issued in 1869.--Abstract-- Silas died in 1871 and Lucy retained a dower interest (121 acres & the tavern) in the property. The balance went to Silas' heirs.



Barlow - Shelburne, etc. --- Hanover Co Virginia

All that certain tract, piece or parcel of land, containing 75 acres, more or less, lying and being in Beaver Dam District, Hanover County Virginia on the west side of the Richmond-Charlottesville Highway and bounded on the north by a new road running from the said Highway to the Crewsvi1le road, on the east by the said Highway, on the south by Clazemont Avenue and on the west by the land of Sam Sti___ and for a more particular description of the said land reference is hereby made to a plat made by B.B. Pleasants, dated October 6, 1895, and recorded in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Hanover County. In plat book 3, page 27, No. 76, on which the property herein described is designated as Lot No. 1; it being the same property that was conveyed to Hilda Jacobs by Willie P. Baughan by deed, dated September 4, 1925, and recorded in the said Clerk’s Office in deed book 73, page 369.

NOTE:  The records of the Clerks Office of Hanover County were destroyed in the year 1865 and no examination of the title can be made for the period prior to that time.

( 1 )

Alexander Barlow, Edward Christian, Martha Vermilra and Sarah Christian, as the heirs at law of William K. Barlow, deceased;
Silas Shelburne
Dated October 13, 1869
Consideration $___

Grants 248 acres, bounded by the lands of E.W. Morris, Wm. Waldrop and others.

A.R. October 13, 1869, D.B. 3, p. 515

1.) The grantors grant all of their right and title to the property mentioned after the death of Lucy W. Shelburne

2. ) This deed was made in place of one made in 1859 that was destroyed


James Shelburne and Mary J, his wife;
Thomas Shelburne and Hattie, his wife;
Samuel Shelburne and Fannie, his wife;
H.K. Gibson and S.A., his wife;
Silas W.Shelburne and Rebecca, his wife;
Silas Shelburne and Emily, his wife;
William J. Shelburne and Mary A., his wife;
J. Wade Shelburne and Mary E., his wife;
T.W. Spindle and Lavinia C., his wife;
R.B..Gillespie and Ella, his wife;
Minnie L. Shelburne; and Cephas Shelburne,
John Page
Dated December 27, 1881
Consideration $1000

Grant, with general warranty and usual ___of title, the land of which the late Silas Shelburne died seized, containing 240 acres.

A.R. April 27, 1883; D. B. 15, p. 494

There is nothing in this deed to show the relationship of the grantors to the ___Silas Shelburne; but in view of the great lapse of time, I do not consider this to ___any objection to the title.


John Page and Elizabeth B., his wife
William Nelson
Dated January 01, 1884
Consideration $1500

Grants with general warranty and usual Covenants of title, property described as "The Shelburne tract" along with other property.

A.R. April 15, 1884; D.B. 18, p. 328


William Nelson
Maria F. Wickhan and John Page, her Trustee
In the deed of marriage

Settlement of February 22, 1868   (as typed-must be 1888)

Dated January 02, 1884
Consideration $1500

Grants, with general warranty and usual covenants of title, a tract of land described as "the Shelburne tract **** estimated to contain 250 acres", also 5 acres adjoining this tract and one-half interest in the Higginson Store property.


Maria F. Wickham;
John Page, her Trustee,
J. M. Wickham & W. L. Wickham
John H. Wickham, Jr.
Dated February 17, 1888
Consideration $4859

Grants six separate and distinct tracts of land aggregating 1040 acres.
The description is very poor, each tract being designated merely by name. Included in the conveyance is a piece described as "the old Higginson tract" containing 210 acres, more or less


John H. Wickham and Queen Victoria , his wife,
George N. Baughan,
Trustee for Willie L. Baughan, his wife
A.R. October 26, 1893; D.B. 30, p. 173

By this the deed, the property is granted "unto the said George N. Baughan,Trustee for the said Willie L. Baughan and her heirs forever."


Willie L. Baughan
Geo. N. Baughan
Dated July 01, 1903
Consideration $300.00

Grants, with general warranty and usual covenants of title, a life interest in the 75 acres.

A.R. July 07, 1908; D.B. 50, p. 57


Geo. N. Baughan, husband of Willie A. Baughan,
Willie A. Baughan
Dated June 12, 1919
Consideration $10.00

Grants, with general warranty and usual covenants of title, all of grantor's "Life right, title and interest in and to" the 75 acres.

A.R. June 23, 1919; D. B. 68, p. 163


Willie L. Baughan
Hilda Jacobs
Dated September 14, 1923
Consideration $600

Grants, with general warranty, and usual covenants of title, the same land.

A.R. September 11, 1923; D. B. 76, p. 369

Hanover County, Va., Apr. 9, 19__

Mr. N. Page Harris,
R.F.D. No. 3
Beaver Dam, Va.

Dear Sir:

I have examined the title to the property described in the heading to this abstract, and have found no recorded objections thereto, except such as are set forth below:

  • In the year 1869, Lucy W. Shelburne had a life interest in the entire tract, There is nothing on the record to show that she is dead, but she undoubtedly died many years ago, and I do not consider this of any importance.
  • In the conveyance, from James Shelburne and others to John Page Link No. 2 of this abstract, it does not affirmatively appear that the grantors there named are all of the heirs of Silas Shelburne, the former owner of the property, but, in view of the great lapse of time, I do not consider this to be serious.
  • In Link No. 4, it appears that William Nelson conveyed the property to Maria Wickham and others: It is not shown in the deed that he was a widower at that time, If his wife were living, she would be entitled to her dower interest, but I understand that she has been dead for many years.
  • In Link No. 5, the property is conveyed to John H. Wickham, Jr. as the old Higginson tract, containing 210 acres. In all of the deeds the property was designated as the "Shelburne" tract containing about 250 acres. This description is bad, and you will have to satisfy yourself from people in the neighborhood that this is the same property.
  • In the next deed, Link No. 6, the grantor is called "John H. Wickham". If this is the same man as the "John H. Wickham, Jr." next above mentioned, it is all right.
  • In Link No. 7, Mrs. Baughan is called "Willie L. Baughan" and in Link No. 8, she is called Willie A. Baughan. If this is the same person, it is all right.
  • It appears from Link No. 6 that George N. Baughan held this property as Trustee for his wife, Willie L. Baughan. I am informed that George N. Baughan died some time before Sept. 14, 1923. This being true the beneficial ownership of the property passed to Hilda Jacobs by the deed from
  • Willie L. Baughan as set forth in Link No. 9; but the legal title to the property is still outstanding. This should be conveyed to Hilda Jacobs by Baughan's personal representative in order to unite in her both the legal and beneficial title.
  • There is nothing on the records to show the new road on the north of the property or Claze- mont Avenue on the south.
  • The County Treasurer will have to be consulted as to the taxes for the year 1927, and the taxes for 1928 will not be collectible until next Fall.

