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Marriage Records of New Jersey
                  Cape May New Jersey
Elizabeth Barlow and Michael Hinshaw  30 January 1769
Mary Barlow and Joseph Field   19 April 1765
Mehitabel Carll and Barlow Williams   05 December 1776

Cemetery Records of New Jersey

Obituaries of New Jersey

New Jersey City Directories

Barlow Families in New Jersey

John, George, Richard and George Herbert Barlow
England, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Kentucky & Missouri

Henry Barlow & Harriet Buckley
Manchester England to Passaic Co New Jersey

G.A. Barlow's and Son Barlow's Music
Trenton, Mercer Co New Jersey

John Barlow and Sarah Ann Rutter
England to Trenton, Mercer Co New Jersey

Lieutenant John S. Barlow
37th NJ Infantry

Arunah Roseta Barlow Family Bible Records

Dewitt Dukes Barlow Mayor of Plainfield, New Jersey

George Barton Barlow, M.D.
Son of John Curry and Josephine Barton 'Bassett' Barlow

Charles Barlow    1825-1880
Yorkshire England, New York, Monmouth Co New Jersey  

Joseph Craig Barlow and Rose Craig  c1891
Woodbridge Avenue - Highland Park, New Jersey

Joseph W. Barlow, Spanish Professor at NYU
Son of John Quincy Barlow and Ellen Eels - Walton Co New York to Flemington New Jersey

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