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James Barlow of Coffee Co Alabama and Miller Co Georgia

with family in San Augustine, Newton, and Shelby Co Texas

Rhio's Sampler

Susan BARLOW Holmes research on this family follows:

Darrell Barlow of Shreveport Louisiana, - invalid email - posted a query in February 2003:

My family is from East Texas/ Shelby, San Augustine Co and surrounding areas. My ggrandfather was Franklin P. Barlow, who appears in the 1880 San Augustine Co Texas census with his wife, Angelina and 2 yr old son, Daniel. He had a brother, James who lived his life in Shelby Co and probably a brother Joseph who lived in same county. All three Barlows were married within a couple of months of each other in Newton Co Texas. Frank and James married Miller sisters, one month apart in 1877; Frank to Angelina, and James to Mary.  These Barlows were sons of James Barlow of Georgia.

Using that information, and Allan's information, census records, marriage records, and cemetery records, I have tried to put together some kind of genealogy / time line for this family, but it is not all making sense.  I will post my findings below, and perhaps someone can prove or disprove items, and we can finally put some kind of lineage together for Allan's family.

Joseph, Franklin, and James, brothers, all said to be sons of James Barlow of Georgia or Alabama.  The closest thing I could find was an 1870 census record in Colquitt, Miller Co Georgia whom I think may be them, but am not 100% positive.  This James is said to be the son of Elisha Marion Barlow, son of William and Edith Mathoda Barlow.  Records show a James Barlow married Frances Tomblin on 15 April 1847 in Muscogee Co Georgia that is likely him.  The 1860 census of Coffee Co Alabama appears to be their family, though if the ages are correct, James fathered Caroline at the age of 16 and Frances, age 15. 

Election Precinct 1 P.O. Geneva. Coffee Co Alabama Enumerated June 11, 1860 by James Larkins Page 763 #103/103
Census Image
James Barlow, age 27, farmer, $150, born in Georgia
Frances Barlow, age 26, born in Georgia
Caroline Barlow, age 11, born in Georgia
Franklin Barlow, age 8, born in Alabama
Josiah Barlow, age 7, born in Alabama
James N. Barlow, age 3, born in Alabama
John Barlow, age 1, born in Alabama

Apparently Frances has died before 1870, at which time, James is married to Mary Ann.   The ages are off for the children, which might be looked over since their mother has passed, but notice, James has aged 26 years since 1860...........

Enumerated 04 August 1870  Colquitt, Miller Co Georgia  pg 428  #394/394     Census Image

James Barlow 53 Farmer $250/200 GA
Mary Ann Barlow 45 Keeps House ** GA
Ellen C. Barlow 17 At Home ** GA
Franklin P. Barlow 14 Farm Labor ** GA
Josiah F. Barlow 12 Farm Labor ** GA
James F. Barlow 10 Farm Labor ** AL
John F. Barlow 8 At Home ** AL
Andy D. Barlow 6 At Home ** AL
Pete Barlow 4 At Home ** GA
Josephine Cook 10 At Home ** GA
Jefferson Lee 8 At Home ** GA

We have James and Franklin here, could Joseph be the same as Josiah or John?  


By 1880, Franklin, Joseph, and James are said to be in Texas. 

Rhio's Sampler

Franklin P. Barlow and Angeline A. Miller

F.P. Barlow married Anjaline A. Miller on 01 March 1877 in Newton Co Texas

Enumerated 23 June 1880     Precinct 1, San Augustine Co Texas    pg 267  #273/273      Census Image

Frank Barlow Tenant 23 TX ** **
Angelina Barlow Wife 23 TX ** **
Daniel Barlow Son 2 TX TX TX
Henry Barlow/Barlon? Tenant 18 TX TX TX

I was unable to locate this family in any 1900 census, and by 1910, Frank is deceased.

Enumerated 25 April 1910, Precinct 2, Shelby Co Texas  pg 106  #143/151  Angie is a widow, 4 children born, 2 living    Census Image

Mrs. Angie Barlow 53 Widow TX GA GA
Dan Barlow 32 Son LA GA TX

In this record, it shows that Dan was born in Louisiana, so I checked Louisiana in 1900, but found no record of Franklin there either. 

