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Jesse Barlow and Lucy Wills, Isle of Wight Virginia

Compiled by Susan BARLOW Holmes

JESSE BARLOW6 (Thomas5, George4, Thomas3, Henry2, Edward1) son of Thomas Barlow and Martha Carrell, shown in Crocker genealogy as born 20 September 1740, and died 02 or 03 December 1779, burial at the family farm.

Some recent controversy (February-March 2009) has involved a tombstone being placed in St Luke's Cemetery, Smithfield Virginia honoring Jesse as a Revolutionary War hero.   Proper channels had not been taken to place that stone, and documents proving Jesse's military record have not been located, and to my knowledge, as May 2009, the stone is to be removed.  What a shame.  It is my fervent hope that documentation can be found and that Jesse will be rightfully honored. SBH
From Lundie Barlow works:  Jesse of Warwick, Virginia, and Isle of Wight, seems to have been engaged in business ventures of some kind which involved him in almost continuous litigation and encumbered his estate for sixteen years after his death.
As a resident of Warwick in 1770 he sold the "Piney Point Plantation" inherited from his father; the next year he bought land in the same locality which had formerly belonged to his father-in-law; in 1773 he repurchased an adjoining tract bequeathed by his father to the latter's nephew William Carrell. Thereafter, Jesse Barlow occurs as a resident of Isle of Wight, but in 1776, he sold all of his land there to a neighbor, Richard Hardy, some three years before his death.
Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight Co Virginia 1647-1800 by Blanche Adams Chapman, original publication date, 1938:
Will Book 5 pg 196 / D. December 03, 1748 / R. August 03, 1749
Barlow, Thomas, Leg. nephew, William Carrell; wife Martha; daughter Ann; son Jesse; daughter Mary.
Exs. wife and nephew William Carrell   /   Wit. R. Hardy, Peter Fiveash, James Piland
Will Book 7 pg 41 / D. March 05, 1760 / R. December 04, 1760
Barlow, Martha: Leg. daughter, Ann Harrison; granddaughters, Molly and Martha Harrison; son Jesse Barlow.
Exs. William Carrell and son Jesse Barlow. Wit. Dolphin Drew, John Welch
Other notes: According to Lundie Barlow, George Barlow was the father of Thomas Barlow, born about 1670 and died about 1718. He was married to Sarah Clay, daughter of John Clay. Sarah inherited The Piney Point plantation which was passed down to Jesse.  It was located on Lawn Creek.   [Maurice Crocker]
Jesse was married to LUCY WILLS, daughter of Thomas Wills of Northampton, North Carolina, who pre-deceased him. [Lundie Barlow Records]
Children of Jesse and Lucy are:
THOMAS BARLOW7 (c1761-1813) Planter, of Brunswick, Virginia, Wake, North Carolina, Edgefield, South Carolina, and Laurens, Georgia, enlisted in the Revolutionary Army when about sixteen years of age and served for three years with the Third Virginia (Edmond's) Artillery Regiment, receiving his discharge on 23 August 1780. Thomas was still in the army when his father died in 1779, and was still a minor, administration of the estate was granted to John Shelley, apparently his brother-in-law; the next year a chancery suit was brought against him, as son and heir-at-law on behalf of his younger brothers and sister; this action was dismissed in 1783 because an out-of-court settlement had been reached.
After Thomas Barlow's release from the army he lived in Brunswick, seemingly on the plantation of his kinsman, Willis Wills, until 1786; he bought land in Wake in 1787, which he held until 1796; removing thence to Edgefield he acquired land there in 1797, 1802, and 1807; he purchased a two hundred acre tract in Laurens in 1810 where he died about three years later.
