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James Barlow 1788 Ainsworth, Bury, Lancashire England Mark Barlow Lancashire Barlow
Reginald Barlow & Joan Darbyshire. @1930 Michael Randle Barlow  
Bury & Salford, Lancashire, UK Lee Cognetta  
Britain>PA>IA Elaine Jeter  
Lancashire ENG>Warren Co PA Chris Hudson  
Cheshire & Shropshire, England John W. Barlow  
Lancashire, England>NY Alma Barlow Nielsen ***
Yorkshire or London, England Julia Wade ***
Lincolnshire England Wendy Barlow ***
Rossendale Lancashire UNITED KINGDOM John Barlow ***
Salford or Leigh Lancashire, England Linda Streckewald ***
Rotherham, Yorkshire England Richard Thomas Barlow ***
Sheffield-Yorkshire England>Ontario CANADA Alan Barlow ***
Hoylake, Cheshire England Kevin Mark Holmes ***
Radcliffe/Bolton, Lancashire, UK Abby Gilboa ***
Entwistle, Edgworth & Turton, Lancashire England David Ollerton Family Tree Maker Site
Cheshire & the Midlands UK Richard Baker-Barlow ***
Isle of Anglesey-North WALES, UK Thomas Barlow ***
Edenfield,  Lancashire, England Janet B. Huige~Lees ***
England>MI-PA-WI-AL-TN-SC-NJ-CT-FL-CA-OR-KS Ryan Eberhart ***
John Barlow    1841    IRELAND>Middlesex Co NJ Jenny Barlow ***
Cheshire England Terence James Barlow ***
John Barlow    1600 from England > Wales Margaret Barlow ***
Frederick William Barlow  early 20th century     Manchester England David Barlow ***
Thomas & Elizabeth Barlow   1852    Liverpool in packet "Shackamaxon"  Peter Francis Barlow ***
James Barlow 1895  Manchester, England Peter Kilvert ***
George Barlow & Annie Henbest       Hampshire, England Julia Margaret Barlow ***
Frederick Stanley Barlow    Lancashire England>CANADA-1911 Joe Barlow ***
John 'Jack' Barlow  1836 Tipton Staffordshire>Stoke-on-Trent  Terry Chell ***
Joshua Barlow  1830  Heaton Lancashire>Cheshire Bedfordshire Mike Barlow Our Barlow Family
Charles Barlow   1853       Whitechurch, Oxfordshire, England Michael Dudley Barlow ***
John James Barlow Jr.   England>CANADA>USA Susan Ann Swindelles ***
William Barlow  1920's    UK - England James Barlow ***
Robert De Barlow   1275    Wales> England > USA Kayce Corbin Duran ***
Alfred James Barlow & Ann Dennis 1836 Sunderland Durham ENG
Samuel James Barlow 1896 London England>CANADA
Robert William John Barlow ***
Richard Barlow 1823  Cumberland, England > Ashton, England Stephen Barlow ***
Elizabeth Barlow   1821  Cheshire England Virginia Hayes ***
Henry Barlow   1548 Prestbury >Manchester 1639 >Rochdale 1687>
Oldham 1720>Leeds 1814>London 1855 > 
Cape of Good Hope 1880> USA 1960
Inge Harding-Barlow Rosetta Stone Inc
Elsie Barlow   Sheffield - South Yorkshire England  Julia Mereritt ***
George Barlow / Annie Elizabeth Henbest  c1850 -1900
Ringwood area of Hampshire
Julia Margaret Barlow ***
Frank Barlow, of Frank Barlow and Sons, Plumbing
c1918 Lancashire region > Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
John R. Barlow ***
John Barlow   1635  Eng>CT>NY>NJ>IN>IL Aaron A. Barlow ***
Charles Richard Barlow of Chorlton cum Hardy, c1880s   Devon>India>London James Barlow ***
John Barlow & Mary Jane White  1853 
Staffordshire Eng > Portage Wisconsin
Elaine Irene Manger ***
William Barlow c1830 + Maria Brighton
Leeds, Yorkshire, Eng> to Wales to Worcester, MA USA
Helen Ware ***
Harry P. Barlow  1888  Whitechaple London England Tony Barlow ***
David Slaughter Barlow, Father   England David Lewis Barlow ***
Alan Barlow b. 1919 Sales, Chesire England > New Zealand Ora Barlow  
Charles Richard of Chorlton cum Hardy, c.1880s
Chorlton/Manchester > Devon/ India > London
James Barlow  
Margaret BARLOW  b.c1755 and Jane BARLOW b.c1832 
London, Birmingham. England
Michele Berry  
James Barlow, Sr. 1634 Pembrokeshire, Wales, England Gaylord Barlow  
Joseph Barlow c1850 St. Helens, Lancashire Jill Rigby  
Daughter of Edward Alexander Barlow of Hartlepool Co Durham
Grand-daughter of William Barlow
William Barlow, born in Lancashire (1860?- 1944) married to Margaret Tate
Jane Atkinson nee BARLOW  
Nicholas Barlow and Ann Tobie, m. Feb 1689/90 > West Berkshire Steve Miller  
John Barlow, b. c1814 + Elizabeth
Flaxmoss, Cob Castle, Haslingden, Lancashire > USA
Marian Gardner  
George Barlow 1850 > England ? > Canada Sue Ellen Bolt  
Capt Brabazon John Barlow, Co Armagh, b 1833
Ireland > England - Southampton and Dover
Rod Smith  
Esther Barlow, 1810
Bolton, MAN, Eng > Bury, MAN, Eng > Salford, MAN, Eng
Lee Cognetta  
Richard Barlow born about 1750
to US from UK in about 1770 then in Virginia
James Barlow  
John Barlow 1810, London, England Sally Barlow  
Peter early 1700's or James early 1700's or daughter Esther abt 1745 - England Audrea Frizell  
Robert / Ernest . b:1889 d:1963 Cheshire & Rochdale UK
Hoylake Cheshire UK
Karen Barlow  
Alfred James Barlow & Sarah Jane Stephens
England, Canada, USA, Australia
Robert Barlow  
Barlow/1850 to present/ Aylesbury & High Wycombe Buckinghamshire England Kevin Jeffries Kevin's Web

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