African American Nativity

I have few records of African American Barlow's, but I have had several contacts of families promising lineages, though none have yet come through.  There may be other black families in the Clearinghouse that I do not realize the nativity. There are several black Barlow men listed in the  Military Records  Barlow Genealogy.

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Descendants of Harmon Barlow
Hart Co Kentucky / Marion Co Indiana / Los Angeles Co California
From the research of   Colette Orlandi

Boce Barlow
Judge and Connecticut State Senator 

Ken Barlow
Indianapolis, Indiana
Sports -  College Basketball
Grover Dean Barlow & the Cricketts
Rhythm and Blues Singer
Album Cover

Negroes of Thomas Barlow
Isle of Wight Virginia
Edgecombe Co South Carolina-Laurens Co Georgia
Lucreasy, slave of Mary Mason Barlow
Carolina Co Virginia
Slaves of William & Lucy Barlow
Hanover Co Virginia
Peter, Sam, Joseph, William, Lucy, George, Easter, Milly,
John and Louisa

Leila Mae Barlow
Americus, Sumter Co Georgia - Montgomery Co Alabama
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