According to family tradition, Thomas Barlow's first wife was Elizabeth, family name unknown, who he married in Virginia about 1784; he married secondly, Mary, family name unknown, who survived him until 1823, when her will was recorded in Laurens.    Thomas family has been researched and documented by several people including Lundie Weathers Barlow and Clinton Derek Barlow, both professional genealogists, with several additions contributed by various other sources including myself.  Click his name for the complete record
ii. MARTHA BARLOW married JOHN SHELLEY, Isle of Wight Virginia  [Lundie Barlow records]
BENJAMIN BARLOW married FRANCES 'FRANKEY' JONES on 24 January 1792 in Isle of Wight Co Virginia, [Blanche Adams Chapman, Marriages of Isle of Wight County, Virginia 1628-1800], daughter of David Jones of Isle of Wight Virginia [Lundie Barlow records]
WILLIS BARLOW, perhaps Willis Barlow who married Polly Holdsworth.    Click his name for more of this genealogy, which is as yet unproven.  DNA testing has been ordered [May 2009]
vi. FRANCES 'FANNY' BARLOW married DAVID JONES, Isle of Wight Virginia
Order book 1772-1780, page 511 Isle of Wight, Virginia April 06, 1780 in chancery:
The infant orphans of Jesse Barlow, deceased, against Thomas Barlow, son and heir of Jesse Barlow, deceased continue for the court complaint bill.
May 02, 1783 in chancery:
Benjamin, Jesse, Willis, Fanny and Lucy Barlow, by their guardian, against Thomas Barlow, heir at law of Jesse Barlow.
Dismissed: Settled outside court, the plaintiffs not furthur prosecuting
If anyone can contribute research for any of the children of Jesse and Lucy, it would be most appreciated.
LUCY BARLOW 7, born c1780, and died 1841 [Crocker genealogy]

She married DRURY 'DRUE' CROCKER on 12 Februrary 1793 in Isle of Wight Virginia. The son of Anthony Crocker and his wife Darcus, he was born c1770 in Virginia, and died sometime after 09 July 1825, and is thought to be buried in the Old Cahaba Cemetery, Dallas County Alabama
Isle of Wight, Virginia marriages shows Drue Crocker married Lucy Barlow on February 12, 1793 by Reverend William Hubbard, consent of Anthony Crocker and George Barlow. The surety being Benjamin Hicks. Anthony Crocker being the father of Drue Crocker, George Barlow was of some kin but not her brother or father because her father, Jesse was deceased.   [William Sirmon]
Question from Susan: Why is it thought George is not the father of Lucy? It has been written by several people .... but is it documented?    Might this be another case of someone having written this in a book, and it continues to be accepted? 
Drury Crocker made his will on 09 July 1825 and it appears in Will Book #1, page 41, in Dallas County, and states that he was living at that time on the waters of White Oak Creek, Dallas Co Alabama:
Dallas County, Alabama, Selma
In the name of the Father, son, and Holy Ghost, I Drury Crocker, of the State of Alabama and Dallas County now living in the water of the White Oak Creek,  and now in my perfect sense and as it was ordained that all men should die I commit my soul to God, my body to the grave and to be buried in a Christian like mannger and do appoint my beloved wife Lucy Crocker, to be my exectria of my will and testament.   I do bequeath to my beloved wife Lucy Crocker, all my house and plantation, all my personal property (viz horses, cows and calves, my hogs of every description, my bed, bedstead, kitchen, and household furniture of every description, my plantation tools and copper tools, all to be her property during her lifetime or widowhood.
It is my wish and desire that my beloved wife, Lucy Crocker, to give my beloved son, Cadmus Crocker as good education and all the rest of my children viz: George Crocker, William Crocker, Carey Crocker, Hazzard (Howard) Crocker, Crawford Crocker, Wilson Crocker, Monroe Crocker, Louisia Crocker, Hallen Wilson, Mary Proctor and Ann Crocker, one dollar each and my just debts to be paid.
This is my last Will and Testament all other wills and testaments are hereby revoked.  Given under my hand and Seal this 9th day of July, 1825.
X (His Mark) Drury Crocker
Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of us John Readen, Page R Windham.

John Moseley, one of the subscribers witness to the will made oath he was testator signed seal the said will in the presence of himself, John Readen, and Page A. Windham, the other subscribing witness and that they appoint the same in the presence of the testator further this dependeith sayth, that testato at the time of the sgning and sealing was of sound mind and memory.
