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Nebraska Vital Records Nebraska birth, death, marriage, and divorce records Vital Records may be obtained from the following organization: Bureau of Vital Statistics Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services 301 Centennial Mall South P.O. Box 95065 Lincoln, NE 68509-5065

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Abstracts from 'Nebraska, the Land and the People
Barlow Families in Nebraska
Germanna Families:
Stephen Conley Barlow     Indiana - Ohio - Iowa - Richardson Co Nebraska
Fern Wilson Barlow and Harry Miller      Iowa - Douglas / Sarpy Co Nebraska
Fairfield Families
Judson Adoniram Barlow and Emily Case Marvin      Vermont - New York - Keith and Thayer Co Nebraska
Jonathan Barlow and Plain Rogers Families:
Emily Elizabeth Barlow and William Allen    New York - Pennsylvania - Cass Co Nebraska
George of Sandwich / Mormon Families:
Thomas Barlow and Ann Hulme   England - Nebraska - Utah
Helen Barlow and Fred Allen Nye    Iowa - Buffalo Co Nebraska
Unknown Family Origins:
George Washington Barlow and Lettie Belle Fisher 
Minnesota - Wayne Co Nebraska - Washington - Oregon - Missouri - Wisconsin - South Dakota
Joseph Barlow and Anice Moore       England - New York - Ohio - Illinois - Nebraska
William Barlow and Mary Brooks     England - Canada - New York - Harlan Co Nebraska - Colorado
Barlow Circus    Nebraska - Missouri - Kansas
Mary Ellen Barlow and Isaac B. Wilkinson     Ohio - Furnas Co Nebraska
Morris C. Barrow ... aka ... Bill Barlow    Pennsylvania - Nebraska - Wyoming
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