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Barlow Family Records written by: Sir Montague Barlow
Complete book online in PDF format

Henry Barley / Barlow (Abt 1520 - 1589) & Ann Swyft
England to Australia

John Henry Barlow (1856 - 1924)
Society of Friends


William Barlow & Sarah Bennett - Malpas, Cheshire

John Barlow & Sarah Davies - Stockport

James & Margaret Barlow - Macclesfield Forest, Cheshire

William Barlow & Elizabeth Pursell - Chester, Cheshire

John Barlow - Ashton Upon Mersey, Cheshire, England to Nevada USA

Tyre Barlow & Charles Barlow
of Enfield       of School House


George Barlow & Jane Beme Besse
Direct lineage to Edna Mae Barlow & Henry Jones


Alexander Barlow (1521-1583); Sir Alexander Barlow (1557-1620) - Ancestors and Descendants
William Rudesind Barlow ( -1656), Third son of Sir Alexander Barlow of Barlow Hall
Edward Ambrose Barlow (1585-1641), Fourth son of Sir Alexander Barlow of Barlow Hall
Skull of Edward Ambrose Barlow

Barlow Clockmakers of Oldham
Descendants of Edward Booth/Barlow - The Oldham and Ashton Clockmakers
Thomas Oldham Barlow - Engraver London

George Barlow b c1801
John Noble Barlow, grandson, the famous artist

Thomas Barlow - married Susannah Bernoulli who was descended from the Bernoullis, the Swiss family of mathematicians

James Barlow & Mary Harrison - Wigan, Lancashire, England

Barlow-Eckersley Family - Descendants of Robert de Barlow (1300's)

Descendants of Thomas Barlow Croichley Fold, Tottington, Bury, Lancashire, England

Ann Barlow & George Hulme

Sydney Barlow and Jane Jones
England to France

John Barlow (1784 - ) - Bury, Lancashire - Warren Co Pennsylvania

Henry Barlow & Harriet Buckley - Manchester England to Passaic Co New Jersey

Moses "Harry" Barlow and his wife Jane "Jennie" Sullivan Barlow
Manchester, England > Pennsylvania > Arkansas

Edmund Barlow of Malden Massachusetts
Lancashire England to Massachusetts

Oswald Barlow and Family
Manchester England to Utah USA

Descendants of Francis Barlow
England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Idaho, and Utah

James and Sarah Barlow
Lancashire to Orange Co New York, Cerro Gordo Co Iowa

Descendants of James Barlow b. about 1819 Manchester
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William Barlow & Rebecca
Middlesex, England


John Barlow & Catherine Cole
Oxford, England


Charles Barlow of Shropshire, England


Barlow of Co. Staffs (Pedigree No 17) including the Baronetcy of Barlow of Fort William, Bengal

John, George, Richard & George Herbert Barlow
England, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Kentucky & Missouri

Joseph Barlow b.1802 (off site link)
Grandson Arthur William Barlow migrated to South Australia in 1893


William Barley & Mary Ann Manning
Suffolk, England Transported to Australia


Charles Barlow & Elizabeth Drakeford
Birmingham, England
Index to Ancestors, Descendants & Records


Robert Barlow (1788 - 1859) b. Sutton-on-Forest York

Charles Barlow 1825-1880
Yorkshire England to New Jersey USA

Alfred James, Samuel James, Edward, Minnie and Ada Barlow
England - Canada

John Barlow, son of Edward & Alice Barlow
Stalybridge Ashton under Lyne Lancashire - Fall River Massachusetts

This family is said to have been the progenitors of the
John Barlow of Fairfield Connecticut family

Elizabeth Barlow Daughter of John & Elizabeth Barlow
Nottingham, England - Florida, New York

Joseph Barlow & Anice Moore
England, New York, Ohio, Illinois, & Nebraska

James Smith Barlow I

James Smith Barlow II
London, England...NY...PA....IL...MO....TN...GA

James W. & Mary Ellen Barlow
England, Ireland, Kansas, Missouri & Oklahoma

Richard Barlow & Anne Pickup
Manchester England to Green Co Wisconsin

Joseph Barlow & Alice Higham
Manchester England to PA - KY - Ohio USA

Thomas Barlow & Elizabeth Heap
Newton-in-the-Willows, Yorkshire, England - Franklin Co New York

Edwin Barlow & Harriett Bacon Matley
Lancashire England to Genesee Co Michigan

John Barlow
Hyde England...Dane Co Wisconsin...Cerro Gordo Co Iowa

Barlows in Isle of Wight
by Lundie Weathers Barlow

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