Hannah Barlow

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Hannah Barlow

Hannah Barlow was one of nine children born to Benjamin Iram Barlow (b. abt 1813 - d. Dec 1866), a bank manager, and his wife Hannah (b. abt 1816 - d. Nov. 1882). Children of Benjamin and Hannah Barlow born at Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, were;

Charles Edward
Alice Jane
Arthur Bolton (b. abt 1846 - d. Feb. 1879)
Benjamin Iram
Frances Louisa
Lucy Anna
Hannah Bolton (b. 1851 - d. 1916)
Herbert John
Florence Elizabeth

Hannah and her sisters

Lucy A. Barlow 1880 Hannah B. Barlow 1877 Florence E. Barlow c. 1877


Alice, Frances, Lucy and Florence 1867

Hannah Barlow, a Doulton Artist by Peter Rose

Doulton was known chiefly for its utilitarian stoneware and earthenware until about 1871, when students of the Lambeth School of Art began decorating Doulton salt-glazed brown stoneware. The students' work may be considered not only a source of renewed interest in ornamental stoneware but also the first noteworthy example of artist-pottery in England. Hannah Barlow and her brother and sister, Arthur and Florence, along with Frank Butler, Emily Edwards, and George Tinworth were among the artists who worked in the Doulton studio. The practice was continued into the 20th century, and it led to the development of similar projects at other English potteries.

Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Hannah Barlow

Doulton Lambeth c1895 by Hannah Barlow. Stoneware vase decorated with horses & geese. Doulton Lambeth c 1895 by Hannah Barlow. Pitcher decorated with running horses.

Doulton Lambeth 1881 by Hannah Barlow. Salad bowl incised with rabbits, silver-plated rim, together with salad servers.

This spectacular Doulton Lambeth vase is the work of the famous artist designer Hannah Barlow. It is wonderfully decorated with her typical incised decoration and depicts goats grazing. One is tethered to a post while three others roam free. The urn shaped vase stands 12" tall and measures approx. 5.5" across at the shoulders. The delightful foliage decoration top and bottom is beautifully executed in blues browns and green. Incised under is the monogram of Hannah Barlow. Other marks include the Doultan Lambeth backstamp and impressed date 1888.

Doulton Lambeth by Hannah B Barlow, Maud Bowden, L. Francis and Florence C. Roberts, sgraffito decorated with a continuous palette of five horses feeding, running or at rest in a rural landscape panel enclosed by a beaded edge and incised brown and blue foliate borders, ovoid flared shape with circular flared rim, four artists monograms to base, height 10 5/8", diameter 41/4".


Doulton Lambeth by Florence Barlow.  This biscuit barrel is a cylindrical form jar glazed with dark brown borders at the top and bottom, with coffee glaze in between with birds & scrolling leaves on a textured ground.  The cover and handle are of  silver plate. Dimensions - With handle: 11"H., the jar only 6 3/4"H., 5 1/4" diameter.

Doulton Lambeth by Florence Barlow Biscuit Barrel dated 1878. Others who worked on it are Mary Aitken and Constance E. Redford. Silverplate lid, 5¾" high to the top of the main body and 8" to the top of the finial, 4½" in diameter.

Arthur Bolton Barlow

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