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John Noble Barlow, R.B.A., R.O.I. (1861-1917)

See George Barlow b c1801 for family history.

John Nobel Barlow was born in 1861 in Manchester, England. Despite becoming an American citizen in 1877 he returned to England for his later years.

He married in 1891 and had two children.

He settled in St Ives Cornwall and was a founder member of an artist's colony remaining there until his death in 1917.

He studied under Lefebvre, Delance and Constant in Paris.

He was a member of the Providence Art Club and was inducted as a member of  the Royal Society of British Artists in 1896 and the Royal Society of Oil Painters in 1916.

He exhibited widely:

Paris Salon, 1899; Paris Exposition, 1900; Royal Academy, Birmingham; Liverpool Walker Art Gallery; Manchester City Gallery; Royal Academy, London; Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Society of Oil Painters.

Barlow is an internationally listed artist appearing in:

Benezit; Davenport; Fielding; Johnson & Greuntzer's book on British Artists (1880-1940); the Witt Library Computer Index; and, Who's Who in American Art.


Woodland Landscape, 1884

English pastoral landscape

Seascape, 1884

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