484.   Case of George Cornwell, late of New Rochelle in the Province of New York

           Claimnant -  Sworn Saith:

He is a native of America.  Was settled at New Rochelle in West Chester County at commencement of troubles, residing on his property.

At commencement of  troubles was a Magistrate & opposed all the measures of the Rebels.
At one of  the town meetings opposed the forming of first Committee.   Acted as a Magistrate till the troops came down under Rebel general.   Then desisted to act as a Magistrate. Remained till the British came.   Was carried before a Magistrate on account of his refusing to join Rebels.

Joined the British when they landed at Pells Neck in October '76.   Has been with the British
ever since.   Signed no association, but continued quiet.  Being 50 years of age, he was exempt from obligation to  serve.  Rebels made him muster as a workman just before British landed.

After joining the British, got a Sloop & was employed in supplying wood & forage to Barracks &
supplies to the British Ships.

Was possessed of 72 acres in New Rochelle with buildings, which he purchased.

Produces bargain & sale dated in 1766 from Andrew Bur-holt to Claimant of 30 acres in New Rochelle in consideration of £110 New York currency.

Sale dated 29 April 1766 from John Bachoit, Sen., to Clairol. of 45 acres in New Rochelle in the
County of West Chester in consideration of £500 New York currency.

Entered in the Records of County of West Chester, Book G., page 665.
Entered :  Barlow, Clk

Paid the consideration  money laid out near £300 currency  in repairs & buildings, improved the lands.

Was offered £1,000 currency in 1771, which he refused.  Could have sold it for that sum. Produces affidavit from Isaac & David Bennet that this property was worth £1,000.  They were neighbours to Claimnant.   These 72 acres have been sold by Committee of Sequestration to one Warring.

Had a Lease of an Island called Hog Island. Lease is expired but Proprietor was bound to pay for improvements.   Clairol. had purchased the lease in 1770.  Had enjoyed the Lease & paid £15.10 for improvments.   Values them at that sum now.  Land was about 10 acres.

Produces New York Journal 20 May, 1784, containing advertisement for the sale of Estate of George Cornwell amongst them.

Claimnant lost several articles of personal property taken by the British.

The words New Rochelle in the County of West Chester & word Senior are wrote upon an
erasure in two places, is entered in the Records of County of West Chester in Book G. Page 661.
Exd. by Thos. Barlow, Clerk

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