Enumerated 05 February 1920  Precinct 3, Shelby Co Texas  pg 128      # FM 242/249  Newville Rd       Census Image

Guy A. Barlow Head 32 TX TX TX
Angelina Barlow Mother - widow 63 TX TX TX
Dan Brother 39 TX TX TX

So we now know that the two living children of Frank and Angelina Barlow are Dan and Guy.  I was unable to locate Guy in the 1910 census. 

At age 39, Guy married Minnie, age 23 

Enumerated 18 April 1930    Precinct 2, RR#1, Shelby Co Texas  pg 117  #158/161     Census Image

Guy A. Barlow Head 41 TX GA TX
Minnye Barlow Wife 25 TX TX TX
Guy Barlow, Jr. Son 2 11/12 TX TX TX
Allen Barlow Son 7/12 TX TX TX
Dan Barlow Brother 51 TX GA TX
Angeline Barlow Mother 74 TX GA GA

Apparently Dan never married.

Death Records of Texas also has the following death record:

Daniel Webster Barlow, died 27 January 1946, Shelby Co, DC #4767

Adams Cemetery, Shelby Co Texas, I find the following: 

Mrs. Angeline Barlow  / no dates Angeline Barlow Campbell    08 Mar 1856   16 Jan 1935
Guy A. Barlow  1888 - 1971  #DC 5543 Minnie M. Barlow      1904 - 1981    (no death record located in Texas)

Could this Angeline Campbell, possibly be the same as Mrs. Angeline, wife of Frank.  She would have been 79.    If not, then who is she?  The dates would be good for her.  She could not have been a daughter of Frank and Angeline.  But where did the Campbell come from?   Perhaps she did remarry after Frank's death, but either he also died, or the marriage didn't work out, and she reverted back to Barlow.  I did notice that the George and Emma Campbell family lived next door in the 1920 census.  More research will need to be done on Frank to find out when he died, and where.  Locating them in the 1900 census might possibly answer some questions.

Rhio's Sampler

James F. / Jim B. Barlow and Mary Miller

I am having some confusion with James / Jim.  First the middle initial shown as F. on the marriage record, and B on the census.  I believe I have the same person, but cannot be sure. 

Darrell Barlow tells us that James married Mary Miller, census records indicate that James married Mary, but the record I find shows:  James F. Barlow married Eliza J. Miller on 01 February 1877 in Newton Co Texas.   James was married twice (from 1910 census), I believe first to Eliza J. Miller, and second to Mary Jane Miller, Mary's maiden name from from death certificate #57081  (ordering this certificate may give better information)

In 1880, the only record I find for a James is in Shelby Co, he is 22, living in the home of Charles and Susan Wilkins.  It is possible that Eliza died, perhaps in childbirth, and that the child was in the home of a relative or friend, while James is boarding with the Wilkins.  See 1900 census for further explanation.

Enumerated 05 June 1880    Precinct 2 Shelby Co Texas      pg 43  #184/186      Census Image

Charles C. Wilkins Farmer 39 AL SC SC
Susan C. Wilkins Wife -Keeps House 34 AL ? ?
Edger E. Wilkins Son 6 LA AL LA
George H. Wilkins Son 3 LA AL LA
James Barlow Farm Laborer 22 GA GA GA

If he was indeed married to Eliza in 1877, she must have died prior to 1880 if this could be him.  The age works with the following census records.

Enumerated 13 June 1900   Precinct 2, Shelby Co Texas   pg 108  #168/168     Census Image
Married 13 years, 6 children born, 6 living  (thus this marriage would have taken place c1887)

Jim B. Barlow Head October 1856 43 AL TX AL
Mary Barlow Wife September 1876 24 TX TX TX
Bell Barlow Daughter October 1887 12 TX AL TX
Joe Barlow Son July 1890 9 TX AL TX
Nolley Barlow Son March 1892 8 TX AL TX
Henry Barlow Son April 1894 6 TX AL TX
Eva Barlow Daughter June 1896 4 TX AL TX
Alex Barlow Son December 1898 1 TX AL TX

Next door, I believe this is his son from a first marriage, perhaps Eliza, but as to where this child was in 1880, I do not know. If he were in a relatives home, he may have been enumerated with a wrong surname.   

#169/169   Married 1 year, 0 children born

James Barlow Head December 1877 22 TX AL TX
Mattie Barlow Wife June 1884 15 TX GA GA

I have not been able to determine for sure whether his wife is Mattie or Mollie.