Respectfully submitted,

(Attorney's name illegible)


1810 census of Hanover Co Virginia, Anna Barlow, head of household

1 M 0>9  Alexander   1 M 10>15 William   2 M 16>25  John P. and Robert I. or J.  
1 F 10>15  Catherine     1 F 26>44  Anna
  Son of John Barlow and Unknown Mason is:
  Charles M. Barlow

Charles Barlow is listed in the 1804 property division between Thomas, Robert T. and the families of the brothers who had died.

Charles (named for his Mason grandfather) who, it appears, was raised by his grandfather Charles after his unnamed mother died.

Charles Mason lived in Caroline County where he purchased land from William and Mary Barlow in 1779, and moved to Orange County from Caroline County only a few years before his death. He purchased 306 acres of land in Orange County in 1785. He died in November 1787, His will appears in Orange County Will Book 3, p 175. In his will he named his wife Rebecca, all his children, and grandson Charles Barlow as his heirs, Rebecca to retain possession of the plantation during her lifetime. His wife Rebecca appeared in Caroline County court in 1789 to confirm that she had renounced her dower right to property sold by her late husband to Walter Brame. (Walter, by the way was the second husband of Jemima Chiles Burrus, mother of Sina Burrus Barlow)

His grandson Charles Barlow lived only until 1808. His estate settlement appears in Orange Co. Will Book 4 as does his property inventory and final settlement.


LVA Reel 24, Orange Co. Will Book 4. Chas. Barlow, FHC33004   p 280 - Will   

In the name of God amen I Charles M. Barlow of the County of Orange being sick and weak but of sound and perfect mind and memory Thanks be to God for the same, do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form as followeth. I give my whole Estate both Real and personal To be Equally divided amongst the following persons. That is today Micajah Mason, Charles Mason, Peter Mason and Elizabeth Mason jun. Joseph Mason, and Sarah Webb, to them and their heirs forever. My Estate is as followeth one Hundred acres of land left to me by my Grandfather Charles Mason, and my lands in Caroline and Hanover counties left me by my Father. Negros Judy, Halfey, Lewet, Charles and Harry and lastly I constitute and appoint Joseph Mason, Thomas Row and George Mason, Jr Executors of this my last will and Testament. Hereby revoking all other wills by me heretofore made in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this 19th day of March 1808.

Signed, sealed, Published and (?defined?)  As Charles M. Barlow (seal)

And for or the last will and Testament of the above named Charles M. Barlow

In presence of us William Peacher    Morning + Oakes (her mark)

At court held for Orange County at the Courthouse on Monday the twenty fifth day of April 1808 The last will and testament of Charles M. Barlow deceased was proved by the oath of William Peacher and Worning Oakes the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Joseph Mason and George Mason two of the executors therein named who made oath thento according to law and together with Richard C. Webb, George Faulconer and Richard Faulconer their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond.

LVA Reel 24, Orange Co. Will Book 4. Chas. Barlow, FHC33004   p 336  
Charles M. Barlow   Estate Inv. taken Jan. 02, 1809       Joseph and George Mason, Junr. Exrs.  

Agreeable to an order of the County Court of Orange hereunto (??) We the undersigned have viewed and appraised the property mentioned in the following inventory as the estate of Charles M Barlow, decd. Given under our hands the second day of January 1809

|s| Geo. Grady, Wm Grady sen, Wm Peacher Sen

To wit:

One black horse appraised to
One Sorrel “ “ to
One Saddle and Bridle
One Watch
One negro man named Charles
One negro man named Harry
One negro boy named Lano
One negro woman named Judah
One negro woman named Nelpha + issue of

p 337

At a courtheld for Orange County at the courthouse on Monday the twentyfifth day of September 1809 This inventory and appraisement of the estate of Charles M. Barlow deceased was returned into court and ordered to be recorded.


The important sentence in the will from my standpoint is “My Estate is as followeth - one Hundred acres of land left to me by my Grandfather Charles Mason, and my lands in Caroline and Hanover counties left me by my Father.”

The most important items in the property settlement which is of considerable length are:

The estate of Charles M. Barlow dec.   In account with Joseph and George Mason Executors

Cash paid Thomas Price
Ann Barlow 62 acres land in Hanover Ct.
Ann Barlow small piece land in Caroline County

“Agreeable to an order of the county court of Orange made December 1817 we have examined the Ezeers acct of Joseph and George Mason of the estate of Charles M. Barlow decd and find them correctly stated as above agreeable to the vouchers laid before us.

Thos. Bow John Saunders James W. Hawkins.”

The receipt of the above 62 acre piece of property by Ann Barlow, widow of John, is confirmed in the Hanover property tax records. Thomas Price is a Hanover County attorney. The ”small piece” of property in Caroline undobtedly refers back to the 1804 property division mentioned earlier.

  Proposed family of John Barlow and Ann are:
  William K. Barlow, oldest son and William's wife Lucy Pleasants   No children
Hanover Co Virginia

In the name of God, Amen. I, William K. Barlow of the County of Hanover, do make this my Last Will and Testament in the manner and form following, that is to say:

1st.  My will and desire is that all my just debts and funeral expenses be first paid.

2nd.  I give to my wife, Lucy W. Barlow the whole of my lands on which I now reside together with the following slaves & future increase of the females thereof to wit, Peter, Sam, Joseph, William, Lucy, George, Easter, Milly, John and Louisa, also the balance of my Estate of every description whatever to her and her heirs forever.

Lastly, I do appoint my said wife Lucy W. Barlow, Executrix to this my Last Will and Testament, revoking all others heretofore made or subscribed by me, and that my said wife shall not be required to give security as Executrix as this my said Will.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 29th day of January 1836.

William K. Barlow    Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of Francis Blunt, O.N. Bumpass

At a Court of Monthly Session held for Hanover County at the Courthouse on Tuesday the 28th of May 1844.

This Last Will and Testament of William K. Barlow, deceased was proved by the oaths of Francis Blunt

  Catherine Barlow married Charles Christian, probably the son of John Christian, a neighbor of earlier days
Catherine and Charles' children named in Chancery case - Edward, Sarah, and Martha Vermilra.   I've located the family in the census in New Kent in 1850 - dwelling 498. There were a number of younger children. The three named were of age at the time the case was being heard
  Alexander Barlow and his wife Lileus Colter
They married January 24, 1824 according to the "Family Visitor" - a publication of the day.
In the 1850 census he was listed with 2 daughters Mary and Ann.   A school teacher, Jackson L. Valentine, 25, is also staying with them. Ten years later Mr. Valentine is still in the home, along with his wife Mary Valentine - Alexander's daughter Mary- and a son Virginius, age 5. Mr. Valentine will later be the administrator of Alexander's estate.



