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Descendants of John and Lydia Barlow

The following pages are a compilation of many kinfolks research, and I, Susan BARLOW Holmes, will add census records and other records found in order to document as many families as possible, through 1920.    If you find your family missing, please contact me.  We'd love to find new cousins, and would like to invite you to our yearly reunion held in October, Copiah Co Mississippi.  All allied families welcome.

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Much of the information contained in this website, as well as many more photographs, etc., can be found in the book, 'BARLOW KINFOLK' compiled by Lora Beth Barlow Wright.   There are about 280 photographs, maps, and illustrations. The book is indexed and printed on acid-free paper.   As of December 2005, Lora Beth has sold 300 books, and has now resigned from the book publishing business.  You might check your library or with a cousin if you would like to see it.   At the present time, a new book is not in the works, though we have many new names to add, we haven't reached further back than John as yet.

< Cover photo is the freighting business of Andrew Jackson Barlow

Make plans now to attend the Barlow and Allied Family Reunion, scheduled for the last Saturday in October, 2006, Camp Wesley Pines, Gallman, Copiah Co Mississippi.



John Barlow and Lydia Bryant

Children:   Each family will be traced through the 1920 census as can be found.  If your's is missing, please let me know.

1.  Missouri Barlow and Southall Myrick

2.  William Bryant Barlow and Nancy Herrington / Harrington
Lydia Barlow and Richard Grantham

Cynthia Barlow and William Grantham

Elizabeth Barlow, Wolf Hair and Robert Jordan

Pheby Barlow, John Gillander, and Daniel McGilvary

Henry Barlow and Cynthia Stickland/Skelly

Narvle Barlow and Elizabeth Byrd

Enoch Barlow and Sarah Jimmerson

Joyce Barlow and Mr. Culp

Martha Jane Barlow and James Madison Herrington

Rebecca Barlow and Colon Hood

Bryant P.S. Barlow and Sarah Ellen Rush

Christopher Columbus Barlow, Mary Jane Mahaffey, and Jane Austen

Nancy C. Barlow and Nathan M. Lee

Darling Barlow and Susannah Cracker
3.  Henry 'Buck' Barlow, Charity Millsaps, and Miranda Hayman
Lydia Barlow and Henry Ward Conn

Emaline Barlow and Albert S. Bufkin

Elizabeth Ann 'Besty' Barlow and Harmon Floyd Bufkin

Henry Zair Barlow and Mary Manghum Swinney

William Jasper Barlow, Mary A. Elizabeth Stanfil, Catherine Louisa 'Kate' Wright

John Newton Barlow and Matilda Jane Stanfil

Charity Zoe Barlow, James W. McClure, and Volney Brown

Uriah M. Barlow

Grace Agnes Barlow and Jared Hoyt Cranfield

George Theodore Barlow

Sophrinia Barlow

Nicholas Cicero Barlow and Sicily Ann Douglass

Efatha Senbro 'Faith' Barlow and Charles K. Swinney

Ulysses Green Barlow and Cornelia Noland

Charity H. Barlow and Ernest Thomae
4.  John Barlow, Jr. and Mary 'Polly' Millsaps
Rebecca Barlow, Simone P. Fore, and Henry Cato

Lydia Barlow and Alfred Deason

Charity Barlow and Herman Bomar Mayes

Louisa Matilda Barlow and George Lester Decell

Mary Tine Barlow, John Prentiss Matthews and Henry Walis

Louvinia Barlow, Dr. Hugh 'Seth' McLaurin, and James Meredith Matthews

Martha E. Louise Barlow, Dr. William James Strahan, and Hugh Dunning

+ more about several members of the 4th generation
5. Nathaniel Green Barlow and Mary Byrd
Susan Elizabeth Barlow and Thomas Calvin Gatlin

John L. Barlow and Emeline Sophronia Berry

Rachel C. Barlow and Hezekiah 'Sole' Moran

George Washington Barlow and Sarah 'Sally' E. Murray

Wiley Green Barlow and Elizabeth 'Betty' Sandifer

Frances Marion 'Franz' Barlow and Nannie Watkins

+ several members of the 4th and 5th generations

6.  George Washington Barlow and Flora Ann Byrd
John Wesley Barlow and H. Catherine Mahaffey

Nancy Barlow and William B. Mullican

Nathaniel Green Barlow, Laurinda Pricilla Guynes and Margaret 'Maggie' Guynes

Lydia A. Barlow, John C. Gowan, and Isaac Warren Bell

Mary Jane Barlow and Washington Jefferson 'Jeff' Berry

George Washington 'Snap-Eye' Barlow and Minerva Alice Hilton

Almeda / Amanda Barlow and William Patrick Hilton

Andrew Jackson Barlow and Elizabeth Till Burkett
Barlow Kinfolk Contacts

Susan Barlow Holmes
Contact me and I will try to get you a good address for any of the following folks, e-mail or snail mail. Names will be added as found in this research.

Lora Beth Barlow Wright

Carol Hilton

Ralph Barlow / deceased

Paul Longa

Harvey Barlow

Carrie Bee Barlow

Clenton Barlow

Hayward Neely

John and Claire Barlow

Rachel Ann Whittington

Sharon Hyatt Armstrong

Tom Smith

Wanda Barlow Bonilla

William Scarborough

Carolyn Cole

Ardeth Barlow

Elizabeth Jordan

Jan Barlow

Rebecca O'Bryan

Robin Alter

Pat Burney

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