Enumerated 26 April 1910    Precent 2 Shelby Co Texas   pg 107  #160/179    Census Image
Jim's second marriage, this marriage 23 years, 11 children born, 10 living

Jim Barlow Head 54 GA GA GA
Mary Barlow Wife 38 TX GA GA
Henry Barlow Son 15 TX GA TX
Eva Barlow Daughter 13 TX GA TX
Lu Barlow Son 11 TX GA TX
Arnelle Barlow Daughter 9 TX GA TX
Lou Barlow Daughter 9 TX GA TX
A.C. Barlow Son 4 TX GA TX
Floyd Barlow Son 2 TX GA TX

Alex is probably the same as Lu in the 1900 census.   Bell or Nolley may be the deceased child, Joe is in Jim Jr.'s home

Enumerated 19 April 1910  Precinct 2 Shelby Co Texas   pg 99  #47/48    Census Image
Marriage 1, 19 years, 6 children born, 5 living  (this time the census taker says this is Jim's first marriage)

Jim Barlow, Jr. Head 32 TX GA GA
Mollie Barlow Wife 22 MS AL AL
Ginia Barlow Daughter 9 TX AL AL
Bealuh Barlow Daughter 7 TX AL AL
Bertha Barlow Daughter 5 TX AL AL
Velma Barlow Daughter 3 TX AL AL
Elmus Barlow Son 1 TX AL AL
Joe Barlow Laborer 22 TX TX TX

I feel sure that Joe is Jim's half brother regardless of his age as compared to that in 1900, and to the parents birthplaces.  Note that the census taker also got all of the childrens parents birthplaces wrong.

Enumerated 21 January 1920   Precinct 2 Shelby Co Texas   pg 113  #265/269 Shelbyville and vicinity   Census Image

Jim Barlow Head 61 TX TX TX
Mary J. Barlow Wife 42 TX AL AL
Ever Barlow Daughter 20 TX TX TX
Arvin Barlow Daughter 18 TX TX TX
Lou Barlow Daughter 15 TX TX TX
A.C. Barlow Son 13 TX TX TX
Floyd Barlow Son 11 TX TX TX
Ralph Barlow Son 8 TX TX TX

Enumerated 17 January 1920  Precinct 3 Shelby Co Texas  pg 121  FM #99/101 Canton Rd.      Census Image

James Barlow Head 45 TX US US
Mattie Barlow Wife 36 GA GA AL
Bulah Barlow Daughter 16 TX TX GA
Bertha Barlow Daughter 14 TX TX GA
Velma Barlow Daughter 12 TX TX GA
Clinton Barlow Son 8 TX TX GA
Preston Barlow Daughter 5 TX TX GA
Ellen M. Barlow Daughter 2 11/12 TX TX GA
James Barlow Son 8/12 TX TX GA

I was unable to locate Joe or Henry in the 1920 census, but they were here for the 1930 census.  James Sr is now deceased, and Mary is living with Joe, who is also a widower now.

Enumerated 22 April 1930  Precinct 2W  Shelby Co Texas    pg 119   #206/210  RR#1      Census Image

Joe B. Barlow Head, widower 38 TX GA TX
Mary Barlow Mother, widow 54 TX TX TX

Enumerated 08-09 April 1930  Precinct 3 E  Shelby Co Texas   pg 127   #101/102  Hyar? St.    Census Image
Jim married at age 21, Mattie at 15

Jim Barlow Head 51 TX AL TX
Mollie Barlow Wife 45 AL MS MS
Clinton Barlow Son 18 TX TX AL
Preston Barlow Son 16 TX TX AL
Ella M. Barlow Daughter 15 TX TX AL
James Barlow Son 10 TX TX AL
Eddie Lane Boarder 18 TX TX TX

Enumerated 08 April 1930   Precinct 5 SW  Shelby Co Texas    pg 214  #3/3      Census Image
Henry married at age 30, Myrtie at age 13

Henry B. Barlow Head 34 TX GA TX
Myrtie Barlow Wife 17 TX TX TX
Mattie Barlow Daughter 1 TX TX TX

In death records of Texas, I find the following:   

Barlow Henry, infant of    March 02 1931   Shelby Co DC #15249  /  Barlow Mertie    March 21, 1940    Shelby Co     DC #16335

The following cemetery records are found for the James / Jim Barlow family: 

Barlow Cemetery, an abandoned cemetery, is located on private property, off Highway 87 and County Road 2110.  Only the markers of James and Mary Barlow and Ethel Taylor are left. The marker for Ethel Taylor has a large cedar tree that has fallen and the last name and dates could not  be read.

