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Marie-Charlotte Barlow

Our family is English.

The first Barlow I know is Sydney, I suppose he born near or in Manchester in beginning of ninety century : I don't know exactly the date. But he lived in Le Havre France and married Jane Jones 18/2/1837 in England.

---Old Saint Pancras Church, Middlesex - now in the Great London---

His first son was Fred William Barlow was English, born 10/3/1838 in Ingouville, France, married Laurence Victoire Biscop, a French girl, in London, England, 6/10/1867. He worked in Gamaches Somme.

I don't know when he died, but I think that it was in Le Havre, France, in 1907, 08 or 09.
I suppose he had a brother, Sidney, and a sister Susan.

His 2nd son Charles Barlow, grandfather of my husband, English, born in Gamaches, 6/6/1871 and married an Alsacian girl, Jenny Berthe Courtois of Mulhouse - family of the famous Koechlin and Schlumberger 14/6/1894 in Mulhouse.
I suppose he spoke English, French and German.
He died in Asnières 8/2/1938.
A brother Sydney and a sister Jane.

My father in law I never know, Sydney Barlow, third child after Fred and Berthe "Betty" Barlow, born 29/3/1906 in Mulhouse.
I suppose that he spoke more German or French than English

---Alsace were German !---

After the War II, he became French.
He married Jacqueline Vandersteen Mauduit Larive --she was French-- 21/10/1929 in Asnières.
He had four sons : Eric, Willy, Guy and Yves
Sydney died 11/9/1976 in Tours France.

Guy is my husband, he is French and he don't know English but German !
We have 3 sons : Sydney, Stanislas and Charles.

I like to maintain the tradition of the first name in a family !

You see, like the American Barlow's families, I try to find the ancestor who can hang up us to a great and old English family ! And your big and nice website is for me a big, big, hope !!

Our English is very bad, but many, many thanks for your siteweb !

"A Barlow never is alone in the world !"

Congratulations ! Thank you so much.

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