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George Washington Barlow and Flora Ann Byrd

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George Washington2 Barlow (John1) was born July 06, 1813 in Mississippi, a twin to Nathaniel Green Barlow, both sons of John and Lydia Barlow. This date of birth was determined from his tombstone, and proven in 2002, from a book located in that he had owned and wrote his birthdate inside. Family lore tells us that he was a twin to Nathaniel.

He married c1833 Flora Ann Byrd. (see note below concerning Flora's maiden name)  Flora was born February 21, 1818 in South Carolina (place of birth from census records) and died September 19, 1885 in Simpson Co Mississippi

Both she and George are buried on their home place in Simpson Co Mississippi, known as the George Washington Barlow Cemetery.  The land is currently owned by the family of Johnnie Barlow Ainsworth
George Washington Barlow Cemetery

Barlow George Washington
July 06, 1813
November 06, 1874
h/o Flora
Barlow Flora Ann
February 21, 1818
September 19, 1885
w/o George W.
Charity Millsaps
February 12, 1800
May 11, 1834
w/o Henry Barlow
Julia Ann
October 13, 1858
October 08, 1866
d/o Nathaniel Green Barlow and Laurinda Guynes
Mary Madaline
September 03, 1860
September 22, 1864
d/o Nathaniel Green Barlow and Laurinda Guynes
 Tombstone inscription from double stone of George and Flora:
"Our life was one, Our hope was one, Our rest is one, Our resurrection will be in One"

It is not known where Henry is buried, nor their mother, Lydia Barlow, but it is thought that perhaps they are buried in this small cemetery in the woods on the old homeplace. It is covered with 100 years of leaves and pine needles, and in bad need of repairs ... and indentions in the ground suggest that other graves are there.
George Washington Barlow was born, it is thought, in the Mississippi Territory, in what is now Perry Co Mississippi. Prior to that time, the family had resided somewhere in North Carolina, and if they had lived somewhere between North Carolina and Mississippi, that is not known, though we suspect they did spend time in either Georgia or Alabama. These are the areas that need to be researched further to determine the origin of John's family, and to get a positive identification on Lydia's maiden name.

Marriage notes:    I have never seen any documentation indicating that George had ever lived anywhere except Simpson Co since he was a boy of about 13, but I have not been able to find a marriage certificate in the entire state of Mississippi, nor the surrounding states!! However, the searches I have done where from microfilm at the archives, and there were many of the records illegible, and perhaps theirs was one. I hope someday to get to the Simpson Co courthouse and search the books for the record.

Flora's maiden name:
Originally, I found Flora's maiden name as 'Hilton' in LDS records submitted by Ralph Emerson Barlow in 1995. However, it was later found that Clara Barlow Woodall had given him that information, without really knowing. Most researchers of the family has come to believe she was a Byrd. George's twin brother, Nathaniel was married to Mary Byrd, proven from marriage records, however, her parents have been questioned.  Memoirs of Mississippi states that Mary was the daughter of George and Susan Byrd of South Carolina, other researchers have told me she is the daughter of Eden Byrd and Anne Lee. Norval Barlow, son of Bryant Barlow, and nephew to George and Nathaniel married Elizabeth Byrd, also proven by marriage records.  Her parents are not proven. Flora too, is thought to be a Byrd, and according to Ms. Love, in an article from a 1963 genealogy column in Copiah Co Mississippi newspaper, all are sisters, and all daughters of John Byrd. I believe John is the brother of the above mentioned, George Byrd. A marriage certificate will prove Flora's maiden name, and if her father witnessed the marriage, it may even prove her parentage. Still, more research then will needs to be done to prove the the Byrd lineages.
Simpson Co Mississippi    1840   pg 220      G.W. Barlow

1 m<5
1 m 5<10
1 m 20<30
1 f<5
1 f5<10
1 f 20<30
Simpson Co Mississippi    1850      pg 316    #409

G.W. Barlow 36 Farmer $600
Flora A. Barlow 30    
John Barlow 17    
Nancy Barlow 14    
Nathaniel G. Barlow 12    
Lydia Barlow 10    
Susan Barlow  5    
Mary J. Barlow  2    

Harrisville, Simpson Co Mississippi    28 July 1860   pg 148   #76/76

George W. Barlow 47 Farmer 4000/20,620
Flora A. Barlow 49    
Lidia Barlow 20    
Susan Barlow 14    
Mary J. Barlow 11    
George W. Barlow  6    

Westville, Simpson Co Mississippi    22 July 1870    pg 342    #55/55

G.W. Barlow 57 Farmer $1000/1000
Flora A. Barlow 52    
George W. Barlow 17    
Amanda Barlow 14    
Andrew J. Barlow 11    
Thomas Barlow 10    
Children of George and Flora are:
2. John Wesley3 Barlow, born February 06, 1834 in Harrisville, Simpson Co Mississippi and died July 16, 1910 in Mississippi.
3.  Nancy Barlow, born 1836 in Simpson Co Mississippi
4.  Nathaniel Green Barlow, born May 04, 1838 in Simpson Co Mississippi and died July 20, 1913 in Simpson Co Mississippi
5.  Lydia A. Barlow, born May 15, 1840 in Mississippi and died November 19, 1915
Susan Barlow, born 1845 -- She is shown in the 1850 and 1860 census records, but nothing more is known.
6.  Mary Jane Barlow, born June 25, 1849 in Mississippi, and died December 27, 1892.
7. George Washington 'Snap-Eye' Barlow, born November 13, 1853 in Harrisville, Simpson Co Mississippi, and died April 07, 1920 in Lytle, Bexar Co Texas
8.  Almeda/Amanda Barlow, born 1856 in Mississippi
9. Andrew Jackson Barlow, born August 29, 1859 in Simpson Co Mississippi, and died March 18, 1929 while residing at 1602 Alaska Street in Dallas, Dallas Co Texas.
Thomas Barlow, born 1860 in Mississippi.    He may have died young, he was not in the 1880 census, nor could I find him in any other households.
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