THOMAS BARLOW, son of William Barlow and Mary Mason, married NANCY WEST, daughter of Edmund West on 31 March 1792, Caroline Co Virginia.  [Caroline Co marriage records]   He died before 1808. [see note below]


I’ve recently obtained a set of loose documents from the Fredericksburg Superior Court involving a suit brought by Thomas Barlow’s daughters against Edmund West’s estate. Much of the information that follows is from those documents.

He appears in the tax records of King William County in 1801, and in Caroline County until 1805. [Personal property tax records of King William and Caroline Counties, Library of Virignia microfilm.

While living in King William County he had a fight with a man named Edmund Fox and injured him severely enough that a cash judgment was issued against him in the King William County Courts. [Deposition of William West. Fredericksburg Superior Court documents]

In order to protect his assets from his creditors Thomas created an early “deed of trust.” In November 1802 he signed over all his assets (including 9 flag-bottomed chairs) to his father-in-law Edmund West with the understanding that West would keep the property or its cash equivalent for Thomas’s daughters until they came of age. The lawsuit resulted when payment was not made to the girls from Edmund West’s estate.   It was started about 1824 and was not concluded until 1840.


They had three daughters born between 1792 and 1802. I think I have them listed in order of age.


Ann Barlow, also know as Nancy married John Carlton 18 December 1818 in Caroline Co Virginia [Caroline Co marriage records]


Susannah, also called Susan married Robert Graves 13-15 December 1824 in Caroline Co Virginia [Caroline Co marriage records]


Sarah married Alexander Duke 05 June 1826 in Caroline Co Virginia [Caroline Co marriage records]


All these relationships are confirmed in the documents from Fredericksburg Superior Court.  Other surnames of interest appearing in these documents are Atkinson, West, Puller, Carleton, Graves


Caroline County order books:
1. In May of 1805 Richard Davenport filed a suit against Thomas Barlow for debt. Thomas did not appear, but Robert T. Barlow did, saying he would stand   good any debts incurred by his brother.
2. Toler and Brame (neighbors) filed against the estate of Thomas Barlow in February 1808, Thomas died somewhere between these two dates.

5. MARY BARLOW, daughter of William Barlow and Mary Mason, was born in Caroline Co Virginia about 1776

She married 1.) WILLIAM GADBERRY, on 02 January 1794 in Caroline Co Virginia, [Marriage records of Caroline Co Virginia], son of Thomas Gadberry and Prudence Street [Will of William Street - Weisiger’s Colonial Wills of Virginia]

William died in 1806  [Mary Barlow sold Goochland property in her own name on 10 October 1806 - Goochland County Deed Book]

Mary married 2.) JORDAN GLAZEBROOK om 01 April 1807 [Marriage records of Lincoln Co Kentucky]

  Children of Mary Barlow and William Gadberry; estimated birthdates are:
James B. Gadberry born 1795 probably in Goochland Co Virginia, and died 1816 in Barren Co Kentucky [James’s will dated 1816 was filed in Barren Co Kentucky court in May 1818.]
  Anna Martha Gadberry born 1797, probably in Goochland Co Virginia.    She married Jesse Grinstead
  Edith Barlow Gadberry born 1800 probably in Goochland Co Virginia
  Susannah S. Gadberry born 1802 probably in Goochland Co Virginia
  Children of Mary Barlow and Jordan Glazebrook are:
  William Austin Glazebrook
  John Kery Glazebrook

All the above children are mentioned by name in James B. Gadberry’s will in 1816. Anna M. Is identified as the wife of Jessie Grinstead and the daughter of William Gadberry in a power of attorney given to Robert T. Barlow to sell a tract of land in Henrico County. [Barren County, KY deed book D, p 387]


Generation 3

6. WILLIAM B. BARLOW was born 12 February 1794, and died April 1832

He married BARBARA LANE on September 04, 1817, probably in Hanover Co Virginia, daughter of Jasper Lane. She died around the time of the Civil War.


William's death date of 1832 must be a transcription error as he is mentioned in his father's will in 1841

Sina (Jennings) Burruss, William B.'s grandmother, left him a legacy in her will - Fifteen pounds, four and nine pence - about $40.00. It was (considering inflation) somewhat more money then than now, but there was an inordinate amount of fuss made over it. There must have been some other things going on that will never be clear. William took the administrators of Sina's will to court when he came of age because Robert T. refused to give him his inheritance money. Robert said it had been spent on William. The administrators sent the sheriff after Robert T. and the other people who signed the 1804 bond and they did this about once a year from the time the suit was initiated in 1821 until 1831 long after Robert T. had left Virginia. I have the complete set of papers from the Virginia State Library.

Copies of Original Documents

The top portion is the bond showing Robert T. received William's inheritance, and the bottom portion of the document is of the opening statement of William B.'s attorney, page 1 only

In Robert's will of 1841, he requested that the part of the division of his estate going to his children be reduced by $20.00 for William's part, as he had "already spent it on him."

  An 1848 Hanover County tax record shows:   Barbara L., Sina A., Frances W. AND Emily Barlow 10 acres adj. J. D. Kimbrough

A deed dated 1934 gives the names of William's and Barbara's children and grandchildren:

Hanover County, Virginia Deed Book 98, page 91

THIS DEED, Made this 3rd day of January, 1934, by and between Percy G. Butler, Ruby G. Butler, his wife, Hettie Lee Hughes arid Charles B. Hughes, her husband, J. Lignian and Jesse F. Lignian, her husband, Willie B. Goodman and S.M. Goodman her husband, and Bertha 0. Vaughan and Patt McVaughan, her husband, parties of the first part, and Herbert W. Leber and Maggie L. Leber, his wife, parties of the second part:

Whereas, Barbara T. Barlow and her three children, Ferona Barlow, Sina Ann and Emily D. Barlow, were the owners in fee simple of the real estate hereinafter described, which was acquired by them under the will of Jasper Lane, the father of said Barbara T. Barlow, long before the Civil War and which was assessed for taxation on the land books of Hanover County for the years from 1859 to 1885, inclusive, as containing 21 acres in the name of Barbara T. Barlow and children, and on which they resided until the times of their respective deaths;

Whereas, the said Barbara T. Barlow died during or about the time of the Civil War, intestate, and leaving surviving her as her only heirs at law the said three children;

Whereas, the said Ferona Barlow died unmarried and intestate in the month October, in the year 1879, leaving surviving her as her only heirs at law her two sisters, the said Sina Ann Butler and the said Emily D. Barlow;

Whereas, the said Sina Ann Butler died in the year 1885 a widow, her husband having died in the Civil War, leaving a last will and testament which is recorded in the Clerk's Office of Hanover County in Will Book 6, page 43, and under the terms of which she devised all of her interest in the said real estate to her son, William Thomas Butler, provided he should have a legal heir of his body;

Whereas, the said Emily D. Barlow, by deed dated March 19, 1885, and recorded In the said Clerk's Office, in Deed Book 18, page 343 granted and conveyed all of her interest in and to the said tract of land to the said William T. Butler, in consideration of his maintaining and supporting her for the remainder of her life and thereafter lived with and was supported by the said William T. Butler until the year 1908, when she died unmarried;

