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Burnita Drew Shelton Matthews

Daughter of Lora Drew Barlow and Burnell Shelton
born December 28, 1894
- died April 25, 1988, Washington, D.C.

She married PERCY ASHLEY MATTHEWS, April 28, 1917

Burnita Shelton Matthews was the first woman appointed to the Federal District Court Bench, an event which did not take place until 1949. This fact appears in the history books, but Burnita accomplished many other things throughout her life that made her an exceptional person. She spent a lifetime fighting for women’s rights under the law. The issues Burnita tackled spanned from suffrage to jury service, and from property to citizenship.

Bradley Barlow

Born in Fairfield, Franklin County, Vermont  May 12, 1814

He attended the common schools and engaged in mercantile pursuits in  Philadelphia  until  1858, when he moved to St. Albans, Vermont

Delegate to Vermont State Constitutional Convention
1843 - 1850 - 1857

Acting  assistant secretary  1843

Member of Vermont State House of Representatives
1845  1850 - 1852  1864 - 1865

Chairman of the school committee in St. Albans
President of the village corporation

Treasurer of Franklin County

1860 - 1867

Member of Vermont State Senate  1866 - 1868

Engaged in banking and in the railroad business 1860 - 1883

U.S. Representative from Vermont 3rd District
Elected as a Greenbacker to the Forty-sixth Congress

March 04, 1879 - March 03, 1881

Died in Denver, Colorado, October 31, 1889
Buried at Greenwood Cemetery, St. Albans, Vermont

Charles Averill Barlow

Born in Cleveland, Ohio March 17, 1858
Attended the common schools

Engaged in agricultural and commercial pursuits

Moved to Ventura, California in 1875

Moved to San Luis Obispo County in 1889, 

engaging in wheat farming

Member of California State Legislature
1892 - 1893

Chairman of the People’s Party State Convention 1896

U.S. Representative from California 6th District
Elected as a Populist to the Fifty-fifth Congress

March 04, 1897 - March 03, 1899

Moved to Kern County in 1901
Engaged in mining, fruit growing, 
and the production of oil

Delegate to Democratic National Convention from California 1912

Delegate to Democratic National Convention from California  1920

Died in Bakersfield, California October 03, 1927
Buried at Union Cemetery  Bakersfield, California

Elisha Barlow

Member of New York State Senate - Middle District 
1806 - 1810

Francis C. Barlow

Secretary of State of New York  1866 - 1867
New York State Attorney General  1872 - 1873

Joel Barlow

U.S. Minister to France  1811 - 1812

Nathan Barlow 

Representative from Barry County, 1841 and 1848

Born in the State of Vermont, in 1785
Came to Michigan in 1837

Settled in the township of Yankee Springs, Barry County

By occupation he was a merchant and farmer
In politics a Whig

He served as Associate Judge 

In company with his son, Nathan Jr., erected a saw mill at the outlet of Barlow Lake in 1840 

He died January 25, 1899

See also:  History of Barry Co w/ biographies

Nathan Barlow, Jr. 

Representative from Barry County, 1850
Born in Canandaigua, NY, January 01, 1818

He left his home in New York and first went to St. Louis, Missouri, but came to Barry County Michigan in 1840 and  was one of the early pioneers--engaged in active business, built the first frame hotel in Hastings,  was early in mercantile and milling business,  which he followed until declining health compelled him to retire. 

Various county offices were filled by him, and he always filled the place to the satisfaction of the people 

Politically he was a Democrat

Nathan and Nathan Jr. are found in:

Michigan biographies, including Members of Congress, elective state officers, Justices of the Supreme Court, Members of the Michigan Legislature, Board of Regents of the University of Michigan, State Board of Agriculture and State Board of Education 

Used with permission 
Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress

Ora Luke Barlow

Born:  Colby, Kansas May 17, 1895
Education: public school of Kansas and Oregon

Son of William and Mary S. Cooper Barlow

Employment: Ione Union Warehouse Company
Hermiston Co-Op Laundry

Cannery Manager  1932 - 39

Founded and owner of Barlow Custom Cannerey 

1939 - 1946

Owner - Filbert Orchard, Boring  1946

Cub-master   Boy Scouts of America

Councilman 1941- 45

Mayor of Cornelius Oregon 1945 - 46

Ruth Barlowe Williams

Granddaughter of Oren James Barlowe

"The first woman ever to be appointed / elected as the Clerk of Superior Court, held this office longer than any of her predecessors, was the first Clerk from McDowell County to serve as president of the statewide Association of Clerks of Superior Court of North Carolina, and  retired undefeated."

