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Edmund of Malden / Israel Barlow Family

Descendancy Chart / Index

Nathan Barlow
Massachusetts to Oneida Co NY

Abner Barlow, Last Will and Testament
Canandiagua, Ontario Co New York

Laura Barlow, daughter of Abner, Last Will and Testament
Canandiagua, Ontario Co New York

Ancestors and Descendants of the Fairfield Connecticut Barlow line

Descendancy Chart
John Barlow of Fairfield Connecticut
from the research of Edson Barlow

Ancestors and Descendants of
Earl Mayne Barlow, Jr.
Fairfield Connecticut - Portchester New York
from the research of  Earl Mayne Barlow &  Krisan Barlow Davies

Families descending from
John Barlow and Ann Ward
 from the research by  John F. Barlow

George Barlow
1825 - 1896
Son of Jesse Barlow & Lucretia Rollins
Biographical Review - 1895
 The Leading Citizens of Delaware Co  New York

William H. Barlow
1834-1913  Delaware Co New York
Son of Samuel Barlow and Betsey Rolins
Biographical Review - 1895
 The Leading Citizens of Delaware Co  New York

Samuel Barlow & Esther Hull
As extracted from
"Record of the Descendants of Samuel Barlow of Redding Connecticut
and Esther Hull, daughter of Nathaniel Hull of the same town"
 by Aaron Barlow Olmstead in the year1887
transcribed by Dev Clifford

Charles Sanford Olmsted
Grandson of Zahnon & Rebecca "Barlow" Olmsted
Cooperstown New York   1853-
The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans

Fairfield Co  Connecticut & Long Island Co New York
1590 - 1773
from the research of Sue Montgomery-Cook

Ancestors of Elizabeth Barlow
daughter of  David Barlow, III & Hannah Patchen
1500's - 1700's
from the research of  Frank McKane

Allen Barlow
Windham, Greene Co New York
1810 -
son of Alanson and Mary Ann Barlow
Nephew to Joel Barlow, U.S. Minister to France
A History of Broome Co New York

Brigadier General John Whitney Barlow
Wyoming Co New York
1838 -1914
Son of Nehemiah Barlow and Orinda Steele
U.S. Army Records & Arlington National Cemetery Records

Edmund Barlow  Delaware Co New York
Son of Jabez Barlow & Elizabeth Hunt
1749 - present
from the research of  John F. Barlow

Mansfield Barlow
Supposed descendant of John Barlow of Fairfield Connecticut
New York - Mississippi - Texas
from the research of  Elaine Rummel

Abel Barlow &  Esther Treat
1775 - 1822
Southbury Connecticut to Windham, New York
Son of Jabez Barlow & Dosin
A compilation from  the research of:
Edson Barlow    John F. Barlow     Sylvia Hulce

Walter Jarvis Barlow
Westchester Co  New York  to California
1868 - 1937
son of William Henry and Catharine Stratton "Lent" Barlow
Barlow of Barlow, Editor, Edson L. Barlow

Barlow and Company
Sing Sing, / now Ossinging  New York
William Henry Barlow

Dr. George Barton Barlow
Son of   John Curry &  Josephine Barton "Bassett" Barlow
Ossining, New York - Englewood, New Jersey
Encyclopedia of Biography

Barlow's General Store
Treadwell, New York
Harry Arnold Barlow Proprietor 1930 - 1960

Pierre Barlow Cornwall
Delaware Co New York - San Francisco, California
Life Sketch of Pierre Barlow Cornwall by Bruce Cornwall

John Barlow
Lancashire England - Warren Co Pennsylvania - Chautauqua Co New York

Alfred H. Barlow &  Clara Minerva Sanford
New York  to  Portage Co Ohio
Son of John & Mary Barlow
from the research of John Sanford  Possibly Fairfield Families

Elisha Clapp Barlow of Dutchess Co New York
from the research of Edson Barlow

Eli Barlow of Chemung Co New York

Eli A. Barlow   w/ Esther Moore
1813 -1878 
New York - Illinois - Iowa
research of  Arlene Outzen, Neva Babcock, Becky Smith. and Carol Culbertson

James H. Barlow
Delaware Co New York - Illinois - Iowa
Son of Eli A. Barlow
"Past and Present of Dallas County, Iowa"

Moses Barlow Family of Broome Co New York

Moses Barlow
Dutchess & Broome Counties
Barlow of Barlow, Editor, Edson L. Barlow

Barlow's Hotel in the Catskill Mountains
James Barlow, Son of Moses, Manager
East Durham, Greene Co New York

