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Abstracts from Territorial Newspapers of Washington

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ARTHUR BARLOW and MRS. LUCY BARLOW , both of Lopez Island were married at the American Camp Oct 2
Source: Daily Pacific Tribune, October 18, 1870, pg. 3 col 2
Samuel Stork of Port Townsend has purchased the Standard Bakery and Grocery from L.L. BARLOW
Source: Pacific Tribune November 28, 1872, pg. 3 col 4
EDWARD S. BARLOW of Tacoma appointed Marshall of the Consular Court of the States at Kanagawa, Japan
Source: Washington Standard May 06, 1892, pg. 2 col 3
D.C. Bently of Olympia appointed Farmer, Puyallup Indian Reservation VICE B. BARLOW
Source: Daily Pacific Tribune, November 06, 1873 pg. 3 col 1
BYRON BARLOW on March 16 will inaugurate the retail milk business in the upper and lower Tacoma.
Source: Daily Pacific Tribune March 10, 1874, pg. 3 col 2
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