32 years in the Superior Court 
for McDowell Co North Carolina

Deputy Clerk      1966 - 1969
Assistant Clerk    1969 - 1973

Clerk appointed September 1973

Clerk - Elected 1974 thru 1994

Retired undefeated    December 1998

Stephen Barlow

Born in Redding, Connecticut, June 13, 1779
Attended the common schools and Yale College

Moved to Meadville, Pennsylvania in 1816

Practiced law in Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania

U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania 18th District
Elected to the Twentieth Congress

March 04, 1827 - March 03, 1829

Member of Pennsylvania State Legislature
Served in the State House of Representatives  1829 - 1831

Appointed as an Associate Judge of Crawford County January 1831 and served until his death

Died in Meadville, Pennsylvania, August 24, 1845
Buried at Greendale Cemetery  Meadville, Pennsylvania

August  17, 1818 - October 05, 1900

Lawyer, politician, born Ballson Spa, New York
He moved to Delavan in 1840

Admitted to the bar - 1841

A Whig and later a Republican

Barlow was state assemblyman from Walworth Co - 1852

In 1855 he moved to Delton

State assemblyman from Sauk County - 1867
State Senator 1868 - 1869

Wisconsin attorney general 1870 - 1874

Presidential Elector from Wisconsin at-large   1868

From:  Dictionary of Wisconsin Biography
Contributed by Kent Barlow

Thomas Barlow

The son of Thomas Barlow, late of the town of Duanesburgh, Schenectady County, N.Y., and was born in that town March 14, 1807. 

His education was academical; studied law with Honorable Arphaxed Loomis and E. P. Hulburt, of Little Falls, Selleck Boughton, of Rochester, Aaron Hackley, of Herkimer, and G. B. Judd of Frankport. In July term of the Supreme Court of 1831 he was admitted as attorney, and in July term, 1834, to the degree of Counsellor of that court; January 26, 1835, he was admitted solicitor and counsellor of the Court of Chancery. 

In September, 1831, he located in his profession in Canas- tota, Madison County; married for his first wife Cornelia G. Rowe of that place, and second, Charlotte Spriggs, of Floyd, Oneida county. He has six sons-- George, Edward, Eugene, Albert, Henry and Flandrau.

In the fall of 1842 he was appointed Superintendent of the schools of Madison County, was First Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of that county from Feb. 2, 1843, to the first day of January, 1848; and State Senator from January 01, 1844, to January 01, 1848. In May, 1841, he was made a corresponding member of the New York Historical Society, in the city of New York.

He was granted the honorary degree of Master of Arts by the Board of Trustees of Hamilton College, in July, 1851. In July, 1853, he was elected a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and in March, 1854, he was elected corresponding member of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. April 08, 1854, he was made a corresponding member of the New Orleans Academy of Sciences, and granted a diploma, and in June, 1862, he was elected a like member of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences.

He formed a cabinet in natural history of his own gathering, mounting and arranging of birds, animals, and especially of insects, equaling if not exceeding any other private one in the State, and has from time to time lectured before societies, literary, educational and collegiate institutions and univer- sities, on natural history, and entomology in particular, as the favorite branch of his studies. To arduous professional and judicial services he thus added the labors of familiarizing himself with a knowledge of natural sciences, practically and theoretically, to an extent surpassed by but few in our country.

Judge Barlow has kindly contributed much of the history of Canastota from his own records, which the publishers grate- fully acknowledge. As most of the records of the county were destroyed by the fire of 1873, it would have been impossible to have gathered them from any other source.

LAWYERS.--The pioneer lawyer of Canastota was George Ager; after him Ichabod Smith Spencer, who moved from Massachusetts in 1802 to the town of Madison. He began the practice of law in 1808, and was one of the most successful lawyers of his time. Curtis C. Baldwin, Thomas Barlow, Israel S. Spencer, Hiram Bennett, William H. Kinney and I. Newton Messinger were among the earliest of the profession in Canastota. Judge Thomas Barlow is the oldest resident lawyer at present, as also the oldest practicing lawyer in the county, forty-nine years of the time having practiced in the village of Canastota.

1880 History of Chenango and Madison Counties, New York. 
D. Mason & Co.. Syracuse, NY

Thomas Jefferson "Tom" Barlow, III

Born in Washington, D.C. August 07, 1940
B.A. - Haverford College  1962

Assistant vice president of a bank  1962 - 1968

Sales director for a telephone remanufacturing company  1986 - 1992

Conservation consultant Natural Resources Defense Council 1971 - 1982

Elected as a Democrat to the One Hundred Third Congress
January 03, 1993 - January 03, 1995

William H. Barlow    (a member of Edmund of Malden Massachusetts family, no further informarion available.)

Alamosa, Colorado
Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Colorado  1912

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