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John M. Barlow, Ann Eliza Green, Lydia King/Keen, and Minta Ben

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A: Ancestry FC: Federal Census SC: State Census BD: Bobbie Dunbar SBH: Susan Barlow Holmes  
I have tried to locate Bobbie Dunbar to ask her help on this family, I only have a query from her in the Barlow Newsletter that gives limited information.  If anyone should know how to reach Bobbie, I would love to hear from her.  
JOHN M. BARLOW was born about 1832 in the New Mexico Territory, [BD] [Mexico] [SC 1865. FC 1900] and died in 1910 in Vinita, Craig Co Oklahoma, [BD] or Disney, Delaware Co Oklahoma [A] and was buried in the Barlow Graveyard. [BD] The graves in this cemetery were later moved to Ketchum, Oklahoma, by the Grand River Dam Authority to make way for the Pensacola Reservoir. [BD]

He married ANN ELIZA GREEN, a Shawnee Indian. [BD]   She was born about 1831, and died before 1862. [BD]

He married LYDIA KEEN (or KING) in 1866 in Johnson Co Kansas, according to a deposition that he gave in 1900. [BD] She was born around 1846 in Kansas and was a Shawnee. [BD] They were divorced in 1882. [BD] John remained in Oklahoma with his children and Lydia moved to Kansas where she married second Jack Buffington on April 24, 1882. [BD]

He married third MINTA/MINTIE BEN, [BD] or VANN [C 1900] a Cherokee, in 1885.  She was born about 1833 and they had no children. [BD]  The Dawes Rolls show several families of Vann and several for Bean, but no Ben [SBH]
John, his wife Ann Eliza Green, [a Shawnee] and their three daughters were living with the Shawnee Indians in Johnson Co Kansas, in 1857 when they were each allotted 200 acres of land under the provisions of the Peace Treaty of 1848.  [BD]
Census of those Shawnee whether native or by adoption who have made or have had made for them, the selection of two hundred acres of land each, to which they are entitled under the 2nd article with that tribe on the 10th May 1854:  1857 Wyandotte Co Kansas, #52-56, 5 individuals in family, pg 37:  John Barlow, age 32, Ann Eliza Barlow, 26, Mary Barlow, age 5, Phebe Barlow, age 1 1/2 and Nancy Barlow, 2 months.   Census Image
17 July 1865, Wyandotte Co Kansas, #569/600:  John Barlow, age 40, born in Mexico, Lidy Barlow, age 40, born in Kansas, Mary Barlow, age 15, born in Kansas, Pheba Barlow, age 10, born in Kansas, Nancy Barlow, age 8, born in Kansas, Julia Ann Barlow, age 2, and Peter Blackfish, age 16, born in Kansas    Census Image
The Shawnee Tribe was moved to Oklahoma in 1870 and the Barlow family settled on the Grand River in what is now Craig Co Oklahoma.  [BD] 
In 1896 John was appointed Guardian for his grandchildren, Emma and Susan Lynch, Julia and Amanda Davis, and Monday Barlow.  [BD]
1900, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, #48/49:  John Barlow, white, age 70, born January 1830, he and both parents born in Mexico, Minta Vann Barlow, wife, black, age 67, born 1833, she and both parents born in Georgia, [married 19 years, she is the mother of 3 children] Susan Lynch, daughter, black, daughter, age 20, born December 1879 in Indian Territory, father born in Mississippi, mother in Georgia, Julius Davis, son, black, age 10, born August 1889 in Indian Territory, father born in Arkansas, mother born in Georgia.  Census Image    According to Bobbie Dunbar, they married in 1885, so they should have only been married 5 years. Susan and Julius are grandchildren of John. 
1902 Cherokee Tribe Dawes Rolls:     These rolls also show John, Julius
Bureau of Indian Affairs - Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes    John M. Barlow     Post Office: Ketchum Indian Territory
Children of John and Ann:
i. MARY BARLOW, born c1850 or in 1854 [A] in the Wyandot Nation of Kansas, [A] and died c1876 in Kansas
2 ii.
MARTHA BARLOW, born in 1852, and died in 1885 in Johnson Co Kansas.  [BD]
She married Toby LYNCH and their children were: Susan LYNCH, born in 1879, and Emma LYNCH, born in 1880.
3 iii. PHOEBE BARLOW, was born in 1856, and died in 1877.
iv. NANCY BARLOW, born in 1857. [BD] She married JACK BALDRIDGE. [A]
Children of John and Lydia are:
JULIA BARLOW, born in 1867 in Kansas.  She died on August 29, 1889, in Oklahoma.  She married Dr. DAVIS and their children were: Monday BARLOW, born in 1882 in Oklahoma; Julia DAVIS, born in 1883 and died in 1889, both in Oklahoma; and [Julius Davis, son, born 1889, 1900 census ] and Amanda DAVIS
JULIUS BARLOW, was born on June 12, 1870, in Kansas.  He died on November 8, 1938, at Skiatook, Oklahoma.  He married Flora Belle METZGER on March 30, 1897.  She was born in November 1875 in Kansas and died in April 1962 in Oklahoma.  Their children were: Maggie BARLOW, born in December 1898 and died in June 1982, both in Oklahoma; Clarence BARLOW, born in June 1902 and died in May 1976, both in Oklahoma; Robert BARLOW, born in October 1904 in Oklahoma, is Bobbie Dunbar's father and is living in Colorado; and Ola BARLOW, born in May 1907 in Oklahoma and died in July 1990.
Bobbie Dunbar did not contact me about continuing this family, and thus, I am at a standstill, perhaps I will complete the work at another time.  If anyone is interested in sharing information, please contact me.
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