Whereas, the said William T. Butler died on the 23rd day of April, l933, a widower, intestate, and 1eaving surviving him as his only heirs at law the following children, namely, the said Percy G. Butler, Hettie Lee Hughes, Nannie J. Lignian, Willie B. Goodman and Bertha 0. Vaughan, to whom the said real estate passed and descended in equal shares; and,

Whereas, the said real estate was surveyed on the 22nd day of December, 1933, by E.K. Taylor, Hanover County Surveyor, and was found to contain 28 acres, and the said parties of the first part have sold and now desire to convey the same to the said parties of the second part:

Now, therefore, this deed witnesseth, that the said parties of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of Five hundred ($500.00) Dollars, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do grant and convey unto the said parties of the second part, share and share alike, with general warranty, all of that certain tract, piece or parcel of land containing 28 acres, more or less, with the improvements thereon, lying and being in Beaverdam District, Hanover County, Virginia, on both sides of the old highway leading from Ashland to Negro Foot, and bounded on the north and east by the lands of Campbell and Flippo, on the south by the land of W. W. Duke, and on the west by the land of W.W. Duke and the land of Herbert Bumpass: it being the same property on which Wm. T. Butler resided at the time of his death ... For a more particular description thereof reference is hereby made to a plot of said property made by E.K. Taylor, Hanover County Surveyor on December 22, 1933, which is attached to and made a part of this deed.

The said parties of the first part covenant that they have the right to convey said land to the grantees; that they have done no act to encumber the same; that the grantees shall have quiet possession of the said land, free from all encumbrances; and that they, the said parties of the first part, will execute such further assurances of the said land as may be requisite.

Witness the following signatures and seals:

Percy G. Butler .........(Seal)
Ruby G. Butler .........(Seal)
Hettie Lee Hughes .........(Seal)
Charles E. Hughes .........(Seal)
Nannie J. Lignian .........(Seal)
Jesse F. Lignian .........(Seal)
Willie B. Goodman .........(Seal)
S.H. Goodman .........(Seal)
Bertha O. Vaughn .........(Seal)
Patt Vaughn .........(Seal)


County of Hanover, to-wit:

I, A. Elizabeth Gordon, a Notary Public in and for the County aforesaid, in the State of Virginia, do certify that Percy G. Butler and Ruby G. Butler, his wife, Hettie Lee Hughes and Charles E. Hughes, her husband, Nannie J. Lignian and Jesse F. Lignian, her husband, Willie B. Goodman and S. M. Goodman, her husband, and Bertha 0. Vaughan and Patt Mc Vaughan, her husband, whose names are signed to the writing above, bearing date on the 3rd day of January, 1934, have acknowledged the same before me, in my County aforesaid; and I further certify that my commission expires on the 8th day of July, 1935.

Given under my hand this 13th day of January, 1934.      A. Elizabeth Gordon, Notary Public

This Deed was presented in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Hanover County Va., on the 15th day of January 1934, and with certificate annexed admitted to record at 5 O'Clock P. M.

Teste:   Clarence W. Taylor, Clerk.


  Children of William and Barbara:
  Ferona Barlow, died unmarried and intestate in October 1879

Sina Ann Barlow died in 1885    She married James L. Butler, who died in the Civil War.

Sina's will is recorded in Hanover Co Will Book 5, page 43.  She left her property interest to her son William Thomas Butler.   William Thomas Butler had five children listed on the 1934 deed.   William Thomas Butler died 23 April 1933 in Hanover Co Virginia
  Emily D. Barlow, died unmarried in 1908
  Emily transferred her property interest to William Butler in 1885 in return for support and maintenance for the balance of her life.


7. HENRY W. BARLOW was born 07 November 1801 in Virginia, [Bible Record] and died in Dallas Co Arkansas in 1869. [Dallas Co AR Probate Records]

He married NANCY ANN WATT in November 1834 in Tennessee.  She was born c 1812 in Tennessee, and died c1855 in Arkansas.


1840 Franklin Co Alabama 

H. Barlow    

2 M 0<5      1 M 30<40     1 F 5<10    1 F 20<30

1850 Dallas Co Arkansas, Princeton Township, page 76  #516/516
Census Image

Henry W. Barlow 48 Farmer
Nancy A. Barlow 38 **
Mary J. Barlow 16 **
Robert A. Barlow 14 **
Jas. H. Barlow 12 **
William B. Barlow  7 **
Elizabeth Barlow  5 **
Frances A. Barlow  1 **

1860 - Dallas Co Arkansas, Princeton Township, #651    Census Image

Henry W. Barlow 59 Farmer
Nancy Ann Barlow 48 **
William B. Barlow 16 **
Elizabeth Barlow 15 **
Frances Barlow 10 **
John Barlow  8 **

1870 - Dallas Co Arkansas, Princeton Township  #116/124    Census Image

Nancy Ann Barlow Head 59
William B. Barlow Son 25
Frances Barlow Daughter 19
John Barlow Son 17


Henry died c 06 October, 1868, wife Ann / Nancy was appointed administratrix in January of the following year. Her son William and son-in-law James Jones (Mary's husband) helped her post bond.
Rev. James E. Caldwell, a preacher in Dallas Co kept a diary and toward the back of the book is a list of funerals which he wrote down when he was very old. He says he performed funerals for both Henry and Nancy at Tulip, and for James, their middle son.

  He bought property in Dallas Co Arkansas in 1855 - Section 17 Twp 10S, 14W
  Children of Henry Barlow and Nancy Watt are:
  Mary J. Barlow born Alabama 03 March 1835, and died Dallas Co Arkansas 07 April 1922

She married James L. Jones 13 December 1855 in Dallas Co Arkansas, Dallas County Marriage book B-20.  His age 26, hers 20 at time of marriage.


James purchased 313 acres of land in Dallas Co in 1857
James and Mary are buried in Taylor Cemetery in Jacinto, Arkansas between Princeton and Holly Springs just off State Highway 9.  Stones read:
James L. Jones, no dates     Mary Jones b. March 19, 1835, d. April 07, 1922
Information from John Steelman - 26 August 1998
James must have died between 1875 and 1880

1880 Dallas Co Arkansas, Holly Springs Township #10/10

Mary Jones Widow 45 Keeps House
Virginia Jones Daughter 19 **
Henry Jones Son 13 **
S. Mary Jones Daughter  6 **
10. Robert Alexander Barlow born Tuscumbia Co Alabama 14 December 1836, and died 13 May 1927 in Wichita, Sedwick Co Kansas
  James H. Barlow born Alabama 1838, died young
11. William B. Barlow born Alabama 1843, and died in Dallas Co Arkansas about 1891
12. Elizabeth Barlow born Alabama 1845, and died 27 January 1919
13. Frances A. Barlow born Arkansas 01 January 1849, and died 30 January 1915 in Dallas Co Arkansas
14. John Thomas Barlow born Dallas Co Arkansas 24 February 1853, and died 23 October 1902 in Ramsey, Dallas Co Arkansas