John Mosley - Sworn to the open court his 8th Day of July, 1826, James Stafford, JCC

The Bond known all men by these present that we Lucy Crocker, John Moseley, and Jerry Moseley are held firmly bound unto James Stafford - Judge of the County Court and his successor in office in the sum of six hundred dollards the payment for which will and truly be made and done bind ourselves each of one our and each of our heirs.

Executor and Admi and apigns [sic], jointly and severally, firmly by these present sealed with our seals and dated this 8th day of May, 1825 he presents sealed with our condition on the above obligation is such that whereas the executing of the above bound in Lucy Crocker have been left executrix of the last will and testament of Drury Crocker, dec'd.  (Dallas County, Alabama)    Now if she will has truly perform all the duties which are required of her by law such Adm. then the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remian in full force and effect
X Lucy Crocker     X John Moseley     X Jerry Moseley  -  Test   E. Kenner   D. Clk.
Lucy being the head of household after Drury's death in the 1820's, bought the west 1/2 of NW 1/4 of section 22, Township 14 Range 10 on 09 October 1828 for $99.69, certificate 3776 in Alabama archives and history land sales book.
Lucy Crocker purchased land in Dallas Co Alabama on July 01, 1829
1810, Isle of Wight Virginia, pg 33, Drury Crocker:
5 males 0<10      1 male 10<16      1 m 26<45    //    2 females 0<10    2 females 10<16    1 female 26<45   and 1 slave          Census Image
1820, Newport Parish, Isle of Wight Virginia, pg 267, Drew Crocker:
4 males 0<10    2 males 10<16    1 male 45>      //    1 female 0<10    2 females 10<16    1 female 45>     Census Image
1830, Dallas Co Alabama, pg 77, Lucy Crocker:
2 males 10<15      2 males 15<20      1 male 20<30    //     1 female 10<15    1 female 40<50     Census Image
Note that in the 1810 and 1820 census records above, George Barlow is within a few doors of Drury and Lucy, and he was a witness to their marriage, thus the relationship must have been very close.  Also note that John Barlow, whom is a neighbor of Lucy Crocker in the 1830 Dallas Co Alabama census, named his first son, George, making me believe that his father is probably the George Barlow in these records.   Click his name for that family, and if anyone can tell us the relationship between George and Lucy, it would be most appreciated.   And one last note, one of John's daughter, Frances M. Barlow married a Crocker according to his will.  I believe it may be Drury and Lucy's son, Cadmus.   SBH  
1840, Dallas Co Alabama, pg 69, Lucy Crocker:
1 male 20<30      //     1 female 40<50        Census Image
Will Book B, page 26, Dallas Co Alabama orphans court records, dated 17 September 1829, [though she did not die until after the 1840 census]  [William Sirmon]
Anna Crocker - feather bed, one cow and calf, 1 trunk, 1 loom, 1 dish, 1 small mare, 6 dinner plates
Harwod [Hazzard] Crocker - 1 cow and calf, 1 feather bed
Wilson Crocker - 1 brown horse named Jack, 1 bed of furniture, 1 axe
Monroe Crocker - 1 colt, 1 yoke of oxen, 1 heifer, 1 sow, 1 cow and calf
Cadmus Crocker - W 1/2 of NW 1/4 of section 22 T14 - R10 district Cahaba, 1 cow, 1 calf, 1 filly
Crawford Crocker - All the rest of the use of the land until Cadmus becomes 21 years of age
