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"By The Old Mill Stream:
History of Wellington, 1833-1983"

by Joseph Gaudet

This book tells of the history of Wellington, Ontario, Canada and some of the founding families, including Barlow's.
This book can be purchased from the Wellington Senior Citizens Committee.
You can contact one of the member at --almost to the bottom of the page. Price is $30.00 plus mailing and insurance.

Bill Phillips in Florida October 1999

My great grandmother was Mary A. Barlow, who married William Dunn in Wisconsin and moved to South Dakota in 1876.  William made a land entry and I have his land entry case file from NARA.  William died fairly young, 1895.  Mary was born in Canada, don't know where.

There was a man, Edmund A. Barlow, who was prominent in pioneer South Dakota days.  I suspect they were, maybe brother and sister, and if so I know who the parents were.  I think they may have been related because there are several instances of the "Edmund" name showing up in the Dunn family.

Anyone know more of Mary Barlows family?

Judy "Les Pali"
Jonathon Barlow born 1837 married to Sarah Spry born 1842
                   ---both born Ontario--
Their children:
John b 1860
Elizabeth b 1861 married a Cooper
Emily b 1862 married Richard Marshall Mason
Jessie b 1864 married Mary Frost
Robert b 1867 married Sarah Curtis
Susan b 1869 married John McLean
Wilson b 1870

Added to this list were other children that are supposed to be theirs, but I am not sure.  They are:
Effie married John Burkitt
Nettie married William Rombough

Johnathon's father was Robert Barlow born 1803? and he was married to Elizabeth ____ born 1800?   Robert was born in England.
I have lots of info for Emily Barlow and her husband Richard Marshall Mason
as they were my great great great grandparents.
Any information on Jonathon Barlow and his wife and children will be greatly appreciated.  Anything that you can add for me and from what source would be greatly appreciated.

also from Judy.....

I have an Emily Barlow born 1862 in Springrook, Ontario, Canada.
She was married to Richard Marshall Mason also born in Springbrook, Ontario.  Not sure what origin she is of.  Moved to Killarney, Manitoba
with his family in 1897 with his wife and family at that time.  If you have
any connection to these people or can help, it would  be appreciated.
Yours sincerely, Judy "Les Pali"

"Iris Read"
I have  Robert BARLOW b.circa 1803 married to Elizabeth ___ with
a son Jonathan.  Jonathan lived in Ontario, Canada and was married to
Sarah SPRY.
Jonathan and Sarah's daughter, Effie married John BURKITT.

also from Iris........

My g-grandmother:
Emily or Emma BARLOW, b. 28 April 1862, in Springbrook, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada,
married Richard Marshall MASON
Emily/Emma's parents were John or Jonathan BARLOW b. abt. 1837 believed to have been born in Ontario, Canada - and his wife Sarah - nee SPRY b. abt. 1842,  who married in 1881.
John/Jonathan's parents were Robert BARLOW b. abt 1804 and Elizabeth


I have a Frederick and Mary MASON with a son Richard MASON, who was married approx. 1835 in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario to Sarah HENNESSY.  Richard is buried in Rawdon Twp, Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada.
Their children:
1. Levi b. circa 1838 m. Jane WEBB
2. * Richard Royal MASON b. 1840 m. Hannah L. BURKITT
3. Thomas Davis (David?) b. 1842
4. Henry b. 1844
5. Frederick b. 1846
6. Austin b circa 1846
7. Edgar b. 1848
8. Miles b. 1852, m. Samantha Elizabeth RUPERT
9. Emelia or Permelia CASSIDAY
    b. 1851 and adopted or fostered by MASON

  * Richard Royal MASON & Hannah L. BURKITT
     Their children:
** Richard Marshall MASON b. 1862, m. Emily Emma BARLOW
     Nathan MASON m. Ada BATEMAN
     Wesley MASON m._____ SCOTT
     Christopher MASON

** Richard Marshall MASON & Emma BARLOW
     moved to Killarney, Manitoba, Canada
Their children:
Sarah L. MASON b. circa 1883 Marmora (?), Ontario, Canada
Bessie MASON b. 1885 m. Edward OVENS
Silvia MASON b. 1891
Clarence Wesley MASON b. 1894 m. Elizabeth Ann DONNING
Flossie Matilda MASON b. 1896 m. Richard Aylmer CAMPBELL
Jessie Mabel MASON b. 1899
David Edward MASON b. 1903 m. Joyce Mary SCOTT

According to census records, the MASON family either came from Ireland or from England, depending on who filled out the census records

If any of these names look familiar to you, please, please give me a holler! Iris

"Harry S. Rose"  Flin Flon MB CAN
Iris and Judi trace their line through Emma BARLOW (MASON), mine
is through Emma's sister Nettie BARLOW (ROMBOUGH), and we
have the info Elizabeth BARLOW (COOPER). Other cousins of ours have some of the other names including one of the brothers.

"Marilyn Bennett Echols"
I am looking for parents of Elizabeth Ann Barlow, born Nov. 6, 1846.
She married William Bennett on Dec. 25, 1867. I believe her father was George Barlow. I have no name for her mother. She and William had 9 children: Hannah, William, John, Sarah, Eva, Matilda, George, Elizabeth Ann and James Fergus, my father.
Would appreciate any and all help in locating more of my Barlow line.
My grandparents lived most of their lives in Salford, Lancaster (in the Pendleton area) They are buried in Weast Cemetery in Salford. Both died before I was born.
My father James Fergus was the only one of his family to immigrate, first to Canada and then the U.S.

"Margo Doucette" nee Barlow
My Barlow's came over to Canada as Barnardo boys in the early 1900's from Cheshire. I've done some research but it gets complicated as apparently
2 Barlow's married each other and I haven't been able to find Alfred Barlow's family.

Gayle Mann
George Acheson Barlow, called Acheson, was born 8 March 1852 in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, the son of Robert Barlow and Elizabeth Frances Short.  He immigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada with his parents in 1854.  It appears he married Elizabeth Burrows 12 Feb 1878 and had two children, Letita born ca 1878 and Amanda born c1879.

Nothing more is know about Acheson until his burial shows up in Salt Lake Cemetery, Utah.  He died 28 December 1933 at a local hospital and had been a resident of 4012 Highland Drive.
The obit states he had lived in Salt Lake for several years, but there is no mention of his wife or children.

Can anyone throw any light on his life?


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Anne BARLOW married Francis LAVIN  either before or after entering North America. They were in Canada around 1800.

Francis Lavin and wife Anne Barlow of Richmond Hill were witnesses to their sons wedding in 1860. Their son, James married Mary Cosgrove of Adjala.
The marriage took place somewhere close to the Toronto area of Canada.

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