James Barlow 08    September 1855 - 23 March 1929     Husband of Mary Barlow

Mary Barlow   01 October 1872 - 18 October 1954      Wife of James Barlow

However, "Our Dead in Shelby County" by J.B. Sanders differs somewhat in the dates, and gives us yet another middle initial for James,
but does give Mary's maiden name as Miller:

James E. Barlow   07 October 1854 - 23 March 1929     Son of James Barlow of Alabama

Mary Jane Miller Barlow    1859 -   October 1958     Wife of Jim Barlow, Sr.

Mary's death certificate #57081 gives her name as Mary Jane Barlow, death date as October 18, 1954, so we can assume it is correct.

From Bartle Cemetery Records, I find that A.C. Barlow is also buried in the Barlow Cemetery:     09 September 1904 - 28 December 1977

Tombstone of James and Mary Barlow
Click on image to view full size

Other records found from "Our Dead in Shelby County" by J.B. Sanders

Floyd and Ruby Barlow / 2 Infants / no dates       Henry Barlow   15 June 1893 - 19 November 1953

Joe Barlow 14 July 1889 - 27 February 1964     (from death records)  DC #12263, Shelby Co

From Center Ridge Cemetery records, Shelby Co Texas: 

Jim Barlow (Jr)     11 December 1873 -  30 March 1963      Also in death records, but the DC # has been omitted.


Denisa Barlow / denisabarlow949@yahoo.com

yes this is Jim of Center ridge...that was my grandpa. i'm still working on some of it too. I read about the brothers...i'm still working on that too. When I get the best of my info I'll email it to you or is there a place to upload it? Just a short tid bit Jim Barlow was married to Johnnie B.(Haley) Barlow . They had 5 children: Lillian Marie Barlow (Williams now) who lives in Dallas, TX and is widowed, she has I think 3 kids and their children. Bobby Lynn Barlow of Center, TX (my dad) who married my mother Vickey Lynn (Sears) Barlow and had 2 kids...Denisa Lynn Barlow of Greenville,mi no children and my brother Jimmy Lynn Barlow who married R.N. Jackson (now divorced) had one child Alexis C. Barlow. Bobby and Vickey are now Divorced and Bobby is remarried to Bettye L Barlow, no children. Clara Mae Barlow who married Ronald Mills and had 2 kids. Ronnie Mills who is married and has kids. Kim Mills is the sister...not sure yet about any info for her. Clara divorced Mills and I think is now remarried to a Clary also living in Dallas. Jerry Glenn Barlow married to Rhonda (Leach) Barlow also of Center, TX . They do have a son Marc Leach he is from diff. marriage. Nick Barlow...I've got to get her real name...she past away when I was about 4 or 5 ...Muscular pal. I think..she was married to Dimpsy _______ . I don't remember the last name...they had an adopted daughter...Terri. I do know that my great grandpa name was James Barlow...I'm still trying to find info for him...his marriage (or marriages) I can't remember but it was either james or jim that was married twice..so there is a set of 1/2 blood relatives too and I had their names at once...lost it. I think my grandma told me that her name was mary johnson??? Jim's wife Johnnie is still living in Center...next door to son Jerry. She had remarried also...after Jims death..Which there are no records of ...but I do remember in high school finding an old book ...that just stated he died for unknown reasons. If you know anything that will help I'd be greatful.....You can go to http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txshelby/ There are pic of some of jim and johnny's kids in Shelbyville School and maybe other useful info.

Rhio's Sampler

Joseph Burleson Barlow and Sarah Ann Hinton

Joseph Barlow and Sarah Ann Hinton married on 24 December 1876 in Newton Co Texas. 

I wasn't able to locate with any certainty, Joseph, on an 1880 census.  A Joseph Barlow in 1880, Newton Co was aged 26, was married to Mary.