Children, from Drury's will and not necessarily in order of birth:
WILLIAM CROCKER. Several genealogies show William to have been born c1822, and that he married CATHERINE BERRYHILL. I feel like the William born in 1822 is not a son of Drury and Lucy, but perhaps a grandson instead. From the way Drury's will is written, I think Cadmus is the youngest, still in need of an education, and that the rest are probably in order of birth, males before females.  Then checking the will/orphan records for Lucy, William and George are not listed at all, making me believe they are already grown.  One record showed them to have stayed in Virginia.  At least one genealogy agrees with my reasoning, or has better information than I do, and has the William who married Catherine as William W. Crocker, born 1827, son of Carey Crocker and Rebecca Benton  SBH
3 iii. CAREY CROCKER, born c1805 in Virginia, and died after 1860, perhaps in Troy, Pike Co Alabama 
4 iv. HAZZARD / HOWARD CROCKER, born in Virginia, and died before 1850 in Alabama
5 v. CRAWFORD CROCKER, born 22 July 1810 in Isle of Wight Virginia, and died 22 September 1881 in Bibb Co Alabama
6 vi. WILSON HARRY CROCKER, born 17 March 1812 in Isle of Wight Virginia, and died 18 January 1891 in Bibb Co Alabama  [Ancestry]
ix. HELEN CROCKER, probably married to a WILSON
8 xi. ANN CROCKER, born 04 October 1817, and died 04 May 1874. [Wm Sirmon]
CADMUS CROCKER married MINNIE.   Child: ANNE CROCKER married JOHN H. GRIER / GREER on 12 March 1859    [Ancestry]
I believe Minnie will be FRANCES M. BARLOW, daughter of John and Elizabeth Barlow, and probably a cousin to Cadmus.  If anyone has more information, please contact me.   SBH     I was only able to locate one census record who I believe to be this couple:
04 July 1860, Northern Division, Mobile Co Alabama, pg 132, #9/9:
C.R. Crocker, male, age 41, born in Virginia, F.M. Crocker, female, age 41, born in Alabama, and A. Greer, female, age 19, born in Alabama.      Census Image
3. CAREY CROCKER, born c1804-1805 in Virginia, and died c1861, perhaps in Troy, Pike Co Alabama  [Ancestry, and he is no longer in census records]  

He married REBECCA BENTON  [William Sirmon]   The daughter of Samuel and Sarah Benton, [Ancestry], she was born c1810-1811 in North or South Carolina
26 November 1850, Division 23, Barbour Co Alabama, pg 236, #1/7:
Cary Crocker, age 45, born in North Carolina, Rebecca Crocker, age 40, born in North Carolina, Dorcas Crocker, age 15, John Crocker, age 12, Bethel Crocker, age 10, Martha Crocker, age 8, Wiley Crocker, age 6, and Ann Crocker, age 2, all children born in Alabama        Census Image
22 September 1860, Beat 12, Barbour Co Alabama, pg 637, #1225/1205:
Carey Crocker, age 54, born in Virginia, Rebecca Crocker, age 53, born in South Carolina, Bethel Crocker, age 18, Martha Crocker, age 16, Wiley Crocker, age 13, and Annie A. Crocker, age 11, all children born in Alabama         Census Image
Children of Carey and Rebecca are:  [Full names, names of children not found on census, and dates from Ancestry, and are not proven by myself]
WILLIAM W. CROCKER9, born 22 March 1827 in Barbour Co Alabama, and died 28 January 1906 in Coffee Co Alabama.  [Ancestry]
He married CATHERINE BERRYHILL on 01 October 1846 in Barbour Co Alabama.  [Ancestry] The daughter of John Berryhill and Sarah McGabe, she was born 27 July 1829 in Georgia, and died 28 January 1914 in Coffee Co Alabama  [Ancestry]