8. BARBARA S. BARLOW was born 09 October 1807, and died 20 March 1844

She married EDWARD C. WEBB on 29 July 1830

  Child of Barbara Barlow and Edward Webb is:
  Robert E. Webb born 20 January 1838, and died 05 December 1893

~~Descendants of James J. Barlow contributed by Jan Baker ~~

9. JAMES J. BARLOW was born 07 August 1819, and died 16 June 1893

He married PARMELIA A. FOLLIS on 05 January 1843 in Allen Co Kentucky

  Children of James and Parmelia:
  Mary Ann Barlow born 29 October 1843
  Julia Ravenscroft Barlow born 15 March 1847
  John Robert Barlow born 18 June 1849
  Isabella Page Barlow born 30 November 1850
  James William Barlow born 20 March 1853
15. Loving Shelby Barlow born 25 May 1855, and died 09 July 1921 Scottsville, Allen Co Kentucky
16. George Washington Barlow born 08 July 1858 Sumner Co Tennessee, and died 02 September 1925
  Permelia Kathleen Barlow born 15 June 1861

Generation 4

ROBERT ALEXANDER BARLOW was born Tuscumbia Alabama 14 December 1836, and died 13 May 1927 in Wichita, Sedwick Co Kansas

He married SARAH ANN PRISCILLA JONES 26 September 1867 in Dallas Co Arkansas, daughter of Samuel Jones and Anne Taylor. She was born c1841 in Tennessee.  Sarah had previously been married to Benjamin Woodworth.  She died at the home of her daughter, Nettie January 14, 1925 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co Kansas. Her body was returned to Russellville, Pope Co Arkansas for burial. [Death Certificate]

~ Dallas County Marriage Book A - License #674 ~

  Notes for Robert Alexander Barlow and Sarah Ann Priscilla Jones:

He moved with family from Alabama to Arkansas prior to 1850

In 1860 he was in Warren, Eagle Creek, Bradley Co Arkansas living with Egbert Moses (a physician) and wife. His occupation is listed as carpenter, his age 23, born in Alabama.    Census Image

Robert entered the war in 1862, Private, promoted to Sgt, Co B 18th AR INF organized Devil's Bluff Arkansas April 02, 1862, surrendered at Port Hudson, Louisiana 08 July 1863. Paroled the same month. Surrendered 26 May 1865.


1870 Pope County Arkansas, Liberty Township Arkansas       Census Image
Page 410    #1267/1287

Robert Barlow Head 34 Farmer
Sarah Ann Barlow Wife 29 Keeps House
Dora Woodworth Step-Daughter 13 **
Franklin Woodworth Step-Son 11 **
Robert H. Barlow Son  2 **
Robert F. Jones Brother-in-law 21 Farmer
George Jones Brother-in-law? 17 Farmer

In the 1880 Pope Co (Illinois Twp), Arkansas census, Frank Bloodworth is living with Dora and her husband, James Jamison, his name shown to be Barlow, age 20.   Census Image

1880 Pope County Arkansas, Illinois Twp. District 137
page 38   #348/356

Robert A. Barlow Head 43 Farmer
Sarah A. Barlow Wife 39 Keeps House
Robert H. Barlow Son 11 **
Nettie A. Barlow Daughter  9 **
D.H. Sharkey Boarder 35 Bkpr at Drug Store
John Sims Boarder 25 Clk at Drug Store
Casper Julian Boarder 30 Saloonist
Frank Chalfant Boarder 22 Mechanic
William Bernard Black 16 Cook
Rebecca Eubank ** 22 Domestic
They remained in Russellville, Arkansas until 1883 when they apparently separated. Robert Alexander moved to Kansas and Priscilla remained behind in Arkansas with the children.
At or around the time Robert moved to Kansas, in a document dated July 1883 Sarah gave him power of attorney - the document shows Sarah's place of residence as Polk Co, but it notarized in Pope County, I wonder if it was a mistake on the part of the person writing the document, or if she actually lived in Polk Co

1885 Kansas State Census, Sedgwick Co Mortop Twp. Cheney PO
page 46    Living with W.B. Thomas family and George Steele family

R.A. Barlow   48    Lumberman

1900 Pratt County Kansas, Grant Twp
Enumerated 18 June 1900 Page 229A    #66/67

James W. Tate Head 33 Aug 1866 Merchant
Nettie A. Tate Wife 29 Dec 1870 **
Ruth Tate Daughter 10 Sep 1889 **
Robert G. Tate Son  9 April 1891 **
Neva R. Tate Daughter  1 Jan 1899 **
Norma A. Barlow Niece 10 Nov 1889 **
Robert A. Barlow Father in law 64 Dec 1835 **

1910 Sedgwick County Kansas  Wichita City 2nd Ward 1017 Litchfield

Arthur Solter Head 27 School Teacher
Norma Solter Wife 20 **
Robert A. Barlow Grandfather   Widower

Robert died in Wichita at the home of his granddaughter, Norma, at 90 years of age    

~ Death Certificate ~

  Children of Robert Alexander and Sarah:
17. Robert Henry Barlow born 07 July 1868 in Dover, Pope Co Arkansas, and died of smallpox in Monroe, Louisiana on 16 February 1895
Nettie Barlow born Dover, Pope Co Arkansas 1871, and died 1950 in Kansas
She married James W. Tate 18 December 1888 in Pope Co Arkansas

Nettie is buried in Old Mission Mausoleum along side her father, Robert

Is this the same Nettie in the photo? The photo found in a collection owned by Jan Baker is labeled only as 'Nett'>


11. WILLIAM B. BARLOW was born Alabama 1843, and died before August 1890

He married LOUISA V. 'LOU' MIZELL.   She was born c1855 in Georgia


Notes for William Barlow and Louisa Mizell:

1880 Dallas Co Arkansas, Holly Springs Township   #14/14   Census Image
21 June 1880

B. William Barlow Head 36 Farmer
V. Louisa Barlow Wife 25  
H. Alen Barlow Son  3  
Avey Mizell Mother [in-law] 49  

Death date of William Barlow comes from court guardianship records for the above named children, all shown to be under the age of 21 in 1891.