Enumerated 19-20 June 1880    Precincts 2-3  Newton Co Texas   pg 565  #190/190       Census Image

Joseph Barlow Head 26 AR MS OH
Mary Barlow Wife 24 LA VA SC
William Barlow Son 4 LA AR LA
Henry Barlow Son 2 TX AR LA

Nothing about this record works for our Joseph, so where did he and Sarah go?  One interesting thing I did note, is that the family of James and Elizabeth Hinton was living in #171/171 in Newton Co Texas, only 9 doors away from this Joseph.  These are the parents of Sarah Hinton.

Note from Allan:  James Hinton and wife Elizabeth (Tramel or Trowel, not sure which) were indeed Sarah (Hinton) Barlows parents. Husband James (middle initial E.) was a Confederate Cavalryman who faught at the Battle of Mansfield. His pension info is online in Sabine Parish, Louisiana. He and Elizabeth are both from Georgia but moved to Sabine Parish, Louisiana just after Sarah's birth, and Sarah was raised there. Not sure when they ended up in Newton Co Texas.

Enumerated 04 June 1900  Precinct 2  Shelby Co Texas  Page 101   #29/29    Census Image

Joe B. Barlow Head September 1858 41 AL GA GA
Sarah Barlow Wife March 1856 43 GA GA GA
Annie Barlow Daughter October 1881 18 TX GA GA
Minnie Barlow Daugher June 1886 13 TX GA GA
James C. Barlow Son July 1897 7 TX GA GA
Arris Barlow Daughter February 1899 1 TX GA GA

The strange thing here is that although it shows Joe born in Alabama, all of his children's father was shown to be born in Georgia.  Most likely an error on part of the census taker.

From Allan Barlow, we know that Grover is a son of Joseph, he is living in the home of William and Mina Miller

Enumerated 16 June 1900  Shelbyville Precinct, Shelby Co Texas   pg 92   #207/209    Census Image

William Miller Head November 1872 27 TX TX TX
Mina Miller Wife July 1877 22 LA AL LA
Bernard L. Miller Son February 1900 3/12 TX LA TX
Lizzie M. Williams Sister August 1870 29 LA AL LA
Grover Barlow Boarder August 1883 17 TX LA LA
Carline? Pate Bl-Servant December 1878 21 LA LA LA
Letitia? Barclay Servant April 1871 28 TX KY TN

Noting places of births of Mina and Lizzie, we would realize they are the sisters.  Note also that Grover shows his parents both being born in Louisiana!

Living 2 doors from Joe in the household of William and Emma Lynch is Hampton Barlow

Enumerated 04 June 1900  Precinct 2  Shelby Co Texas  Page 101   #31/31    Census Image

William Lynch Head June 1869 29 LA LA LA
Emma Lynch Wife January 1875 25 GA GA GA
Ryna? Lynch Daughter October 1894 5 TX LA GA
Corrine Lynch Daughter July 1896 4 TX LA GA
Guy Lynch Son September 1898 1 TX LA GA
Fred Lynch Son February 1900 3/12 TX LA GA
Hampton Barlow Boarder July 1883 16 TX AL GA


Hampton is also a son of Joe and Sarah.   Grover was actually born in November 1884.   A cemetery record for Shelbyville Cemetery, Shelby Co Texas shows: 

J.H. "Hamp" Barlow    20 June 1883   -  06 May 1958         His wife: Epsie Barlow 18 September 1886 - 13 December 1969

Death Records show his full name to be John Hampton Barlow, #DC 68748

I found a J.H. Barlow, aged 26, living in Nachogdoches Texas in 1910, married to Jennie, he is the head of a rooming house, but his father is shown to have been born in Kentucky, and him in Louisiana, so I don't believe he would be the same.  I'm wasn't able to locate another J.H. or Hampton. 

Grover Cleveland Barlow and Nora Annie Gilliam were married in Wharton Co Texas in on 01 January 1904

Enumerated 19 April 1910  Precinct 2, Shelby Co Texas  pg 98  #19/20    Census Image
Married 33 years, 8 children born, 5 living

Joe B. Barlow Head 52 AL GA GA
Sarah Barlow Wife 54 GA GA GA
Marvin Hewitt Bl Servant 16 TX TX TX

I was unable to locate James this year, he may be deceased.  He would have been 17, but I did find a son in their home, Jake L., age 26, in 1920.  He may be the same person as James.   From cemetery records of Shelbyville Cemetery, I learned that two daughters, Arras and Cora are now deceased:

Arra Barlow 04 February 1890  -  03 May 1901   d/o J.B. and Sara Barlow   Cora C. Barlow   05 July 1889 - 02 October 1890 d/o J.B. and Sara Barlow

Grover and Nora live next door, #20/21     Married 5 years, 3 children born, 2 living

Grover Barlow Head 25 TX GA GA
Nora Barlow Wife 21 TX TX TX
Willie Barlow Son 4 TX GA TX
Ray Barlow Son 1/12 TX GA TX

Note from Allan:  Willie George Barlow, was my grandfather.