ii. MANDOVIA CROCKER, born c1830  [Ancestry]
iii. HENRY CROCKER, born c1831  [Ancestry]
iv. FRANK CROCKER, born c1832  [Ancestry]
v. DORCAS ANN CROCKER, [1850C] born 21 January 1834 in Barbour Co Alabama, and died 25 September 1909 in Coffee Co Alabama [Ancestry]
vi. JOHN W. CROCKER, born c1838 in Alabama [1850 C]   He married FRANCES S. BUTTS on 15 July 1858 in Barbour Co Alabama.  [Ancestry]
vii. BETHEL DURANT CROCKER, born c1840-1842 in Alabama [1850,1860C]
He married MARGARET PYLANT on 01 February 1862 in Pike Co Alabama [Ancestry]
viii. MARTHA CROCKER, born c1842-1844 in Alabama [1850,1860C]
ix. WILEY EDWARD CROCKER, born March 1846 in Alabama [1850,1860C, Ancestry]
He married ELIZABETH WARR on 03 February 1865 in Pike Co Alabama [Ancestry]
x. ANNIE AMY CROCKER, born 27 March 1847 in Barbour Co Alabama, and died 1923.  [1850,1860C, Ancestry]
She married D.J. WILLIAMS on 07 April 1870 in Barbour Co Alabama   [Ancestry
4. HAZZARD / HOWARD CROCKER, born in Virginia, and died before 1850 in Alabama

He married SARAH BUTLER   [William Sirmon]  The daughter of Henry and Jerusa Butler, she was born _____
23 November 1850, Rascoes, Dallas Co Alabama, pg 292, #926/926:
Jerusa Butler, age 66, born in South Carolina, Moses Butler, age 25, born in Alabama, Sarah Crocker, age 33, born in Alabama, Sarah Crocker, age 12, born in Alabama, David Crocker, age 10, born in Alabama, and Jane Crocker, age 8, born in Alabama      Census Image
In 1860, David Crocker, age 21 lives in Conecuh Co in the home of Luke and Sarah A. Colley, her age 23      Census Image 1         Census Image 2
Children of Hazzard/Howard and Sarah are:  [Full names, and dates from Ancestry, and are not proven by myself]
i. SARAH ALABAMA CROCKER, born 1836 in Alabama, and died 1884 in Monroe Co Alabama [1850C, Ancestry]
She married LUKE COLEY   [1860C, Ancestry]  The son of Obediah Coley and Sarah Cochran, he was born 1829, and died 1896 in Monroe Co Alabama [Ancestry]
DAVID ALLEN CROCKER, born 20 March 1839 in Alabama, and died May 1888 in Wilcox Co Alabama   [1850C, Ancestry]
He married MARGARET ANN REYNOLDS on 21 December 1865.  [Ancestry]   The daughter of Thomas G. Reynolds, she was born 20 October 1844, and died 04 August 1926 in Wilcox Co Alabama  [Ancestry]
iii. JULIA JANE KATHERINE CROCKER, born c1842 in Coffee Co Alabama, and died 1926 in Monroe Co Alabama. [1850C, Ancestry]
She married BENJAMIN WHATLEY c1860.  He was born 07 October 1832 in South Carolina, and died 18 February 1886 in Monroe Co Alabama   [Ancestry]
CRAWFORD CROCKER, born 22 July 1810 in Isle of Wight Virginia, and died 22 September 1881 in Bibb Co Alabama [Ancestry

He married 1) REBECCA T. BUTLER on 23 June 1833 in Perry Co Alabama.  [Ancestry]   A daughter of Henry and Jerusa Butler, she was born 23 June 1811, and died 01 October 1861.  [Ancestry]
He married 2) FANNY OLDHAM BLAKEY on 19 April 1864 in Bibb Co Alabama.  [Ancestry]   The daughter of Joseph Anthony Blakey and Susan Stubblefield, she was born 20 October 1820, and died 29 April 1885  [Ancestry]  She had previously been married to Elijah Palmer Crow   [Ancestry
23 November 1850, Rascoes, Dallas Co Alabama, pg 292, #923/923:
Crawford Crocker, age 40, born in Virginia, Rebecca Crocker, age 40, born in South Carolina, W.H.C. Crocker, male, age 16, N.A. Crocker, female, age 14, J.M. Crocker, male, age 11, Leonard Crocker, age 7, M.I. Crocker, female, age 6, and Juda Crocker, age 1, all children born in Alabama          Census Image 1   Census Image 2
