Alfred James Barlow

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Alfred James Barlow

Contributed by Robert William John Barlow

Alfred James Barlow b. Aug 20 1881 Plaistow England, orphaned to be a Barnardo Child, sent to Canada Aug. 30th 1894. Arrived in Canada Sept 15 1894 SS Sardinian. Lived on the Davidson farm in Muskoka Ontario Canada Jim as he was known by the family later moved back to England and married his cousin Sarah Crisp.

Samuel James Barlow b. July 26 1887, Barnardo Child, sent to Canada
Oct 31 1895. Arrived in Quebec City Canada Nov 9 1895 SS. Mongolian. Join his brother Alfred on the Davidson Farm until he was sixteen. He married and had children who he abandoned in 1924 to presumably move to Albany New York.

Edward Barlow b. May 2 1888 West Ham England Barnardo Child, sent to Canada Sept 1899. Arrived in Quebec Canada Sept 22 1899 SS Arawa. Lived with a family called Twiggs in Oshawa Ontario and moved with them to Ferndale California.

There were two sisters.

Minnie b. 1884 West Ham. Adopted with her sister by 2 old maids. Married Leslie Taylor and moved to Melbourne Australia

Ada b. 1891. Adopted with her sister Minnie by two old maids. Moved to Hamilton Ont. Canada and married Finley Anderson.

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