William's property was sold for the benefit of his children early in 1891. His widow remarried - William S. Sutton, and in July 1891, she asked that William Sutton be appointed guardian of her minor children Allie H., Gussie R. and Willie G. Barlow / Transcribed from Probate Court records
Louisa Mizell Barlow married William S. Sutton on 27 August 1890, Dallas Co Arkansas

  Children of William Barlow and Lou Mizell are:
  Gussie Barlow
William "Willie" Barlow

Is this Willie? The photo, in a collection owned by Jan Baker is only labeled as Willie Barlow?
Perhaps it could even be the William Barlow I

  Allen Barlow born c1877, Arkansas


12. ELIZABETH ELLEN BARLOW was born in Alabama in 1845, and died 27 January 1919

She married GEORGE LAFAYETTE MAYS on 19 December 1866 in Dallas Co Arkansas


1880 Dallas Co Arkansas, Princeton Township #44/52-53

George L. Mays Head 40 Farmer
Elizabeth Mays Wife 37 **
Sarah A. Mays Daughter 10 **
Henry B. Mays Son  7 **
Robert W. Mays Son  5 **
Fannie Mays Daughter  3 **
George Mays Son  1 **      
Frances Stevenson Sister-in-law 32 Widow      
Anna Stevenson Niece  6 **      
George Stevenson Nephew  5 **      

This family is outlined in more detail by Raymond May

Barlow - Mays Family

  Children of Elizabeth Barlow and George Mays are:
  Sarah A. Mays born 1870
  Henry B. Mays born 1873
  Robert W. Mays born 1875
  Fannie E. Mays born 1878
  John D. Mays born 1882
  Mary Sue Mays born 1885


13. FRANCES A. 'FANNIE' BARLOW was born in Arkansas in 1849

She married 1. JOHN ROBERT STEVENSON on 12 October 1872 in Dallas Co Arkansas  ~Volume B Page 248 Dallas Co Arkansas~
He was deceased before 1880, at which time, Fannie is living next to, or with George and Elizabeth Mays [see above]

She married 2. HENRY HARRISON


Their homestead was on the main highway between Sheridan and Fordyce, just outside of Sheridan, Grant Co Arkansas. One of their children was a dentist that practiced in Malvern, Hot Springs Co Arkansas around 1930.  Frances' descendants are covered at Rootsweb Worldconnect by John Norville Jones

  Children of Frances Barlow and John Stevenson are:
  Anna Stevenson born 1874    She married W.R. Green, January 09, 1896 in Dallas Co Arkansas, Vol G Pg 69
  George Stevenson born September 11, 1874 and died March 02, 1960

He married Jeanette I. Smith January 26, 1899, Dallas Co Arkansas, vol G, pg 337.  She was born August 02, 1877, and died November 02, 1955.  Both are buried in Liberty Cemetery, Dallas Co Arkansas


JOHN THOMAS BARLOW was born in Dallas Co Arkansas 24 February 1853, and died 23 October 1902 in Ramsey, Dallas Co Arkansas

He married 1. EMMA H. MOORE on 09 September 1875 in Dallas Co Arkansas.  She was born c1858-1859 in Georgia, and died c1876-1880 in Dallas Co Arkansas  ~ Dallas Co Marriage Book B, pg 307 and / or Book C, pg 14~

He married 2. SARAH ELLEN FRAZIER on 20 August 1887 Dallas Co Arkansas ~Dallas Co Marriage Book E, pg 193~
She was born 03 January 1862, and died 15 July 1937.  She and John are buried in Liberty Cemetery, Princeton, Dallas Co Arkansas

  1880 Dallas County Arkansas - Holly Springs Township #15/15      Census Image
21 June 1880
John Barlow Widower 28 Farmer AR VA TN
James Barlow Son  3   AR    

In a box of papers, I found a letter written by a Henry Barlow of Shreveport, Louisiana who wrote of his family. He related that the John T. Barlow found in the 1860 Dallas Co Arkansas census was his grandfather. He also tells of a brother living in Alabama at that time.  The letter was written in 1971, and Henry was 73 years old at the time. ~sbh~

  Child of John Barlow and Emma Moore is:
18. James Henry / Harry Barlow born 22 September 1876 Fordyce Dallas Co Arkansas, and died 12 August 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana
  Children of John Barlow and Sarah Frazier are:
19. Robert Samuel Barlow born 25 August 1888, and died 15 February 1921
20. William Thomas Barlow born 28 October 1890, and died 20 March 1982
  Alice Kature Barlow born 05 July 1895, and died 06 October 1895
Winnie Luvica Barlow born 13 June 1897, and died 1968
She married  1. Clemon Tims 26 January 1919 Dallas Co Arkansas
She married 2. Herbert H. Giles 08 July 1963 Grant Co Arkansas.  He was born 09 September 1888, and died 14 May 1968, Benton, Saline Co Arkansas


LOVING SHELBY BARLOW was born 25 May 1855, and died 09 July 1921 in Scottsville, Allen Co Kentucky   ~DC No. 16430~

He married IDA BUNCH of Warren Co Kentucky.  She was born 07 September 1868 in Allen Co Kentucky, and died 20 January 1960 Allen Co Kentucky
~DC No. 1729~

1910 Allen Co Kentucky Enumeration District: 2
Loving S. Barlow Head 52
Ida Barlow Wife 42
Lucy Barlow Daughter 15
Mary Barlow Daughter 14
William C. Barlow Son 12
James Leu Barlow Son 11
Ida Belle Barlow Daughter  9
Loving Barlow Son  6
Robert Barlow Son  4
Harold Barlow Son  3
Sallie Barlow Daughter  0  May 1910
Is this Ida? Found in a collection of photos owned by Jan Baker, it is only labeled as 'Ida'
  Children of Loving Barlow and Ida Bunch are:
  Libby / Lucy Barlow died in her 20's.   I find a Lucy Barlow, died 08 August 1935, Warren Kentucky ~DC 21022~ sbh
  Mary Barlow born 03 April 1896 Scottsville, Allen Co Kentucky, and died December 04, 1983 in Bowling Green, Warren Co Kentucky ~DC No. 33526~
She married Leo Biddle    ~SS Death Index:  Issue Kentucky Residence: Bowling Green, Warren Co Kentucky  Born: 03 April 1896   Died December 1974~
  Idabelle Barlow     She married Aaron T. Smock.  Aaron was an artist and lived in DelRay Beach, Florida
Death Record:  Aaron Thomas Smock   Volume: 2192 Certificate: 39629   Place: Palm Beach, Florida   Race: W Gender: M   Death Date: Oct 1960
William Cartwright Barlow born 16 July 1897 in Kentucky and died 01 November 1993 in North Carolina, burial in Fairview Memorial Park, Albemarle Co Stanly Co NC

North Carolina Death Record:  Birth: July 16, 1897, Kentucky   Mode of Burial: Cremation in state   Race: White, male Age: 96 years   Marital Status: Married
Death: Nov 01, 1993, Winston-Salem, Forsyth, NC   Place of Residence: Stokes, North Carolina   Fathers Surname: Barlow

Barlow, Cora Lambeth b. Sep. 6, 1906 d. Oct. 17, 1996, also buried in Fairview Cemetery, may be his wife.   Probably a son: Barlow, James Duncan b. Nov. 3, 1930 d. Sep. 17, 1944, burial in Fairview Memorial Park, Stanly Co NC   
  Jack / Loving Barlow born 19 February 1904 Scottsville Allen Co Kentucky, and died November 01, 1974 Scottsville, Allen Co Kentucky  ~DC No. 26131~
  Dick / Robert Barlow
  Duncan / Harold Barlow born 02 October 1907, and died September 1986 Scottsville Allen Co Kentucky  ~DC No. 24459~   Social Security number issued in Massachusetts
21. Sally Mae Barlow born 09 January 1909 Scottsville Allen Co Kentucky, and died 04 November 1997 Louisville, Jefferson Co Kentucky
[Note Sally's birthdate discrepancy from 1910 census]
  Infant Barlow - died in infancy


GEORGE WASHINGTON BARLOW was born 08 July 1858 in Sumner Co Tennessee, and died 02 September 1925 in Lawrence Co Alabama
~ Death Record: Volume 42 Page 20738~

He married MATTIE ELIZABETH GIBSON on 29 November 1882 in Moulton Alabama [I find a Mollie E. Barlow, died in Lawrence Co Alabama in January 1925, Vol. 3, page 1274, might she be the same?]