Photographs of
Smith Henry Barlow & Deborah A. Chapin
Sandy Creek, Oswego Co  New York
Margaret Kastler, Librarian of the Annie Porter Ainsworth
Memorial Library at Sandy Creek and Edson L. Barlow

William C. Barlow
son of  James & Malvina Barlow
Greene & Oneida Co New York to Wisconsin
The History of Northern Wisconsin

Ancestors & Descendants of Edmund Barlow of Malden Massachusetts

Descendancy Chart
Edmund of Malden
from the research of Kent  M. Barlow

Samuel Latham Mitchell Barlow
Prominent Attorney of New York City
Son of Samuel Bancroft Barlow, M.D.
America's Successful Men of Affairs:
An Encyclopedia of Contemporaneous Biography
Glen Cove History: A Maritime Perspective

Ancestors of  

Wayne Brewster Barlow  of Rochester New York
Beginning with Edmund of Malden
1692 - Present
from the research of  Kent M. Barlow

Nathan Barlow & Nathan Barlow Jr.
Canandaigua, New York
Representatives of Barry Co Michigan
Michigan biographies, including Members of Congress, elective state officers, Justices of the Supreme Court, Members of the Michigan Legislature, 
Board of Regents of the University of  Michigan, State Board of Agriculture and
State Board of Education
History of Barry Co w/ Biographies

Augustus Barlow
Ontario Co New York, Lee Co Illinois, Wisconsin, & Minnesota
son of Abner & Harriett "Short" Barlow
1904 History of  Lee County Illinois 

Truman Family
including  Lyman Truman & Lucy Barlow
Candor Massachusetts  - Oswego Co New York

Descendants of George Barlow of Sandwich, Massachusetts

Peleg Barlow & Elizabeth Perry
Sandwich Massachusetts to  Delaware & Schnectady Co New York
1692 - 1800's
Historical Society in Columbus, Ohio

Peleg Barlow
1824 correspondence with Thomas Jefferson
Delaware Co New York
Son of Elisha and Sarah Barlow
Thomas Jefferson Papers

Henry Barlow
Son of Jesse & Julia "Knickerbocker" Barlow
1825 - 1903
Delaware Co New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, & Ohio
Barlow of Barlow, Editor, Edson L. Barlow

Thomas Barlow ~ Judge & Lawyer
Son of  Thomas Barlow & Polly Clark
Duanesburgh Schenectady Co New York
1880 History of Chenango and Madison Co's New York 

Thomas Edgar Barlow
England - Sonoma Co California
s/o Solomon Q. Barlow & Elizabeth Denman of Sullivan Co New York
History of Sonoma Co California

George W. Barlow & Mary Ann Purdy
Schenectady Co New York  - Michigan - Washington
Compilation of the research of Edson Barlow & Dennis James Walker 
     Barlow & Allied Families by Hawkins & DeVries 
Records found in the Clearinghouse

Barlow-Nye  Family Association
American Nyes of English Origin
by L. Bert Nye 

Jonathan King Barlow and Honor Douglas
Vermont, New York, Illinois, Missouri

Ransom Barlow
New York, Arkansas & Oklahoma
From the research of Dennis O'Neal

Parmenus P. Barlow & Fanny M. Waite
The Waite Family of Genesse Co New York
Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus Co New York 
History of the Town of Ashford 

L.B. Sheldon
son of Milton Sheldon and Clarissa Barlow
Chautauqua Co New York
Kansas and Kansans: Volume 5 

 Thomas Barlow Walker
Son of Platt Bayliss Walker & Antis Barlow
New York-Ohio-Minnesota
Biographical History 

Benjamin Norton & Sarah Barlow
Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts & Allegany County, New York
History of Allegany County, New York 

Joseph Crawford Barlow & Virginia Chateau
Philadelphia - St. Louis - Brooklyn Kings Co New York
Creoles of St. LouisProbably descendants of George Barlow of Sandwich Massachusetts

David Barlow and Sarah Hatch
Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York
by Edson Barlow and Susan BARLOW Holmes

General Francis Barlow
Brooklyn, Kings Co New York
Son of David Hatch Barlow & Almira Cornelia Penniman
Barlow of Barlow, Editor, Edson L. Barlow


Barlow's with unknown origins

Nathaniel Barlow and Rachel Kenyon
New Hampshire - New York - Vermont
From the research of Kimbery Granholm

John W. Barlow  w/  Rebecca Young & Mary J. Trout
1810 -1893 
New York - Ohio - Iowa - Missouri
From the research of  Robert Strong 

