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Charles Barlow

Yorkshire England, New York, and Long Branch, New Jersey

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America's Successful Men of Affairs: An Encyclopedia of Contemporaneous Biography
Volume Ipage 59

CHARLES BARLOW, reporter of mercantile credits, born in Dudley, Yorkshire, England, October 08, 1825, died in Long Branch, N.J., July 25, 1880. His father followed the profession of surveyor and civil engineer. He came to America in 1844, while yet a lad, against the advice of his father, who, nevertheless, supplied him with a modest sum of money.

This the lad deposited in a bank upon his arrival, and it formed the nucleus of his later fortune. He was employed by Arthur and Lewis Tappan, who had then recently originated the system of mercantile agency reports in this country, and remained connected with the house until his death. About 1850 Benjamin Douglas became senior partner. The house took the name later of R.G. Dun & Co., and in 1860, when Mr. Barlow was given an interest, the firm name was changed to Dun, Barlow & Co. He was ardently devoted to his vocation, and his accuracy of judgment and wide knowledge made him a source of great strength to the house.The branch offices in Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis and several other Western cities were established by him. He invested his means largely in metropolitan real estate, which in time became valuable.

Twice married, he was survived by two sons and three daughters.
CHARLES BARLOW       NY TIMES   July 26, 1880

Charles Barlow, of the Mercantile Agency of Messrs. Dun, Barlow & Co., of No. 314 Broadway, died suddenly last evening at his country
house in Long Branch, N.J.  .Mr. Barlow was  about 55 years old, and was born in Dudley,  near Birmingham, in England.  He came to this
country in 1844, and almost immediately after his arrival found employment with the firm of Arthur & Lewis Tappan, who had already established a mercantile agency in this City.  For a few weeks in 1863 Mr. Barlow entered the employment of A.T.Stewart & Co., but he returned to his former occupation, and the firm of Dun, Barlow & Co. was organized immediately thereafter.

Mr. Barlow accumulated considerable wealth, much of which was acquired by operations in real estate.  He was a man  of active habits, prudent in business, and careful in its details, and he enjoyed the confidence  of all the businessmen of his acquaintance.

He leaves a widow, two sons, and three daughters, one of the latter of whom is married.  His partner, R.Graham Dun is in Canada with
Gen. Chester A. Arthur.

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