From Shelbyville Cemetery records, I find the child not living:  Buford L. Barlow 1909 - 1910 s/o Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Barlow

Enumerated 06 January 1920  Precinct 2, Shelby Co Texas   pg 102  FM #50/51 Nachogdoches Rd   Census Image

Joe B. Barlow Head 62 GA GA GA
Sarah Barlow Wife 64 GA GA GA
Jake L. Barlow Son 26 TX GA GA

I believe Jake and James are the same person.

Living next door in FM #49/50, I think this may be their daughter Minnie, but I am strictly basing that on her name and age.  I am unable to follow up on this, because I cannot determine the spelling of the name in this record.

Charlie Turnan? Head 27 TX TX TX
Minnie Turnan Wife 22 TX TX TX
Fannie V. Turnan Daughter 5 TX TX TX
Will E. Turnan Son 2 TX TX TX
Emma Turnan Mother - widow 58 TX Swe Swe

Shelbyville Cemetery Records show that Joseph died in this year, and Sallie died in 1927. 

Joseph B. Barlow   1858 -  1920         Sallie Barlow 1856 -  1927

Allan Barlow finds:   Joe was a Mason. He was initiated as an "Enterred Apprentice Mason" on 15 August 1893 in what was then Shelby Lodge #73. It is now known as Sam Houston Lodge #32. It was only #73 for a brief period, but Joe came in during this period. I found a record stating that he had been "Expelled" from the lodge on 05 October 1895 for an as-yet-undetermined reason.

I have copies of some land records involving Joseph.   One involves the transfer of ownership of about eight -8- acres of land from James Barlow in Shelby Co Texas "from my heirs to his".

Enumerated 24 April 1930  Precinct 2W Shelby Co Texas   pg 121   #269/273     Census Image
Grover age 20 at marriage, and Nora, age 16 at marriage

Grover C. Barlow Head 45 TX TX TX
Nora Barlow Wife 41 TX TX TX
Ray Barlow Son 24 TX TX TX
Johnie Barlow Son 18 TX TX TX

From Shelbyville Cemetery Records, Shelby Co Texas, we find that:

Grover C. Barlow   23 November 1884 - 25 April 1975    Nora A. Barlow 23 December 1888 - 25 July 1979

Alvin Ray Barlow     10 June 1910 -  11 May 1936    DC #71023

Note from Allan Barlow:  Alvin Ray, as his name is listed on his tombstone, was actually Ray Allan Barlow, my father was named for him and I was named after my father. "Uncle Ray" died of tuberculosis. Grover's wife Nora was really upset when they messed up the name on his tombstone.

From McClelland Cemetery records, I find:

Augusta Maurine Evans   25 August 1911 - 17 February 1940     Wife of Johnnie Barlow   DC #11041

She may have been their daughter:      Patsy Barlow Hickey    01 December 1933 - 02 November 1999

Allan Barlow, in search of his family, has provided the following information:

My father, Ray Allan Barlow was born in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana on 12 January 1931, second child of Willie George "Bill" Barlow and Willie "Pauline" Metzger.

My "Granddad Bill" was born 06 March 1906 in Shelby Co Texas and died in my hometown of Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana on 02 December 1965

Bill's parents were "Grover" Cleveland Barlow and Nora Annie Gilliam

Grover's parents were Joseph Burleson "Joe" Barlow and Sarah Anne "Sallie" Hinton Barlow

Rhio's Sampler

Also found in the 1930 census, I'm not sure who he is:

Enumerated 25 April 1930   Precinct 2W Shelby Co Texas   pg 122  #278/282      Census Image
Will married at age 17, Florine at 16

Will C. Barlow Head 24 TX TX TX
Florine Barlow Wife 23 TX TX TX

East Hamilton Cemetery, Shelby Co Texas lists the following unidentified family:

Bertha Barlow      Lee Barlow     Baby Barlow     Baby Barlow     no dates on any of them

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