Le Chateau Barlow

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Found amongst the family photographs of Richard John Baker.

EZE - VILLAGE Le Chateau Barlow

The back of this postcard says:

Edition La Gigogne
1 Bis
Rue Grimaldi, Monaco

Richard inquired at the French Tourist Office about Le Chateau Barlow and received this reply in French. The translation follows.


This house belonged between the 12th and 15th Centuries to the noble family of Riquier. It was bought by the American musician Balakovic in 1923. Then it was passed to the Barlow family. Mr. Barlow gave receptions with Prince William of Sweden and the musician Balakovic. The presence of these personages at Eze enabled the village to be opened to tourism and the arts. The house still exists in the village. Mr.Barlow also had built the first and only fountain in the village in 1932. Since 1952 it is the only current of water for the inhabitants.

Richard says of the EZE mentioned in the letter. " The web site is worth a visit and shows the centuries old Eze village, which appears to be a craft centre."

Richard also received two new watercolor photographs of Le Chateau Barlow from the French Tourist Office.

Le Chateau Barlow

It has since been learned that Le Chateau Barlow is the same as the House of Samuel L. Barlow

Contributed by Richard John Baker

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