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Descendants of Branson Barlow

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Robeson Co North Carolina, Monroe, Clarke, Marengo and Choctaw Co Alabama, w/ family in Clarke and Lauderdale Co Mississippi, Morehouse Parish Louisiana, Ashley Co Arkansas, and Rusk Co Texas

Researchers of this family:
Anne P. Cooke
Sarah Barlow and Jermiah Pritchett
Karen K. Nichols
William Barlow and Susan
Linda Featherston
Benjamin Avant and Omit Jane Barlow
Susan BARLOW Holmes
Not related, but interested in any and all Barlow families

Mary Barlow and Elijah Phillips

Mary Barlow and Elijah Phillips

Benjamin Avant and Omit Jane Barlow

James FP Barlow and Susannah W. Reid

John Barlow and Ann Langford

Mary Ann Elizabeth Barlow and Zachariah Finley Worley
Generation 1
BRANSON BARLOW  was probably born in North Carolina, and died before October 1839, in Clarke Co Alabama.   Branson Barlow was a early settler of Clark Co Alabama, settling near the bend in the Alabama river at his plantation was called 'Barlow Bend', and was the owner of several slaves.

His wife's name is not known.  Ethyl Bradshaw (descendant of Mary Barlow and Elijah Phillips), sends information that Branson was married twice, but neither of his wives names are known. (March 2007)
Researchers of the Robeson Co Barlow contend that Branson, Ralph, Marsh, and John are sons of William Barlow who received land:  (Patent Book 18, Item #247 page 179 - Barlow 28 October 1765 100 acres in Bladen Co North Carolina on the forks of the little Marsh being the same with Pugh's Marsh, joining the s. side of the sd. swamp), but I do not know how that conclusion has been drawn.

The 1790 census of Robeson Co shows 3 Barlow's, those being Ralph, Mash (Marsh), and John.  In 1790, there 2 William's in Montgomery Co North Carolina, and one in Wake Co.  I have not seen any documents to prove that these are the sons of William.  If anyone has such documentation, I would certainly love to see it.  The conclusion I would draw is that Ralph would be the progenator of this clan, as he appears to be the elder of the Barlow's in Robeson Co North Carolina census records. 

Dr. Linda Barlow, Robeson Co North Carolina, lives in the original homeplace of Ralph Barlow, and tells me that her attic contains papers of past ancestors, but for personal reasons, she does not care to be involved with this genealogy, other than to share her immediate family.  Rumors I have heard tells me that there had been some bitter disputes in the past over the inheritance of that property.  Those disputes may have past through the generations to present time.  That could explain the reasons why the names seemed not to pass along in these families, as was commonly practiced. 

DNA test results as of May 2007 has proven that Branson is a member of the William Barlow of Robeson Co NC family. DNA results from Aug 2013 shows that Elias Barlow of Conecuh Co is very closely related to this line.
The first record I find mentioning Branson Barlow:

Indenture of BRANSON BARLOW   Robeson County January Term 1800    Book 1 page 161 

This indenture made the second day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred, between Samuel Dubois, Attorney in fact, for Abraham Dubois and Samuel Meeker of the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, of the one part, and BRANSON BARLOW of the County of Robeson in the state of North Carolina of the other part, In Witness, that the said Samuel Dubois, for and in consideration of the sum of five silver dollars, paid to him, the said Samuel Dubois, Attorney as aforesaid, the receipt and payment thereof is hereby acknowledged, hath given, granted, bargained and sold and by these presents doth give, grant, bargain and sell unto the said BRANSON BARLOW, his heirs and assignees fifty acres of land, lying and being in the aforesaid County of Robeson and situated as follows, south side of big Myers Marsh, and south of Big Rockfish Creek near his own line; beginning at a pine about three chain from from his house in the edge of a small pond and runs south eighty seven east fifteen chain and eighty two links to a pine, then north three east thirty one chain and _____ three links to a lightwood tree among two pines, then north eighty seven west fifteen chain and eighty two links to a stake of three pines, thence west to the beginning.

To have and to hold, the aforesaid bargained land and premises unto the said BRANSON BARLOW, his heirs and assignees forever, with all hereditaments, privileges and emoluments, thereunto belonging, or in anyway affertaining; and the said Samuel Dubois, Attorney as aforesaid, doth for himself, his heirs, Executors and Administrators, hereby warrant and forever defend the aforesaid Land and premises unto the said BRANSON BARLOW ______ clear from the lawful claim or demand of him the said Samuel Dubois, his heirs, Executors and Adminstrators, or any other person or persons claiming by from or under him them or any of them.