  George was a medical doctor, having received his medical degree from Louisville Medical Institute, Louisville Kentucky

Licensed by the State Board of Medical Examiners of Tennessee   Sumner Co Tennessee 02 Sept 1907   Filed in Lawrence Co Alabama 19 Nov 1918

Another George W. Barlow died 24 December 1940 in Lawrence Co Alabama,   Death Certificate No. 29736, might he be related?  sbh

  Children of George Barlow and Mattie Gibson are:

James Demetrious Barlow born 29 August 1883, and died 1955

He Mamie Mervin Mitchell.  She was born 04 July 1891


Gibson Loving Barlow born 28 January 1885 in Alabama, and died 02 April 1951 in Contra Costa California

SSDI:  Mother's maiden name: Gibson   Father's surname: Barlow                                                                      G.L. Barlow, top row - far right

Mary Asberry Barlow born 1887, and died 1891
George Barlow born 1892, and died 1893
  Paul E. Barlow born 1895, and died 11 September 1947 in Jefferson Co Alabama   ~DC No. 17578~

Generation 5

ROBERT HENRY BARLOW was born 07 July 1868 in Dover, Pope Co Arkansas, and died 16 February in Monroe, Lousiana

He married ALICIA DACUS on 18 December 1888 in Pope Co Arkansas, apparently a double wedding with his sister, Nettie Barlow and James Tate

After Robert's death, Allie married Waller K. Lusby in Lamar Co Texas.  He was the son of Cornelius Morgan Lusby and Julia Kirkpatrick.

~ Death notice from Pope County paper ~

Henry Barlow, formerly of Russellville, died at Monroe, Louisiana of smallpox. Owing to the nature of his death, his body could not be brought home for burial. His wife was a sister to Herbert Dacus and had been visiting in Russellville. (Henry had gotten a job as a travling salesman with Ranney, Alton & Co - a wholesale grocer - in Arkansas City Kansas in 1893)
Robert Henry Barlow, was born July 7, 1868, and died February 16, 1895, aged 26 years, 6 mo. and 9 days. He was born near Scottsville, and hence was a home boy. In the noted revival of 1885, under the preaching of Evangelist W.M. Robinson, he was converted, and on the 7th day of June, in that year, he with his half brothers Frank and Bennie Woodsworth and 31 others, joined the M.E. church south, and in its communion he was an acceptable member up to the day of his death.

At the hour of 11, February 16, 1895, in Monroe, Louisiana, just 14 weeks to the hour after he had followed the remains of his sister, Dora Jamison, {her obituary below] to their last resting place, he was laid to rest himself. In 1885, that sister being consumed with a desire to save the young from an appetite of strong drink, organized a band of Hope. Two prominent names of the Band, and two examples of its work, were Henry Barlow and Allie Dacus. Friendships there ripened into love and resulted in marriage between them December 18, 1888. A large assemblying of friends met at the Methodist Church on Sunday last at 11 o'clock in memorial services.

  August 7, 1902

A letter from a friend to Walter McAnally, received today, had a postscript to the effect that a telegram had just been received from Miss Norma Barlow that her mother Mrs. Allie Lusby, is dead. Presumably, from what can be learned, the death occurred at Muskogee, Indian Territory.

Mrs. Allie Lusby was well known to the people of Russellville as Miss Allie Dacus, and after her marriage here, Mrs. Allie Barlow. Mr. Barlow took the smallpox while traveling and died of that disease at Hot Springs. After the death of her husband Mrs. Barlow left Russellville and went to relatives at Dallas, Texas, remaining there until she married Mr. Lusby. She left this place about five or six years ago. When Mrs. Barlow left here she took with her daughter, Norma. This daughter in now about fourteen years of age.

  Obituary of Dora Jamison, daughter of Sarah Barlow by her first marriage to Benjamin Woodworth     1894 -

After a long and painful illness Mrs. J.A. Jamison died at her home in the city, Friday night, Nov. 9.

Her demise had been expected daily for some weeks, hence it was no surprise to the public. Being afflicted with consumption her sufferings were intense, all of which she bore with Christian fortitude, and awaited the end with patience and resignation.

The funeral took place Sunday morning, services being conducted at the grave by her pastor, Rev. Wm Sherman, assisted by Rev. R.R. Fletcher and Elders W.H. Wall and J.H. Lawson in the presence of a large concourse of sympathizing friends.

  1898 - Mrs. Robert Henry Barlow is listed as living at 123 N. First St., Arkansas City, Kansas
  Child of Robert Barlow and Alicia Dacus is:
Norma Annie Barlow born Russellville Pope Co Arkansas 26 November 1889, and died 1973 in Tucson Arizona

She married Arthur Solter


She is listed in the household of Waller K. Lusby in the 1900 census Dallas Co Texas
1900 Dallas County Texas, Oakcliff District, 53 Seventh Avenue
p 21B #375/399

Walter Lusby Head 29 May 1870 Frame Maker
Allie Lusby Wife 29 Nov 1870 Married 1 year
Russell Lusby Son  0 May 1900 **
Norma Barlow Daughter 10 November 1889 **

She is also listed int he 1900 census of Pratt Co Kansas with her grandfather, Robert, see #10

Norma as a child>>



18. JAMES HENRY BARLOW was born 22 September 1876 Fordyce, Dallas Co Arkansas, and died 12 August 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana

He married 1. SARAH ELIZABETH SMIRL on 14 November 1897 in Fordyce, Dallas Co Arkansas.  She was born 27 January 1881, and died 14 February 1900

He married 2. MONA LYNN GINN on 11 May 1902 in Jackson Parish Louisiana.  She was born 06 May 1885, and died 13 June 1974

