The Barlow Family of Oldham

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A History of
The Barlow Family of Oldham
who produced Longcase Clocks
for over 150 years between 1730 and 1880

by Peter James Simon

  1. Descendancy Chart of Six Generations
  2. Edward Barlow - Clockmaker
  3. Benjamin Barlow - Clockmaker
    Oldham & Ashton
  4. John Barlow - Clockmaker
  5. James Barlow - Clockmaker
  6. William Barlow - Clockmaker
  7. Edward Barlow Jr. & James Barlow Jr.
    Clockmakers of Oldham
  8. Other Accounts of the Barlow Family
  9. A Collection of Clocks by the Barlow Family
  10. Photos of the Barlow Clocks
  11. Oldham in the 1770-1820 Period
  12. Record of Barlow's born in Oldham Lancashire
  13. Record of Barlow's born in Rochdale
  14. Record of Barlow's born in Ashton-under-Lyne
  15. The Barlow Family of Clockmakers, continued....

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Descendants of Edward Booth/Barlow
The Oldham and Ashton Clockmakers
from the research of Jo Banks

Thomas Oldham Barlow 
Engraver London, England
The Graphic - April 05, 1873

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