Nora Darwin Barlow
1885 - 1989

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Nora Darwin Barlow:

Born December 22, 1885, in Cambridge, England
Daughter of Horace -a maker and designer of scientific instruments-
and Ida 'Farrer' Darwin
Married Sir Alan Barlow -a civil servant-, April, 1911 -deceased-


Joan Helen - deceased
Thomas Erasmus
Erasmus Darwin,
Andrew Dalmahoy
Hilda Horatia / Mrs. John Padel


Educated at a private school in Wimbledon; attended
lectures at Cambridge University.


Home: Sellenger, Sylvester Rd., Cambridge, England.

The Gale Group

Aquilegia vulgaris 'Nora Barlow Mix'

Aquilegia 'Nora Barlow'

March 7th 1997

Dr. Erasmus Barlow (left) and Captain Sir Thomas Barlow are pictured at the special degree ceremony held at Swanborough Manor last Thursday at which they were awarded the honorary degrees of Doctor of Letters.

The sons of Sir Alan Barlow, who have been Trustees of the collection for over twenty years, were presented for the award by Craig Clunas, the current curator of the Barlow Collection. He spoke of their commitment to the goals of teaching and learning through engagement with actual works of art and the generosity of spirit which characterised their trusteeship.

With the increasing use of the collection of Chinese art on campus and beyond, Sir Alan Barlow's legacy is entering a new phase and, said Craig, "It is a source of confidence and assurance that, as one generation relinquishes the role of Trustees which they have so ornamented for a number of years, members of a new generation of Barlows are there to carry forward the magnanimity of spirit towards the University which has characterised the Barlow family, almost since the University's earliest days.

Bulletin the University of Sussex newsletter
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The Daily Telegraph London, November 27, 1999

The frilly pink & white double aquilegia `Nora Barlow', which has become popular recently, might suggest an equally frilly namesake. But not a bit of it: Nora Barlow was a formidable woman, who died in 1989 at the age of 104.

She was a granddaughter of Charles Darwin, about whom she wrote a book in the time she could spare from raising six children, gardening, looking after horses, bird-watching and running the local Girl Guides.

Having studied genetics at Cambridge, Nora Barlow enjoyed hybridising plants and, although she was probably not the originator of the unusual aquilegia variety, she grew it in her garden (although her taste was gene- rally for plainer flowers) & gave some seeds to the nurseryman Alan Bloom who named his commercial stock after her. She also gave her house, The Orchard, to the University of Cambridge in 1962; New Hall college for women was founded on the land.

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