Lieutenant Leonard Monteagle Barlow

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Lieutenant Leonard Monteagle Barlow
1898 - 1918

Son of Leonard and Katharine Barlow of "Ben Varne,"Onslow Gardens, Wallington, Surrey, England

Leonard Monteagle Barlow was born on June 5, 1898 in London England and died while test flying a Sopwith Dolphin on February 5, 1918 at Martlesham Heath, England. He was credited with 20 victories during his short career.
A student of electrical engineering, Barlow joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1916. As an S.E.5 pilot, he was known for his resourcefulness. "The Gadget King" developed a method to fire his Vickers and Lewis machine guns simultaneously with a single trigger. On 25 September 1917, he attacked four German aircraft over the Houthulst Forest and shot down three of them in three minutes.

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