North Carolina

Family Genealogies

Bunches of Barlow's
Wilkes Co North Carolina

Thomas Barlow and Lucretia Hargis
Orange Co NC

William Barlow
Robeson / Bladen Co North Carolina

Branson Barlow
Robeson Co North Carolina

John Barlow and  Lydia Bryant
Unknown Co of North Carolina

Barlow - Knight Families
Edgecombe Co North Carolina

CardinalTwelvth State of the Union

Admission to Statehood: November 21, 1789

Origin of state's name: In 1629, King Charles I of England "erected into a province," all the land from Albemarle Sound on the north to the St. John's River on the south, which he directed should be called Carolina. The word Carolina is from the word Carolus, the Latin form of Charles. When Carolina was divided in 1710, the southern part was called South Carolina and the northern, or older settlement, North Carolina. From this came the nickname the “Old North State.” Historians have recorded that the principle products during the early history of North Carolina were "tar, pitch, and turpentine." It was during one of the fiercest battles of the War Between the States, so the story goes, that the column supporting the North Carolina troops was driven from the field. After the battle the North Carolinians, who had successfully fought it out alone, were greeted from the passing derelict regiment with the question: "Any more tar down in the Old North State, boys?" Quick as a flash came the answer: "No, not a bit, old Jeff's bought it all up." "Is that so; what is he going to do with it?" was asked. "He's going to put on you-un's heels to make you stick better in the next fight." Creecy relates that General Lee, upon hearing of the incident, said: "God bless the “Tar Heel” boys," and from that they took the name.  (Adapted from Grandfather Tales of North Carolina by R.B. Creecy and Histories of North Carolina Regiments, Vol. III, by Walter Clark). source:

State Capital:  Raliegh

State Flower:  Dogwood

State Tree: Long Leaf Pine

State Bird:  Cardinal

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