I was unable to locate him in an 1860 census
23 August 1870, Twp 21, Rg 9, Pinetucky, Perry Co Alabama, pg 458, #103/103:
Crawford Crocker, age 61, born in Virgnia, Fanny Crocker, age 50, born in Alabama, Jestmer Crocker, age 15, George Crocker, age 5, and Melissa Crow, age 11, all children born in Alabama          [Note:  Melissa is the daughter of Fanny and her first husband]     Census Image
24 June 1880, Pinetucky, Perry Co Alabama, pg 398, #69/69:
Crawford Crocker, age 70, he and both parents born in Virginia, Fannie Crocker, wife, age 59, she and both parents born in Georgia, Chestina Crocker, daughter, age 26, George Crocker, son, age 13, Elizabeth Crow, granddaughter, age 9, Mary Crow, granddaughter, age 5, and Zack Crow, grandson, age 4, all children born in Alabama     Census Image
Children of Crawford and Rebecca are:    [Full names, and dates from Ancestry, and are not proven by myself]
i. WILLIAM C. CROCKER, born 23 April 1834 in Alabama, and died 1868 in Alabama  [Ancestry]
He married E. F. WILKINSON on 06 June 1861   [Ancestry]
NANCY A. CROCKER, born 12 December 1835.  [Ancestry]
She married CALVIN JAMES CREWS ON 08 August 1865 [Blackburn Family Bible, Ancestry] His second marriage, he was the son of Benjamin and Lucretia Crews, born 19 August 1807 in North Carolina and died 07 September 1867 in Perry Co Alabama [Ancestry]
iii. SARAH ELIZABETH CROCKER, born 08 June 1838, and 06 September 1849  [Ancestry]
iv. JOHN M. CROCKER, born 15 November 1839, and died 27 June 1862  [Ancestry]
v. LEONARD CROCKER, born 18 November 1842 in Dallas Co Alabama, and died 01 June 1912 in Perry Co Alabama.  [Ancestry]
He married HARRIET M. She was born 27 July 1846 or 1848, and died 04 September 1911  [Ancestry]
vi. M. ISABELLA CROCKER, born 26 May 1848 in Dallas Co Alabama  [Ancestry]
JUDITH ANGELINE CROCKER, born 31 December 1849 in Dallas Co Alabama, and died 18 August 1878 in Perry Co Alabama   [Ancestry]
She married JAMES BLAKEY CROW.  The son of her step-mother, Fanny Oldham Blakey and her first husband, Elijah Palmer Crow, he was born 24 February 1846 in Bibb Co Alabama, and died 19 June 1923 in Perry Co Alabama.  After Judith's death, James married 3 more times, his 3rd marriage is to Judith's sister, Justina    [Ancestry]
viii. JUSTINA / JESTMER CROCKER, born 20 January 1854.  [Ancestry, See Judith]
Child of Crawford and Fanny is:
GEORGE CALVIN CROCKER, born 22 November 1865, and died 23 May 1922.   [Ancestry]
He married LAURA TARRIAH FOUNTAIN c1887.  [Ancestry]   The daughter of James R. Fountain and Tarisee Whimbush Waller, she was born 16 August 1867 in Perry Co Alabama, and died 20 February 1929 in Bibb Co Alabama.   [Ancestry
6. WILSON HARRY / HENRY CROCKER, born 17 March 1812 in Isle of Wight Virginia, and died 18 January 1891 in Bibb Co Alabama  [Ancestry]

He married 1)  ELISA TARVER   She was born in 1810, and died 1851  [William Sirmon]
He married 2)  MARY STERLING GURLEY on 19 April 1852.  [Ancestry]  She was born in 1833, and died October 1919
1840, Dallas Co Alabama, pg 69, Wilson Crocker:
1 male 5<10      1 male age 20<30      //      3 females 0<5      1 female 5<10      1 female 20<30         Census Image
23 September 1850, Wilcox Co Alabama, pg 347, #34/34:
Nelson Crocker, age 37, born in Virginia, Eliza Crocker, age 38, born in Virginia, Benjamin Crocker, age 16, Emaline Crocker, age 14, and Catherine Crocker, age 12, all children born in Alabama           Census Image
25 June 1860, Twp 14, Rg 4 Marengo Co Alabama, pg 345, #272/289:
Wilson Crocker, age 48, born in Georgia, Mary S. Crocker, age 24, born in Alabama, Annie F. Crocker, age 4, and Sam W. Crocker, age 2, both children born in Alabama     Census Image
I could not locate Wilson in an 1870 census
09 June 1880, Hampton, Marengo Co Alabama, pg 591, #2/66:
Wilson Crocker, head, age 68, he and both parents born in Virginia, Mary Crocker, wife, age 47, she and both parents born in North Carolina, Sammy Crocker, son, age 25, Zo Crocker, son, age 17, Minnie Crocker, daughter, age 10, Orlando Crocker, son, age 6, and Molly Gurly, niece, age 26, all children born in Alabama    Census Image
Children of Wilson and Eliza are:
i. MARTHA A. CROCKER, born 1832, and died 06 March 1850.  She married JAMES A. NETTLES.  [Ancestry, Wm Sirmon]
ii. OTHANIAL BENTHANIAL CROCKER, born 04 May 1834 in Wilcox Co Alabama, and died 09 November 1916 in Marengo Co Alabama [Ancestry]
He married  1) ANNIE I. STOCKMAN  [1836-1870]   He married 2) ANNIE VIRGINIA STOCKMAN [1834-1903] [Wm Sirmon]
iii. EMELINE CROCKER, born 09 September 1836   [Ancestry]
iv. CATHERINE CROCKER, born c1838 [Wm Sirmon]
Children of Wilson and Mary are:
i. ELISHA CROCKER, born 19 November 1853, and died 08 January 1854  [Ancestry]
ii. SAMUEL WILSON CROCKER, born 28 April 1855 in Marengo Co Alabama, and died 26 December 1920 in Marengo Co Alabama [Ancestry]
He married AMANDA ALICE WILLIAMS on 16 November 1880. She was born 22 April 1863, and died 20 February 1850 in Marengo Co Alabama  [Ancestry]
FLORENCE A. CROCKER, born 25 March 1858, and died 1861  [Ancestry, Wm Sirmon]   Shown as Annie F. Crocker in the 1870 census, she is 2 years older than Sam.  [1870C]
iv. WILLIAM EUGENE CROCKER, born 02 July 1860 in Marengo Co Alabama, and died 12 April 1922 in Marengo Co Alabama.  [Ancestry]
He married JULIA HESTER WILLIAMS, born 1854   [Wm Sirmon]
v. ZOE RASTUS CROCKER, born 27 October 1862   [Ancestry]
vi. MINNIE LOU CROCKER, born 12 March 1870   [Ancestry]
vii. ORLANDO LEE CROCKER, born 06 October 1873 [Ancestry]
7. MONROE CROCKER  born c1814-1815 [1850,1860,1870,1880C]

He married ELIZABETH 'ELIZA' LEWIS   [Wm Sirmon]
23 November 1850, Division 23, Barbour Co Alabama, pg 230, #1854/1911:
Munroe Crocker, age 35, born in Georgia, Eliza Crocker, age 33, born in Georgia, John Crocker, age 8, Eliza Crocker, age 8, Nancy Crocker, age 5, Mary Crocker, age 2, all children born in Alabama, and Penny Lewis, age 25, born in Georgia      Census Image 1    Census Image 2
17 July 1860, Faulks, Barbour Co Alabama, pg 523, #407/397:
Monroe Crocker, age 46, born in Virginia, Eliza Crocker, age 48, born in North Carolina, Sarah O. Turner, age 18, born in Alabama, John Turner, age 23, born in Georgia, Nancy J. Crocker, age 15, born in Alabama, and Ann C. Crocker, age 11, born in Alabama    Census Image
01 September 1870, Twp 3, Rg 20, Coffee Co Alabama, pg 431, #9/9:
Monroe Crocker, age 55, born in Georgia, Eliza Crocker, age 60, born in Georgia, Ann C. Crocker, age 20, born in Alabama, and Penny Louis, age 55, born in Georgia    Census Image
June 1880, Tillman's Mill, Coffee Co Alabama, pg 342, #435:
