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Designed to help people trace their British and European ancestry in colonial India.

Posted with permission of:  Cathy Day

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Indian Civil Service Officers

The names are in rank order by Presidency

Presidency of Bengal

Third Class

of 12 years' standing -  BARLOW

Sixth Class

under 4 years' standing - BARLOW

List of Officers and Non-military Men And Their Families Present Before and During the whole of
The Siege of Lucknow

Barlow Captain Brigade Major Oude Irregular Force, (dead), and wife.

Indian Mutiny Medal Roll

1920 Private Barlow Patrick 1st Madras Fusiliers
Medal sent to his father, 02 December 1864

Officers of Bengal, Bombay and Madras Regiments 1873

Royal Madras Fusiliers - 102nd Regiment of Foot

Lieutenants -
Norman Bellas BARLOW 2 yrs' service
Ensign : 28 Oct 1871
Sub Lt : 1 Nov 1871

Casualties of the 19th Regiment Crimean War

P.   Barlow   Corporal   Wounded   Battle of the Alma    20   9  1854

Names from the Madras Civil Fund Family Register

LDS Film No 1836107

The names listed here are pensioners and their dependants from the Madras Civil Fund Family Register. Generally, the pensioners were born in the first half of the Nineteenth Century. Their dependants lived in the Nineteenth Century, up to the first half of the Twentieth Century. Dates of birth, marriage, retirement, and death are given. Also given are the rates of annuity, - both to the pensioner and his dependants.

Barlow, Sir Richard Wellesley

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