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submitted by Brian Henry Victor Barlow

This is copied from a handwritten item dated March 1972 by Henry Barlow, who passed away in 1978. Henry was Brian's father. It concerns the lineage of this particular line of Barlows...

All of the Barlows on male side of the family at the ages of 21 years became FREEMEN OF THE ANCIENT BOROUGH OF DERBY, except Jim Barlow, late, of Stockbrook St. Derby. Due to recent changes of place of birth, Robert Barlow, and I believe Paul can claim this right, by inheritance, if domiciled in England (Derby) after the age of 21 years through application to the Town Clerk. Therefore, the names of all ancestors down the years are on the Freemans Scroll.

No. 36 Boyer Street was in the Barlow family for 3 generations. The first generation, being Brians great grandfather and mother. Not much is known of them, except the children of the marriage.
Of these, only Emily survives at age of 86 years. She is in Raynesway View, Foyle Avenue, Chaddesden Derbys .... a home for retired citizens.

Harry Barlow lived at 11 Crosby Street Derby
He married Annie......both deceased
daughter: Nellie married to Willetts .... Willetts deceased
son: John Stafford Street
daughter: Jill still at Crosby Street

Charles lived at 36 Boyer Street
Married Alice Bennett ..... both deceased
daughter: Edith married Harry White .... Harry White deceased
daughter: Mavis married Arther Gent
son: Henry married Millicent Lowe
Alice remarried Harold Stokes

Jim Barlow deceased
married to Harlow
daughter: Lilly
daughter: Gough
daughter: Nellie .... deceased
daughter: Elsie
son: Charles
son: James .... single

Ginny Barlow Nottingham Castle Queen Street
married Jack Groome ...... both deceased
son: Alf married Lottie 2 sons ..... Peter and John
son: Harry .... single and deceased
daughter: Lauren .... diabetic

note from Brian: Nottingham Castle was a pub on Queen Street. The oldest in Derby but the city demolished it and made it into a carpark. Ginny and Jack Groome ran the pub.

Nellie Barlow passed on February 1972 age 96 years
married Jack White .... both deceased
lived Boyer Street

Emily Barlow, spinster .... known to family as Pem
Raynesway View, Foyle Avenue, Chaddesden Derbys

Lizzie Barlow / Frank Wheelden
Lizzie Barlow .... deceased
married Frank Wheelden .... deceased
daughter: Nellie .... spinster
daughter: Lauren married Bernard Johnson
daughter: Elsie .... spinster
son: Charles .... deceased

Charles Barlow / Alice Bennett
Edith White / Harry White
son: Peter .... single
daughter: Cherry married David Brown, ex Littleaton
2 children
lives Yoevil

Mavis Barlow / Arther Gent, ex Lamb Crescent Ripley
son: Allan .... single
son: Stephen .... single

Henry Barlow / Millicent Lowe
son: Brian married Pam Dury, ex 104 Chad Lane
son: Robert .... single
son: Paul .... single
daughter: Jennifer .... single

Jim Barlow married Harlow
daughter: Lilly
daughter: Nellie .... deceased
daughter: Elsie
son: Charles
son James .... single

Alf Groome / Lottie
one son: Peter
one son: John

Harry Groome single deceased T.B.

Lauren Groom / married Horace Hawkins
Hawkins .... deceased
no children
Lauren Hawkins at 6 Belper Road, Derby .... Home for retired citizens

Jim Barlow / Harlow
Lilly Barlow married Gough
2 sons .... Morris and Gordon

Nellie Barlow married Horne .... both deceased

Charlie Barlow married Beatress Furniss
2 daughters ..... not known

Else Barlow married Held
daughter: Brenda
daughter: Janet

Bennett / Barlow
Bennett lived Little over Hollow, in the old cottage
3 generations ago
Mr. Bennett died young
Mrs. Bennett moved to 36 Reginal Street
Married an Otter ...... deceased

William Bennett married Queenie .... deceased
Alice Bennett married Charles Barlow
Edith Bennett married Sam Poole
Florence Bennett married William Viccars

William Bennett / Queenie no children
William remarried / Phylia
one stepdaughter .... spinster
one daughter .... spinster

Edith Bennett / Sam Pool
one daughter Florence .... Stockport
one daughter Doris .... USA

note from Brian: Doris Pool lives in Pentwater Michigan as of 1999 married to Lawrence Lundbergh.

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