Monroe Crocker, head, age 65,   born in North Carolina, parents birthplaces blank, Elizabeth Crocker, wife, age 75, she and both parents born in Virginia, Ann C. Peacock, daughter, age 31, born in North Carolina, John B. Peacock, grandson, age 4, born in Alabama, Lugenia Turner, granddaughter, age 19, birthplace unknown, Penny Lewis, sister-in-law, age 65, she and both parents born in North Carolina, and John Davis, relationship not shown, age 35, born in Alabama   Census Image
Children of Monroe and Elizabeth are:
i. JOHN CROCKER, born c1842  [1850C]
ii. ELIZA CROCKER, twin to John, born c1842 [1850, 1860C]
iii. NANCY J. CROCKER, born c1845 [1850, 1860C]
iv. MARY CROCKER, born c1849 [1850C]
v. ANN C. CROCKER, born c1849, may be the same as Mary.  [1860, 1870, 1880C]   She married MR. PEACOCK [1880C]
8. ANN CROCKER, born 04 October 1817, and died 04 May 1874. [Wm Sirmon]

She married ASA TURNER in 1839, Dallas Co Alabama.  He was born 01 May 1808, and died 21 April 1852 [Wm Sirmon]
The marriage certificate for Anne Crocker to marry Asa Turner was issued in Dallas County on 30 March 1839. It was recorded on 23 September 1839.  [Wm Sirmon]
1840, Dallas Co Alabama, pg 72, Asa Turner:     1 male 0<5      1 male 30<40    //      1 female 30<40      Census Image
03 October 1850, Pleasant Hill, Dallas Co Alabama, pg 248, #212/212:
Ada Turner, age 47, born in North Carolina, Ann Turner, age 32, born in Virginia, J.W. Turner, male, age 10, Wm. W. Turner, male, age 8, M.A. Turner, female, age 6, G.B. Turner, male, age 4, J.S. Turner, male, age 3, and H.L. Turner, male, age 5 months, all children born in Alabama        Census Image
16 August 1860, Eastern Division, Wilcox Co Alabama, pg 1108, #650/695:
Ann Turner, age 44, born in Georgia, Jno Turner, age 20, M.A. Turner, age 16, W. Turner, age 18, Geo. Turner, age 14, Henry Turner, age 12, and A.A. Turner, age 8, all children born in Alabama           Census Image
23 August 1870, Fox Mills, Wilcox Co Alabama, pg 505, #130/131:
George B. Turner, age 24, born in Alabama, Henry E. Turner, age 20, born in Alabama, Azonia Turner, age 16, born in Alabama, and Anbonia? Turner, age 52, born in Virginia           Census Image
Children of Ann and Asa are:
i. JOHN W. TURNER, born 27 October 1839 [Wm Sirmon]
ii. WILLIAM W. TURNER, born 27 August 1841, and died 01 January 1875 [Wm Sirmon]
iii. MARY ANN TURNER, born 30 June 1843.   She married SIMPSON W. MCKINNEY on 28 May 1867 [Wm Sirmon]
GEORGE BARLOW TURNER, born 08 October 1845, and died 28 February 1928.  [Wm Sirmon]
He married LOUISA JANE WARREN on 28 May 1874. [Wm Sirmon]  The daughter of Jesse Eldridge Warren and Sarah Pamella Roberts, she was born 16 October 1851, and died 03 February 1935 in Wilcox Co Alabama, burial in Bear Creek Cemetery. [Ancestry]
v. JAMES S. TURNER, born 06 March 1848, and died 1856 [Wm Sirmon]
HENRY LITTLETON TURNER, born 07 February 1850 in Pleasant Hill, Dallas Co Alabama, and died 23 February 1940 in McWilliams, Wilcox Co Alabama. [Wm Sirmon]    He married MARY ELLEN HARPER on 25 November 1875.  [Wm Sirmon]
ASA ANNA TURNER, born 30 October 1852, and died 29 December 1934 in Monroe Co Alabama  [Wm Sirmon]
She married NATHAN SIMPSON 'SIMP' SIRMON, on 05 September 1872  [Wm Sirmon]   The son of Daniel Taylor Sirmon and Elizabeth R. McKinney, he was born 28 October 1848 in Alabama, and died 03 April 1930 in Baldwin Co Alabama   [Ancestry]
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