Descendants of John Wheat

Much of this information comes from:
"Wheat Sheaves Descendants of William Griffin Wheat and Martha Patsy"

Generation No. 1


John Wheat was born in England, and died 1711 in Prince George Co Maryland.

He married Sarah

Children of John Wheat and Sarah are:

 2 i. John2 Wheat Jr, died after 1768.
He married Ann, and they lived in Prince George's Co Maryland
 3 ii.

Francis Wheat, born c1700 in Prince George Co Maryland; died 1774.
He married Sarah

Three more children are mentioned in records of St. John's Church in Piscattaway Parish on a fragmented page.

Sarah died after 1776 since she was listed as living with son John in 1776 Census of Prince George's Co Maryland.

+4 iii. William Wheat, born c1705 in Maryland; died before 1729
 5 iv.

Joseph Wheat, born c1709 in Maryland.   He married Rachel

Generation No. 2


William2 Wheat (John1) was born c1705 in Maryland, and died before 1729.

He married Amy Wall before 1729, daughter of Thomas Wall and Mary

Children of William Wheat and Amy Wall are:

+6 i. William3 Wheat Jr., died April 1782 in Wilkes Co Georgia
 7 ii. Sarah Wheat    She married John Nabus  
 8 iii.

Mary Wheat, born September 20, 1727 in Maryland; died December 06, 1797 in North Carolina.
She married William Summers Sr. Feb 10, 1744/45 in Prince George's Co Maryland

Generation No. 3


William3 Wheat Jr. (William2, John1) died April 1782 in Wilkes Co Georgia.

He married Martha

Children of William Wheat and Martha  are:

+9 i. Thomas4 Wheat, died March 26, 1804 in Mississippi.
 10 ii.  John Wheat

Generation No. 4


Thomas4 Wheat (William3, William2, John1) died March 26, 1804 in Mississippi.

Thomas was on the Tombigbee River in Alabama in 1787, where he received a Spanish land grant.

Children married into the Weldy, Rainey and Burk families settled in Perry Co Mississippi. Son John moved to Copiah Co Mississippi

 Children of Thomas Wheat are:

+11 i. Martha5 Wheat, born c1793 in Alabama; died May 1884.
+12 ii. Elizabeth Wheat, died October 1849
 13 iii.

Thomas Wheat Jr., died c 1843 in Marion Co Mississippi.
He married Jane 1813 in St Tammany Parish Louisiana

Listed as Jane Wheat in printed materials of Marriage Records of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, actual record lost.  No one seems to know who Jane was, each family assumed she was the daughter of one of the other brothers.

 14 iv. Miss Wheat, died before 1849.  She married Mr. Rainey
 15 v. Miss Wheat, died before 1849.  She married Joseph A. Kennedy
 16 vi. Rebecca Wheat, died Bef. 1849.  She married William M. Wallace
 17 vii. Mary Wheat, born 1782 in Georgia; died after 1853.   She married Jordan Morgan
+18 viii. John Jackson Wheat Sr., born c1790 in Alabama; died c1861 in Copiah Co Mississippi.

Generation No. 5


Martha5 Wheat (Thomas4, William3, William2, John1) was born c 1793 in Alabama, and died May 1884.

She married Elias Wallis February 28, 1820 in Liberty Mississippi.

Martha and Elias had 15 children. They first lived in Marion Co Mississippi then moved to Washington Parish, Louisiana but later separated and Martha moved back to Marion Co Mississippi

Child of Martha Wheat and Elias Wallis is:

19 i.
Obedience Beedy6 Wallis, born May 17, 1837 in Hancock Co Mississippi; died March 05, 1913 in Pearl River Co Mississippi.       She married James Oliver Bilbo.



Elizabeth5 Wheat (Thomas4, William3, William2, John1) died October 1849.

She married William Weldy

Children of Elizabeth Wheat and William Weldy are:

+20 i. Amelia "Milly" Wheat6 Weldy, born 20 Jan 1820 in Mississippi; died 25 Jan 1917 in Mississippi
 21 ii. Thomas Weldy, born c 1814.  He married Elizabeth Pierce
 22 iii. Matilda Weldy, born c 1820.  She married William Simmons
 23 iv. William Weldy, Jr., born c 1821.  He married Charlotte Martin
 24 v. George Weldy, born c 1827.  He married Rachel


John Jackson5 Wheat Sr. (Thomas4, William3, William2, John1) was born 1797 in Alabama, and died 1861 in Copiah Co Mississippi.  John and Grace are buried in an unknown named cemetery

He married 1) Grace Millsaps, daughter of William Millsaps and Rebecca Webster.

He married 2) Celia Bufkin   I have a lot of Bufkins online, but no parents for this particular Celia.

Children of John Wheat and Grace Millsaps are:

 25 i.

Elizabeth "Betsy"6 Wheat was born December 11, 1816, and died May 17, 1855.
She married  Elijah Wright Jr. June 10, 1837 in Copiah Co Mississippi, son of Elijah Wright and
Mary Kendall

This family is outlined in the Millsaps - Wright pages

+26 ii. Thomas Wheat
+27 iii. Rebecca Wheat
+28 iv. John Jackson Wheat Jr.
+29 v. Andrew Wheat

Generation No. 6


Amelia "Milly" Wheat6 Weldy (Elizabeth5 Wheat, Thomas4, William3, William2, John1) was born January 20, 1820
in Mississippi, and died January 25, 1917 in Mississippi.

