Ferdinand Frederic Barlow

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Contributed by:  Marie-Charlotte Barlow

Marie writes:
Known as "Fred Barlow", he was born in Mulhouse France on 02 October 1881 and died in Boulogne-Billancourt France on 03 January 1951.

He was first, an engineer having attended the Polytechnician School of Zurich, beginning music when he was 28 years old. He was a writer and composer of music for piano and violin, Sonatinas and Sinfoniettas for orchestra, "Sinfonietta des Saisons", voice music, "Poèmes Chinois" - "Ave Maria", and an Opera ,"Gladys".  His work was a great success in the fifties.

Unfortunetly, he had no children, not a big family or friends to manage his musical production after he died and, now, he is forgotten!

He was non-violent, liberal and very sweet.

Marie-Charlotte Barlow's family: English Barlows in France

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