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Carmen Blanco from Cuba would be appreciative of any information on her ancestor Robert G Barlow.

  1. He was born in London in 1796 or 1797 
  2. He arrived in Havana, Cuba, in the year 1821 together with his friend Mr. Juan Dely natural of Ireland  
  3. His profession in Cuba was a watchmaker 
  4. His daughter (my great-great-grandmother) MARIA EMILIA BARLOW LIMBAUGH was born in Havana on December 24, 1825, whose mother was MARIA LUISA LIMBAUGH, North American. The certificate of baptism of María Emilia Barlow indicates: legitimate daughter of Mr. ROBERTO BARLOW, natural of London, paternal grandparents Mr. ROBERTO BARLOW and Mrs. DOROTEA GIBSONS. (In other documents the name of his father appears as “TOMAS BARLOW ”.
  5. He requested license to marry María Luisa Limbaugh on May 10 of 1826. María Luisa was already widow of WILLIAM COLLISON, North American coming from Philadelphia who died in Matanzas, Cuba, in 1823. 
  6. Robert Barlow Gibson married María Luisa Limbaugh on May 24, 1826 in Havana, Cuba.
  7. He bought a land with a house in San Nicolás street and Lagunas in Havana, Cuba, in the year 1827 together with María Luisa Limbaugh and lived there until his death.
  8. He died in August of 1830 of lung disease, having only 34 years of age. 
  9. After his death, in 1831 María Luisa Limbaugh marries WILSON COWAN, North American natural of Pennsylvania. In the testament of Cowan it is named Robert Barlow like the first husband of María Luisa. 

On all these data I have in my hands the documents that credit it, and also his signature; these documents are mostly certified by the Archbishopric of Havana, and with a lot of pleasure I would send them to you if you consider they will be useful to the search.

It is very difficult that in your genealogical chart you should not have some Barlow´s family that had a son that disappeared in the 1820s and they didn't know about him and it would be good that in Barlow´s web page it is known that Robert G. Barlow Gibson came to Cuba and he created a Cuban family with María Luisa Limbaugh Howard. Our only interest is to have the confirmation of our ancestors, from where we come, and to give an answer to our biotype so different to that of the rest of the Cubans.

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