She married Lemuel Strahan December 25, 1856 in Hancock Co Mississippi, son of Cornelius Strahan and Nancy Alderman.

Lemuel died at the home of his father.

From the Gainesville Advocate, Gainesville, Hancock Co Mississippi
April 08, 1845 edition recorded at the Mississippi State Archives.

Simon Holden and Thomas Holden visited Mr. Neal Strahan, a respectable citizen of Marion Co and proceeded to verbally abuse him while he lay ill. Shortly after they left the house and met Lemuel Strahan, son of Neal, who had heard of the incident. He then flogged them. Meeting Strahan later, the Holdens who now had guns, pursued Strahan to Skinner's house, where young Strahan got a gun and aimed at one of the Holden's. His brother stopped him though. When Thomas Holden returned Lemuel's fire, he struck Thomas Strahan in the hip. Lemuel Strahan was on the jury in Greene Co Mississippi that convicted James Copeland for killing James A. Harvey in the shootout at the Harvey home. He was also a witness at the hanging.

Minutes of the Chancery Court 1850-1859, Probate Court Record Book 2-A Marion Co Mississippi - pages 2-7 lists Milly Strahan (wife of Lemuel Strahan) of Marion Co Mississippi in the estate of Thomas Wheat dated November 1849.

Edition recorded at the Mississippi State Archives.

The following information is on the application filed by Amelia Weldy for pension for Lemuel who served in the Civil War: It was filed on 04 August 1916 in Pearl River Co Mississippi, and in it she stated she was 86 years of age, a bona-fide resident of the State of Mississippi and that she had lived in Mississippi all of her life. She lived at Hillsdale, Pearl River Co Mississippi. She had married on the 25th day of December 1856 and said her husband lived in Hancock Co Mississippi when he enlisted. He was in Co. A, was in the service for a period of six months and was under the command of Colonel Amacker and Captain Slocum.

Children of Lemuel Strahan and Amelia Weldy are:

30 i. William S.5 Strahan, born 1847; died 1864, killed in the Civil War
31 ii.
George Washington Strahan, born November 02, 1848 in Mississippi; died April 28, 1926 in Poplarville, Pearl River Co Mississippi, burial Springhill Cemetery
He married  1) Miss Davis.   He married  2) Laura Dearman January 13, 1882.
32 iii. Willis Strahan, born 1850; died Bef. 1870.
33 iv. Susan Strahan, born 1852 in Mississippi; died 1954.  
She married John Perkins October 14, 1885 in Hancock Co Mississippi.
Some family records indicate she first married a Mr. Terrell of Tylertown, M
34 v. Wiley P. Strahan, born January 16, 1855 in Mississippi; died October 26, 1901.
He married Martha Forensi Smith September 23, 1885.
35 vi. William Francis Strahan, born April 01, 1856 in Mississippi; died Aft. 1900.  
He married Clyde Perrin October 08, 1891 in Pearl River Co Mississippi.
 36 vii. Emaline Strahan, born January 08, 1859 in Green Co., Mississippi; died August 03, 1962 in Poplarville, Pearl River Co Mississippi.
She married Hasting Paul Howard November 28, 1878 in Hancock Co Mississippi.
37 viii. Thomas Cornelius Strahan, born 1863; died 1915, in a shootout with police in L.A.
He married Beedie Dianis Bilbo
38 ix.  Nancy Elizabeth Strahan, born December 12, 1859; died May 23, 1941.  
She married Hiram Prentiss Smith



Thomas6 Wheat (John Jackson5, Thomas4, William3, William2, John1)

He married Eveline Beacham

Children of Thomas Wheat and Eveline Beacham are:

39 i. Jim7 Wheat
40 ii. John Wheat
41 iii. William Wheat
42 iv. Andrew Wheat
43 v. Zack Wheat
44 vi. Tom Wheat
45 vii. Mary Wheat



Rebecca6 Wheat (John Jackson5, Thomas4, William3, William2, John1)

She married James J. Decell

Children of Rebecca Wheat and James Decell are:

46 i. Gracie7 Decell    She married William Jones
47 ii. George Jasper "Buck" Decell
48 iii. Margaret Decell.  She married T.H. Booth
49 iv. Mellissa Decell.  She married R.P. Leach
50 v. Elizabeth Decell   She married A.L. Puckett
51 vi. John Scott Decell
He married 1) Ella Ryan
He married 2) Mary Jane Mayes, burial in the old section, Hazelhurst Cemetery, Copiah Co Mississippi
52 vii. Adeline Decell.  She married O.F. Harris
53 viii. William Wheat Decell



John Jackson6 Wheat Jr. (John Jackson5, Thomas4, William3, William2, John1)

Children of John Jackson Wheat Jr. are:

54 i. John Jackson "Wheatie"7 Wheat III
55 ii. Jimmy W. Wheat
56 iii. Joe W. Wheat
57 iv. Sheppard N. Wheat
58 v. Willie Wheat
59 vi. Sallie Wheat
60 vii. Ethel Wheat



Andrew6 Wheat (John Jackson5, Thomas4, William3, William2, John1)

He married Rebecca Decell

Children of Andrew Wheat and Rebecca Decell are:

61 i. Sallie7 Wheat.  She married Mr. Quattlebaum
62 ii. Jack Wheat
63 iii. Martha Wheat.  She married Mr. Simmons
64 iv. Eddie Wheat