  Children of James Barlow and Sarah Smirl are:
  Lillian Beatrice Barlow born 16 October 1898, and died 1923 Bienville Parish Louisiana.   She never married
  William Henry Barlow born 08 February 1900   He married Henrietta A. Webb 12 August 1948, Bossier City Louisiana.    No children.
  Children of James Barlow and Mona Ginn are:
Ina Lynn Barlow born 03 November 1904, Bienville Parish Louisiana
She married Charles F. Williams November 1920, Bienville Parish Louisiana.  He was born May 1900, and died 19 August 1977, in Bienville Parish Louisiana
  Gladys Gertrude Barlow born 08 April 1907, and died 20 July 1907, both in Bienville Parish Lousiana

Guy Leander Barlow born 02 November 1908    He married Erdis Thompson

Gary Leander Barlow written on this photo, might he be the same as Guy Leander

  Elwyn Kermit Barlow born 07 May 1912, Bienville Parish Louisiana.  He married Marie Babers
  Mary Frances Barlow born 14 April 1914, Bienville Parish Louisiana.   She married Cecil M. Lee
  William Harry Barlow born 01 June 1916, Bienville Parish Louisiana.  He married Louise Smith
  Winford Wilton Barlow born 09 November 1918, Bienville Parish Louisiana.   He married Gertrude Tharpe


ROBERT SAMUEL BARLOW was born 25 August 1888, and died 15 February 1921, burial in Liberty Cemetery, Dallas Co Arkansas

He married AGNES 'AGGIE' WOOD on 01 July 1908.  She was born 17 July 1889, and died 20 February 1921, burial in Liberty Cemetery, Dallas Co Arkansas

  Children of Robert Barlow and Aggie Wood are:
  Lorene Barlow married Terrell Hazlett.    Their Delois Hazlett married a Dickson

Janie Barlow married Lloyd Harrison     They had 2 children                                                                                                                    Janie >

Shirley Anne Barlow married 1. Mr. Freeland     2. Charles Lloyd

22. Kelly Barlow


WILLIAM THOMAS BARLOW was born 28 October 1890, and died 20 March 1982, burial in Liberty Cemetery, Dallas Co Arkansas.

He married MARY ROSALEE SMITH on 29 June 1919.  She was born 16 December 1901, and died 26 December 1996, burial in Liberty Cemetery, Dallas Co Arkansas.

Children of William Barlow and Mary Smith are:
Military photos from WWI, France
Mary Lucille Barlow born May 24, 1922, and died August 10, 1923, burial in Liberty Cemetery, Dallas Co Arkansas

Jonnie Ruth Barlow married Francis 'Monk' Samples.  She was born Mary 23, 1925 in Benton, Saline Co Arkansas, and died October 24, 2015 in Benton, Saline Co Arkansas, burial in Smith Rosemont Cemetery, Benton, Saline Co Arkansas. 
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, October 26, 2015:  Jonnie Ruth Samples, age 90, of Benton, passed away Saturday, October 24, 2015 at her home.  She was born May 23, 1925 in Benton.  Jonnie was a retired nurse at Alcoa and a member of Victory Baptist Church.  She was preceded in death by her oarents, William Thomas Barlow and Mary Rosalee Smith Barlow; husband, Francis "Monk" Samples; son, Tommy Samples.
Survivors; sons, Larry Samples, Benton, Spurge Mask (Brenda); daughter and sons-in-law, Laura Herndon (Michael), Benton, Pam Case (Casey), Benton, sister, Gussie Bridges, Little Rock; 10 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m., Monday at Victory Baptist Church.
Funeral services will be 10 a.m., Tuesday at Victory Baptist Church with burial at Smith Rosemont Cemetery in Benton. Minister will be Pastor Ken Graham.
Pallbearers: Dylan Case, Daniel Case, Brandon Herndon, Corky Hawkins, Shane Higginbotham.
Online guest book at www.ashbyfuneralhome.com

Gussie Lee Barlow married Mr. Bridges

Information for this family contributed by Kaye Young, daughter of Gussie Lee Barlow Bridges, and by Jim Barlow, grandson of James Henry Barlow, #17 

2 stones labeled only Infant Son Barlow are at the Liberty Cemetery in Dallas Co Arkansas, though the parents not shown. One born and died July 07, 1909, and one born November 18, 1919, and died November 30, 1919.

~Sally Barlow family contributed by Carolyn Lea Lucas~

21. SALLY MAY BARLOW was born 09 January 1909 in Scottsville, Allen Co Kentucky, and died 04 November 1997 in Louisville, Jefferson Co Kentucky

She married EDWARD LUCAS of Grayson Co Kentucky in th 1940's

  Child of Sally Barlow and Edward Lucas is:
  Aaron Edward Lucas married Betty Jane Boggs.   2 children:  Carolyn Lea Lucas and Douglas Edward Lucas

Generation 6

  Children of Kelly Barlow and Edith Womack are:
Kellene Barlow Janet Barlow


23. JAMES DILLARD BARLOW, born in Bunn, Arkansas c 1918, and died September 12, 1997 in East Cocalico Twp, Lancaster Pennsylvania.

He married JEAN A. GARRISON, who died in 1989

  Intelligencer Journal Lancaster, Pennsylvania    Page: B-3 September 12, 1997

James D. Barlow, 79, of 1 Brian Court, Stevens, died in the 5:15 a.m.crash, East Cocalico Township police said. Barlow might have been stricken ill before his car crashed head-on into the pole near East Church & Park Streets, rescue workers at the scene said. The car's impact sheared off a 45-foot-high pole which holds a transformer and 12,000-volt lines, a PP&L spokesman said. Lancaster County coroner Dr Barry D. Walp pronounced Barlow dead at the scene. An autopsy has been ordered.

Prior to the crash, Barlow was driving south on Park Street, rescuers said. About 300 yards from the crash scene, his sedan began crossing yards. The car went across properties at 7 Park St., 11 Park St., and 96 E. Church St. before entering East Church Street. It traveled east for about 100 yards before jumping the curb at 92 E. Church St. The car then crashed into a pole on the south side of the road, police said.

Barlow was a cabinetmaker most of his life. He worked for various custom kitchen fabrication firms throughout the country. He was employed for the past seven years by Lamtech Industries, Ephrata, and had lived in Lancaster County for the last nine years.

A sergeant in the U.S.Army during WWII, he was a member of the American Legion Cloister Post 429, Ephrata.

Born in Bunn, Arkansas, he was the son of the late Robert and Agnes Wood Barlow. His wife, Jean A. Garrison Barlow, died in 1989.

He is survived by a companion, Elfriede E. Sandrock Garman, with whom he resided; three daughters, Adele M. Barlow of Sterling, Virginia, Gail Good of Reamstown and Jean E., wife of Peter M. Bodnar of Florham Park, N.J.; five grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

  Children of James Barlow and Jean Garrison are:
  Adele M. Barlow
  Gail Barlow married Mr. Good
  Jean E. Barlow married Peter M. Bodnar
Below are photos from Kaye Young found among her family belongings, most unidentified, some identified as Barlow, but relationship to family in unknown.  If anyone can identify any of these people, please contact me.   Hold mouse over photo for description, and click to enlarge

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