Manly D. Howard
s/o Earl Douglas Howard & Elizabeth Barlow
Herkimer, Oneida & Chautauqua Co NY-Alleghany Co Pennsylvania-Michigan
American Biographical History of Eminent and Self-Made Men 

Captain J.W. Barlow
Woodhaven, New York
Life Magazine  June 29, 1942 

George H. Barlow Sr.
Son of Martin Barlow
Barlow- Rogers & Company - Binghampton New York
Broome Co New York

George H. Barlow Jr.
Prominent Real Estate Man
1879- Binghamptom and Broome County New York 

Descendancy Chart of
John Barlow of Mongtomery Co New York
Barlow of Barlow, Editor, Edson L. Barlow

Joseph Barlow of New York City  New York
Barlow of Barlow, Editor, Edson L. Barlow 

Jabez Barlow and Mary Polly Edmonds
Novia Scotia Canada - Deleware Co NY
Barlow of Barlow, Editor, Edson L. Barlow 

Will of Emery Sanford
St Lawrence Co New York, 1923
Husband of Julia Barlow
Will Book 62   Page 449 

J.W. Baird, son of C.C. & Sarah Barlow Baird
Sullivan Co New York - Hocking Valley Ohio
History of Hocking Valley Ohio 

George and Annie 'Marks' Barlow
New York, Oklahoma, Kansas
From the research of Carol Clark

Lillian Barlow
Her picture was found in an old Armitage 
family photo album - Seneca Co. NY
Can you identify her?

John H. and Lovila Lassley Barlow
Sullivan Co New York

Tioga & Madison Co New York
Family photos need further identification

James and Sarah Barlow
Lancashire England, Orange Co New York, Cerro Gordo Co Iowa

Roots in England

William Barlow & Mary Brooks
England, Canada, Madison & Onondaga Co New York, Nebraska, and Colorado
From the research of Michelle Pearson

Joseph Barlow & Anice Moore
England, Brooklyn, Kings, & Greenwood Co New York, Ohio, Illinois, & Nebraska
Contributed by Leona Muckelroy

Thomas Barlow & Elizabeth Heap
Newton-in-the-Willows, Yorkshire, England  - Franklin Co New York
From the research of Douglas T. Barlow

A new modified register for Thomas and Elizabeth Heap Barlow beginning with Gr-Grandfather William Barlow of Yorkshire England

James Smith Barlow II
London, England - NY - PA - IL - MO - TN - GA
From the research of  Barlow Biggers

John & Elizabeth Barlow
Nottingham, England  -  Florida, Montgomery Co New York
Edson L. Barlow, Susan BARLOW Holmes, Brenna Thomas

Henry Barlow &  Harriet Buckley
Manchester England, Passaic Co New Jersey
with family to New York, Michigan, Texas, Georgia & Missouri
From the research of  Geralyn Barry

Irving T. Bush
Michigan to New York City
husband of Belle Barlow, d/o Samuel Barlow of Ridgeway Connecticut

William Barlow and Ann
Liverpood England to Richmond Co New York
From the research of Edson Barlow

Roots in Canada

Son's of Orange Runnells Davis & Adalaide Barlow
Issac, Sidney W., & Ebenezer R.  Davis
Memorial Record of Southwestern Minnesota
Nicollet and LeSueur Counties, Minnesota

Descendancy Chart of
Edward Barlow of New York City New York
Barlow of Barlow, Editor,

Nova Scotia Roots Jonathan Barlow & Plain Rogers
"Family Genealogy Comprising the Ancestry and Descendancy of 
Jonathan Barlow and Plain Rogers" 

George Barlow & Melinda Dennis
Son of  Jonathan Barlow and Plain Rogers
Compilation of Records found in the Clearinghouse 

Elbert Spicer Barlow
Son of  George and Martha Anna "Lockwood" Barlow
The National Cylcopedia -  New York Times Obituary
 New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 

John Quincy Barlow
Son of  Joseph Barlow and Peninah Wakeman 
Photograph, Obituary and Speeches Joseph W. Barlow
Son of John Quincy Barlow and Ellen Eels
Obituary - Spanish Book Betty Barlow Dermott
Daughter of Joseph W. Barlow
Resume and Obituary

Theodore Gibbs Barlow
Son of William Marvin Barlow
Obituary and Notes from Barbara Ereshena

Roots in Ireland

Reverend Arthur E. Barlow
Ireland to New York
Pastor of St. Ann's Church, Hornellsville, Cattaraugus Co New York
Historical Gazetteer & Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus Co New York 

Roots in France

Alexander Barlow & Barbara Rausch
West Virginia
descendants to Ohio, Indiana, & New York

New York in the Military

Border photo -  John, Sam & Harry Barlow