In Witness whereof, the said Samuel Dubois, Attorney as aforesaid hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year above written.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered Sam Dubois XXXXX seal
Attorney in fact for Abraham Dubois and Samuel Meeker

In presence of: Jno. P. Martin, F. Shackleford
Robeson County January Term 1800

This deed was proved in open court by the oath of John P. Martin, ordered to be registered
_______ Barnes C.C.
Branson is enumerated in the 1800 Fayetteville, Robeson Co NC census, pg 368     Census Image

3 m < 10   1 m 26>45  1 f < 10    1 f 16>26   1 f 26>45

 Other Barlows in Robeson Co for 1800:  Ralph, William, Marsh, Mason, John, and Elizabeth.
Branson is not found in any 1810 census   He is shown to be listed in resident / tax lists of Clarke Co Alabama for 1811, territorial census of Monroe Co in 1816, and in Cherokee Co resident/tax list in 1819.

In 1815, Monroe Co Alabama was created from lands ceded by the Creek Indians in the Treaty of Fort Jackson.  At the time of this census, Monroe County included all or part of every present-day county in Alabama except Washington, formed 1800, and Madison, formed 1808, and those counties that were created later from the Indian Territories to the east and west. Although Baldwin and Clarke Counties were formed in 1809 and 1812, respectively, a portion of the present-day counties were in Monroe County in 1816.  (Branson is enumerated in both Clarke and Monroe Co's according to census records found online.) Records exist at Newberry Library, Chicago Illinois, 1816 Territorial Book    Call # Folio F325.D38, published, 1983 from original microfilms.
In 1816, Branson is found in the census of Monroe Co Alabama
1 wm >21     6 wm < 21     1 wf > 21      3 wf < 21 
Also found in that census is:
John Barlow
1 wm > 21     3 wm < 21    1 wf > 21    4 wf < 21
I am not sure of the identity of John, but I don't believe it will be Branson's son, more likely the John shown in Robeson Co in 1800 Robeson Co, and may be a brother of Branson.   He is not John Barlow of Mississippi, whom some think to be the brother of Branson, as that John is already in Mississippi by this time.   If anyone can identify this John, please contact me with that information.
PETITION TO CONGRESS FROM THE ALABAMA TERRITORY 1817, signed by Branson and Aron Barlow.

Aron Barlow's family settled in Baldwin and Mobile Co, and to date, no relationship has been found between these two families.  Aron's family has been traced by to the Germanna Barlow families, while Branson is a part of the Robeson Co group, and testing for that group has proven no relationship to the Germanna group.
Alabama achieved statehood in 1819, but records exist for only 8 of the 30 enumerated counties in 1820. These counties include Baldwin, Conecuh, Dallas, Franklin, Limestone, St.Clair, Shelby, and Wilcox.  Branson, shown as Brandon on the census index, was shown to be enumerated in Cherokee Co. 

Cherokee County was created in 1836 from land formerly held by the Cherokee Indians, so my question is, how was Branson enumerated there?    I have not been able to locate any of those records for 1820 Alabama.
1830 Clarke Co Alabama      Branson Barlow      Census Image
1 m 10>15   1 m 20>30   1 m 50-60   /    1 f 15>20   1 f 50>60
Circumstantial evidence leads one to believe that Branson has a relationship to  Elias Barlow and William Barlow, both found in the same area's of Alabama

Several entries are made for Branson Barlow acquiring land in Monroe and Clarke Co Alabama, dated 1825-1839      See Land Documents
From Branson's will, which was probated in October 1839, we find the names of his children, but no wife is mentioned, so it is assumed she is already deceased
Branson Barlow Last Will and Testament  / Transcribed as legible  /  Copy of Original
The State of Alabama Clarke County Know all men by these presents, that I, Branson Barlow of the County and State aforesaid being mindful of my mortality and of sound and disposing mind do hereby make, publish, and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following; that is to say, first I resign my soul into the hands of Almighty God, the Creator of all things, and Controller of events firmly believing in a remission of my sins by the prediction of Jesus Christ, and my body I commit to the earth to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner; any my worldly Estate, I give and devise as follows:

First, I give and devise in trust to my six children____Lewis Barlow and John Barlow, at present of the said County of Clarke and William Barlow at present of the County of Clarke and State of Mississippi, and James Barlow of Hinds County in the State of Mississippi, and Mary Philips, wife of Elijah Philips, of the County of Clarke and the State of Alabama and Sara Pritchard, wife of Jerry Prichard at present of the County of Marengo and State of Alabama, all and singular my Entire Estate, both real and personal whether it consists of Lands, negroes, money, notes, bonds, goods or merchandise, stock or chattels, or property of any and every kind and description whatever share and share alike, to be divided into six equal parts by five discreet or desentered Citizens of said County of Clarke, to be chosen and selected for that purpose by a Majority of said children or their Legal Representatives ----- and I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint John Murphy and DRW McRae, both of the County of Clarke and State of Alabama, Trustees of the said Estate of the above mentioned, for the benefit of the said Lewis, John, William, James, Mary, and Sara and their several heirs or Legal Representatives: To have and to hold the said Estate both real and personal hereby conveyed or intended to be conveyed unto the said Murphy and McRae, their Execution, Administration or assigns Trustees as aforesaid, upon such trust, nevertheless and to & for such intents and purposes and under such provisions & agreements, as are hereinafter mentioned, that is to say, in trust for the said Lewis, John, William, James, Mary and Sara, and their heirs and assignees, that they the said, Murphy and McRae, their Executors, Administrators or assignees, shall and do permit the said, Lewis, John, William, James, Mary, and Sara, or their legal Representatives to have, receive, take and enjoy, all the interest of profits if the said real & personal Estate hereby given or conveyed or intended to be, to and for their own use and benefit, to the intent however, that the said Estate may not be at the disposal of or subject to the debts or engagements of the said Lewis, John, William, James, Mary or Sara (or their heirs) that they may now owe or that they may hereafter contract or become liable for provided always and it is my particular Will, and desire that in the event the said Lewis, John, William, James, Mary, or Sara, or any one of them, shall sell, on_____ otherwise dispose of any portion of their respective share or shares of my said Estate, their legal Representatives, or any one of my said heirs may at any time hereafter apply by the said Murphy or McRae, Trustees, as aforesaid or by his or her or their next best friend to any of the Courts of Equity of the State of Alabama, or wherever any of the said Estate may be found and __ the aid of the said Court to Compel the execution of the provisions and powers granted and given by this my last Will and Testament , so that the intended settlement of my said Estate, in trust upon my said children, to wit, Lewis, John, William, James, Mary and Sara, their heirs, & may be enforced and effectuated at any time hereafter. Provided always, and it is my Will and desire that my said heirs shall be permitted and I do hereby fully authorize jointly and severally should they see fit and consider it likely to advance their interest to sell, bargain and convey their respective shares or interests of and in my said real Estate at any time after the same shall have been divided, and set apart in the manner already mentioned & specified. It is my particular wish however some one of my children to become the purchaser of the same, and I specially en____ it upon my said heirs in every instance to give the refusal of such interest to some of my heirs should they wish to buy the same. Provided always and it is my intention the said real Estate, until so sold and disposed of shall be and remain subject to the same limitations and restrictions as first above provided and imposed; that is to say, subject to the Control of said Trustees as above specified and provided. Also, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter, Sara Prichard, the additional sum of one hundred dollars to be paid to her in money by my Executor, as soon after my death as is convenient. Also, it is my special Will and intention that my Executors pay to my son-in-law, Phillip, ample and sufficient compensation out of my present crop for his services as an overseer on my plantation during the present year. Also, it is my special wish and intention that my old and faithful slave Jenney be discharged from further labor, it is my wish that she be permitted to live free of labor with such one of my children as she may think fit and that they all render her such assistance as her circumstances may acquire and that she never be permitted either to want or become a County Charge. 

And lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my said son, Lewis Barlow and my friend, DWR McRae, Executors of my last Will and Testament by me hereunto made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 26th day of September 1839.

Signed, sealed, published and declared as the last Will and Testament of the above named Branson Barlow in presence of us. 

Branson Barlow X (his mark) and seal

J.A. McMillan    John Morris    Hiram B. Campbell

State of Alabama Clarke County \ Personally appeared in open Court, Hiram B. Campbell who being sworn ____ and says that the above appended Will is the last Will and Testament of Branson Barlow deceased, that the said Branson Barlow signed the above Will in his presence and in the presence of the other subscribing witnesses to said Will and that they signed it in the presence of the other subscribing witnesses and that the said Branson Barlow was of sound mind at the time of signing said Will........................

Hiram B. Campbell

Sworn and subscribed in open Court this 7th October 1869
Joseph P. Portis, Judge CCCC
Children of Branson Barlow are:   (Click on names for more of that particular family)
2.  LEWIS BARLOW2 was the first child of Branson, his birth year was probably 1795-96, in North Carolina, and died around April 1849 in Clarke Co Alabama.
3.  JOHN BARLOW was born c1798 in North Carolina 
4.  WILLIAM BARLOW  was born c1804 in North Carolina
5.  JAMES BARLOW was born c1806 in North Carolina
6.  MARY BARLOW was born c1808 in North or South Carolina
7.  SARAH BARLOW  was born c1810 in North or South Carolina, and died c1844, probably in Clarke or Marengo Co Alabama
Wanda Mulkey states: DANIEL B. BARLOW, a Methodist minister, born August 09, 1806 in Richland Co South Carolina, and died December 12, 1838 in the home of the Rev. John French around Barlow Bend, Clarke Co Alabama.   He was married in 1826, but I have never been able to find where.  I MYSELF believe him to be a son of Branson Barlow.    Can anyone elaborate on this family?
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