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Jim Barlow
/ Director of Science and Research Communications at the University of Oregon / List owner of the BARLOW Mailing List

Jim is a descendant of of the Germanna Barlows       His family can be seen at:     Index to the Records of Enoch Barlow Family

Photo of Jim Barlow, c1955:  Seeing that I grew up to be a newspaper reporter and editor, then a science writer, you could say this photo was taken by my dad, James Thomas Barlow (1914-1996), with a crystal ball

The Barlow mailing list is not a part of the Barlow Genealogy website, and is not owned by Susan Barlow Holmes, but instead by James 'Jim' Barlow and Rootsweb.  We work together toward furthering and aiding your research of your Barlow family, but are separate entities.
To join the mailing list:  First, decide if you would like to receive each posting as it is sent, including those you send. That is called the "L mode" If you would like to have the digest mode, "D mode", usually only one e-mail per day, containing all the messages posted that day. Sometimes, if mail is really heavy, you may get two e-mails.

To subscribe to the "L mode" mailing list, send an email to:   Barlow-L-request@rootsweb.com

To subscribe to the "D mode" mailing list, send an email to:   BARLOW-D-request@rootsweb.com

Type the word Subscribe in the message area, nothing in the subject line

Turn off your signature line if you have one, and hit send.

You will receive within a few moments, confirmation that you are now a subscriber, along with directions for posting and for unsubscribing.

To post messages once you have subscribed, use the same addresses as above, but 'without' the word 'request' and be sure to use the L or D, whichever you chose.

BARLOW Mailing List Rules

The only things that I am strict on are "Staying On-Topic" and "No Flames".

No attachments, text format only

The list is specifically for the free discussion of the Barlow & variations of Barlow surname

No "Ann Landers" threads, no "Save Business Cards for Poor Children" threads

No "Send Email to So-and-So Who Is Dying in a Hospital and He Wants to Set a Guiness Book of Records for the Most Email Messages Received" threads.

And FOR DANGED SURE, no email about virus and Trojan warnings!

If anyone DOES have some off-topic message he/she wishes to post to the List, the proper thing to do is to send it to me privately at and let me forward it if I think it appropriate and necessary. And, finally, if anyone has anything nasty to say about another user's post, it would be best if it were not said, but if it MUST be, send it privately to the individual, NOT back to the List for hundreds of other users to see.
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